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Chapter 916: The shit stirrer of the Chinese martial arts world!

Chapter 916: The shit stirrer of the Chinese martial arts world!

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"Fuck them up!"



"Beat them up!"

"Charge! Fight it out with the large sects!"

"You thieving small sects, don't force me!"

"You guys forced our hands first!"

"Damn! Charge at them! Kill this group of non-affiliates!"

At once, chaos broke out on all three floors of the restaurant, as pots and pans, ladles and bowls came crashing to the floor. The tables were all flipped over one by one by the "martial artists"!

It was a brawl!

Close quarters combat!

The restaurant waiter exclaimed, "Stop fighting! All of you, stop fight—aiyo!" He got punched and wounded in the crossfire!

Yan Hui's companions kicked him a few more times and said, "This is what you get for trying to run a scam! You deserve it!"

The waited cried out, "Help!"

Three people from the Iron Palm Sect rushed over at once. "Fuck!"

After exchanging three blows, Yan Hui's two companions were beaten to the ground!

Yan Hui suddenly sent a flying kick and brought down one of the opponents before he got kicked in the stomach!

At this moment, the Liu Yiquan and Liu Yizhang brothers rushed over. "Who dares lay a hand on our non-affiliates bros!" The two of them took on one each, and threw kicks and punches as they got embroiled into the chaotic melee!

The large sects were indeed the large sects. Their disciples' kung fu was definitely of a higher standard, especially that Iron Palm opponent taking on Liu Yiquan. His kung fu was amazing and his Iron Palm movements felt like they were full of power!

Liu Yiquan could only keep retreating as he got hit by several palm strikes!

Zhang Ye arrived and said, "Bro Liu, I'm here!"

Liu Yiquan called out, "Bro Chen Zhen, come and assist me quickly!"

Zhang Ye bent down and picked up something braced under the legs of a makeshift table before rushing toward them!

When that middle-aged man of the Iron Palm style heard that, he sent a palm strike behind him without even looking.

But before his palm could strike anyone, a dark object had flown straight at his face and battered him!

"Aiyo, fuck!" The Iron Palm disciple immediately fell onto the ground. He was nearly crying and had a bloody nose as he screamed piercingly, "Who the fuck threw that brick at me?!"

Many of the large sect members were furious!


"Shameless to the extreme!"

"How dare you use a hidden weapon?"


"Take them out!"

Liu Yiquan, Liu Yizhang, and the others were stunned! Damn! Bro Chen Zhen is too vicious!

When the small sects and non-affiliates saw this, they learned from it and picked up the chairs around them to smash them into their opponents. Someone even picked up a pot of hot soup and splashed it at the Zhou Family Style's disciples!


"Fuck! Who poured that on me!"

"I'm fucking scalded!"

"Fuck! Pick up whatever you can find!"

"Take them out!"

The Zhou Family Style School and several of the large sect members went berserk. They also picked up some random items as weapons to fight against their opponents!

There were some members of three to five small sects who originally had no intention of partaking in the fight, distancing themselves far from the fight when it broke out. However, an unidentified flying object came hurtling at them amid the chaos!


"My head!"

"Goddamn motherfucking Zhou Family!"

"I won't take this anymore! Charge them!"

As a result, the non-affiliates and small sects added another large wave of combat strength to their side!

On the second floor was a table with around nine Shaolin monks. The eminent monks were not bothered by the ongoing battle around them, as it seemed they had reached a very high state of cultivation and were very calm despite the happenings, continuing to dine as though the brawl did not involve them.


A teacup smashed onto their table!

The chief monk of the table smiled and said, "Amitābha, do not be bothered."

"Yes, yes."

"That's right, that's right."


The other eminent monks also replied alike.

Then, a leg of a chair came flying over and clattered into two of their plates of food.

One of the eminent monks pressed his hands together and said, "Amitābha, don't be angry, don't be impatient."

"Don't be angry, don't be impatient."

"Let's eat, let's eat."

"That's right, that's right."

They smiled again and continued with their meal.

Next, a clay pot half-filled with hot soup flew over. When the soup splashed onto the monks, they couldn't carry on eating anymore!

One of the eminent monks pressed his hands together devoutly and said, "Amitābha, maintain our original mind."

"That's better, that's better."

"That's right, that's right."

"Extremely correct, extremely correct."

The monks still maintained their composure and were not affected by what was going on.

Suddenly, a disciple of a large sect came flying over. His whole body landed onto and smashed their table into pieces!

The chief monk said calmly, "Amitā—I'll Amitā your grandpa!" He jumped up and roared angrily, "Kill those sons of bitches!"

"Kill those sons of bitches!"

"The small sects are running rampant! They're really pushing it too far!"

The eminent monks of the Shaolin Monastery joined the fray as well, so you could imagine how out of control the fight had spiraled!

"You thieving bastard, watch out for my palm strike!" One of the Shaolin monks went straight for Zhang Ye!

Zhang Ye was someone who had eaten over a hundred Fruits of Agility, so his reaction was extremely quick. He did not even have to break out his Taiji Fist and could just shift his body sideways to avoid the attack. As he avoided it, he reflexively used the brick in his hand to hit his attacker!

The Shaolin monk grabbed his face and cried, "Aiyo!"

Zhang Ye pulled back his arm just as a Zhou Family Style boxing specialist was about to sneak up on him. Zhang Ye smashed the brick into the face of this attacker, which made the man fall backwards as two of his front teeth came flying out and spun through the air!

With that one action, he had hit both his targets!

"Bro Chen Zhen, good one!"


"Bro Chen Zhen was really majestic there!"

"Good brick technique!"

When Liu Yiquan, Liu Yizhang, He Badao, and the others saw this, they didn't forget to cheer Zhang Ye on mid-fight!

Fourth Bro Zhou of the Zhou Family Style School was stunned, as though exclamation marks were written all over his face as he looked on with his jaw hanging!

Even now, he still could not understand how this fight had broken out. How did they start fighting? In all this time, he had only managed to say three and a half goddamn sentences in total! The first two sentences were: "Don't come and eat here if you don't have the money! What are you going off about for!", followed by half a sentence of "That wine was meticulously fermented by our—". The last sentence was "Which sect are you from?" All in all, it was only three and a half sentences. He could swear to the heavens that that was all he said! Besides, even if he said them again now, those words should not have been considered offensive! Fuck! Then how did it fucking cause a fight to break out!?

The facts had proven again that Zhang Ye's mouth was too damn wicked. Wherever this fellow went, there would be no peace. The entertainment industry insiders' evaluation of this person was truly spot on. He was just a goddamn hooligan, a downright shit stirrer. Whichever industry he went to, he would bring about bloodshed. Previously, in the literary world, the entertainment circle, and even the education world, those industry peers were all cultured people who were rather eloquent and could speak well. Whether it was this professor or that doctor, they had had more than enough arguments with Zhang Ye. But even so, those people still could not beat Zhang Ye a single time when it came to scolding! Now that this fellow had sneaked into the Chinese martial arts world—a place where the level of education was generally not too high—for a person that even the Tsinghua and Renmin University professors and people of the crosstalk world could not outargue, this place stood basically no chance!

They were nowhere near a match for him!

Now that this guy had arrived at the Chinese martial arts world, he was just like a wolf among sheep. With just a few words, he had caused internal strife at the Tianshan Martial Arts Conference. It had even spiraled so out of control that the fight could not be stopped even if anyone tried to stop it!

Fourth Bro Zhou shouted out, "Everyone, listen to me, I―"

Suddenly, a punch was thrown at him!

The unprepared Fourth Bro Zhou received a brutal punch to his right cheek, utterly infuriating him. He rolled up his sleeves and rushed forward saying, "Who the fuck hit me? Do you people think that our Zhou Family Style School are pushovers? How dare you people make trouble at the Tianshan Martial Arts Conference! If you want to fight, let's fight! Do you think we all have anything to be afraid of?"

Fourth Bro Zhou also rushed forward!

Then a brick met his face!

"Fuck!" Fourth Bro Zhou covered his face and cursed angrily!

"Fourth Senior Bro!"

"Get them!"

"We will bloody you today!"

"Right, we'll bloody you!"

Witnessing this scene unfolding in front of her, Chenchen was totally speechless.

Zhang Ye was quite unreliable in a lot of the things that he did, but that mouth of his could definitely be relied on to be the most sarcastic in this world! What was supposed to be a martial arts conference attended by all the members of the Chinese martial arts world had now turned into a civil war even before the event was convened!

In fact, the conflict was still growing!

Another wave of the Zhou Family Style's disciples arrived from outside!

"What is happening?"

"What's going on?"

"The hell, who hit me?"

"Damn! Bros, get them!"

When this group of people arrived, before they could even announce who they were or ask what was happening, they were already getting beaten up. They then immediately joined the fray without another word!

The non-affiliates had even more backup arriving!

"Bro Zhao, I'm here!"

"Hold on, our bros are here to help!"

"The Zhou Family is throwing their weight around and bullying us! This is outrageous!"

"Outrageous! Kill them!"

"The large sects are too arrogant! We must get revenge today!"

"Baldie, receive this palm strike from your grandpa!"

"Fourth Bro Zhou, you have often committed all kinds of evils! Let me rein you in today!"

Who said that there were no highly skilled non-affiliates?

A few of the non-affiliates who rushed over upon hearing the news turned out to be extremely skilled at kung fu. When Zhang Ye saw them fighting, even he was surprised as they all were seemingly on par with him. The Chinese martial arts world was truly filled with hidden dragons and crouching tigers. With this fight happening, all the experts started showing themselves! When a lot of them heard the shouting, they knew there was obviously some private grudge between the two groups. The large and small sects, along with the non-affiliates, clearly had grudges that existed in the past. Everything just happened to spill over today!

More and more people arrived!




The restaurant was close to being torn apart!

The battlefield was even extending out into the courtyard and outside the resort, the sounds of fighting coming from everywhere!

When Zhang Ye, who was never afraid of too much trouble, saw this, he shouted again, "Our small sect and non-affiliate brothers! Today's outcome is a matter of our honor! Will we just watch and allow the large sects to climb all over us?"

"No, we won't!"

"No, we won't!"

"No, we won't!"

"No, we won't!"

Many of them were shouting like crazy!

Zhang Ye roared, "Will we just watch our dignity get trampled under their feet like that?"

"No, we won't!"

"No, we won't!"

"Definitely not!"

Many were roaring in response!

Zhang Ye yelled, "On the path of martial arts! Everyone stands equal! It has never been segregated between large and small sects! Today is the day that we stand up to this! Today is the day that we shout to make our voices heard! If we don't shout, there won't be another chance! If we don't shout, they will soon be sitting over our heads and shitting on us! Why are you bros still watching the fight from outside? What are you still waiting for? Roar if you see injustice! Take action when the time comes! Do it with all your passion and hope!"

"Let's take action!"

"With the Zhou Family bullying us, how much longer are we going to keep quiet and endure this?"

"Kill them!"


"Charge at them together with me, brothers!"

With Zhang Ye's speech, a lot of the onlooking non-affiliates and small sect members who were still hesitant earlier suddenly got pumped up, and roared as they charged forward!