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Chapter 912: Damn, we actually found her!

Chapter 912: Damn, we actually found her!

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9:30 in the morning.

They boarded the plane.

On this small plane, there wasn't much distinction between the first class and economy class seating. Zhang Ye and Chenchen were seated in the fourth row, which was slightly further at the end of the first-class cabin.

"Fasten your seatbelt," Zhang Ye said.

"OK," Chenchen replied.

"Sit properly and don't run around later," Zhang Ye reminded.

"I know," Chenchen said impatiently.

When most of the passengers had boarded the plane, the cabin door was closed.

As Zhang Ye was wearing sunglasses and a face mask, the people in first class did not recognize him. They all had their heads lowered and were busy with their own affairs, some reading the newspaper while others were preparing to turn off their cell phones.

A while later, the plane took off.

When the plane reached cruising altitude, an air stewardess walked out with two cups of hot tea and headed straight to where Zhang Ye was seated. She squatted down and smiled sweetly, saying, "Teacher Zhang, please have some tea." Although the other passengers could not recognize Zhang Ye, how would she not know who he was? All the flight attendants had a passenger list with them.

Zhang Ye was surprised as he took the tea from her. "Oh, thank you."

The air stewardess smiled at Chenchen. "Little kid, have some tea too."

Chenchen glanced at her and said, "I want to drink soda."

Zhang Ye slapped her upside the head and said, "Why don't you just drink whatever you're given?"

"I want to drink soda." Chenchen frowned.

The air stewardess immediately said, "Sure, no problem, Auntie will get it for you." Very quickly, the air stewardess served the soda and even brought along a plush toy. "Is this nice? It's for you."

Chenchen had a glance and just said, "Orh."

Zhang Ye stared at her and said, "Say thank you."

Chenchen said unwillingly, "Thank you."

The air stewardess was smiling widely. "You're welcome."

At this moment, some of the surrounding first-class passengers looked over with a blank expression. Didn't the plane just take off? It shouldn't be time for the in-flight service yet. Why did she start serving drinks the moment she appeared? And even gave the little girl a toy? Eh, why aren't we getting such treatment as well?

However, what would make them faint even harder was only just starting.

The moment that air stewardess left, another air stewardess came.

This was a plumper air stewardess and the moment she came over, she headed straight to where Zhang Ye and Chenchen were seated. She squatted down with a smile and said, "Here, it's quite cold on the plane, Auntie got a blanket for you."

Zhang Ye immediately said, "Oh, thank you."

The plump air stewardess said, "You're welcome, this is my job." She even took the initiative to cover Chenchen with the blanket and said, "This child is really beautiful, how old is she?"

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "She's almost nine years old."

A moment later, under the dumbfounded gazes of the surrounding passengers, a female purser in her thirties also came over.

The female purser smiled and asked, "Is the child used to riding on a plane?"

"It shouldn't be a problem." Zhang Ye smiled.

The female purser looked at Chenchen and asked, "Do you want something else to drink? Is the seat comfortable? Is it cold? You can tell me if you have any needs."

Chenchen suddenly spoke, "I want to take a look at the cockpit."

Zhang Ye rolled his eyes at her. "Why do you want to look at that?!"

Chenchen said, "I want to take a look."

This child was overly curious!

The female purser giggled. "You want to have a look at the cockpit? Alright, I'll go and check with the captain first." She then walked away before returning a few minutes later. She clapped her hands together and said, "Alright, Auntie has spoken with the captain. I'll bring you over now, but once you are inside, you mustn't touch anything, OK?"

Chenchen blinked several times and got up from her seat.

Zhang Ye quickly said, "Sorry for troubling you."

The female purser smiled and said, "It's not troublesome, it's no trouble at all."

Looking at the purser leading the child into the cockpit from afar, the surrounding passengers were even more dumbfounded. Fuck, she's even getting a tour of the cockpit? What kind of treatment is this? We are also first-class passengers! Why haven't we heard of such privileges in first class?! They get handed drinks, receive a toy, and even get a tour of the cockpit?

At once, everyone looked at that man wearing the sunglasses.

Who was this person?

How can he be so privileged to get such treatment?!

Unbeknownst to them, that person beside them was the one who had saved a China Airlines plane with hundreds of passengers and cabin crew in it. Other than allowing the child to get a tour of the cockpit, even if he were to ask to take over the first officer's role for a while, no one would say anything since this person had really piloted a plane before!


A few hours later, the plane landed.

Outside the airport.

Zhang Ye looked around the place as he was unfamiliar with the surroundings.

Chenchen asked, "Where are we going now?"

Zhang Ye said in a composed manner, "Let's hail a taxi first."

Very quickly, they flagged down a taxi and opened the door to get into it.

The taxi driver spoke in nonstandard Mandarin, "Where do you want to go?"

Zhang Ye stuck to his usual practice and activated the Lucky Halo immediately before telling the taxi driver, "Just go wherever!"

"Where?" The cab driver turned around to ask.

Zhang Ye repeated, "Just drive anywhere!"

The cab driver nodded back at him, seemingly unsurprised. He did not ask any further and just drove off.

Perhaps he had heard Zhang Ye wrong when he said "just go to wherever" and "just drive anywhere" or he misheard it as the name of a place or some landmark instead, so he directly drove straight to that place. Zhang Ye did not say anything and just sat in the back while holding Chenchen's hand. This fellow did not have any objectives now as he simply kept the mindset of leaving it all up to fate for the entire journey. He could only take one step at a time!

Awhile later.

The taxi stopped at the curb. It seemed they were somewhere near a mall.

The taxi driver said, "We're here."

Zhang Ye paid the fare and led Chenchen out of the taxi.

The clouds here were rather low. It felt like they could be easily touched just by reaching out their hands. The sky was especially clear, a limitless span of blue. It was too beautiful.

Zhang Ye took a deep breath and felt more refreshed than before.

But Chenchen looked at him and asked, "Zhang Ye, what now?"

Zhang Ye coughed and said, "Now?"

Chenchen probed, "How should we proceed from here?"

"Uh, wait for me for a while." Zhang Ye made a decision as he bent down slightly to remove his right shoe. He then activated the Lucky Halo again.



Next, with Chenchen looking at him suspiciously, Zhang Ye threw his shoe up into the air.


The shoe landed on the ground with its toe tip pointed in a direction!

Zhang Ye waved his hand excitedly and said, "Let's go this way!"

Chenchen: "…"

Around them, some passersby were floored when they saw this. They wondered to themselves about just what the hell this idiot was doing. In this era, there were still people using the method of throwing a shoe to find their way? Did you just emerge from the remote mountains?

They headed straight!

They kept heading straight!

They walked for a full 30 minutes!

Chenchen could no longer walk any further. "Zhang Ye, are you sure this is the right way?"

"Cut the crap and just follow me!" Zhang Ye became even more guilty the further they walked. And the further they walked, the less confidence he had. But he could not show it in front of the child, so he could only persevere and curse silently in his head!


Where the fuck was this place?

Why was it getting more and more remote the further they walked?

"Zhang Ye."


"Zhang Ye."

"Stop calling my name."

"Zhang Ye, are you dependable?"

"How can I not be dependable?"

"Then when are we going to reach the place?"

"Uh, about this…"

Just when Zhang Ye was wondering how to answer her question, they reached a location that looked like it was a long-distance bus station. This bus station felt very different from the one in Beijing as there was not even a gate at the entrance. If they did not notice the sign, he really wouldn't know that this was a bus station.

Suddenly, they overheard three to five people dressed in Chinese tunic shirts talking.

The several people did not deliberately lower their voices but they were not talking too loudly either. All of them were speaking with a northern accent.

"Why isn't the bus here yet?"

"Let's wait a little while more. It should arrive soon."

"Why is the annual Martial Arts Conference organized by the National Martial Arts Association held at Tianshan this year? Although it's a nice place, it's quite a ways away."

"It was inevitable. Who knew that there would be such a big mess happening at this year's Martial Arts Conference! It definitely has to be held at a remote place!"

"Have you guys heard about it?"

"Yes, I've heard about it."

"Who doesn't know about that in the Chinese martial arts world!"

"Hai, it's Rao Aimin from the Eight Trigrams School again. That senior is much too ruthless!"

"Hur hur, she is Rao Aimin after all."

"Hey, the bus has arrived."

"Let's go, we'll talk on the bus."

A long-distance bus drove over slowly.

But Zhang Ye and Chenchen were standing by the roadside in shock!

Rao Aimin?

The National Martial Arts Association?

The Martial Arts Conference held at Tianshan?

Zhang Ye said dumbfounded, "Holy shit! We really found her!"

Chenchen was also stunned with her mouth agape. The little kid had been holding it in for a long time now before she finally said, "…You can even do that?"

During the journey, Zhang Ye brought her to buy some airplane tickets to anywhere, then hailed a taxi to bring them to wherever, and finally resorted to the method of throwing a shoe for directions, but all of those actions had actually managed to lead them to finding Rao Aimin!

Zhang Ye erupted into laughter, "Hahahaha! Let me see who still dares to say I'm not dependable! I've said that my luck is good! Look! Look at it how turned out!"

Chenchen pulled at him in panic. "Zhang Ye, the bus is leaving!"

Zhang Ye finally reacted as he hastily pulled Chenchen by the hand and ran forward. "Let's get on the bus first! We have to follow them!"