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Chapter 901: Aiya, I“ve been hacked!

Chapter 901: Aiya, I've been hacked!

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At Tieba's management office.

The company's technical department was a mess!

"The baseball Tieba is not going to hold up any longer!"

"Ban those accounts!"

"Hurry, hurry!"

"I've already banned a lot of them, but there's too many!"

"It's finished, the baseball Tieba has been crashed too!"

"Oh god, why are there so many people online!"

"Quick, make another call and get all the technicians to come back!"

"Boss, it's the first day of the new year. A lot of them have returned home for the new year!"

"Zhang Ye's fans are too brutal!"

"There are also many who're just helping out! Why would the Cosmetics Tieba people join in for a conflict between Zhang Ye and the sporting world? C'mon, what has it got to do with them!"

"It's so chaotic! Everything has plunged into chaos!"

"It's the festive season, yet everyone's gone crazy!"


At this moment, several of the sports-related Tiebas that were still standing had given up resisting.

"Turn on the restrictions! Prevent the sockpuppets from posting!"

"I can't turn them on."


"They have a hacker!"


"Seven of our moderator accounts can't login anymore!"

"Then, then what do we do?"


They simply surrendered!

They had no way to fight in this battle at all!

On Weibo.

Zhang Ye continued with his countdown: "@SportingWorld, there's just 10 minutes left. I'm waiting!"

In the Celebrity Goof Group.

Many of the celebrities were watching!

Ning Lan: "Little Zhang is so domineering it's like it's ingrained into his bones!"

Xiaodong: "Yeah, most people can't even learn from him even if they wanted to!"

Fan Wenli laughed bitterly. "Director Zhang really wants to fight it out with the sporting world today! But looking at how he is right now, I'm afraid that no one can stop him!"


The people from the sporting world were shocked by Zhang Ye's imposing manner, so all they could do now was keep mentioning the SARFT on Weibo.

Li Qi from the table tennis team: "@SARFT! Look at what's happening. Is the punishment still not being meted out yet?"

The national table tennis team's head coach, Liu Yifeng: "Leading his fans to make trouble, isn't this illegal? Isn't anyone going to do anything about it? Isn't anyone going to do anything about it?"

Han Li roared in anger on Weibo: "I call for a comprehensive ban on Zhang Ye!"

A defender on the national soccer team named Tang Hechang shouted: "Boycott such undesirable artists!"

But just after they finished making their stance known, their Tieba was crashed! Some of these athletes were not really popular and did not have their own Tieba, while those who were more famous like Han Li and Li Qi would have a Tieba dedicated to them, although the membership wasn't that high and not too many people paid attention to it. But whatever it was, those Tiebas were not spared!

Han Li's Tieba was crashed!

Li Qi's Tieba was crashed!

Tang Hechang's Tieba was crashed!

Tang…Dazhang's Tieba was crashed!

Crosstalk comedian Tang Dazhang was originally calm and quiet, with everyone laughing about and chatting lightheartedly about Zhang Ye's conflict with the sporting world, even posting a thread about it and livestreaming the conflict. Although they were at odds with Zhang Ye, with Tang Dazhang and the crosstalk world's relationship defined as his deadly enemies and often getting into quarrels, the matter today did not concern them. They did not take part in it either.

But out of nowhere, the troll army appeared, and in the blink of an eye, Tang Dazhang's Tieba was getting spammed!


"Holy fuck!"


"Why are they crashing our bar?"

"Your conflict is with the sporting world! We did not argue with you guys today!"

"Your sister!"

Tang Dazhang's fans were left in utter confusion!

However, the fan club leader, Big Saber Bro, posted a thread right at the moment before the bar got crashed, leaving all the observing netizens laughing: "Apologies, Tang Dazhang and Tang Hechang's names sounded too alike, so we mistakenly crashed your bar along with his! "

Crashed the wrong bar?


Tang Dazhang's fans nearly fainted!

The spectating netizens cramped up with laughter!

The collateral damage suffered by Tang Dazhang's Tieba caused it to become the most innocent victim in this historical bar crashing operation!

At this time, Zhang Ye's Weibo posted something again. "I want to say something. Today's incident isn't targeted at all the individual Tiebas and our friends participating in them. If we harmed anyone by mistake, I would like to apologize to you right here. But this operation still has to go on as I'm really unable to take this lying down! Alright then, there's still three minutes left!"

"Supporting you!"

"Supporting Teacher Zhang!"

"Yeah, we won't take this lying down!"

"Scolding us first and then demanding for us to apologize? Fuck!"

"Supporting Teacher Zhang!"

"Even a clay figurine retains some heat!"

The sporting world's people were red in the face!

What about the SARFT?

Didn't they say they would deal with this severely?

Weren't they going to review the complaints and give an immediate answer?

Everything had come down to this, so why hadn't anyone said anything yet!

There were only two minutes left until the deadline set by Chief Qian was up!

One minute left!

30 seconds…

10 seconds…

5 seconds…

Operation Crash the Bar also ended with this.

Everyone was staring at the time and waiting for the SARFT to make an announcement!

But then, then there were no more thens!

Many of the people from the sporting world were mentioning the SARFT countless times in shock, but did not get any reply as their complaints all sank into the sea!

Liu Yifeng was stunned. "Why?"

Han Li asked: "Why is this happening?"

Li Qi said: "Didn't…didn't they say they were reviewing it?"

No one knew what was going on!

The deadline of the threat had passed and Zhang Ye was still unaffected!

Famous movie star Ning Lan was surprised at this.

Chen Guang and Fan Wenli wore bewildered expression.

The executive director of Beijing Television's Spring Festival Gala, Chang Xiaoliang, was shocked.

The netizens were also astounded and uncertain about what was going on.


"Nothing is happening?"

"Everything is fine now?"

"The SARFT…aren't bothering with this issue?"


"There was nothing to be afraid of in the first place, we were just scaring ourselves!"

"Yeah, the lines in Teacher Zhang's skit were written to satirize the bootlicking phenomenon these days. This performance carries a very deep meaning and also generates a positive message, so how can it have any problems?"

"This is great!"

"Teacher Zhang is fine!"

"It was a false alarm, a false alarm!"

"What about that Sports Administration chief?"

"Oh yeah, where is he? Why has he disappeared?"

"He was behaving quite insolently when he appeared, acting all high and mighty, making me think that he really had something up his sleeves!"

"Didn't you tell Teacher Zhang to try and see what would happen if he didn't apologize? Teacher Zhang has tried that by now! So can I ask…what then?"

At this point, the battle's outcome was decided!

The strong voices of denouncement from the sporting world were met with a strong defeat. In this moment, quite a number of athletes quietly went offline.

It was terrible!

They had lost so terribly!

The onlooking netizens were all clapping in appreciation of what they saw today!

"That was so fun!"

"Yeah, it was truly a battle worthy of being called a classic!"

"'Black New Year's Day' will definitely go down into the annals of history!"

"My drama meter is peaking! If I can witness such an exciting scolding battle every day, I will die without regrets!"

"Today, Zhang Ye has once again proven his fan's cohesiveness!"

"Zhang Ye was so domineering today! He crushed his opponents with just his momentum alone!"

"How satisfying!"

"This battle was well fought!"

The battle ended.

The Tieba authorities were currently cleaning up the mess from the battle.

Weibo's moderators had also started to delete a massive amount of comments with vulgarities in them.

However, the coaches and players of the national table tennis team who were the cause of all these events were utterly unable to accept the outcome. They couldn't figure out why the SARFT had suddenly gone quiet!

No way!

They couldn't just leave it this way!

This was not something they could afford to lose!

Han Li said angrily from the embarrassment: "The SARFT are going to wash their hands of this? Then we will report this to the cyber police!"

Li Qi's eyes lit up. "Yeah, he instigated the netizens into causing trouble and crashing so many bars. This is an act of Internet abuse, so the Internet Surveillance Bureau will surely take on the case!"

"Let's make a complaint!"

"Mention the Internet Surveillance Bureau on Weibo!"

The table tennis team's people hurriedly went to make their complaints!

However, they would probably never know that the previous violation they had reported to the SARFT's department was actually under the jurisdiction of Deputy Chief Wu—who was also Zhang Ye's girlfriend. And now, the Internet Surveillance Bureau they were making their complaints to was headed by one of the world's most famous hackers and cyber police officers, Officer Fan Yingyun—who was also the leader of Zhang Ye's Fan Club! The earlier scolding battle and the spam flooding operation was basically led by this female cyber policewoman from the Internet Surveillance Bureau! Fortunately, the table tennis team and everyone from the sporting world did not know of these facts, or else they might really have vomited blood for three days straight!

When the netizens saw this, they were angered once more!

"They're not done yet?"

"Still making complaints?"

"Haven't you people embarrassed yourselves enough already?"

"What the hell!"

"Teacher Zhang, be careful!"

"This is no trifling matter! We've had scolding battles and spam flooding operations before too, but those were all incited and organized by the netizens themselves. But this time, it happened under Teacher Zhang's command, so if he gets called out for that, this may become a big deal!"


"Then what should we do?"

"Teacher Zhang, quickly delete your posts!"

"Yeah, hurry up and delete those posts from earlier. Just do it!"

"It wouldn't help even if he deletes them! There's a log for sure!"

A lot of fans were starting to worry again.

When Zhang Ye saw this, he did a little bit of work on his computer with the aid of the Network Technology Experience Books he had eaten in the past. He modified some stuff here, then added some stuff there. Finally, with a nod of his head, he gave Yao Jiancai a call.

"Old Yao, there's something I need your help with."


Very soon, Yao Jiancai's Weibo suddenly posted: "Hello, everyone, this is Zhang Ye. Aiya, my account was hacked by someone. What just happened anyway? @Weibo Please help me reset my password. I've already sent in a request."

Following that, an account under the official Weibo replied: "Hello, Teacher Zhang Ye. We just checked and saw that your account was logged into from the United States. The password was indeed changed, so we will need to PM you to verify your identity and cell phone number to help you with the reset."

Zhang Ye on Yao Jiancai's Weibo: "Thank you. That is great, I can finally get back my Weibo account! Also, I would like to say that I really condemn the theft. They're way too brazen!"


You were hacked?

Ning Lan: "…"

Chen Guang was stunned!

Liu Yifeng was dumbfounded!

Han Li vomited blood!

Chang Xiaoliang fainted!

When everyone saw this statement, they nearly facepalmed themselves as ten thousand strings of "fuck you" flashed across their eyes! Everyone couldn't help screaming in their heads: "You're even scorning the hackers now? Fuck, you're the one who is brazen! No one else in the world is more brazen than you!"

What a familiar scene this was!

What a sense of déjà vu this held!

A celebrity's exclusive excuse—getting hacked!

No one in the sporting world had expected Zhang Ye to pull off such a classic trick at this point of time! You were hacked? Then about those comments and insulting posts from earlier? Who else but you could have written them? Now that you're done with the scolding and the matter has been put to rest, you're fucking acting innocent by claiming that you've been hacked? And you even said it with an "aiya"?

Aiya, your sister!

They were all outraged by the brazenness of Zhang Ye!