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Chapter 917: Zhang Ye versus the Kunlun Taoist!

Chapter 917: Zhang Ye versus the Kunlun Taoist!

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Outside, the sky had turned dark and the entire holiday resort was dark, except here at the restaurant which was still brightly lit. Cries calling for a massacre could be heard coming from everywhere!

A passerby asked in panic, "What's happening in there?"

A non-affiliate, who was injured and covering his bloody nose, said, "That bunch of bastards from the Zhou Family ganged up with all the large sects and started a fight against us non-affiliates!"

"What? How could something like that happen? Bro, bear with it. I'll go get reinforcements!" After the passerby heard that, he quickly rushed back to inform the others. "Something has happened! Something has happened!"

On the way, as he ran back, he coincidentally bumped into a friend.

This other person asked anxiously, "What's going on over at the restaurant?"

Short of breath, the passerby panted, "I can't run anymore. You came at just the right time, quickly go back and inform the others! That bunch of bastards from the Zhou Family ganged up with all the other large sects to start a fight with all of us!"

"What did you say?" The friend was shocked. "I'll go call for reinforcements immediately!"

At the entrance of an inn.

Everyone came rushing out when they heard the ruckus.

"What happened?"

"Why did they start fighting?"

"Who's fighting who?"

"Should we go and take a look?"

"W-What serious event has just happened there?"

At this moment, that passerby's friend came running back with all his might. "Something has happened! Something has happened! That bunch of fucking bastards from the Zhou Family Style ganged up with the large sects to exterminate all of us!"

Everyone was angered and surprised at the same time!


"Exterminate all of us?"

"Fuck your grandmas, Zhou Family!"

"They're pushing it too far! They're really pushing it too far!"

"Let's fight it out with them!"

"Fight them!"

"Brothers! Call for help! Get your weapons, and let's kill them!"

"Exterminate all of us? I'll fucking exterminate your entire clan instead!"

With the same message being passed down three times, it had already changed from a fight…to becoming exterminating all of them!

Instantly, another group of "reinforcements" set off as though they were on adrenaline. When they rushed into the restaurant and saw the people from the Zhou Family Style School and other large sects, they charged at them while angrily shouting "exterminate your entire clan" as they attacked!

This group of people randomly rushing in made many of those from the large sects jump in shock. They were completely caught off guard as they suffered defeat after defeat and were left wailing. Their expressions were extremely shocked as they did not even know what had hit them. Fuck! Wasn't this just about some non-affiliates thinking that the jug of wine was too expensive? Didn't the fight break out because they got into a war of words over that issue? How did it become about exterminating an entire clan? You people are looking to exterminate our entire clan just because of 2,000 yuan? Have you people all gone insane from being too poor?!

The people from the large sects were also furious. "We'll exterminate all of you!"

The non-affiliates shouted loudly, "We'll exterminate your entire clan!"

The people from the large sects yelled in anger, "We'll exterminate all of you!"

The people from the small sects said angrily, "We'll exterminate your entire clan!"

Both sides swore something as they fought!

From talking to having a war of words to starting a fight and finally turning into an extermination of clans, the entire process took only ten minutes!

A free-for-all!

A chaotic free-for-all!

Sounds of fighting could be heard everywhere and the fire of battle could be seen throughout the place!

The non-affiliates and small sects had a numerical advantage of about 2.5 to 1, but the people from the large sects had the advantage of superior skills. Even for some of the large sects' most ordinary disciples, their martial arts skills were still very good. Even if two fists were no match for four hands, it would not be that difficult to hold out. Furthermore, there were many experts among the large sects who could probably take on five opponents at the same time!

And Zhang Ye had encountered one of them!

It was a Taoist from the Kunlun Sect![1.]

Zhang Ye sparred with him for a while using his real skills and immediately knew that he was going to be a tough one. His opponent turned out to be trained in internal style martial arts as well, and his power was likely a little better than Zhang Ye's. Zhang Ye had eaten over a hundred Taiji Fist Skill Experience Books, so he could be considered as one of the top few fighters in this pool of ordinary martial artists. It would not be much of a problem for him to take on 20 of them. But if he were to really meet with a real practitioner of the martial arts, he would not exactly be a match for that person. With just those few skill experience books, he could only be considered to have barely stepped past the doors of the Chinese martial arts world, or perhaps be at a slightly higher level than most. He certainly could not be considered to be at the master level. Moreover, Zhang Ye's boxing techniques were not slowly trained by himself, but rather gained directly through the eating of all those skill experience books. His strength and stamina were also unable to keep up with his opponent, and his Taiji Fist only worked at times. All these key factors affected his overall ability. But fortunately, Zhang Ye's 100 Fruits of Agility were unleashed to their greatest effect. His reaction speed was not slower than those real practitioners of martial arts, so even if he could not defeat his opponent with his attacks, it was still enough to deal with him for a while!

Furthermore, he still had a brick in his hand!

With a brick in hand, I own the world!

"Watch my kick!" The Kunlun Taoist threw out a punch!

Zhang Ye dodged agilely and cried out, "Watch my kick!" But he used the brick to attack instead!

That Taoist dodged angrily. "Receive my palm strike!" But he aimed his kick at Zhang Ye's privates instead!

"Receive my roundhouse kick!" Zhang Ye dodged the attacks perilously as he shouted, but he did not move his leg and still attacked with the brick!

The Taoist shouted loudly, "Fish Leaps Over the Dragon Gate!" Then he threw himself prone to dodge the brick attack!

"Carp Skip-up!" Zhang Ye gurgled up a mouthful of phlegm and spat at him!

When the surrounding people saw that, they nearly fainted!

Roundhouse kick, your sister!

Fish Leaps Over the Dragon Gate, your sister!

Carp Skip-up, your sister!

The moves that the two of you executed were totally different from what you had shouted!

These two fellows were also from the martial arts community? Why was each of them more sly than the other?!

Liu Yiquan, Liu Yizhang, He Badao, Li Quanneng, and some others were also engaged in battles with their "enemies" around Zhang Ye. When they saw the fight between Zhang Ye and that Kunlun Taoist, they broke out in cold sweats!

They could do it like that?

This had to be a meeting of two rogues!

On the bus, they had chatted happily with Zhang Ye and felt that this "Bro Chen Zhen" was a very righteous person. From a glance, he could be assumed to have come from some righteous sect. But who would have expected that when this fellow got into a fight, he would actually be such a hooligan and use a brick to make sneak attacks, randomly call out his moves, and even spit at his opponent! This scene made Liu Yiquan, Liu Yizhang, and the group of people who came from an unorthodox martial arts background feel embarrassed! Why is Bro Chen Zhen's martial arts even more unorthodox than ours?!

When that Taoist had his clothes hit by a mouthful of phlegm, he flew into a rage. He was quite well-known in the Chinese martial arts world and was always reputed to be a vicious and devious person. When his name was mentioned, as long as it was someone in the martial arts community who had heard of his exploits before, they would definitely choose to avoid him. Even in normal circumstances when his fellow Kunlun Sect disciples sparred, no one would choose to be his opponent. He initially thought that he was already devious enough, but never did he expect to bump into someone today who was more devious than him!

The Taoist shouted, "What style do you practice?"

Zhang Ye threw a punch and questioned back, "What style do you practice?"

The Taoist said loudly, "The style I practice is called the Kunlun Universe Palms!"

Zhang Ye would naturally not reveal his background to anyone. He swung the brick towards the Taoist and said, "Then the style that I practice is called the Swimming Body Eight Trigrams Brick!"

Upon hearing that, the surrounding people fainted all at once!

One of the disciples of the Zhou Family Style School lost his concentration and was immediately floored by a punch and two kicks from two small sects' disciples! After he collapsed onto the ground, his mind continued to wonder about the skill that the sunglasses-wearing youth proclaimed that he had used!

They all knew about the Swimming Body Eight Trigrams Palm which was also known as the Eight Trigrams Palm!

But what the fuck was the Swimming Body Eight Trigrams Brick!?

Which sect's martial arts have you ever come across that train with fucking bricks?