Wuxiaworld > I am Really a Superstar > Chapter 931: Are 2,000 Taiji Fist Skill Experience Books enough?

Chapter 931: Are 2,000 Taiji Fist Skill Experience Books enough?

Chapter 931: Are 2,000 Taiji Fist Skill Experience Books enough?

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The atmosphere at the venue was exceptionally odd!

Everyone looked at one another blankly, shocked into confusion. The happenings in the ring were totally different from what they had expected. Even the "punctuations" appearing over their heads were different! Especially those unceremonious salutations that had came out of "Chen Zhen's" mouth, those dumbfounded many of them!

Old Rao?

But you?

Get lost, your sister?

Although many of the large sects' people present had responded to the call of the two grandmasters to denounce Rao Aimin, they at most dared to scold her as "Treacherous Rao." Being labeled "treacherous" these days might not even be considered as being scolded anymore, especially in the era of the "motherfucker," which was easily heard anywhere on the Internet. It could not get any more elegant to be called "treacherous" in this case. After all, she was a grandmaster, and even a highly notorious grandmaster at that. She was a hooligan who'd spent half a year doing nothing but going around the country to bring down the Zhou Family Style's training halls and schools. Even if they had fallen out with her, they did not dare act rashly, especially when this person was Rao Aimin. That was why, at this moment, many of the large sect members were greatly surprised and shocked by those words of that "Non-affiliate Chen Zhen"!

You're calling her Old Rao?

And even saying "but you"? Your sister?

Fuck, that was audacious!

That was really too goddamn audacious!

The Huashan Sect's Fan Wen looked astounded!

The Iron Palm's Master Sun was also staring with astonishment!

Even those large sect people who were very experienced and had seen it all could only react in that way, not to mention those from the small sects and the non-affiliates outside the ring. When they heard those words, they nearly knelt from the shock!

Liu Yiquan almost fainted. "That's a grandmaster he's talking to!"

"Why is Bro Chen Zhen speaking to her in that manner?" Li Quanneng asked in shock.

"Could it be that he knows Senior Rao?" He Badao suggested in disbelief.

"That's impossible!" Liu Yizhang said.

Yan Hui held Chenchen's hand as he stared and flapped, "Th-This makes absolutely no sense!"

The others were also in shock!

"Isn't he a non-affiliate like us?"

"Why did Bro Chen start scolding her the moment he went up! He even has the courage to scold a grandmaster?"


"Just who on earth is this 'Chen Zhen'?"

In the ring.

Zhang Ye and Rao Aimin were not bothered by the spectators and kept bickering with each other.

Rao Aimin said, "Get lost already. This is none of your business!"

Zhang Ye replied, "It's my business now!"

Rao Aimin said, "With those skills of yours, this is not a place for you to mess around!"

Zhang Ye scoffed, "Ha, don't you dare look down on my skills. Do you think you can defeat two grandmasters just by yourself? Someone has to help you hold off one of them no matter what. If your junior brothers and sisters can't help you, then let me do it!"

Rao Aimin did not outright refuse his offer, but just looked at him. "Are you sure you can do this?"

Zhang Ye declared, "Even if I can’t, I must still do it!"

"But this is a deathmatch!" Rao Aimin maintained.

Zhang Ye said, "I know."

Rao Aimin asked, "How are you going to fight then?"

Zhang Ye snorted. "You don't have to worry about that. I naturally have my ways!"

Rao Aimin narrowed her eyes and looked at him again. "Let me ask you again: Are you sure you can do this?"

Zhang Ye boasted, "I can as long as you don't drag me down!"

Rao Aimin stated, "It's not of my fault if you die."

Zhang Ye laughed and said, "Just watch yourself."

Zhang Ye understood Rao Aimin and Rao Aimin understood him. As the two of them were very familiar with each other, just by exchanging glances, they knew exactly what the other was thinking.

The Eight Trigrams School section.

Song Jiao said incredulously, "There's actually someone in this world who dares to speak to Eldest Senior Sis in that way? This is…"

Xu Fan was also stunned. "Why didn't Eldest Senior Sis get angry?"

Zhao Yunlong also expressed his exasperation. "What the fuck!"

The Eight Trigrams School's disciples knew Rao Aimin very well. Some of them even grew up under her care since childhood. They understood their Eldest Senior Sister's bad temper and sharp tongue better than anyone else. As a result, this incident perplexed them greatly! No one dared to speak to Rao Aimin in such a manner!

Chen Xi was bewildered as he stared at Zhang Ye.

Zhou Tianpeng also frowned.

At this moment, everyone present had only one important question in mind. They wanted to ask: Who on earth is this "Non-affiliate Chen Zhen"?

Suddenly, Yan Hui was caught by surprise and Chenchen slipped from his grasp. He hurriedly chased after her. "Hey! Where are you running off to?!"

Chenchen ran out from the crowd and headed straight in the direction of the Eight Trigrams School. She called out some of their names as she ran over. "Old Song, Old Xu, Old Zhao, Old Lu."

The disciples of the Eight Trigrams Palm were dumbstruck!



"Young ancestor, what are you doing here?"

"It's Chenchen!"

"It's really her!"

The Eight Trigrams School's disciples immediately rushed forward and brought Chenchen into their fold!

Song Jiao rebuked, "How did you come here by yourself? It's too dangerous here!"

Chenchen pointed to the ring. "I came here with him."

Xu Fan said startled, "You came here with him?"

Zhao Yunlong could not understand, so he asked, "Why are you together with 'Chen Zhen'? Weren't you in Beijing?"

Now, if Lu Yuhu was still unable to recognize who "Chen Zhen" was, then he really would be an idiot. Lu Yuhu gave a wry smile. "That person…is not even called Chen Zhen!"



"Who on earth is he?"

"Little Junior Bro, do you know him?"

"What's his background?"

The several of them fired questions at him.

Lu Yuhu wiped the sweat off his forehead and said, "It's not only me who knows him. I think all of you should know him as well!"

Song Jiao asked in surprise, "We know him too?"

Xu Fan said immediately, "How can that be!"

Zhao Yunlong said, "Is there such a person in our martial arts world? I don't have any memory of him!"

Another Eight Trigrams Palm disciple asked, "Don't tell me he's some great person of our martial arts world?"

"It's not wrong to say that he's a great person, but he isn't a great person from our martial arts world!" As there were outsiders around them, Lu Yuhu did not explicitly say his name. "But it shouldn't be! The man I know never learned any Chinese martial arts! He's someone who should be completely unrelated to our group of martial artists! So what is he doing here!?"

Yan Hui was taken aback by that. He suddenly recalled something after he overheard their conversation. He then immediately turned around and stared in disbelief at "Chen Zhen" in the ring. He finally recognized him as well!


It's him!

I've been wondering who this goddamn familiar-looking man was!

After finding out his identity, Yan Hui was even more shocked. Why were there always traces of him at every place? When he thought of this person leading the non-affiliates to cause trouble last night and the conflict that took place before the National Martial Arts Conference was convened, Yan Hui could only feel thousand strings of "fuck" flashing before his eyes!

Liu Yiquan, Liu Yizhang, and the others who were a distance away were baffled!

"Why did Chen Zhen's kid run over there?"

"The people from the Eight Trigrams School also know that kid?"

"Ah? Chen Zhen and Rao Aimin actually know each other!"

"What's their relationship?"

"I recognize her. She's the orphaned daughter of Rao Aimin's deceased little sister and brother-in-law!"

"What did you say?"

"That's their kid?"

"That kid from back then has already grown up this much?"


Everyone from the Chinese martial arts world burst into an uproar!

There was too much information. Everyone was getting more and more confused about the identity of "Chen Zhen." Why was he taking care of the daughter of Rao Aimin's little sister? Why could Rao Aimin put the child in his care with such confidence? This was not as simple as just knowing each other!

Zhou Tianpeng gazed at Little Chenchen for a long time.

Chen Xi looked at Rao Aimin and Zhang Ye. "Have you two decided yet?"

Zhang Ye answered, "Yes, it shall be a two-on-two match!"

Chen Xi asked, "This was supposed to be a three vee three match. Are you sure you won't need a third person?"

"That's not necessary!" Zhang Ye said.

Rao Aimin did not say anything, but her attitude showed her acquiescence.

Her attitude once again shocked everyone. What was the meaning of this? Was Rao Aimin really going to join forces with "Chen Zhen" to deal with Grandmaster Chen Xi and Grandmaster Zhou Tianpeng? She didn't reject him? She wasn't afraid that he would drag her down?

Chen Xi did not expect this either!

Zhou Tianpeng said, "Then let's sign the agreement!"

At once, a disciple of the Zhou Family Style handed up a copy of the "legal documentation" for the deathmatch from below the ring, so it was obvious that this document was prepared beforehand. He said, "With the signing, each participant will be responsible for their respective lives!"

Zhou Tianpeng picked up the brush and wrote his name.

Chen Xi picked up the brush after him and wrote his name with a few strokes.

As they were martial artists who communicated mainly through their fists, even though there were those who enjoyed calligraphy, it was clear that these two were not among that group. The pennings of their names were each more ugly than the other.

Zhang Ye glanced at the names in derision. When he picked up the brush, his entire aura changed. With a few lively and vigorous strokes, he wrote his name as well.

He was open and aboveboard with this!

It was signed: Chen Zhen!

Rao Aimin also signed her name and glanced at the name written by Zhang Ye. She said nothing.

Zhang Ye's calligraphy was so beautiful that it could not be described by just that word alone. The two characters were like a work of art. Within the lively and vigorous strokes, there was no lack of strength and the ending stroke surged with a sense of carefreeness. This calligraphy had once again stunned the people present at the venue.

Comparing Zhang Ye's signature to theirs, Chen Xi and Zhou Tianpeng both looked somewhat disconcerted.

The other martial artists were also a little lost for words. For a hooligan who had used a brick to make sneak attacks on other people last night, a nasty fellow who incited a fight for no good reason, damn, could his words be penned any more beautifully than this?! There was probably no one in the entire Chinese martial arts world who had better calligraphy than him, was there!?

They completed the signing of the deathmatch agreement!

The atmosphere immediately turned tense!

A person from the National Martial Arts Association announced, "The deathmatch shall begin in 10 minutes! Please get ready!"

Chen Xi sat down in the ring and closed his eyes.

Zhou Tianpeng took a deep breath. He did not sit down, but stood there to let himself calm down gradually. His rate of breathing was also getting slower, only taking breaths once every ten seconds.

Rao Aimin did the same.

Every martial artist had their own set of qi flow techniques. Before the deathmatch today, they absolutely needed to adjust their mental state and physical fitness to the optimum level.

Only Zhang Ye was different. This fellow did not bother with adjusting his fitness at all, because he had something else to do. When Rao Aimin asked if he was up to the task, Zhang Ye actually knew that he was definitely not up to it. At least in his present condition, he was certainly no match for the grandmasters. Although his physical fitness was enhanced respectively by each of the 1,000 Stats Category Fruits he had eaten, the grandmasters had a lifetime of training in martial arts as a foundation. They had the peak combat strength within the Chinese martial arts world. Even if they lacked some aspects such as Zhang Ye's agility, they wouldn't be inferior by much. In addition, the grandmasters practiced an internal style of martial arts. Therefore, other than the physical aspects, almost all of their power came from the "inside." And there was also the incomprehensible domain and attacks involving concealed power that Zhang Ye was a total amateur at. Even if he wanted to depend on brute strength to fight against them, he still knew that it was impossible to beat them no matter how confident he was!

But Zhang Ye did not hesitate in getting into the ring and signing the deathmatch agreement!

Because he was enraged!

Because he knew that he still had the Taiji Fist to depend on!

If 100 books were not enough?

Then would 500 books be enough?

If 500 books were not enough?

Then would 1,000 books be enough?

If 1,000 books were not enough either?

Then fuck your mother!

Surely 2,000 books would be enough!