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Chapter 918: The National Martial Arts Association steps in!

Chapter 918: The National Martial Arts Association steps in!

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The situation was getting out of control!

The organizers were startled as well!

Chen Xi, the vice president of China's National Martial Arts Association, the current leader of the Huashan Sect, and one of the five grandmasters of the current Chinese martial arts world, led a large group of people and hurried to the restaurant. In the group were a deputy sect leader of the Kongtong Sect, a leader from an Iron Palm branch, an eminent monk of the Shaolin Monastery, and a master from the Wudang Sect. All of them were, without an exception, famous figures within the Chinese martial arts world, and were also the backbone of their sects, even to the point of being the strongest in their respective sects. But Grandmaster Zhou Tianpeng of the Zhou Family Style School was nowhere to be seen. He was probably secluding himself in preparation for the big battle tomorrow at the Tianshan Martial Arts Conference!

When this group of people got to the entrance of the restaurant, they were completely stunned by what they saw!

Liu Yizhang was keeping a disciple of the Zhou Family Style down with two hands, while his brother, Liu Yiquan, was furiously hammering at that Zhou Family Style disciple!

He Badao and a Kongtong Sect disciple were rolling around on the ground, throwing punches and kicks at each other!

Li Quanneng and Yan Hui were each holding a table leg in their respective hands, gotten from who knows where, chasing a group of four or five people from the large sects and hitting them with the legs. It was utter chaos!

"Kill them!"

"Senior Bro, save me!"

"Hang on! You must hang on!"

"Kill this bunch of non-affiliates!"

"We must exterminate them all!"

The most noteworthy duel was still between Zhang Ye and that Kunlun Taoist.

Zhang Ye swung his brick. "Watch out for my Huashan swordsmanship!"

The Huashan Sect leader, Chen Xi, fainted then and there!

The Kunlun Taoist dodged away. "Have a taste of my Iron Palms!" Then he crouched and swept a kick at Zhang Ye!

The eldest senior brother of the previous generation of the Iron Palm branch wobbled in place when he heard that!

"I'm going for your lower body!" The brick swung towards his opponent's head!

"I'm targeting your left!" The Kunlun Taoist threw a punch at his right!

Zhang Ye shouted, "I'll spit on your face!"

The Taoist replied, "I'll fuck your grandpa!"

"I'll fuck your grandma!"

"Are you sick?"

"Do you have any medicine for me?"

"How much do you need?"

"How much do you have?"

"I'll give you however much you require!"

Zhang Ye spoke, "I'll eat however much you have!"

The Taoist asked again, "Are you sick!"

"Do you have any medicine for me?"

They did not exchange too many blows between them before transitioning into scolding each other with everything they had, even spitting at each other!

The fighting made these people of distinction and leaders of the various martial sects within the organizers and Chinese martial arts world nearly vomit blood! What kind of fucking people did the Tianshan Martial Arts Conference invite this time!?

That Taoist's martial uncle was the Kunlun Sect leader. He was also in this group that had just arrived. At the moment, he was pretending not to have seen anything as he looked up at the sky—he could not afford to be embarrassed like this.

Chen Xi roared, "Stop it! All of you, stop it!"

Everyone who was fighting was incensed and crying out their killing intents, so why would they bother listening to anyone calling for them to stop?

That eminent monk from the Shaolin Monastery was also stunned by the brawl, as he noticed a few of his junior brothers in the chaos with bruised and swollen faces. He called out loudly, "Junior Bro Jie Jiao? Junior Bro Jie Zao? Why did you all get involved in the fight as well?"[1.]

A monk who was currently fighting a small sect's combat expert shouted, "The small sects are taking this too far!"

The eminent Shaolin monk called out, "Stop the fight and get over here! Stop fighting already!"

Another Shaolin monk was still enraged as he spoke with a Henan accent, "Senior Bro, stay out of it! I must take care of these bastards today no matter what!"

Their senior brother: "…"

The usually mild-mannered Shaolin monks were all cursing and swearing!

Chen Xi watched in astonishment. "W-What on earth happened?"

"I don't know!"

"Why is everyone fighting?"

"Aiyo! How are we going to handle this?"

"In all the years of holding the National Martial Arts Conference, nothing like this has ever happened before!"

"Terrible, this is truly terrible!"

"Could it be that someone died, leading them to fight like this?"

"It has to be!"

At this moment, Fourth Bro Zhou of the Zhou Family Style School finally came running out from the chaos. His nose dripped with blood as he limped toward them. "Senior Bro! Second Senior Bro!"

Second Bro Zhou was taken aback. "Fourth Junior Bro? Quickly, tell us what's going on!"

Fourth Bro Zhou was already on the verge of tears, though nobody knew if it was from the pain or because he was infuriated to such a state. "Those non-affiliates were unhappy about us selling our Nu'er Hong at an expensive price!"

Chen Xi was stunned. "And then what?"

Second Bro Zhou's expression changed immediately. "Then did you guys kill someone because of that?"

Fourth Bro Zhou nearly vomited blood at that. "Then we started fighting because of that!"

The eminent Shaolin monk admonished, "But you can't kill someone over that!"

"Who did we kill!" Fourth Bro Zhou shouted.

The eminent Shaolin monk was stunned. "No one died?"

Fourth Bro Zhou protested, "Of course not!"

A leader of a small sect asked, "Then how did it become like this?"

Fourth Bro Zhou wiped away the blood from his nose and said, "The fuck I know! I only said a few words, telling them not to drink if they did not have the money. But it somehow ended up becoming a fight! They were even shouting and calling for our entire clan to be exterminated!"

A Kongtong Sect deputy leader said dumbfounded, "All this was over a jug of wine? At a respectable event like the Tianshan Martial Arts Conference, you all actually got into such a massive brawl involving several hundred people?"

Chen Xi: "…"

The eminent Shaolin monk: "…"

The Kunlun Sect leader: "…"

They all glanced at one another, embarrassed!

Chen Xi composed himself then forced a voice out from his diaphragm. "All of you, stop!"

Some of those involved in the brawl heard this and were startled when they turned to look. Seeing their sect leaders, masters, or martial uncles all here, they quickly stopped fighting.

But some of the non-affiliates were still at it!

Chen Xi closed his eyes and suddenly lifted a foot. Without using much strength, he stamped it down, and a loud crash reverberated. The entire surface of the floor seemingly shook. When he lifted his foot again, the concrete floor was deeply imprinted with his shoeprint! It was a very clear imprint too!

Concealed power!

This was made by concealed power!

Among a hundred Chinese martial arts experts, only a few could train to such a level!

"Stop fighting!" Chen Xi shouted.

This time, everyone turned their heads all at once!

Chen Xi did not depend on the one-sided story of Fourth Bro Zhou, but instead called over a few of his own Huashan Sect disciples. He listened to them as they related the entire situation that led to the fight, but as Huashan Sect was also one of the large sects that partook in the fight against the small sects and non-affiliates, their side of the story naturally did not favor the non-affiliates!

The people from the small sects and the non-affiliates were showing their anger at this, but did not dare say anything due to the domineering air of the grandmaster.

However, in the crowd was someone who was not afraid of anything. At this moment, that youth wearing the sunglasses once again "bravely came forward."

Zhang Ye brought a stool with him and stood onto it, shouting, "Brother and sisters, fellow countrymen and elders, the large sects seem to be confusing right and wrong. Are we just going to say nothing?"

With someone taking the lead, everyone who fought side by side earlier started raising a ruckus.

"No, we won't!"

"No, we won't!"

"No, we won't!"

"No, we won't!"

There were hundreds of voices of men and women, all shouting loudly with their hands up in the air!

Zhang Ye shouted, "Who were the ones who tried to scam us of our hard-earned money!"

"The Zhou Family!"

"The Zhou Family!"

"The Zhou Family!"

Zhang Ye shouted again, "Who were the ones who started the fight?"

"The Kongtong Sect!"

"The Kongtong Sect!"

"The Kongtong Sect!"

Zhang Ye bellowed, "We were scammed of our money and even got attacked by the large sects. Can we take this lying down?"

"Definitely not!"

"Definitely not!"

"Definitely not!"

The small sects and non-affiliates were emboldened by their numbers and their morale suddenly increased by quite a bit as well!

When the group in the organizing party heard this, some of the small sect leaders and chiefs also showed signs of anger. Subconsciously, they were moving toward their own disciples to stand with them.

A leader of a small sect said while stifling his anger, "The Kongtong Sect made the first move?"

A deputy leader of the Kongtong Sect was taken aback and simply said, "About that…" Then he looked over to his own disciples.

The disciples of the Kongtong Sect nearly went crazy!

"Master, we really did not!"

"It wasn't us!"

"Senior Bro was only trying to hold someone back!"

Holding back? That counted as making a move!

Chen Xi frowned and gave a look to the Kongtong Sect members.

That Kongtong Sect senior brother in question was almost kneeling by now. "I, I was only trying to mediate the situation!"

At this time, the youth wearing sunglasses standing on a stool shouted, "2,000 yuan for a jug of Nu'er Hong? Did you use gold to ferment it?"

Yan Hui shouted, "Did you use gold to ferment it?"

Liu Yiquan roared, "Did you use gold to ferment it?"

A junior sister of some small sect: "Did you use gold to ferment it?"

Zhang Ye cried out, "Hand over the person guilty of hitting our people!"

"Hand over the person guilty of hitting our people!"

"Hand over the person guilty of hitting our people!"

Everyone echoed him loudly in unison!

Zhang Ye again cried out, "Hand over the person who fermented the wine!"

"Hand over the person who fermented the wine!"

"Hand over the person who fermented the wine!"

Everyone echoed him loudly in unison again!

Zhang Ye cried out for the third time, "Compensate us for our losses! Compensate us for our medical fees! Otherwise, we won't let this rest!"

"We won't let this rest!"

"We won't let this rest!"

"We won't let this rest!"

Everyone's shouting was increasing in volume!

The upper management of the National Martial Arts Association was facing a headache regarding this problem. If it were only one or two people, it would have been easy to settle. But since this was a matter of several hundred people making trouble, they could not handle it as easily. Although the upper management positions were mainly filled by people from the large sects, there were also many experts and talented people from the small sects too. The National Martial Arts Association grassroots' positions were generally held by these people. If the issue was not handled properly, the entire Martial Arts Association might fall into disarray!

Several of the upper management's people were getting flustered. "What the hell is going on! There has never before been a situation like this at the previous Martial Arts Conferences! What is going on this year?"

Chenchen's hearing was sharp. When she overheard those people begrudgingly say all that, she could only give a silent "hur hur" in her head. That is because Zhang Ye did not attend the previous conferences, but if he did, you guys would have been in trouble long ago!

But Fourth Bro Zhou retorted, "You people still dare to demand recompense?"

Those wounded disciples from the Kongtong Sect added, "You're all trying to shift the blame!"

This problem wasn't easy to handle, as both sides pushed their own rhetoric. But it was obvious that the non-affiliates and small sects had the greater advantage in numbers!

Finally, the National Martial Arts Association sent someone out to negotiate. He was a steward of the Martial Arts association and also one of the representative members of a large sect. He was the junior brother of the Huashan Sect leader, Chen Xi.

This person's name was Fan Wen.

Huashan Sect's Fan Wen stepped forward. "The responsibility of this issue lies with both sides as it takes two hands to clap. Let's put this matter to rest here and everyone can take a step back. Can't we give the National Martial Arts Association some face?!"

Zhang Ye said, "No way!"

"No way!"

"No way!"

"No way!"

Everyone was just blindly following at this point!

Fan Wen's eyes twitched. He looked at them and said, "A jug of Nu'er Hong for 2,000 yuan is indeed a little expensive. Why don't we do this? I'll make a decision here and waive everyone's bill for the meal. The things that were smashed will be taken care of by our Martial Arts Association as well, so no one has to compensate anything. How does that sound?"

Zhang Ye said, "No way!"

"No way!"

"No way!"

"No way!"

Fan Wen was speechless at this. Then he said loudly, "Then what do you propose the compensation should be?"

Zhang Ye shouted, "Make the person who started this apologize! Compensate us for our medical fees! Pay each of us 100,000 yuan! That is non-negotiable! Not a cent less! We will not accept if it's a cent less!"

"We won't accept it!"

"We won't accept it!"

"We won't accept it!"

"We won't accept it!"

100,000 yuan?

Not a cent less?

The people from the large sects were getting mad!



Huashan Sect's Fan Wen was also furious, "That's such an unreasonable demand! You people have absolutely no intentions on negotiating, right?! 100,000 for each of you? Bullshit! It would be more than enough to compensate you 1,000 yuan per person!"

Zhang Ye suddenly raised his hand and said, "—Deal!"

Fan Wen was stunned!



Under everyone's dumbfounded gazes, Zhang Ye jumped down from the stool and said, "Let's go, everyone!"

The people from the small sects and non-affiliates suddenly dispersed when the order was given!

Leaving a bunch of people from the large sects and National Martial Arts Association staring wide-eyed!

Didn't they say not a cent less?

That they would not accept it if it were a cent less?

Fuck all of your grandpas!

Wasn't that a non-negotiable request?

1. Jie Jiao (戒骄) means 'free from arrogance' and Jie Zao (戒躁) means 'free from impetuousness.'