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Chapter 933: Zhang Ye“s concealed power!

Chapter 933: Zhang Ye's concealed power!

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The Zhou Family was panicking!

"Grandmaster Chen!"

"Grandmaster Chen, what are you waiting for!"

"Finish off that Treacherous Rao together!"

"Attack her together!"

"At this time, you can't mind your honor!"

"If Rao Aimin is allowed to continue acting that arrogant, our entire martial arts world is done for!"

Rao Aimin remained calm and dealt another palm strike at Zhou Tianpeng. With that strike, Rao Aimin remained rooted in her spot, while Zhou Tianpeng stumbled back!

The difference between them was obvious!

Rao Aimin glanced at him. "That all you got?"

In the entire Chinese martial arts world, perhaps only Rao Aimin was qualified to speak so contemptuously to a grandmaster!

Zhou Tianpeng's face darkened as he was forced to turn to his last resort. "Old Chen, back me up!"

Even though Zhou Tianpeng had not yet given all his effort, he knew that Rao Aimin was holding back as well! Both of them were waiting to deliver their fatal blow to the other!

Chen Xi, not too far away, sighed shallowly. He looked at Rao Aimin and said, "I'm sorry then! Watch out!" He knew that he had no choice but to attack!

The Eight Trigrams School's disciples suddenly looked horrified!

Lu Yuhu cried out, "Eldest Senior Sis, be careful!"

Zhao Yunlong said enraged, "Old Crook Chen is coming for you!"

Song Jiao yelled, "Eldest Senior Sis, be careful!"

They were haunted by fear! If their Eldest Senior Sister took Old Crook Zhou alone, the chance of victory was enormous. But if Chen Xi joined the battle, then their Eldest Senior Sister would be in danger!

The situation was suddenly reversed!

The atmosphere became strained!

The next moment, the Huashan Sect's leader, Chen Xi, made his move. Darting forward, Chen Xi advanced three meters from his original spot. He was heading straight for Rao Aimin and Zhou Tianpeng!

The Huashan Sect's disciples said excitedly:

"Come on, Master!"

"Our sect leader will definitely win this!"

"Everyone has a responsibility to exterminate Treacherous Rao!"

Chen Xi closed in on Rao Aimin. With a yell, he showed an original stance of the Huashan Sect that had never been passed down to anyone outside of the school!

In everyone's anxious gaze, there were only Chen Xi, Zhou Tianpeng, and Rao Aimin in the ring. In the moment, even Chen Xi and Zhou Tianpeng had forgotten that this was a two-on-two match and there was still another person in the ring with them!

Zhang Ye made his move. He lightly took three paces at a speed that was not fast, but had already drifted to Rao Aimin's side. He slowly got into an opening stance that no one could recognize. At this moment, Zhang Ye's bearing looked completely different from before!

The crowd was stunned.

Fan Wen said, "Chen Zhen?"

Master Sun said, "It's him!"

Liu Yiquan hollered, "Bro Chen, don't go!"

Lu Yuhu said, "Y-You can't block that!"

Song Jiao exclaimed, "Quick, dodge that attack!"

Chen Xi was stunned and changed the direction of his attack. He headed straight for Zhang Ye and drove his palm strike toward him. This palm strike was meant for Rao Aimin and had a great deal of force. The attack was extremely ruthless. Even after redirecting it at "Chen Zhen," he did not hold back. He was already committed to the attack, so even if he wanted to stop, it was impossible to do so!

You're gonna get yourself killed!

This is what you get!

Chen Xi's gaze turned ruthless as he found a clear purpose. Finish off Chen Zhen first, then join Zhou Tianpeng to deal with Rao Aimin!

However, Chen Xi and everyone else did not expect "Chen Zhen" to still look so calm at this moment; there was no change in his appearance at all. He did not dodge, instead raising his hands in a seemingly slow manner, although it was actually a very fast motion!

Zhang Ye raised his hands and flicked his wrists, forming a strange rhythm that alternated between fast and slow. He warded off Chen Xi's palm strike with his wrist. For a second, it seemed like they froze there. Right afterwards, Zhang Ye pivoted. Swinging his wrist downward, his opponent's strength was coolly negated with the move. That swinging of the wrist had somehow diverted all of his opponent's momentum into thin air!

The palm strike was stopped!

Chen Xi was also stopped!

It wasn't like Chen Xi wanted to stop where he was. During the attack of his palm strike, he was in a constant state of motion. Just like a runner could not come to a halt all of a sudden, he required a buffer and time to come to a complete stop! But the scene that played out before Chen Xi's eyes had surprised him. He had been stopped just like that even though he was moving very quickly before that. All of his strength was suddenly reduced to nothing as he lost all of his momentum, leaving him standing there!

It was a very strange sight to behold!

So strange that it felt unbelievable!

Zhou Tianpeng was stunned!

Rao Aimin's eyebrows arched.

Nobody in the crowd could react, all staring up at the ring with surprise!

"What's the matter?"

"Grandmaster Chen, what's the matter?"

"Why did you stop?"

"Wha-What just happened here?"

"Who can tell me what just happened?"

"Could it be that Grandmaster Chen was holding back? He was worried that he would strike him dead with just a single palm strike?"

"Master! Don't hold back!"

No one could understand what they were seeing. They could only convince themselves that Chen Xi had held back, afraid that his attack would be too heavy on his opponent, so had decreased the strength behind his palm strike to minimize any damage!

However, only Chen Xi, Zhou Tianpeng, and a small few Chinese martial arts experts present today could see clearly. Although they did not know what had happened, they knew that this was not a matter of Chen Xi holding back his strength!

This was not good!

This "Chen Zhen" was definitely not just some non-affiliate!

The face of Fan Wen, part of the Huashan Sect, grew cold with fear. "Senior Bro, be careful!"

When Fan Wen shouted that, many of the people from the large and small sects were stunned!

Be careful?

Be careful of what?

Why would Grandmaster Chen have to be careful?

But as it turned out, the next second, everyone understood exactly why Fan Wen had shouted those words of caution!

Zhang Ye followed up with a move which was different from before. This time, he actively sought to attack with a very odd-looking set of moves. His palm struck out not in a straight line, but rather moved along an imaginary arc in midair. This palm strike started off slow but gathered speed while moving along the curved trajectory and pushed toward Chen Xi!

It wasn't a cross!

It wasn't a vertical chop!

It was just a simple push!

Logically, such a move would not have much offensive strength. Chen Xi blocked it with his own palm, which was imbued with some concealed power as he thought that he could use it to curb the enemy in one move. This was a move that was used to bully another since in most situations, a grandmaster would never apply concealed power when they came up against another internal martial arts expert who hadn't achieved concealed power. With the concealed power applied, there was no way that a person who didn't have it could block it. The fight would not go on any further than this! Meanwhile, Rao Aimin and Zhou Tianpeng were having an increasingly fierce battle. Zhou Tianpeng was already showing signs of defeat, so Chen Xi was anxious to aid him. As a result, he acted unreasonably by dealing an attack laced with concealed power!

Rao Aimin's saw this in her peripheral vision. "Dodge!"

Song Jiao shouted, "It's concealed power!"

Lu Yuhu cried out, "Shameless!"

Zhao Yunlong cursed, "Old Crook Chen, how shameful you are!"

The brothers, Liu Yiquan and Liu Yizhang, exclaimed, "Bro Chen, dodge that!"

But Zhang Ye did not dodge, or rather, there was no time to do so. An unknown force made him push his hand out, carrying an unbroken and ceaseless strength along with it. All of this was done instinctively. Zhang Ye did not really have full control of it!


The two palms collided in midair!

Zhang Ye felt an enormous force explode out from his palms, then the corners of his mouth twitched and his entire person trembled as he stumbled back three steps!

Looking at Chen Xi across from him, Chen Xi was also destabilized as he took a large step backward. His flow of qi was disrupted and his palm was covered with sweat!

Chen Xi was stunned!

Zhou Tianpeng and Rao Aimin, in the midst of battle, were also stunned!

The several hundred martial sects' disciples of the Chinese martial arts world were stunned as well!

In a single exchange where they pitted their palm strikes against each other, Zhang Ye and Chen Xi were both injured!

Fan Wen gasped!

The Kunlun Sect leader's heart skipped a beat!

Song Jiao exclaimed in shock, "Concealed power!"

Xu Fan said ecstatically, "That's concealed power!"

Lu Yuhu simply could not believe his eyes. His jaw dropped! How did he know how to use concealed power? How could he have possibly trained to such a level that he could use concealed power!?



"Who is he?"

"Fuck! Who the heck is he!?"

He Badao was utterly shocked!

The people of the large and small sects, as well as the non-affiliates, were all stunned too!

This was far too shocking. A non-affiliate whose origins were unknown actually pitted his skill against a Chinese martial arts grandmaster and did not lose. Further, both sides could even use concealed power!

This was too fucking scary!

Which crevice did this amazing "Chen Zhen" jump out from?!