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Chapter 930: Rao Aimin“s old flame?

Chapter 930: Rao Aimin's old flame?

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At the Martial Arts Conference's venue.

Everyone present at the ring was stunned!

This martial arts conference was clearly organized as an effort by the large sects to denounce Rao Aimin. It was clearly an assault of several hundred people against her. It was clearly a situation in which the outcome was fixed after the two grandmasters joined hands for the battle. To say nothing of Rao Aimin, even the Eight Trigrams School's disciples would find it difficult to return home safely. It didn't matter who stepped up; it was useless. With Zhou Tianpeng teaming up with Chen Xi, they had the greatest combat strength that the Chinese martial arts world could muster. But no one had expected that at such a critical moment, someone would actually side with the Eight Trigrams School and go up into the ring despite the large sects' hostility!

What did you say?

The two of you would be enough?

Has this person gone crazy?

You're gonna team up with Rao Aimin to take part in a deathmatch against the two grandmasters?!

Liu Yiquan became anxious. "Bro Chen! Stop fooling around!"

"Come back!" Liu Yizhang shouted too.

Yan Hui was getting anxious. "Aiyo! What is going on here? What the hell is going on here?"

He Badao shouted, "Damn, why the fuck did you go up into the ring? Are you drunk, Bro Chen Zhen?! Don't spout such nonsense, c-come down quickly! Quickly! This isn't something that non-affiliates like us can be involved in! The opponents are two martial arts grandmasters. Wh-What are you going up there for!"

Many of the non-affiliates and people from the small sects outside the ring were on rather good terms with Zhang Ye. After last night's fight against the large sects, they had forged a good friendship, so when they saw this occur, they started panicking as well!

"Holy shit!"

"Chen Zhen, get back down here!"

"Don't try to play the hero! This isn't the time for that!"

"It's useless no matter who goes!"

"This is a deathmatch we're talking about!"

"Are you throwing your life away, Bro Chen Zhen?"

The people from the large sects were angered by this. Some of the Eight Trigrams School's disciples present today were quite skilled at kung fu. For example, the fifth disciple, Song Jiao, the sixth disciple, Xu Fan, and even Zhao Yunlong's kung fu were acceptable. But even they did not go up as they knew they would drag her down if they did. But why did you not know that?

"What is that person trying to do?"

"Isn't he Chen Zhen?"

"It's him! It's that shameless guy!"

"Fuck, why did he go up into the ring?"

"Yeah, when Senior Fan and the Huashan Sect's senior brother challenged him just now, he wasn't even their match since he was too afraid to accept their challenge. So why is he going up there now? Two vee two? You were too afraid to even accept a Huashan disciple's challenge. How the fuck can you fight with grandmasters? Will you die if you don't show off?!"

"You're really a fearless one!"

"Isn't he insulting everyone here by doing that?!"

"Chen! You're gonna die!"

"Get the fuck down!"

"Right, get the fuck down!"

"As a nobody, why are you causing trouble!"

"Amitābha, Little Almsgiver, retreat!"

Many people from the large sects spoke out, wanting to stop this farce!

The Huashan Sect's Fan Wen shouted, "This isn't a match that you can be involved with! Get down!"

A nobody interfered with the deathmatch involving three grandmasters, and he even wanted to participate in the match? This was an insult to many of the large sects' members. If someone qualified had to enter the ring to fight, it should not be him! With his mediocre kung fu, he could not handle an attack from any one of the participants in the ring! In this crucial deathmatch that is about to take place, are you trying to be the fly in the ointment? Take a look at yourself. Do you even think that you can take on grandmasters?

Chen Xi looked at Zhang Ye.

Zhou Tianpeng also stared at him. "Who are you?"

The two grandmasters had such an authoritative gaze that most normal martial artists would not be able to handle looking at them. But Zhang Ye was oblivious to it and nonchalantly uttered, "What does it concern you?"


"How can you talk to my master in that manner?!"

The Zhou Family Style School was infuriated!

Zhang Ye laughed. "I've said what I've said. What can you do about it?"

The Iron Palm's Master Sun stepped forward and shouted, "I've said it already. Whoever dares to help Old Crook Rao will be an enemy of our Iron Palm Sect and we will oppose him to the bitter end!"

Zhang Ye looked at him and asked, "Who do you think you are? Who does the Iron Palm Sect think they are?"

Master Sun was furious. "You're looking to die!"

The Eight Trigrams School's disciples were floored as they did not expect such a thing to happen. At this moment, the person who went up into the ring turned out to be that troublemaking non-affiliate from last night!

Xu Fan quickly said, "Chen Zhen, our Eight Trigrams School appreciates your kindness. But you are not their match and you won't help much even if you fight!"

Fifth Senior Sis Song Jiao said, "Please come down."

Zhao Yunlong said anxiously, "This isn't something that a non-affiliate can be involved in! Do you understand that?"

However, Lu Yuhu was stunned. Hearing the words that were spoken by "Chen Zhen," looking at the appearance of that "Chen Zhen" behind his sunglasses, the sense of familiarity strengthened and started surging within him!

In the ring.

When everyone thought that this person was just being ridiculously overconfident in himself, Rao Aimin's words shocked everyone present so much that their jaws almost dropped. Everyone who gave the matter some thought had believed Rao Aimin to be one of the fighters who would definitely not allow an unknown, weird non-affiliate to cause trouble like this, and would definitely have chased him off. With Old Crook Rao's bad temper and sharp tongue, she would probably have lectured him and not appreciated his kindness at all. However, everyone present was stunned when they heard Rao Aimin's response!

Rao Aimin glanced at "Chen Zhen" and asked, "What are you doing here?"

Rao Aimin recognized him at first glance. Ignoring the fact that Zhang Ye was wearing a pair of sunglasses, even if he were to cover his entire head with something, Rao Aimin would still recognize him from his voice. After all, they were quite familiar with each other and understood one another very well.

Zhang Ye snapped, "Why do you think I'm here?"

"Who asked you to come here? Get lost." Rao Aimin raised her chin.

Zhang Ye got angry. "Get lost, your sister. It was easy for you to leave without even saying a proper goodbye, and you didn't even bother to call back much over the past six months. Tell me, who have I offended?"

Rao Aimin replied, "I had important matters to handle. Didn't I already tell you that?"

"You said that you would be back in at most a month, but you, do you know what year it is already? Only you had important matters to handle? Like I don't have important business to attend to?" Zhang Ye became angrier the more he listened. "Do you think that I'm not busier than you? Do you think I don't have more on my plate?"

Rao Aimin scoffed and scorned, "You call 'fighting' with people every day important business?"

Zhang Ye said angrily, "You don't need to worry about who I 'fight' with. At least you can find me when you need me. But you? You actually disappeared for six straight months. Even better, your cell phone was turned off for the past two days. Tell me what you're trying to do. If there's a problem, you can just tell me. If not for my wit, I wouldn't have even known where you'd gone. Let me tell you this, Old Rao! Only I could have found you. If it were anyone else, it would have been impossible to find you!"

The two of them started arguing noisily in front of numerous members of the Chinese martial arts world as though no one else were around!

Liu Yiquan was shocked!

Li Quanneng was shocked!

Yan Hui was shocked!

Chen Xi was shocked!

Zhou Tianpeng was shocked!

The disciples of the Huashan Sect were shocked!

The Zhou Family Style School was shocked!

The people from the large sects were shocked!

The small sects and non-affiliates were shocked!

The Eight Trigrams School's disciples also wore expressions of shock!

What was the meaning of this?

This man…actually knew Rao Aimin!?

And from their tones, why did it sound like two exes talking?