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Chapter 934: How do you know Taiji Fist!?

Chapter 934: How do you know Taiji Fist!?

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The entire venue was in shock!

A lot of people were so shocked that they could not even say a thing. They were having trouble accepting all that was playing out in front of them!

Even the currently fighting Rao Aimin said in disbelief, "What the fuck, how did a rascal like you learn to use concealed power? Are you on steroids or something?"

Zhang Ye shrugged. "There are a lot of things you don't know about me."

Rao Aimin threw a palm strike at Zhou Tianpeng, then said, "Then I won't be worrying about you anymore. I'll leave that old Chen fogey to you!"

"Wasn't that what we agreed on from the start?" Zhang Ye watched Chen Xi closely, but did not make any moves. "You take one, and I take one! That's what a two-vee-two is!"

Those people who had encountered Zhang Ye and exchanged blows with him during last night's mass brawl were all breaking out into cold sweat now. They thought to themselves just how lucky it was that this guy had only used a brick to smash them yesterday. If he had used his attacks like he was today and attacked their heads, they probably would not be sitting here today!

The Huashan Sect's Fan Wen wore a solemn expression!

The Huashan Sect senior bro who had tried to incite Zhang Ye to a duel earlier was now so embarrassed that he did not dare utter a word. In fact, he was very frightened by the turn of events and cursed in his mind with a lingering sense of fear. Fuck, if you could already use concealed power, why did you still bother to argue back and forth with us while standing together with those non-affiliates! Like any one of us below grandmaster level were a match for you? But you? You even scolded and hassled us? How could you be so devious!

And that Swimming Body Eight Trigrams Brick?

Eight Trigrams Brick, your sister! Fuck!


A lean non-affiliate looked at Liu Yiquan and the others, dumbfounded. "That guy traveled here with your group, right?"

Liu Yiquan wiped at his sweat. "Yes."

A female non-affiliate asked them woodenly, "How did you guys get to know him?"

Liu Yizhang looked more aghast than anyone around him. "Me and my brother, plus Old He and Old Li, met him on the bus while we were traveling here. He had a kid with him and told us that he was also a member of the martial arts community. He said that he had lost his invite and asked if he could travel with us. He said his name was Chen Zhen and his master was someone named Huo Yuanjia? And there was also another master called Huang something?"

Li Quanneng had a better memory. "Huang Feihong."

"Right, that's the name," agreed He Badao while nodding.

One of the veteran non-affiliates said, "In our martial arts world, among the worthy experts, there is no one named Huang Feihong or Huo Yuanjia. Neither is there anyone called Chen Zhen! That must be a fake name! Him losing his invite must have been an excuse, since he probably did not even have one in the first place. He was never invited to this National Martial Arts Conference!"

Many of the non-affiliates did not seem too bothered by it. All of them could only think of one thing, the same thing: Oh my god! We actually traveled together with a Chinese martial arts expert? We actually fought fiercely alongside a martial arts expert who could rival a martial arts grandmaster, and took part in a massive brawl last night with him against our enemies? And even scolded alongside him?

In the ring.

Chen Xi looked imposing. "Who are you really?"

Zhang Ye laughed. "I am who I am."

Chen Xi said, "Then which martial school do you belong to?"

Zhang Ye smiled. "None of them."

Chen Xi asked, "What martial arts style do you practice?"

Zhang Ye said, "Guess."

In the other side of the ring, Zhou Tianpeng had lost a lot of strength, and it was getting more and more difficult for him to hold out. He was forced to shout, "Old Chen, get over here! I can't hang on for much longer!"

Rao Aimin rounded up the set of Eight Trigrams Palm's moves. She was one of the Chinese martial arts world's five grandmasters, and currently the most skilled disciple of the Eight Trigrams Palm. Even the leader of the Eight Trigrams School was slightly less skilled than Rao Aimin, as Rao Aimin had mastered all of the Eight Trigrams Palm's techniques to the pinnacle!

Chen Xi was getting impatient. "Step aside!"

"No way." Zhang Ye smiled.

Chen Xi said soberly, "You're not my equal."

Zhang Ye said, "You can't do anything to me anyway. And if I try my best, I might even be able to injure you some!" In his game ring's inventory, he still had the 1-Up item that he'd received a long time ago from the lottery draw. With two lives, he would naturally be more confident in such a situation!

Chen Xi said with a dark expression, "This is none of your business. Why would you want to make our entire martial arts world your enemy?"

Zhang Ye chuckled. "Do you and Zhou Tianpeng represent our entire martial arts world? And even if you do, who cares if I make you two my enemy? This bro has offended many people, so it's not like including our martial arts world amongst them would make any difference to me!"

Chen Xi was enraged. "You talk really big!"

Zhang Ye laughed, "Hur hur, that's because you do not know me."

That's right, Zhang Ye was not actually talking big!

In the audience, when Yan Hui and Lu Yuhu heard this, they didn't know whether to laugh or cry. At the venue today, perhaps only the two of them really knew that "Chen Zhen" was speaking the truth. He really did not care if he offended the Chinese martial arts world, as this fellow had already offended too many peers from too many different industries. His nickname of "shit stirrer" was definitely not for nothing! He was a professional shit stirrer with 20 years of experience! The only thing they probably did not expect was that he would come to stir shit in the Chinese martial arts world!

Chen Xi took a deep breath, then suddenly spat out, "Then let's give it a try!" He took a large stride forward and quickly got beside Zhang Ye, wanting to end the battle quickly. He could not drag it out any further!

As a grandmaster, his immediate attack was filled with concealed power!

Zhang Ye's eyes narrowed. He met the attack with his palm and pinned it at Chen Xi's wrist, twisting and squeezing.

Chen Xi's force in his palm was immediately reduced by a good half. With a low yell, his other hand turned towards Zhang Ye's face!

Zhang Ye ducked to dodge and managed to avoid the attack, but then saw Chen Xi changing his attack trajectory, shooting his palm down to smash against Zhang Ye's shoulder. Zhang Ye could not avoid this, and neither did he intend to avoid it. Under everyone's shocked gaze, he lowered his shoulder and went down on one knee, as though he were taking the palm strike on purpose. Surprisingly, he did not suffer any injuries. Then he straightened up and shrugged his shoulder up and returned the attack with an abrupt force!

Chen Xi's concealed power laced palm strike was unexpectedly bounced back by the shoulder's motion and came back to bite him instead!

Just what was this martial art style?

Why did it feel so familiar?

Chen Xi was shocked and was not having a pleasant fight at all!

In the audience, a veteran master fighter from the National Martial Arts Association suddenly said, "That looks familiar! Why does that martial arts technique look so familiar?" Yet he could not pinpoint what it was!

What could it be?

Just what could this martial arts technique be?

A lot of people were thinking!

Meanwhile, Zhang Ye and Chen Xi continued their match against each other in the ring!

Chen Xi was superbly displaying the Huashan Sect's martial arts. Sinister and ruthless moves were the characteristics of their martial sect. It was a very difficult martial arts style to face!

However, Zhang Ye's coping of it astonished the spectators further and further!

Zhang Ye did not make many moves, but every move he did make skillfully deflected all of the incoming attacks!









Negating the force! Transforming the force! Applying the force!

Placed in a situation where his skills were inferior to his opponent, he still managed to fight on equal footing with Chen Xi!

Lu Yuhu was excitedly cheering, "Amazing! So cool!"

Zhao Yunlong rejoiced. "Great fighting!"

Song Jiao shouted excitedly, "Beautiful! Very beautiful!"

Xu Fan was amazed. "Great kung fu!"

A female disciple of the Eight Trigrams Palm was in disbelief even now. "Damn! That guy is actually a match for a grandmaster! Wh-What is this kung fu!"

It was obvious to everyone that Chen Xi's martial arts were better than "Chen Zhen's," but "Chen Zhen's" martial arts were just too strange and unconventional. It was a totally different type of martial arts that did not follow any known form within the Chinese martial arts world, yet everyone knew that it was not randomly executed by the fighter. This was absolutely a complete style of Chinese martial arts, from its defense to its attacks!

The Huashan Sect disciples were both astonished and angered!


"Come on!"

"The Huashan Sect will definitely emerge victorious!"

"Master shall emerge victorious!"

Ten exchanges had gone by!

Zhang Ye could not do anything to Chen Xi!

But neither could Chen Xi do anything to him for the moment!

Chen Xi was growing frustrated the more he fought. If it were his skills that were not a match for the opponent, there was nothing he could do. But the issue was that his skills were better than the opponent's, yet he couldn't do anything to him. This feeling was much too unbearable. He understood that the opponent's martial arts style had an upper hand because he had never seen nor come across it before, so he did not understand the basis of the moves. This was his reason for getting so frustrated. He felt like he couldn't summon any strength at all. There were even a few times the opponent had negated all the force behind his attacks!

Zhou Tianpeng was still shouting, "Old Chen!" He was losing ground in his fight!

Chen Xi was frantic.


Why did this martial arts style feel so familiar when he had clearly never encountered it before?

He could not understand! He could not understand no matter how he thought about it!

Everyone in the crowd was gawking!

"Why did it turn out like this?"


"My goodness, what martial arts style is that?"

"How can there be such an awesome martial arts style?"

"He clearly did not exert any strength, so how did he negate his opponent's force?"

"How did he manage to block that move?"

"Eh, how did he bounce that attack back? Grandmaster Chen has not managed to land a single hit yet!"

"This is too weird!"

"Which sect's kung fu is that?"

Suddenly, an extremely experienced and old martial arts master in the audience exclaimed, "I realize now! I've figured it out!" Then he looked astounded!

All of a sudden, the Kunlun Sect leader in the audience was also stunned. "How can it be! How is that possible!?" He had also realized what it was and wore a shocked expression!

"Which school's kung fu is it?"

"Yes! It's definitely that!"

"That is what we call a force of four taels yielding a thousand catties!"

"A balance of yin and yang, hardness coupled with softness. It's definitely that! It has to be!"

Quite a number of the large sects' leaders or elders had recognized it by now and were also dumbfounded when they realized!

But most of the others still did not understand!


"What is it?"

"What kung fu is that?"

"Why is everyone reacting like that?"

Liu Yiquan, He Badao, and the other non-affiliates could not understand!

The Eight Trigrams School's disciples were also confused. What major events had they not witnessed before in the many years of their lives? Why were all of these veteran martial arts masters looking so horrified? What sort of kung fu made you react in such a way? What sort of kung fu has astonished you so much?

Finally, the answer was revealed!

As the saying went, those closely involved cannot see as clearly as those not. Chen Xi heard the shouting from outside the ring and something clicked in his head. He finally understood too. His expression changed greatly and he suddenly stopped attacking. He took a few steps back in extreme dread and gazed at Zhang Ye like he had seen a ghost. He stared at the stance that Zhang Ye was in and bellowed, "H-How do you know Taiji Fist!?"