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Chapter 927: Then I“ll listen to you people!

Chapter 927: Then I'll listen to you people!

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Fourth Bro Zhou was carried out of the ring via stretcher.

Winners were crowned and losers vilified. That was how all matches ended in the Chinese martial arts world. Whoever was more skilled would have the last say. The loser didn't have any right to speak.

The duel ended just like that.

The tenth match was the last to begin but the first to finish.

The Eight Trigrams School's disciples nearly fainted when they saw this.

"So that is Chen Zhen?"


"Isn't his strength a little too great?"

"Eleventh Bro, can your strength beat his?"

"Man, that's hard to say."

"Is that an external style he's using?"

"I don't know! He didn't even use any martial arts moves!"

"That's right. I couldn't even tell which martial school's moves those were!"

"Don't tell me that there's really a style called the Swimming Body Eight Trigrams Brick?"


Song Jiao, the fifth senior sister, evaluated, "Unless concealed power or some special type of kung fu was used, very few people in the entire Chinese martial arts world can compare to his strength. With normal training techniques, even if a person trains their entire life, their greatest strength would be no more than this!"

Lu Yuhu commented, "He's an expert."

Upon returning, Zhang Ye was surrounded by a group of people who gave him extremely good treatment.

"Bro Chen, I didn't know you had hidden talents!"

"Please don't say that."

"That brick smash was wonderful!"

"Thank you very much, thank you very much."

The Zhou Family Style School's Sect Leader Zhou Tianpeng did not look up at all. As for some of the older boxing specialists of the Zhou Family Style, their focus was not on these "brawls" between the juniors. At today's Martial Arts Conference, only Rao Aimin was their cause of concern. She was their most formidable enemy!

In the main ring, the duels gradually came to a close.

The duels with both parties using weapons ended slightly faster while the unarmed duels took longer.

In the match between both Wudangs, the Wudang Sect emerged victorious.

The Shaolin Monastery came out on top in the match against the Qingcheng Sect.

Victory was also decided among the non-affiliates.

Today's dark horse was a newcomer to the Chinese martial arts world. He had actually managed to defeat a rather well-known boxing specialist of the Chinese martial arts world. His win earned him some fame.

Of course, Zhang Ye gained some fame as well. Actually, this fellow was famous since last night. Who from the large sects did not know about "Chen Zhen"? Basically everyone hated him to the bone!

Afterwards, someone else came forward to issue a challenge.

"Qian Dong, come and have a match with your grandpa!"

"Grandson, Grandpa is coming!"

"Who is Grandson calling?"

"I'm calling you grandson!"

"Whose grandson are you?"

"I'm your grandpa!"

The enmity between them clearly ran very deep. They cursed at each other as they walked up into the ring and even continued to curse at each other while dueling.

"Grandson, take that!"

"Receive this palm strike from your grandpa!"

"Grandson, watch out for my attack!"

"Your grandpa is watching out!"

"Haha, my grandson got punched!"

"Haha! Grandson, you're only helping your grandpa scratch his back!"

The referee didn't know whether to laugh or cry while watching this.

The National Martial Arts Association's people were also speechless. They felt somewhat embarrassed as the Chinese martial arts world was opening up, standardizing, and taking the high-end route in the market. But those martial artists' characters and educational qualifications were not in line with this market expansion. There were always some people who liked to scold others, or liked to fight with a brick, or liked to scold others and fight with a brick. They could not curb the behavior of such people, so could only turn a blind eye to it all.

After some of the others went into the ring to duel, an unexpected person came forward. He was the Huashan Sect leader, Grandmaster Chen Xi's junior brother—Fan Wen. He was the person whom Zhang Ye met with at the entrance of the holiday resort's restaurant last night. The compensation of a thousand yuan per person was "negotiated" by Zhang Ye and Fan Wen at the time.

The moment Fan Wen stepped forward, he called out, "Little Bro Chen Zhen, it looks like you were born with superhuman strength and your martial arts are very good, so I was hoping to learn a little from you as well. Would you object to that?"


"Steward Fan?"

"Steward Fan has issued a challenge too?"

"Senior Fan, take care of him!"

The large sects were getting excited. After watching the match between Zhang Ye and Fourth Bro Zhou, they were largely unsure if they would be a match for that Chen Zhen opponent, so they did not dare step forward to challenge him. Even the Zhou Family Style's disciples were staying silent. With the Huashan Sect's Senior Fan issuing a challenge, he could definitely beat that Chen Zhen.

However, the people from the small sects and non-affiliates were outraged.

"Isn't this bullying!"

"Senior Fan, how can you, as a senior, issue a challenge to a junior?"

"You're totally on a different level!"


Zhang Ye was tickled.

When Fan Wen heard that, he said, "Alright then, since I'm your senior and older than you, then how about this, I'll give you a one-hand handicap. We'll exchange some pointers since I would like to see for myself what Little Bro Chen's fighting, uh, brick style is like." The words "brick style" sounded very odd no matter how it was put.

Liu Yiquan shouted, "Bro Chen Zhen, don't go!"

Li Quanneng hurriedly said, "That old man is really formidable!"

"Yeah." He Badao said, "Fan Wen is an expert who is ranked in the top three of the Huashan Sect. He is also a prominent martial artist of the Chinese martial arts world! He's a master martial artist! You're not his match!"

Liu Yizhang tugged at him. "Bro Chen, be cautious. A wise man does not fight when the odds are against him!"

The other non-affiliates all said the same.

"Don't go!"

"Don't bother with him!"

"This is bullying!"

"They're obviously targeting you!"

"The Huashan Sect has always been in cahoots with the Zhou Family!"

"That's right! Don't go!"

After listening to all that, Zhang Ye gave a fist and palm salute to the surrounding people. "Thank you, everyone, for your kindness."

Everyone sighed when they heard this, as they knew their words had fallen on "Chen Zhen's" deaf ears. However, they were simply making a passing remark. At this sort of martial arts conference, there had never before been a precedent of anyone declining a challenge. That was because it was more embarrassing for a martial artist to refuse a challenge than to lose a match. Of the many duels each year, even if they clearly knew that they could not beat their opponent, they still braced themselves to face the challenge, all because there was no other way to it.

Zhang Ye walked out from the crowd as he said, "I feel very flattered that a Huashan Sect senior is challenging me. I would also like to see for myself what the Huashan Sect's martial arts are like!"

Fan Wen smiled and gestured with his hand, saying, "Little Bro Chen, as you please!"

Fan Wen walked toward the dueling area.

As Fan Wen's reputation was well-known, numerous people at the venue looked over. They were surprised that Fan Wen would actually spar with a junior. Hur hur, this Chen Zhen will surely have a hard time!

The non-affiliates were still trying to talk him out of it.

"Be careful!"

"Don't be rash, Bro Chen!"

"Be cautious! Be cautious around him!"

"Senior Fan is not easy to deal with!"

"Don't go!"

Zhang Ye waved them off and said righteously, "Everyone, please don't try to talk me out of this! I've already decided! Since the large sects want to use me as an example to warn others, I definitely can't avoid it today. It doesn't matter whether I advance or retreat. For the dignity of the small sects and us non-affiliates, what reason do I have to back away from this challenge? I have to fight even if I die!"

Everyone was moved. They knew that Bro Chen Zhen was going to accept the challenge for sure!

"Bro Chen's heroism will reach the clouds!"

"Bro Chen is a heroic man!"

"Think carefully!"

"It's not embarrassing even if you don't go!"

Fan Wen was ready.

The referee had already gone up into the ring.

Zhang Ye suddenly looked around at the non-affiliates and flapped his hands, saying, "Don't talk me out of this. Everyone, please don't do that…why are you all still trying to talk me out of it? Hai! Whatever, I'll just listen to your advice then!"

Saying that, Zhang Ye turned around and walked back to his seat.

Everyone present was dumbfounded by what they saw!

Liu Yiquan fainted!

He Badao fainted!

Fan Wen fainted!

Everyone from the large and small sects nearly faceplanted!

Fuck, you really aren't gonna fight?

We were just being fucking polite with you, alright!?