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Chapter 921: Zhang Ye, Enhanced Edition! (Middle)

Chapter 921: Zhang Ye, Enhanced Edition! (Middle)

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He'd received 1,001 Fruits of Stamina!

However, Zhang Ye did not have the opportunity to eat them yet. Because at this moment, the duration of the Lucky Bread was not over and there was still a bit of time left.



Zhang Ye quickly started another round of the lottery draw!

The wheel began to rotate!

One revolution.

Two revolutions.

Three revolutions.

To Zhang Ye's surprise, the needle again looked like it was going to stop in the Stats Category zone. Of course, there was also a chance of it ending up in the Skills Category zone, so Zhang Ye purposely waited for a while until it was easier to judge before suddenly putting in his additional stakes!

999 additional stakes!

Counting the original stake, the total now was 1,000 stakes!

At this moment, the duration of the Lucky Bread's effectiveness was up!

Although Zhang Ye knew that the luck effect of the Lucky Bread was quite good and had helped him get the category of items he needed, it was still just the most basic of luck effects. The luck effectiveness of the Lucky Bread was probably not enough to get Zhang Ye the items that he needed the most. He would require something at a higher level!

As such, Zhang Ye did not hesitate to open up the merchant shop to activate the Lucky Halo (Upgraded)!



It was only activated for a short time.

In the blink of an eye, the needle came to a stop!

Only then did Zhang Ye turn off the Lucky Halo and reach out to open the newly drawn Treasure Chest (Small)!

Golden beams of light glowed!

The item in the treasure chest appeared!

[Fruit of Strength] × 1,000: Permanently increases the physical strength of the player.


The item appeared!

It was really the Fruit of Strength!

Zhang Ye was very excited, and thought about how great the difference was between the upgraded and normal version of the luck items. Although it was a lot more expensive to activate, it proved to be extremely useful at this critical time! Of course, on the other hand, even the upgraded version of the Lucky Halo might not necessarily fulfill the user's wants 100% of the time and would only increase the probability of the outcome. For instance, previously at the Central TV annual staff party's lucky draw, the Lucky Halo (Upgraded) had "failed" once there. Therefore, he could only depend on himself when it came to things, and the Lucky Halo should just be treated as an assistance method at most.

He had done it!

It was time to "eat" them all!

Zhang Ye began to gobble down the Stats Category Fruits one by one!




He chose to eat the Fruits of Stamina first. With every Fruit he ate, he could feel his spirit getting boosted slightly, while his feelings of weariness and fatigue were reduced by a little. Although it could not be seen with the naked eye and there was no detailed data, Zhang Ye instinctively knew that the Fruits of Stamina he had eaten were already taking effect. His stamina was rising substantially, no, rather, it could be said that it was rising at the speed of a rocket jetting into outer space!

1,000 Stats Category Fruits, a full 1,000 of them! In the past, the most that Zhang Ye had ever eaten was probably the 100 Fruits of Agility and the effectiveness that the 100 Fruits of Agility brought to him was already astonishing enough, let alone 1,000 of them. Zhang Ye's body was getting warmer and warmer. He felt that even if he were to run for 20 kilometers around Tianshan now, he would not feel tired at all as his whole body was currently overflowing with vim and vigor! He felt great!

He finally ate the last fruit.

Then, something happened all of a sudden.

As Zhang Ye ate the 1,001st Fruit of Stamina, he found that there was no effect and felt nothing course through his body. Afterwards, a notification appeared from the game ring on his pinky finger.

[System Notice: Stats Category Fruit usage limited to 1,000!]


It had hit the limit?

He couldn't eat them anymore?

Zhang Ye was speechless, but after giving it some thought, he was not surprised by it. Yes, a 100 Stat Category Fruits had already had a very astonishing effect. But with 1,000 of them now, wouldn't that have an earth-shattering effect? This could be the human limit!

Man, he actually managed to max out a stat with the Fruit of Stamina?

Zhang Ye savored his awesomeness for a bit then began eating the Fruits of Strength!



Just like when he ate the Fruits of Stamina, Zhang Ye felt like his body was about to explode at any time. He could feel a surge of explosive power in his body that felt so explosive it was like it was about to explode in his body. This sort of explosiveness, or perhaps better described as a surge, could be felt as an unlimited amount of strength forcefully started filling up inside him. What was most critical was that he had eaten the 1,000 Fruits of Stamina beforehand. As stamina and strength were basically inseparable, they complemented and boosted each other's effects, causing this explosiveness to become even greater. He felt that even if he were to go and run 20 kilometers around Tianshan while demolishing all the old folks' homes en route, he could still easily do it without losing breath!

Alright, let's cut the crap.

In truth, this fellow did not know how strong he was right now.

Zhang Ye thought of testing himself to find out, but shot down the idea for the time being as he wanted to go for one more draw. He was insatiable, wanting to bring his strength up to the highest limits!

So what was there left now?

Zhang Ye went quiet. Then he tapped the "start lottery draw" icon and activated the Lucky Halo (Upgraded) at the same time, hoping for one last gamble!

The wheel began to rotate.

The needle started to spin.

This time Zhang Ye did not hesitate at all and just put in the additional stakes like a compulsive gambler!

He added 899 additional stakes, totaling 900 stakes—this number was clearly worthy of remembrance, because Zhang Ye had eaten 100 Fruits of Agility in the past. Considering the upper limit of 1,000 for the basic Stats Category Fruits, deducting the amount that he had eaten before, he would need exactly 900 fruits this time!

One revolution!

Another revolution!

And yet another revolution!

However, the needle was slowing down as it approached the Special Category zone!

Zhang Ye was shocked. Fuck, this bro does not want that now, please don't give me this shit!

It was getting closer and closer!

Closer and closer!

Ba da. The needle went past the Special Category at the last moment and caught nicely on the border of the Stats Category zone!

Alright, let's see what I got from the lottery draw this time!

Please, bro, it has to be that item!

At this moment, Zhang Ye was feeling extremely nervous, but it was unavoidable as there were 100 million Reputation Points at stake. If he received 900 Fruits of Strength or 900 Fruits of Stamina again, then it would all go to waste. He had already "eaten" those to the maximum level and could no longer "eat" them anymore. Even if he got 900 Fruits of Charm, it would still be a failure as that was useless to him at the moment!

Hocus pocus!

Give me what I want!

When Zhang Ye opened up the golden treasure chest and saw the item lying inside, this fellow nearly went crazy!

[Fruit of Agility] × 900: Permanently increases the agility of the player.


I really fucking got it!

Zhang Ye quickly turned off the Lucky Halo (Upgraded) that was using up his Reputation Points. He had already reached an extremely excited state and couldn't express himself!




He immediately ate all the Fruits of Agility one after another!

His eyes grew brighter and brighter!

Due to the special property of agility, the increase was not at a steady and constant rate like the Fruit of Stamina or the Fruit of Strength. The more he ate, the slower the agility increase became. This was because in the physiological structure of a person, the maximum limit would be a fixed value and it would be impossible to break through this human limit, otherwise…he would be an alien. As a result, Zhang Ye understood this very well. Actually, after he ate those 900 Fruits of Agility, he felt he could shoot up into the upper atmosphere of the Earth. Although the rate of increase became slower with every Fruit he ate, in actual fact, at this stage he was nearing the limits of reaction speed. Even if it only increased by a little bit each time, it was still a qualitative leap forward! The difference between the highly skilled experts was sometimes just this bit of reaction speed and this "bit" was enough to decide who would be the victor!

He finished eating them all.

He had also reached the limit for the Fruit of Agility with that. If he still got them from the lottery draw in the future, he would not be able to eat them anymore!

Zhang Ye took a deep breath to calm himself, but was completely unable to calm down!

What did Chinese martial arts depend on?

What was the most basic of qualities that a martial arts expert should possess?

Not the moves!

What mattered was the physical body!

What were the most important aspects of the physical body?

1: Strength.

2: Stamina.

3: Reaction speed.

These three aspects!

As for the current Zhang Ye, he had fucking maxed out after eating 1,000 Fruits of Strength, 1,000 Fruits of Agility, and 1,000 Fruits of Stamina!