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Chapter 33: How Could It Be?

Chapter 33: How Could It Be?


The huge flaming bird smashed mercilessly onto Xiao Chen’s Heavenly Lightning Shield. It resulted in a loud explosion, before filling the skies with sparks. After a while, all the sparks flew towards the old man, entering back into his body. The scene looked like a field of fireflies gravitating towards the old man.

A deep pit about five meters wide appeared on the ground. The rocks had been blasted into powder, filling the surroundings with dust. Xiao Chen, who was in the deep pit, turned incredibly pale but had yet to suffer any major injuries.

With dust flying everywhere, no one was able to clearly see the situation in the pit. When Tang Yuan saw this, he laughed, “Second Uncle, after being hit by your Triple Burst Flaming Bird, even if he wasn’t dead, he’d be seriously injured.”

The old man revealed a smug expression. The Triple Burst Flaming Bird was a Profound Ranked Martial Technique that he was very proud of. It used his ability to control his Martial Spirit, making it leave his body and attack the enemy.

Each time the flaming bird cried out, it would rapidly absorb the fire-attributed energy from its surroundings, resulting in the doubling of its might and speed. After the third cry, even if a regular Martial Disciple used everything they had, they would still be burnt to ashes.

Earlier, in an instant, he had already determined that the person hiding behind the tree was just an Inferior Grade Martial Disciple. He did not believe that the person would be able to survive.

“Go, take a look. I hope that the medicine was not damaged.”

The old man said with some remorse. He had made his move too hastily earlier and used a big move from the start. Now that he thought about it, he had overreacted. If the herb was damaged, then it would not have been worth it.

At this moment, amidst the dust cloud, a blurry figure appeared in the deep pit. Although they could not clearly tell his appearance, the aura coming from him was exuberant, indicating that the person was not injured at all.

“How could this be!?”

The group of Tang Clan cultivators all exclaimed in shock. The old man’s face filled with an expression of disbelief.

He’s clearly just an Inferior Grade Martial Disciple, how could he have blocked my Profound Ranked Martial Technique? That makes no sense.

Xiao Chen, who was still in the dust cloud, did not reveal himself. Instead, he used his Spiritual Sense to see their expressions and scan for the positions of each person. As all the information appeared in his mind, the corners of his mouth curled up as he revealed a dangerous smile.

Did it feel good to attack me? Well, it’s my turn now!

Xiao Chen smiled in his heart as he pointed towards the sky with his right hand while his left hand continually made hand seals. Soon the sky rumbled with sounds of thunder.

Despite the previous clear skies, all of a sudden, large black clouds started to gather. The forest instantly turned incomparably gloomy, as if a thunderstorm was arriving, which was extremely strange.

Lightning Descend!

Lightning Descend!

Lightning Descend!

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom…”

Xiao Chen was merciless, he had used all the Essence within his body and summoned at least ten bolts of lightning. He would not attack unless he was attacked but if he was attacked, he would certainly return the favor tenfold.

Coming from the black clouds, at least ten bolts of lightning streaked across the sky, causing the forest to be brightly illuminated, and glaring to everyone who saw it.

Seeing the sky darkening, the group of people from the Tang Clan were astonished. The weather was just fine a moment ago, why did it suddenly changed? How strange!

“Crap! This is a high ranked Martial Technique. All of you, be careful!” The old man shouted loudly, feeling very anxious.

Although hearing the words of the old man, before they had a chance to react, lightning bolts descended from the sky. Soon, after the sounds of thunder, there were cries of agony.

After the black clouds cleared away, most of the people from the Tang Clan were lying on the ground, burnt till they looked like charcoal, black smoke coming out of their mouths and noses.

Three Superior Grade Martial Disciples died on the spot, giving off a barbecued smell.

Tang Yuan got up from the ground, looking like he was in a sorry state. There were lingering fears in his heart when he saw the three roasted Superior Grade Martial Disciples. If the old man had not protected him earlier, he would have now been like those people—roasted black.

“What…what Martial Technique is this…” Tang Yuan asked with a quivering voice and a terrified expression.

The old man remained expressionless as he looked at that figure behind the cloud of dust. He muttered: “Lightning attributed Earth Ranked Martial Technique…Earth Ranked Martial Technique…”

Earth Ranked Martial Technique, even the rich and powerful clans of the Great Qin Nation did not have many of them, treating and protecting it as though it was a treasure. Who in the world was this person and what kind of status did he have?

Not only was he good at using fire, he even had a lightning-attributed Earth Ranked Martial Technique. Was he a cultivator with dual attributes?

The misgivings in his heart grew even deeper, and before the old man gave it anymore more thought, he immediately rushed forward. After killing so many of his Tang Clan members, he could not let him escape. If he was truly from one of those powerful and influential clans, then all the more should he kill him.

Otherwise, if he were allowed to return, he might decide to take revenge. With the power of those clans, his tiny Tang Clan would not be able to survive.

Using an Earth Ranked Martial Technique as an Inferior Grade Martial Disciple, there was bound to be a great expenditure of Essence and rebound. He could not give him a chance to recover.

Swallowing a Qi Returning Pill as he observed the situation of the Tang Clan members, Xiao Chen was very satisfied with the lethality of the Lightning Descends that was used with his full power.

The old man’s move earlier was a lethal one. If he had not learned the Heavenly Lightning Shield, even if he had not died, he would still be gravely injured. Hence, there was no need to be merciful to this group of people. Since he was going to make a move, he may as well go all out

Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense could feel the old man rushing over but Xiao Chen did not feel anxious at all. The Qi Returning Pill had already started to take effect and his Essence was recovering.

Seeing the approaching old man, Xiao Chen inwardly shouted, Lightning Evasion!

Right before the old man reached the pit, he took a look at the not so far off Xiao Chen and smiled. Regardless of which clan’s genius you are, you are going to have to answer to me.

However, just at this moment, Xiao Chen’s body suddenly disappeared and a bolt of lightning appeared about a hundred meters in front. The old man raised his head to look at that bolt of lightning, and once the electrical light diminished, Xiao Chen’s figure appeared.

What Martial Technique was this?

The old man was astonished, he raised the Essence in his body to its extremes and quickly advanced forward, making movements akin to that of a sly rabbit. He had to kill him, or else the consequences would be dire. The old man anxiously thought this as his speed explosively increased.

Feeling the old man behind him, Xiao Chen dashed forward by a few steps then used the Lightning Evasion again. After the electrical light faded, Xiao Chen once again appeared another hundred meters ahead.

Seeing Xiao Chen escaping further, the old man shouted angrily. A surging flame appeared on his body, forming a pair of flaming wings. After the wings fully extended, it reached two meters wide.

Taking light steps, his body moved rapidly in the air. The trees in his way were burnt through, effectively cutting them into two, leaving behind a path of burning tree stumps.

Martial Spirit Possession, it was an ability that one could grasp only after becoming a Martial Grand Master. In the Tianwu Continent, few people had the very rare flying beast type Martial Spirit.

For those people, after their Martial Spirit left their body, they could grow wings. However, it was a lot more limited when compared to true flight.

The Martial Spirit Possession of the Martial Grand Masters was not a true merger with the Martial Spirit. Thus, it could only result in short distance gliding. Furthermore, it consumed a tremendous amount of Essence, which meant that the state could not be maintained for long.

To achieve a true merger with the Martial Spirit, one had to be at least a Martial King. By that time, they would be able to fly as high as they wanted and the amount of time that it could be sustained would lengthen. Even the drain on Essence would be much lower.

Seeing the old man undergo Martial Spirit Possession and drawing closer to him, Xiao Chen helplessly swallowed another Qi Returning Pill and the speed of his Essence recovery increased significantly once again. As for the side effects of consuming the pill too many times, he could not consider it at that current time.

“Triple Burst Flaming Bird!”

The old man shouted angrily. Seeing that Xiao Chen drew nearer to him, he used his Medial Grade Profound Ranked Martial Technique once again. He gave up on trying to conserve Essence as he was worried that Xiao Chen would use that strange escaping technique again.

Because this Martial Technique utilized his Martial Spirit, after he executed it, the flaming wings on his back left his body and turned into a huge bird. After it cried out, it flew towards Xiao Chen.

With the assistance of two Qi Returning Pill, Xiao Chen’s Essence recovery speed reached a terrifying level. Out of the three white clouds beside the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit in his body, two of them had already recovered.

Seeing the flaming bird flying towards him, Xiao Chen’s brain worked furiously. After a short moment, he fully understood the situation. If he used the Lightning Evasion now, he would not be able to make it in time. He would be interrupted at the last moment.

It was also impossible to evade it as after the flaming bird cried out again, its speed and might would double. Since he was currently not in his peak state, it would be unwise to use the Heavenly Lightning Shield to defend against it head-on.

He could only take advantage of the fact that the bird had only cried out once so far; while its might was still relatively lower, he could defeat it. Once he thought it through, he immediately took action. Xiao Chen was not the kind of person who would do a sloppy job. He immediately took out Lunar Shadow from the Universe Ring.

Rushing Thunder Chop!

Xiao Chen, who had always had his back facing the old man, suddenly turned around and shouted. His figure moved like lightning and chopped at the flaming bird.

With the assistance of the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit, even his ordinary strike was comparable to that of a peak Martial Disciple. Now that he was using a Martial Technique, the strength that he had was naturally raised by many folds.

A resplendent glow appeared on the Lunar Shadow saber. Seeing the nearing flaming bird, Xiao Chen could feel the heat waves on his face. He squinted his eyes slightly, looking at the fierce head of the flaming bird.

Xiao Chen stomped down and calmly made his move, accurately chopping on its neck. The two horrifying forces clashed against each other, resulting in an intense explosion. A stream of heat waves traveled in all directions and every tree within ten meters broke in an instant.

The huge force had rebounded from the saber back to Xiao Chen’s body. Xiao Chen vomited a mouthful of fresh blood, his body flew backward in midair until he crashed into a big tree.

With a loud ‘boom’, the tree was immediately broken. Xiao Chen fell onto the ground and vomited another mouthful of blood.

He had miscalculated, he had never used this Rushing Thunder Chop before. He expected too much from it and had actually wanted to use it against a Profound Ranked Martial Technique of a Martial Grand Master. Xiao Chen, who was lying on the ground, smiled bitterly. Even if the Azure Dragon was that powerful, a Yellow Ranked Martial Technique was still a Yellow Ranked Martial Technique in the end.

I’ve finally dealt with this fellow, I have not wasted so much of my strength in vain. The old man from the Tang Clan could finally breathe easy. Before he had the opportunity to recover his Essence, he immediately rushed towards Xiao Chen.

After clearly seeing Xiao Chen’s appearance, the old man looked like he had seen a ghost. After quite a while, he laughed loudly as he spoke hoarsely: “I, Tang He, had been chasing you for half a day, thinking that you were some genius from some big clan. Causing me to be in such a sorry state, I had never expected that you would be the trash from the Xiao Clan.”