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Chapter 911: Searching for Rao Aimin!

Chapter 911: Searching for Rao Aimin!

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Later that morning.

Zhang Ye packed his luggage while continuing to call.

The cell phones were switched off.

They were still switched off.

He could not get through to either Rao Aimin and Lu Yuhu!

If it were anyone else, Zhang Ye would not have been so worried. For example, people like Dong Shanshan and Zhang Yuanqi would basically not get into any big trouble. Even if they did meet with some problems, their lives were not likely going to be in any danger. Rather, it was easier for a highly skilled person like Rao Aimin to get into trouble because of her involvement with the Chinese martial arts world, which many talented people were a part of. Zhang Ye had seen Rao Aimin's martial arts before and they were really great. But as for how great her martial arts really were and what situation Rao Aimin—the Senior Sister of her generation in the Eight Trigrams School—was in, Zhang Ye basically had no clue whatsoever. He was not from that world after all.

Chenchen quickly finished breakfast.

His mother instructed repeatedly, "Be careful on the way and stay safe!"

"I understand, Grandma." Chenchen nodded.

His father also said, "Listen to Little Ye on the way and don't misbehave."

Zhang Ye added, "Right, you can come together with me, but before we go, let's make it clear that you must listen to me on all things. Otherwise, I won't bring you along, alright?"

Chenchen was especially obedient today. "I got it."

After packing. "Alright, let's go!"

His mother walked them out and said, "Come back quickly!"

His father said, "Go search for Chenchen's aunt thoroughly and make sure to bring her back!"

"I understand. Don't you two worry." Zhang Ye started the car and drove out from the district.

On the road.

Chenchen looked at him and asked, "Zhang Ye, where are we going to look for her?"

Zhang Ye was also thinking about it. "Chenchen, before your aunt became your guardian, hadn't you always been taken care of by the relatives on your father's side? Would they know anything?"

Chenchen shook her head and said, "My aunt has never spoken to them."

Zhang Ye asked, "Then what about the others? Is there anyone else you know? What about Old Rao's junior brothers and sisters?"

Chenchen shook her head and said, "I don't know how to get in contact with them!"

"Where do they live?"

"I don't know."

"Does the Eight Trigrams Palm have a sect headquarters? Where is it located?"

"…I've forgotten."

Even if she was clever, she was still just a nine-year-old child. It was impossible for her to know everything.

Zhang Ye truly did not have any leads at all. He could not get in contact with any of those people he knew were related to Rao Aimin and could not pin any hopes on Chenchen's cluelessness either. If there was one thing that they knew, then it was only: Old Rao was not in Beijing.

"Dammit, let's go to the airport!"

Suddenly, Zhang Ye thought of a way!

Although it was an extremely terrible and unreliable way!


At the capital's airport.

China Airlines' ticket sales counter.

Zhang Ye was so fully geared up with his sunglasses and face mask that the China Airlines female employee could not recognize him immediately. It was only when it was Zhang Ye's turn in line and he handed over his identification card that he got recognized!

The female employee of China Airlines said with a face full of shock, "T-T-Teacher Zhang?"

Zhang Ye nodded and said, "I need two airplane tickets."

That female employee said excitedly, "Sure, sure! Aiyo, I have met an idol today! Teacher Zhang, congratulations on your promotion to the A-list. Also, I would really like to thank you for the time when the airplane got hijacked. One of the air stewardesses you rescued back then is my older cousin. I haven't had the opportunity to thank you until now!"

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "You're welcome."

The female employee was very talkative and could not stop speaking. "You may not know it, but after that incident, many of our air stewardesses would either carry your photo with them or hang your posters in the crew rest areas during a China Airlines' flight. My cousin says that your photo can ward off any evil!"

Zhang Ye: "…"

Eh, why does it sound like she's insulting me?

Chenchen urged him, "Zhang Ye, get the tickets!"

Zhang Ye remembered, "Right, right, right!"

Only then did that China Airlines' employee realize. "Alright, I'll process it for you. As you are our honored passenger, you are entitled a free lifetime pass on our China Airlines' flights. If you brought anyone with you, uh, don't worry, that will be free too. Do you want tickets for today?" Actually, the lifetime honored passenger only applied to one person, but if that person was Zhang Ye, it did not matter at all for them to give an additional one or two more tickets. Even the CEO of China Airlines would not say anything to this.

Zhang Ye nodded. "Yes."

The female employee smiled and said, "Which flight would you like to be on?"

However, Zhang Ye's next sentence made that female employee's jaw drop!

Zhang Ye declared, "Any flight!"

The female employee was dumbfounded. "Ah?"

Zhang Ye repeated, "Just get me on any flight!"

Chenchen added, "Hurry up!"

The female employee could not quite react in time. "Then, then where would you like to go?"

Zhang Ye smartly said, "Anywhere!"

Chenchen echoed, "Anywhere!"

The female employee nearly fainted!


Fuck, you can even be so random when it comes to traveling? Aren't you being too goddamn casual about it?!

"If you're not telling me where you're going, how…how am I going to print the boarding pass for you?" The female employee stared with her eyes wide.

But Zhang Ye said, "Whatever boarding pass you print for me, I'll travel to that place!"

Chenchen said, "Hurry up!"

At this moment, Zhang Ye opened up the game ring's virtual screen and activated the Lucky Halo (Upgraded). There rested an angelic halo over his head that no one else could see as it emitted a pulsating glow that rippled outward. One pulse, two pulses, three pulses. His reputation points were dropping as fast as water coming out of a running tap!




That's right!

Zhang Ye's way was this: trying his luck!

It sounded totally unreliable but this was the only way out now!

The female employee dabbed at her sweat, not knowing how to handle this situation. If it were another passenger who said such a thing to her, she would classify that person as a troublemaker. But the person right in front her was Zhang Ye, an illustrious A-list celebrity, an associate professor at both Peking University and Media College, a world-class mathematician, a great poet, a literary scholar, and even a hero who had previously rescued their China Airlines' flight. He was a lifetime honored passenger of China Airlines!

She hurriedly went to consult her manager.

The female manager, standing not too far away, quickly rushed over to them.

"Anywhere?" When the female manager heard that, she nearly fainted. "Teacher Zhang, please give us a destination that you would like to go to, or just tell us a location and we'll print the boarding pass for you!"

But Zhang Ye did not say anything in specific. "Just choose any destination for me."

The female manager and employee were nearly in tears. "Are you bringing the child on a trip somewhere? How about going to Sanya? The weather there is very suitable for a trip right now."

Zhang Ye said, "Sure!"

The female manager exclaimed, "Yangzhou is not bad too and the environment is very good."

Zhang Ye said, "That's fine too!"

The female manager asked again, "What about Guilin?"

Zhang Ye nodded and said, "Anywhere is fine!"

Dammit, Teacher Zhang, could you please stop making things difficult for us?

This manager and the female employee had worked here for around five years. What kind of passengers had they not encountered? What problems had they not faced? But this was actually the first time they came across a person buying airplane tickets in the way Teacher Zhang Ye did! They had never had such an experience before!



The Lucky Halo (Upgraded) was still in effect.

The female manager had no other choice. Seeing how Zhang Ye was so insistent and the little girl beside him was also urging desperately, she could only say, "You just want to go anywhere for a relaxing trip, right? Then we're really going to print a boarding pass randomly for you, OK?" With that, she patted that female employee beside her and said, "Just print two boarding passes for anywhere!"

That female staff was getting nervous!


How could she just print them randomly?!

Her hand was shaking so badly that she even misclicked on the random destination. "Aiyo, I've made a mistake and clicked on Xinjiang instead. That is not a very famous scenic area, le-le-let me change it to another place!"

Unexpectedly, Zhang Ye suddenly said loudly, "That's it! Don't change it!"

The female manager: "…"

The female employee said, "You…you haven't even asked where in Xinjiang you're headed to!"

"There's no need to ask. It's there!" Zhang Ye heartily said.

The female manager: "…"

The female employee was silent for a moment before saying, "Alright then."

After getting the airline tickets, Zhang Ye deactivated the Lucky Halo.

After receiving the boarding passes, Zhang Ye brought the child to line up at the security checkpoint and expectedly took the green lane. China Airlines was still very good to him by giving two first class tickets!

During the security checks, they had to reveal their faces to match the photos. When Zhang Ye removed his sunglasses and face mask, the three security officers got quite excited!

"Zhang Ye!"

"Aiyo, Teacher Zhang!"

"Are you going somewhere for business?"

Actually, the security officers at the airport had seen more celebrities than they could count and would usually come across at least one or two celebrities each day. But even that did not get them as excited as they were now. That was because Zhang Ye was different from other celebrities, especially in the context of an airport where he was simply a legend. Back then, this fellow was just an amateur when he piloted a large commercial airliner to a safe landing, shocking every higher-up and airport employee who had concluded that the hijacked plane could not be saved. The security officers were also watching the situation closely that day and had a very deep impression of Zhang Ye because of this. The shocking scenes from that time were something they would never, ever forget in their lifetime. It was a very shocking memory make their blood boil!

While going through the security checks, a female security officer even whispered into Zhang Ye's ear, "Teacher Zhang, I'm a diehard fan of yours and really like you a lot!"

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "Thank you."

When the security officer next to her heard that, he laughed and said, "Are you the only diehard fan here? Of all the people working at the airport, which of us are not fans of Teacher Zhang!"

Zhang Ye engaged in a little bit of banter with them.

Chenchen was not happy at this and tugged at his arm. "Zhang Ye, hurry up."

"Alright, alright." Only then did Zhang Ye lead the child and walk off.

When they reached the departure gate.

Only now did Chenchen gaze at him with a doubtful face. "Zhang Ye, are you really sure of this? Can we really find my aunt by going to this place?"

"Didn't we already agree that you would listen to me when we are out?" Zhang Ye rolled his eyes.

Chenchen stared at him. "But I feel that you aren't very reliable!"

Zhang Ye smiled wryly. "In any case, I'll try my best."

Chenchen's face darkened. "You promised me that you would find and bring my aunt back!"

"Since I promised you, I'll definitely do it!" Zhang Ye reaffirmed his confidence. "My luck has always been good. Trust your Uncle Zhang!"

Trust him?

Actually, this fellow did not even trust himself!

Trying to depend on luck, just sheer, blind luck, would that really be OK?