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Chapter 1259: The father of plaza dancing?

Chapter 1259: The father of plaza dancing?
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The next day.

The show was broadcast.

Countless people were sitting in nervously at their televisions to catch the latest episode of I Am a Singer. When they learned that Zhang Ye was going to sing a love song, their reactions were exactly like how the live audience had reacted yesterday. They were all full of anticipation and surprise as they wanted to know just what kind of new love song Zhang Ye would come up with. And then—there were no more thens!

It crumbled!

It had once again crumbled!

The moment Zhang Ye opened his mouth, people across the country were stunned!

The expressions on people's faces were as excited as you would expect.

It lights your fire? Fire? Fire? Fire? Fire? Fire?

I'll fucking set your house aflame! Flame! Flame! Flame! Flame! Flame!

Teacher Zhang, that's enough! Do you believe that I won't set your house aflame!


"What a joker!"

"Aiyo, I give in! I really have to take my hat off to him!"

"Why does he still have more of those songs?

"'Small Apple'?"

"This must be the fucking sequel to 'The Hottest Ethnic Trend,' right?"

"I want to go and give him a good beating, what do you guys think?"

"Me too!"

"Motherfucker, let's go together!"

"Does he think that the aunties do not have enough songs to dance to?"

"This had better not become yet another plaza dance tune in the making!"

"Surely not, right? The plaza dance scene has already been overtaken by 'The Hottest Ethnic Trend.'"

"Hopefully so, but I have a bad feeling about it!"

"It's impossible that this song can go viral. Zhang Ye has lost his touch."

"Yeah, that's what I think too. 'The Hottest Ethnic Trend' only became that popular by a stroke of luck. It was pure fortune that drove its popularity. Another miracle like it isn't going to happen. Just look and you'll know. Zhang Ye's ranking on this episode of I Am a Singer was sixth place. He only managed a few more votes than the replacement singer, so it's quite possible that he'll be facing elimination soon. And with the reception of the song only being lukewarm, Zhang Ye has totally gotten it wrong this time."

"The key was that the rookie replacement singer did not do as well as he could have. He still isn't that popular yet. How else could such a terrible song like 'Small Apple' not be in last place!"

"Hahaha, I think it's a great song!"

"Yeah, it's really nice and catchy, but it's not suitable for a competition."

But some people were still extremely excited!

Like Zhang Ye's mother!

Like Chen Guang's mother!

Like Xiaodong's mother!

Like Zhang Yuanqi's mother!

The aunties were all astounded and felt like they had discovered a gem!

There were all kinds of analysis and reviews online. Some were critical, while others poked fun or laughed at it. The opinions were divided, but the general consensus from the majority of the people was that they did not feel optimistic about the chances of this song in the market.

But reality once again slapped everyone in the face!

On the very next day, the plaza dance moves for "Small Apple" were released!


In a certain neighborhood.

A couple was leaving the house in the morning to go to work. The moment they stepped out, they were shocked by the scene outside.

"You are my-a small-a, small apple!

"However much I love you, it'll never be too much!"

"No, that posture is wrong!"

"Follow me and repeat it!"

"One, two, three, four."

"Two, two, three, four."


"Listen to the beat!"

"Yes, wave your hand, place it down, then wave your hand again!"

"Everyone, let's do it together!"

"It lights my fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!"


In a certain town square.

On one side of it.

Deng, deng deng deng deng!

Deng deng deng deng deng deng deng deng!

On the other side was.

"Life may be short, but I'll love you forever—

"Stay! By! Your! Side!"

There were countless versions of the dance!

There was a Chenhua Neighborhood version!

There was a Shanghai version!

There was a Beijing Xicheng District version!

There was even a certain Shenzhen street version!

Every district's movements might differ slightly from each other, but the songs were the same. They were all playing "The Hottest Ethnic Trend" or "Small Apple." Further, the popularity of these two songs were practically on par with each other, with 50% of the plaza dancers dancing to either one of them!

Countless young men and women nearly broke down when they saw the sight before their eyes!

The media was dumbfounded!

The experts were stunned as well!

"Yet another viral song by Zhang Ye!"

"'Small Apple' stuns the people!"

"A new song for plaza dancing: 'Small Apple'!"

"'Small Apple' spreads across the country overnight!"

"If you didn't hear the song, 'Small Apple,' this morning when you opened your doors, you must definitely be living in the faraway suburbs. The cities have all been invaded by 'Small Apple'!"

"The suburbs have also been invaded this afternoon!"

"Yet another miracle!"

"The sudden rise of 'Small Apple'!"

"The 'Small Apple' craze! All the aunties go crazy!"

"China has entered the era of plaza dancing!"

"Plaza dancing to become a norm in the future!"

"Leaders of the local governments have expressed plans to support and promote a fitness dance for the elderly!"

"How did 'Small Apple' manage to go viral?"

"Mother of Heavenly Queen Zhang Yuanqi publicly declares: 'I like Zhang Ye's songs very much!'"

"An expert with the Center of Gerontology and Geriatrics expresses: Thank you, Zhang Ye, for contributing to the leisure activities of senior citizens!"

There was news all around!

It sent shockwaves all over the country!

A lot of people thought "The Hottest Ethnic Trend" had already spread out of control and that no other song would be able to surpass it, nor would such a miracle be replicated. But to their surprise, Zhang Ye, the bastard, had actually brought it to the next level. He had come up with a song that could match "The Hottest Ethnic Trend" in terms of its viralness—"Small Apple"! If the folk song before this could not prove anything, then with the appearance of "Small Apple," it was enough to officially declare this: China had truly entered the era of plaza dancing! No one could stop it!

But the person who started it remained very calm.

"The Hottest Ethnic Trend" had already gone viral!

So would it still be long before "Small Apple" caught up to it?

These two songs were considered the number one heroic couple of plaza dancing back in his previous world!

The only opponent of "The Hottest Ethnic Trend" was "Small Apple"!

"Small Apple" had only one opponent, which was also "The Hottest Ethnic Trend"!

Other than that, they had practically no rivals at all!

Zhang Ye, though, was at his wits' end. In the end, plaza dancing was still gloriously brought to life by this bro. Perhaps this was what you would call fate? I'm really not to blame for this. Everything was destined and this was a product of the societal development in this world. This bro was only acting as a catalyst for it.

On the same night.

Zhang Ye's name was actually brought up on Central TV's News Simulcast!

Ever since Zhang Ye got involved in a lawsuit with Central TV Department 1, Central TV no longer made any references to Zhang Ye's news. There was practically no mention of him on News Simulcast, and they would remain silent even if he made any major news. But today, News Simulcast was reporting about the topic of plaza dancing and the male and female news anchors actually read Zhang Ye's name aloud in front of the entire country's viewers. This was clearly a big change from before. Central TV had recently gone through a leadership change, and it seemed like the effects were widespread. Just this incident today was enough to see that. It looked like the newly appointed Central TV Station Head had nothing against Zhang Ye. They would report on any news that was trending without bias.

On News Simulcast.

There was an interview with a passerby.

But this interview resulted in making the entire country's people erupt with laughter!

The female reporter walked into the plaza dance community and raised her microphone to ask, "Auntie, what type of dance are you all dancing?"

The auntie answered with a smile, "We're plaza dancing!"

The female reporter asked, "And what is this song that everyone is dancing to?"

That auntie answered, "This is 'Small Apple.' 'The Hottest Ethnic Trend' will be played afterwards. We're all dancing to these two songs over and over again."

Beside them, there were over a dozen aunties chattering.

A plump auntie said, "This song is especially good."

A grey-haired auntie said, "Yes, I fell in love with it the moment I heard it."

A skinny auntie said, "We're all retired and usually at home, but there's finally something for us to do now."

A 60-year-old auntie said, "Yeah, we sisters are really happy to be able to dance together."

An auntie wearing a colorful shirt said, "I was arguing almost every day with my husband when I was at home because I had nothing to do. But it has gotten so much better now. Every morning and evening, I can come out to take part in plaza dancing. I practically have no worries anymore!"

The female reporter asked, "Did any of the neighbors complain about any disturbances?"

The leading auntie of the group walked over. It was obvious she was the head of the group. She said, "There were some complaints, but we're not unreasonable people. When they say that we're being too loud and affecting their sleep, we turn down the volume and try not to affect them. But of course, there are also some fellow sisters in the neighborhoods who are pretty unreasonable and cause a nuisance to the people. That's why we would like to take the chance to remind everyone here. When we're entertaining ourselves, we have to be considerate of other people's feelings too. We cannot build our happiness upon others' misfortunes, am I right?"

The female reporter laughed and said, "Well said!"

The leading auntie proudly declared, "That's right. We're preparing to treat plaza dancing as a career and make it an industry that we can develop further."

An industry?

You can even make it into an industry?

The female reporter didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She said, "Any industry has to have a founder first. There's always an ancestral founder, so is there one for plaza dancing as well?"

That leading auntie was taken aback at that. Clearly, she had never considered this question before. Thus, she answered instinctively, "Of course there is. The father of plaza dancing is Zhang Ye!"

The interview ended right there.

This was an excerpt of the content on News Simulcast today!

The public was cramping up with laughter after watching this!

Coincidentally, Zhang Ye was also watching News Simulcast with his parents today. When he saw that interview, Zhang Ye very nearly fell on his butt!


Who the heck is your founder!

What the fuck has this got anything to do with me?!