Wuxiaworld > I am Really a Superstar > Chapter 904: Becoming an A-lister even without a proper job?

Chapter 904: Becoming an A-lister even without a proper job?

Chapter 904: Becoming an A-lister even without a proper job?

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At Ha Qiqi's house.

After just waking up, she received a call from Little Wang, only to hear her shouting and yelling on the other end.

Little Wang screamed, "Ahhh!"

Ha Qiqi said in a speechless manner: "Who stepped on your foot?"

"Director Ha! Director Zhang has become an A-lister!" Little Wang exclaimed.

"What A-lister?" Ha Qiqi was startled.

"An A-lister! You know, an A-lister!" Little Wang yelled.

Ha Qiqi finally realized what was going on and asked in a stunned manner: "Are you saying that Director Zhang has gotten into the A-list rankings?"

"Yea!" Little Wang was extremely excited. "He's so awesome! He's amazing!"

Ha Qiqi immediately sat up and said in surprise: "How is that possible? Wasn't he just fourth place on the B-list rankings before this? How did he suddenly get into the A-list rankings?"


Beijing Times.

At the entertainment section's editorial department.

An exclamation of "holy shit" loudly reverberated in the office!

"Zhang Ye…has become an A-lister!"



"That's not possible!"

"Did they make a mistake?"

"Him? A-lister? How could he become an A-lister so quickly?!"

"Fuck, let me see!"

"This wicked wretch can also become an A-lister?"


The people at Central TV also found out about the news instantly!

Xu Yipeng was stunned!

Chen Ye was stunned!

Jiang Yuan was stunned!

Those who were on the program team of the Spring Festival Gala were also stunned!

"Zhang Ye be-became an A-lister!"




Or rather, they were cursing in their minds!

Even he can become an A-lister? He really became an A-lister? Is there any justice? Is there any law? What has this fellow done? He had not done any proper work before at all. Taking into account those current A-list celebrities in the entertainment industry, the majority of them were either singers or actors. Hosting was considered an obscure profession in the entertainment industry. Furthermore, Zhang Ye did not even do his main job as a host properly. Instead, he became a director, involved himself in the field of mathematics, took up positions as a university professor, piloted a plane, dabbled in calligraphy, wrote novels, composed poems, and even performed crosstalks? You have not done any proper work at all!

You can even do it like that?

You can even become a goddamn A-lister like that?


The media was making a racket!

The entertainment circle was making a racket!

Thousands and thousands of people were also making a racket!

When they saw the rankings, everyone's first reaction was disbelief!

Actually, wasn't that the case for Zhang Ye too? Zhang Ye was even more shocked that he became an A-list celebrity than the media, the netizens, and his colleagues. After working so hard for his goal, he had finally reached it just like that? Zhang Ye did not feel any sense of realism in this as he stood rooted to the spot for a long time, not even believing it himself!

His mother laughed loudly and said, "Son! You're really an A-lister now! Although it's only the last spot!"

His father was also stunned.

Chenchen came out and said, "Zhang Ye, do you need me to step on your foot?" Saying that, she actually stepped right onto his foot.

"Why are you stepping on my foot?" Zhang Ye said speechlessly to her.

Chenchen calmly replied, "I'm just letting you know that you aren't dreaming."


This bad kid!

Zhang Ye was angered into amusement. "Looks like I have to thank you then."

Chenchen acknowledged, "You're welcome."

Suddenly, the phones rang noisily!

His mother's cell phone rang first, followed by a lively ringing tone of Zhang Ye's cell phone, then Chenchen's cell phone also rang at almost the same time. The house phone in the living room rang as well!

There was ringing sounds everywhere!

His mother answered and said joyfully: "Hello…aiyo, Mengmeng…that's right, that's right, your brother has been promoted to the A-list. We just found out about it too….Right, right….Thank you….Your brother is busy answering calls now, I'll get him to call you back later….Is your mom at home? She is? Get her on the phone…."

His father picked up the house phone. It was from an old neighbor. "Hello? Brother Liu….Yes, he's an A-lister now….Thank you, thank you, congratulations….Let me thank you on Little Ye's behalf….Alright, OK…come over to our home when you're free!"

Chenchen was talking to her classmate on the phone. "Hello? Who's this? Oh…Black Widow."

Everyone was busy answering their phones.

Zhang Ye moved far away from them and went back into his bedroom to answer the calls.

The first call was from Dong Shanshan.

Dong Shanshan immediately said: "Are you for real?"

Zhang Ye laughed heartily: "Maybe, probably, it's most likely real!"

Dong Shanshan said: "I saw your popularity score pending in the middle of the night and knew that you would definitely leap up in the rankings. I even sent a message to congratulate you in advance, but who knew that you'd leap by this much? This is not just about jumping several spots in the rankings anymore, but a direct promotion into the A-list?"

Zhang Ye laughed and said: "You were very impressive too. You're now a big shot C-list celebrity!"

"That still can't be compared to you." Dong Shanshan chuckled. "How many years has it been since any of the graduates from Media College have become an A-list celebrity? Three years? Or five years? Who could have expected that it would be you to achieve that!"

Media College specialized in the broadcasting major, and in this specialty, they were ranked number one in the country without others coming close. But because of this, those who graduated from Media College found it difficult to gain any great achievements. It was not easy for a host to stand out in the entertainment industry as they were not mainstream celebrities. And in the other majors, such as singing, directing, and acting, Media College was unable to compare with the Central Conservatory of Music, Central Academy of Drama, and Shanghai Theater Academy. But today, after a few years, Media College had finally produced another A-list celebrity. This undoubtedly made the students of Media College very excited!

After hanging up with Dong Shanshan, many of his other friends called as well.

His beloved Teacher Su of Media College was similarly excited.

"Little Zhang, good job! You did great!"

"It was all thanks to Teacher Su's guidance!"

"Knock it off. Which school or teacher can produce such a reckless celebrity like you? That's all your own hard work!"

"Man, why does it sound like you're lecturing me?"

"Hahaha. Kid, you've brought a lot of pride to our alma mater this time! Good! Very good!"

"Thanks, Teacher Su."

"President Hu contacted me earlier and wanted me to congratulate you on behalf of the college."

"Oh, then please give my thanks to President Hu!"

A while later, the people from Peking University also called!

"Congratulations, Little Zhang!"

"Thank you, Dean Pan!"

"Our mathematics field has produced an A-list celebrity this time around! Hahaha!"

"You can even count this?"

"Why not? Aren't you a Peking University math professor?"


"Then of course it's counted since you're part of Peking University's Mathematics Department!"

"Uh, alright then."

When the Chinese Department's Dean Chang and Secretary Zhen called, they said something similar as well.

"Little Zhang, congratulations to you. To think that a teacher from Peking University's Chinese Department could become an A-list celebrity! When are you free to come back? We'll hold a celebration for you when you're here!"

"Thank you, Dean Chang, I'll treat everyone when the time comes!"

"I'll hold you to your words then!"

It could be imagined that when Peking University started its school term this year, the entrance of the Chinese Department would definitely have a banner hung with words like "A warm congratulations to Peking University Associate Professor Zhang Ye from the Chinese Department on being promoted to the A-list." Then the Math Department would hang a similar banner saying, "A warm congratulations to Peking University Associate Professor Zhang Ye from the Math Department on being promoted to the A-list"! Damn, hopefully they won't end up fighting when that time comes!

The calls kept coming!

Chen Guang and Fan Wenli called to offer their congratulations!

A call from songstress Zhang Xia.

A call from skit actress Ci Xiufang.

A call from Qu Haiying who was hospitalized at the moment.

Five calls!

Ten calls!

Twenty calls!

Thirty calls!

Finally, even Zhang Yuanqi gave him a call.

She did not speak much, but it left Zhang Ye in a good mood.

Old Zhang: "You're alright."

Zhang Ye: "Haha, I'm not bad."

Old Zhang: "To be honest, I was rather surprised that you managed to get into the A-list."

Zhang Ye: "I haven't come around yet from all that has happened either."

Old Zhang: "Not bad, but you're still far off from becoming an S-list Heavenly King."

Zhang Ye: "Hur hur, who knows? I might catch up to you by next year."

Old Zhang: "Sure. I'll be waiting."

The news of Zhang Ye getting promoted to the A-list had shocked and startled lots of people!

It was not very long ago that Zhang Ye was just a Media College graduate who could not find a job. He stumbled along in his journey, scolding his leaders, getting involved in fights, working on shows, piloting a plane, battling the global mathematics field, and arguing with the crosstalk and sporting worlds. The difficulties and hardships that he faced along the way could basically be compiled into a book as thick as three Journey to the West books, with an additional book of The Golden Lotus! But now, he was finally promoted to the A-list! This was an affirmation to all of Zhang Ye's efforts over the past two years. He was glad that he had chosen this path and had kept following it all the way until now!

After finishing with all the calls, Zhang Ye breathed a sigh of relief as he finally got some time to call Wu Zeqing. "Old Wu, I'm an A-lister now."

Old Wu laughed and said: "I've already seen it."

Zhang Ye said with a smile: "There's nothing else. I just wanted to thank you. I still remember clearly how no one believed in me back then. Everyone thought that I would not be able to advance any further after I had reached the B-list rankings, that it was impossible for me to have an opportunity or the qualities to rise another level. But it was because of your encouragement that I persisted onward. Now that this bro has managed to persist thus far, I will still continue to move upwards as there are still the S-list and international stage that I want to get to. I won't be stopping here for sure!"

Old Wu said smilingly: "Then don't stop. I, too, am especially looking forward to seeing how far you can go."

Zhang Ye laughed and said: "As long as you're beside me, I can even aim for the skies!"