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Chapter 922: Zhang Ye, Enhanced Edition! (End)

Chapter 922: Zhang Ye, Enhanced Edition! (End)

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In the bathroom.

The weird sounds coming from Zhang Ye were emanating from the inside!

Chenchen was woken by that and tossed around several times in bed, but the weird sounds from the bathroom did not stop. She threw aside the blanket and got up, shouting in her childish voice, "Zhang Ye, what are you doing?"

Zhang Ye then came out from the bathroom, but was still wearing a silly smile on his face.

Chenchen got even angrier. "Zhang Ye, why are you so childish?"

Zhang Ye was in an extremely good mood, so he replied happily, "Haha, you're awake? Chenchen, don't address me as Uncle Zhang anymore from now on, you mustn't call me that, alright?"

Chenchen said, "I've never called you that before anyway."

Zhang Ye laughed and said, "From now on, call me Iron Man."

Chenchen: "What?"

Zhang Ye confidently repeated, "Iron Man!"

Chenchen was already returning to her bed. "OK, Iron Rod."

Zhang Ye: "…Iron Rod, your sister! It's Iron Man!"[1.]

After putting the little rascal back to sleep, Zhang Ye reopened the game interface in reverie. Even though he had spent 300 million of his Reputation Points in the lottery draw this time, he did not seem affected by it and kept smiling. There was no reason for this other than that the Reputation Points were well spent. It was just worth it. Of all the Stats Category Fruits he wanted the most, he had gotten them all. Compared to all the lottery draws that he had done in the past, Zhang Ye had never had it as smooth as today!

He checked his current Reputation Points.

Remaining Reputation Points: Just under 1.9 billion!

It was still a lot. This was still an astronomical figure—all the Reputation Points that had been accumulated by Zhang Ye for the past year were finally unleashed. This was going to be his metamorphosis!

He made a few slight movements and could already feel that his current physical fitness was no longer what it used to be. Just an ordinary arm stretch felt unusual. Back when Zhang Ye ate the 100 Fruits of Agility, he also took a very long time to get used to the changes due to the sudden improvement of his reaction speed. Now that he had eaten 1,000 Fruits of Agility, Strength, and Stamina all at once, he definitely needed more time to refine his reflexes. Luckily for him, he had the experience of eating the Fruits of Agility the previous time and that left him more mentally prepared for it, helping him get used to it much quicker than before!

He threw a few punches.

He whipped a few palm strikes!

Even his sneezing felt much more powerful than before!

At present, Zhang Ye could even consciously determine that the 100-odd Taiji Fist Skill Experience Books could finally be controlled and unleashed to their potential now that his physical fitness had risen to a new level. It would no longer be ineffective at the critical junctures as he had finally understood why that used to occur. It was due to the fact that his body did not suit the wielding of this level of skill, therefore it was only effective at times. But everything was good now. With these 1,000 Fruits of Strength, Agility, and Stamina as his base, not only would he be able to control these 100-plus Taiji Fist Skill Experience Books, he would still be able to do it even if it was much more than that! At this moment, Zhang Ye's physical potential was just starting to develop. He was now getting into the groove of becoming a truly high-skilled martial artist, or rather, it was only now that he possessed the physical fitness of a person who had been training and improving their basic kung fu on a daily basis since childhood. In fact, his foundations might have even far outstripped those people!

As for how skilled he might be?

Or how deep his foundations ran?

That was still unclear currently.

When he thought about all this, Zhang Ye decided that he wanted to find out for himself. He put on a coat and eagerly headed downstairs.

The cold wind was blowing like knives cutting his face. But perhaps due of the effects from the Stats Category Fruits that he had eaten, or maybe because of his excitement, Zhang Ye did not feel cold at all. He proudly strode out against the wind and stood in the courtyard, looking around for something.

Oh, there it is!

That's the one!

It was a very thick wooden signboard, on which the phrase "Welcome, passing heroes" was written. It belonged to the inn and was around five centimeters thick. It was not hung up on anything and just left on the ground next to the inn.

The thickness seemed fine and the hardness was also quite suitable, likely to be made of solid wood. Zhang Ye got ready to use it as a test subject to see how his physical fitness was now, and if he would be able to compare to those truly skilled martial artists.

Come on!

Zhang Ye steadied his breathing and circled around the sign twice. This was to calm himself down, while warming up his body at the same time. Then he took a deep breath, and with a swift hand movement, an opening form of the Taiji Fist was easily conjured by him. His right hand moved across his body and his left hand retracted, all in one swift motion. Compared to when he could barely summon up the skill back then, it formed a sharp contrast. With that, Zhang Ye's entire momentum was completely different from before!

In the dead of the night, he dared not shout his intent but simply did so in his mind!

With a push of his hands, all the strength in his body seemingly gathered into his right palm in an instant. He took a step forward and suddenly expelled the force from his right palm and struck it into the wooden signboard, hard!


A loud crash resounded!

Splinters flew!

Zhang Ye slightly grimaced in pain with that, but the moment his hands retracted, he was astonished to see that the thick wooden signboard was left with a deep palm impression. The top half of the wooden signboard was cracked apart and the word "welcome" was split in twain!

Zhang Ye looked at his right palm, dumbfounded, then looked back at the wooden signboard.


Was…was I the one who did that?

He was in a slight state of disbelief. He subconsciously lifted his leg rather high and stomped down hard, only to hear a loud bang. The wooden signboard was once again broken further by the large force!

Zhang Ye was surprised, as he knew that this was not some sort of Taiji Fist move, nor was it any specialized skill, but the effect of his current physical fitness combined by his pure brute strength and stamina! Damn, has this bro become this awesome now?

Just when Zhang Ye was secretly getting excited over himself, a cry suddenly came from the upstairs of the inn!

"What was that noise?"

"This is bad!"

"There's an assassin!"

In an instant, the entire inn was brightly illuminated by countless lights!

After the battle with the large sects tonight, many of these small sects' disciples and those non-affiliates were on high alert. No one dropped their guard; they were all extremely sensitive to any movements around them!

Zhang Ye nearly fainted when he heard that!

An assassin?

Assassin, your grandpa!

At this moment, he couldn't hide even if he wanted to!

A lot of people had already rushed out to the entrance of the inn by now. Liu Yiquan and Liu Yizhang were also among them. Some of them were holding staves, some holding teapots. There were all sorts of weapons in hand, everything imaginable. There were even some who were still in their pajamas and holding a clothes hanger. Clearly, a lot of them had just randomly grabbed a "weapon" when they ran down here in haste.

When they saw that wooden signboard, everyone was shocked!


"What an exceptional palm technique!"

"What kind of strength is that?"

Then, many of them looked at Zhang Ye.

He Badao asked, "Bro Chen Zhen, what happened here?"

Yan Hui said in astonishment, "This wooden signboard was…"

A female disciple of a small sect also asked, "Bro Chen, you were the first to get here. What on earth happened?"

From the other side, the innkeeper and a few employees had also rushed over when they heard the commotion. When they saw the splintered and cracked wooden signboard, they all started scolding and cursing!

"Who was it?"

"Which son of a bitch is so cruel!"

"Th-This is solid old wood! It's an item that's been passed down for many decades at our inn!"

"Who the hell did it? Step forward now! Which motherfucker was it!"

The innkeeper was raging mad and kept crying out in anger!

When Zhang Ye saw that over a hundred of these people were looking at him, he sighed in his mind. After that, he realized that there was no way to hide from this. He took a deep breath and suddenly roared angrily, "The large sects are too shameless!"

Everyone was stunned.

Then, they became infuriated!

"It's the people from the large sects!"

"Holy shit!"

"Judging from the damage, it was obviously the work of the Iron Palm! And it's likely to be one of the experts from an Iron Palm branch!"

"What do they mean by this?"

"Is this a demonstration?! Are they trying to show us something?!"

"Look, the word "welcome" has been split in half. They're obviously trying to slap our faces by saying that their large sects do not welcome us at all! They want us to get the fuck out of here!"


"The large sects are too despicable!"

"Carrying out a sneak attack in the middle of the night, what kind of hero can they call themselves!"

"This is infuriating! I'm furious!"

Everyone started cursing!

The innkeeper was also swearing nonstop, "Fucking large sects! I'll fuck your grandmas!"

The several inns located in the holiday resort were all independently operated by their owners. The large sects and the non-affiliates had essentially been arranged to stay apart and were all housed at different inns. For example, the inn across from them was the base of several large sects.

The shouting was so loud it woke those staying at the inn across the way.

The windows were all pushed opened one by one as those people from the large sects peered out.

"What's the matter?"

"Why are you guys shouting in the middle of the night?"

"What happened?"

With that, the non-affiliates looked over at once and stared at those large sect disciples angrily. The powder keg was on the verge of exploding!

Finally, a Kongtong Sect senior brother who was involved in the fight earlier yelled at them in a strong northeastern accent, "What're ya lookin' at?"

Liu Yiquan was infuriated. "You! So what!"

Another large sect's disciple was peeved and said, "Look again, I dare ya!"

The non-affiliates and small sect disciples shouted in unison, "Then we dare!"

The people from the large sects shouted in unison, "What're ya lookin' at?!"

The non-affiliates and small sect disciples shouted in unison, "You! So what!"

The people from the large sects shouted in unison, "Look again, we dare ya!"

The non-affiliates and small sect disciples shouted in unison, "Then we dare!"

More and more people emerged, and more and more people joined in!

The windows of the large sects' people were all open now, while the people from the small sects and the non-affiliates gradually gathered in the courtyard after coming downstairs!

"What're ya lookin' at?!"

"You! So what!"

"Look again, we dare ya!"

"Then we dare!"

From 12:10 AM onward, the large sects and those from the small sects with the non-affiliates kept at each other until it was past 2 AM. For a full two hours, everyone was pointing and scolding at each other in the cold wind!

As the person responsible, and the only person who knew the truth, Zhang Ye felt a little guilty. He coughed and wiped the sweat off his forehead, feeling rather sorry for all this.

The large sects: "What're ya lookin' at?!"

"You! So what!" Zhang Ye shouted angrily alongside everyone else!

So, what is a hooligan?

This is a goddamned hooligan!