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Chapter 903: Becoming an A-lister!

Chapter 903: Becoming an A-lister!

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On Weibo.

The so-called "Black New Year's Day" epic battle had ended, the Weibo popularity of it falling by quite a lot today. Of course, this also had to do with everyone staying up late to scold people and watching the spectacle last night. As it was still very early in the morning and the second day of the Spring Festival was a rest day, most people were still not up yet.

"Is anyone around?"

"Where are all the brothers and sisters who did battle together yesterday?"

"*yawns* I just woke up."

"Same. What's up?"

"Teacher Zhang's popularity ranking is currently pending!"



"Holy shit, there's going to be a breakthrough in his popularity then!"

"Teacher Zhang's popularity score is going to increase again? How much will it increase by?"

"Of course his popularity score will increase. Just the crosstalk and skit acts alone have become very popular with the people. I have a link here for everyone to watch. It's the viewership stats of all the acts on the provincial stations' Spring Festival Gala yesterday. First and second place are both Zhang Ye's acts, and coupled with the entry of 'A Letter to Home' on the Top Chinese Music Chart and the humorous Weibo insults that mocked the sporting world, which led to that earth-shattering battle with them last night, his popularity score will definitely experience a huge surge!"

"Yeah, how many people in the country would not know Zhang Ye's name by now? Moreover, it has reached the point where people not only know about his name, they also become his die-hard fans. For example, my attention on Zhang Ye before this was not worth a mention at all. I used to liked him, but did not pay much attention to him or follow his news daily. But now? Ever since last night, I've started paying attention to Zhang Ye's Weibo and joined his Tieba fan club to fight alongside him. I even kept refreshing for online news about him, and if I saw any news with his name on it, I would click on the link. When I saw anyone speaking ill of Zhang Ye, I would go up to them and scold them. I believe that was what many people were doing as well!"

"Haha, yeah, me too!"

"Zhang Ye was so cool yesterday!"

"Right, this is the first time I've seen a celebrity with such a fucking domineering air to him! Standing firm against a sporting world chief and numerous sports star champions, he even won in the end! How awesome!"

"What rank do you think Teacher Zhang will reach this time?"

"Second place on the B-list?"

"I think he'll become first place on the B-list!"

"That will be difficult. The second place celebrity on the B-list rankings is currently Dongdong, team leader of the most popular domestic girl group. Her popularity score is very high. Furthermore, she gains additional popularity from the group's popularity, so it won't be that easy to surpass her."

The netizens discussed this.



In the Celebrity Goof Group.

Xiaodong sent a crying emoji. "Is anyone awake yet?"

Soon after, Fan Wenli replied: "I just woke up."

Xiaodong: "Looking for some moral support!"

Huo Dongfang also appeared. "What's the matter, Xiaodong?"

About eight people gradually came online. "Why are you crying?"

Finally, Xiaodong said: "Teacher Zhang Ye's popularity score is currently pending and not displayed. He was fourth place previously on the B-list whereas I'm second place. I think I'm in danger! *cries*!"

Fan Wenli: "*pats head to comfort you*."

Chen Guang laughed and said: "That won't happen, right? Fourth place is still quite far from you."

Xiaodong sent another crying emoji. "In the past, I thought it was quite far away and felt that it would be a long time before Teacher Zhang would catch up, but I really don't think it's that far anymore."

Fan Wenli said: "Aren't you all going on tour soon? When the album for the tour comes out, your popularity will definitely rise dramatically. You can then push for the A-list when you release your new songs next year!"

Ning Lan was online too. "That's right! Xiaodong, I believe in you!"

Chen Guang: "Go, Xiaodong! I believe in you. Eliminate Zhang Ye."

Huo Dongfang: "Go, Xiaodong! I believe in you. Eliminate Zhang Ye."

Fan Wenli: "Go, Xiaodong! I believe in you. Eliminate Zhang Ye."

A group of people followed along and gave their reply as well.

Xiaodong quickly said: "Thank you, thank you, everyone, for your encouragement."

Then, Zhang Ye appeared. He sent a long string of dots.

Chen Guang immediately said: "Go, Zhang Ye! I believe in you. Eliminate Xiaodong."

Fan Wenli: "Go, Zhang Ye! I believe in you. Eliminate Xiaodong."

Huo Dongfang: "Go, Zhang Ye! I believe in you. Eliminate Xiaodong."

It was that same group of people who replied before this.

Zhang Ye nearly fainted!

Xiaodong vomited at least three liters of blood!

Xiaodong shouted: "You people are so two-faced!"

Ning Lan: "Hahahahaha!"

This chat group named Goof Group really lived up to its name.


At home.

His mother kept asking, "Is it out yet? Is it?"

His father said in speechless manner, "Will you give it a rest? Aren't you being a little too irritating?"

"How can I not be concerned about this major event?" His mother stared at his father.

Zhang Ye refreshed the rankings again, then laughed and said, "It's not out yet, so let's wait a little longer."

Incidentally, he suddenly thought of Old Yao and Shanshan's rankings, so he took some time to check them out. When he saw it, Zhang Ye was shocked for a moment. He realized that Yao Jiancai and Dong Shanshan's popularity scores had surged too after last night!

The two of them were on the C-list rankings!

It was easy to explain for Yao Jiancai as he had been in the industry for over 20 years. He was involved with crosstalk routines and acted in movies. That in and of itself was an accumulation of popularity. This accumulation was many times more compared to Zhang Ye, so it was only normal that Old Yao's past works had accumulated enough popularity for him to be successful in the present. But Dong Shanshan being promoted into the C-list rankings at this time made Zhang Ye quite startled. However, after careful thought, it was not actually that shocking either. Although Shanshan did not have many works behind her, her conditions were simply just too good! She was blessed with good looks and a sexy figure, especially that long pair of legs. Not many people in the entertainment industry could compete with her on that. She was born with this advantage and was a good sapling for the entertainment industry. In the entertainment industry, a person's figure and appearance would also be considered an individual's abilities, so they weren't considered something despicable or disgraceful at all. This was because the entertainment industry was different from other professions!

Zhang Ye hurriedly made some calls to give his congratulations.

Du, du, du. The call was answered.

"Who is this?" Yao Jiancai still sounded asleep.

Zhang Ye laughed and said: "It's me. I'm calling to congratulate you. Your popularity has gone up again."

Yao Jiancai said: "Little Zhang, haha. It has increased by quite a bit. I already saw that last night and wanted to call you, but your cell phone was off!"

Zhang Ye said happily: "Great. As the best duo, we've gained quite a lot this time. Shanshan did even better than us and has been promoted to the C-list rankings. Although her ranking is near the bottom of the list, she is still considered a C-lister now!"

"I saw it." Yao Jiancai said: "She has a better prospect than us since she has the bearing of an A-list celebrity."

Zhang Ye replied: "You make it sound like I don't have that."

Yao Jiancai burst into laughter. "What kind of a bearing of an A-list celebrity do you have?"

Zhang Ye said: "I don't have the looks, but it will still happen soon."

Yao Jiancai laughed and said: "You can try to push your advance this year, but it'll still depend on luck."

"Yeah." Zhang Ye declared: "My goal for this year is to try to aim for the A-list rankings. In the past, countless experts and people from the entertainment industry said that my unconventional way of being a celebrity would come to an end upon reaching the forefront of the B-list rankings, that I wouldn't be able to advance any further than this. Ha, but I really don't believe that shit!"

Yao Jiancai said: "Let's see how much you can rise after your pending status is confirmed. Is it out yet?"

"It's not, I'm still waiting…" Just as he said that, he suddenly heard his mother clamoring next to him.

His mother, who was constantly refreshing her cell phone's browser, shouted, "It's out! Son! The ranking is out!"

Zhang Ye was startled and said into his cell phone: "I think it's out. I'll take a look first. Bye."

Yao Jiancai returned: "OK, I'll take a look too."


On Weibo.

"It's out!"

"Zhang Ye's popularity score has been released!"

"Quick, go and see!"

"What's the situation now?"

"What place is he on the B-list rankings?"

"Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!"


"What's going on? What are you holy shitting for? And why are you shouting heavens? Could Zhang Ye have really overtaken Dongdong?"

"Come and see quickly! What the hell! This is crazy! This is totally crazy!"

The Internet blew up in an instant!


Celebrity Goof Group.

Ning Lan: "It's out!"

Chen Guang also shouted: "The rankings index has been updated!"

However, the many celebrities who saw the rankings were all shocked!

Fan Wenli was dumbfounded. "This…"

Chen Guang: "Holy shit!"

Huo Dongfang gasped: "This is…"

Xiaodong: "...@*&$*)(*$)(@! ! !"


At home.

His mother was also shouting, "Son! Quick, take a look at this! Look at this!"

His father came over and said, "Stop shouting, you're disturbing the neighbors."

"What's the matter, Mom? How much did my popularity score increase by?" Zhang Ye quickly took out his cell phone to look at the latest updated B-list celebrity rankings and was stunned by what he saw!

What does this mean?

Why isn't my name on it yet?

Zhang Ye said helplessly, "Mom, don't know how to use a cell phone? It's still not updated yet, my name isn't there at all."

His mother said ecstatically, "It is! It is!"

Zhang Ye was stunned. Suddenly, he thought of a seemingly impossible possibility and immediately picked up his cell phone excitedly again and tapped on the A-list celebrity rankings!

He browsed to the next page!

And the next page!

And further to the next page!

Finally, he saw his own name at the last spot!

Zhang Ye was dumbfounded!

He was totally dumbfounded without any mental preparation at all!

The A-list?

He had become an A-list celebrity just like that?