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Chapter 1188: Starting a gang fight (First Half)

Chapter 1188: Starting a gang fight (First Half)

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Throughout the night.

It got rather boisterous at Dong Shanshan's villa.

"Da Hui, have a taste of my kick!"

"Damn, enough of that crap already. We have to start rehearsing the song!"

"You deserve it for disappearing for so long!"

"Haha, Old Zhou. You're talking like you didn't disappear off to somewhere yourself!"

"Hey, hey, hey, can you guys be a little more focused?"

"Rehearse the song properly or Boss Zhang will bug us later. His songs are all classics, so we better not spoil it on our watch. Otherwise, he'll definitely cry his heart out."

"I don't care whether he cries or not. He put his smelly socks under my pillow when we were still in uni. That son of a gun! I've yet to take revenge on him after our graduation! Even though that guy's now an A-list celebrity, this bro isn't afraid of him. I'll expose this incident to the media later and shame him in public!"

"Don't, bro! I'm a teacher now and that wouldn't look good on me, man!"


"Keep it down. The neighbors have already complained to me three times."

There were sounds of them fooling around, playing instruments and rehearsing their song.

With more than twenty of them gathered together, the entire villa was extremely noisy.

After fooling around and rehearsing for an entire night, everyone decided to stay over at Dong Shanshan's place. The girls took two of the bedrooms while the guys squeezed into another bedroom. Some of them even slept on the sofa or went into the guest bedroom to rest for the night. As they had some drinks earlier, they just laid down and fell asleep in the most disorganized of ways.

The next day.

It was the day of the commencement.

When everyone woke up, it was afternoon.

"Hey, wake up!"

"Look at the time! We better not delay today's important matters."

"We need to reach the gala venue before 6 PM."

"Are we going to practice more?"

"We've practiced quite a lot, so it shouldn't be a problem."

"Let's have something to eat before we leave for the Welcoming Ceremony."

Everyone got up and went to wash up. But as there were so many of them, they had to take turns and line up.

Dong Shanshan ordered takeouts for everyone while Yu Yingyi, Xiaoqian and the other girls tidied up the rooms.

Zhang Ye was the busiest of them all. This group of laypeople were free to mess around and do as they wish, but Zhang Ye could not do so. Adopting an attitude of rigorous teaching, he picked out a few of those who did not sing well last night and taught them how to do it properly. For example, he showed them how to control their breathing during certain parts of the song, and so on and so forth. When it came to work, he would never be sloppy.

Just when everyone got busy with their own parts, an unexpected call came in.

Curious, Xiaoqian took a call from an unknown person. "Hello? Who is it?"

Then she heard a girl crying on the other end of the line.

"Who's this?"


"Ah! You're…Hu Feifei!"

Hu Feifei?

Everyone was stunned.

They were very familiar with this name. She was a gorgeous girl who was also their old classmate. But Hu Feifei was a very proud person and rather materialistic as well. Although she did not have any conflicts with anyone, their relationship with her could not be considered close. At most, she got along slightly better with Xiaoqian as Xiaoqian was also the type of person who liked buying brand-name goods. However, it was later rumored that Xiaoqian and Hu Feifei had a quarrel that led to them falling out.

Flustered, Xiaoqian said: "Don't cry anymore, don't cry…Tell me, what on earth happened? We're all here….Yes, we are all over here. Let's talk about it when you get here!"

After hanging up, everyone started questioning her.

Zhang Ye asked, "What happened?"

Dong Shanshan said, "Did something happen to Hu Feifei?"

Xiaoqian quickly said, "I don't know either. I haven't talked to her much since our senior year. She just started crying over the phone, so I asked her to come over here straight away!"

Wang He analyzed, "She never liked being outdone by others. Back in our uni days, she worked part-time for two months just to buy a bag that cost several thousand yuan. She cared a lot about face and wouldn't cry in front of us over a trifling matter like she just did."

Yu Yingyi said, "That's not right. Hu Feifei met a rich boss even before she graduated from school. I heard that she was enjoying the good life, and there were even quite a few people who were extremely envious of her."

After about half an hour.

The doorbell rang. But when the door opened, everyone was stunned!

Zhang Ye said in a startled tone, "Hu Feifei?"

Xiaoqian's jaw dropped. "You…you…"

Their first impression of her was that she looked like an old auntie. She looked like she had aged a lot, and she did not even bother to dress up properly. To any outsiders, this woman looked around seven years older than the group of people in the house. But they could still recognize her. This was Hu Feifei, their old classmate!

Ma Xufei shouted, "How did you end up like this!"

Why did the class belle from back then become so haggard?

How many years had it been? How many years had it been since they graduated?

Back then, some people in the house who disliked Hu Feifei's character. But when they saw her in such a state, they did not say anything. There was no gloating. Instead, their hearts ached for her.

When Hu Feifei saw these familiar faces, she stood there in a trance. She looked at them one by one. "Liu Tie, He Kui, Shanshan, Zhang Ye…"

Dong Shanshan hurriedly said, "What happened, Feifei?"

Hu Feifei bit her lip as she shook her head. "It's nothing, it's nothing. It's just that I really missed you guys. I saw your music video yesterday when I went to the grocery store. Then, I started crying because I really missed all of you. Actually, I've wanted to contact everyone these past few years. I've really missed you guys so much. I'm really fine." Tears started falling from her eyes as she spoke.

Xiaoqian said anxiously, "Impossible! Something must've happened to you!"

Dong Shanshan pulled Hu Feifei in. "Come, let's talk in the house."

Dong Shanshan, Xiaoqian, and a few of the girls pulled Hu Feifei into a room and closed the door.

Wang He sighed. "I really can't believe this."

He Kui said, "Hu Feifei was such a beautiful and proud person in the past. How did she…"

Zhang Ye said with a sunken expression, "Let's see what Shanshan and the others can find out from her."

"There's definitely something more to this," Liu Tie said.

About ten minutes later, they heard Xiaoqian and Yu Yingyi's furious scolding from the room. Then the door opened. The girls walked out angrily!

Xiaoqian cursed, "Son of a bitch!"

Yu Yingyi raged, "What a bastard! How could he bully you like that!"

The guys asked, "What's the matter? Hurry up and tell us!"

Xiaoqian's heart ached as she hugged Hu Feifei. "Her husband's not even human. He's been hitting her every day." She grabbed the cuff of Hu Feifei's sleeve. "Look at this!"

Hu Feifei did not want her to show them. "No!"

But her sleeve got pulled up. Bruises covered her arms!

Xiaoqian said, "This was inflicted just an hour ago!"

Yu Yingyi clenched her teeth and said, "There's even more on her body! We saw them just now; she's totally covered in bruises. This is simply…" Her eyes reddened!

Zhang Ye's eyes turned cold!

Wang He clenched his fists. "Goddamn!"

Liu Tie said in a rage, "Fuck! Is he even human?"

Dong Shanshan told them about how Hu Feifei glamorously married a tycoon after their graduation. But alas, her happiness was short-lived. Her husband soon found another woman. As Hu Feifei was a very proud woman, how could she possibly accept that? So she argued with him. But in the end, she got beaten up by him. After it happened once, it continued without end for the next three years.

Xiaoqian cried as she hugged Hu Feifei. "How did you endure it all this time?"

Hu Feifei started crying.

Yu Yingyi asked, "Why didn't you come to us?"

Hu Feifei sobbed, "Back then, I looked down on everyone and my relationship with you guys was only so-so. Everyone knew that I was doing very well and even got married to a rich guy, so h-how was I supposed to bring it up!"

Da Hui said, "Does your family know about this?"

Hu Feifei said somewhat afraid, "I didn't dare tell anyone, I didn't dare tell anyone at all!" She looked at everyone as she cried. "I regret this, I regret this so much. Zhang Ye, Shanshan, Yingyi, Wang He, I've been watching your shows every day all these years. Ever since the first day that you guys debuted, I've been watching all of your shows. I'm so envious of you. Back then, if I had…if I had…"

Xiaoqian hugged her. "Don't say anymore, shhh."

Hu Feifei cried for a while before suddenly looking at her watch. "I have to go now. I told him that I went out to buy groceries. If he doesn't see me by the time he comes home, he'll…"

Wang He flew into a rage. "You still want to go back there?"

Zhang Ye said in a low and serious voice, "Where is he now?"

Hu Feifei said, "He's out drinking with his friends at the restaurant."

Dong Shanshan raised her head and looked at them. "Fellas, how should we handle this?"

Yu Yingyi also said, "Everyone, let's get to talking!"

Everyone kept exchanging glances.

Suddenly, Zhang Ye roared, "What's there to talk about! He's bullying her to such an extent! Is there still a fucking need to talk?"

Liu Tie shouted, "Fuck his ancestors!"

Wang He said, "Let's fight him!"

"Fuck him!"

"He's a blight on the earth!"

"I'll fucking destroy him today!"

"Brothers, let's go!"


The angry shouts were so loud that it was deafening!