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Chapter 37: A Bitter Battle

Chapter 37: A Bitter Battle

Looking at the man in black clothing chasing after him, Xiao Chen felt extremely disheartened. Within a week, he had been chased by two Martial Grand Master, how pathetic was this!

However, this was different from the last time, this time, he basically had not needed to exhaust any Essence. It was actually quite easy to shake off his pursuer, he just had to continuously use the Lightning Evasion.

However, now was not the time to do so. He was afraid that if he disappeared without a trace, the man would turn back and cause trouble for Xiao Yulan. In that cause, the trouble that would happen would outweigh the benefits he would gain. Thus, he could only keep running, bringing the man further into the core area of Seven Horn Mountain.

Just when Xiao Chen prepared to use the Lightning Evasion, there suddenly was the sound of fighting coming from behind him. He began to have an uneasy feeling as he extended out his Spiritual Sense and immediately saw the man battling with Xiao Yulan.

After his meticulous plan that he had thought out with great difficulty, he did not expect that Cousin Yulan would follow after him. Xiao Chen thought bitterly in his heart, looks like there is no escape this time, I might as well make a stand here!

A determined gleam flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes as he stopped in his tracks and quickly turned around. Is it truly impossible to defeat a Martial Grand Master?

I hope that nothing will happen to Cousin Yulan.

Thinking that, Xiao Chen rushed over as quickly as he could. However, he discovered that there was blood trickling out of the corner of Xiao Yulan’s mouth, looking incredibly pale as she brandished her sword and held her ground.

There was an extremely impatient expression on the man’s face as he knocked back Xiao Yulan once again. He was thinking of leaving as soon as he could as thoughts of the Spirit Blood Jade filled his heart. He did not wish to be tangled up in battle with Xiao Yulan.

Xiao Yulan wiped off the blood from the corner of her mouth, she held the Broken Moon Sword and resolutely looked at the man in black. She did everything she could to fire out a red sword light at the man.

However, the man just waved his hands and the massive man-eating flower appeared once again. It opened its huge mouth and swallowed the sword light. The Martial Spirit of this man was truly Xiao Yulan’s nemesis.

“You came here seeking death yourself, so don’t blame me for this,” the man in black clothing snorted coldly. His body quickly moved forward, intending to kill her. He could already no longer tolerate spending time battling with Xiao Yulan.


A flash of lightning streaked across, Xiao Chen’s figure suddenly appeared in front of Xiao Yulan. The man in black clothing was startled by the lightning and Xiao Chen’s sudden appearance. He quickly retreated a few steps backwards.

“Cousin Xiao Chen, how…how did you arrive here?” Xiao Yulan’s face showed an extremely puzzled expression. Apparently, when Xiao Chen appeared from the lightning, it had exceeded her understanding of what could happen.

Xiao Chen smiled bitterly and did not answer her question. Instead, he took out a Qi Returning Pill and passed it to her, “I thought that Cousin would not come chasing after me. Although this Qi Returning Pill cannot treat your injuries, it will help you quickly recover your Essence. It should be of some help.”

Xiao Yulan received the Qi Returning Pill that Xiao Chen passed to her. Her already puzzled face turned even more confused. When and how did Cousin Xiao Chen obtain this strange Martial Technique?

“Where did this pill come from?”

Xiao Chen could more or less guess what Xiao Yulan was thinking but now was not the time to explain things, “If I’m still alive after this, I’ll give you an explanation. For now, let me borrow your Broken Moon Sword.”

Without any hesitation, Xiao Yulan handed the sword over to Xiao Chen. Although she knew that Xiao Chen was definitely hiding something from her, she still deeply trusted Xiao Chen.

He was willing to become bait and give up his opportunity to flee all for her. If he had secrets kept from her, it was because he had no other choice.

“Cousin Xiao Chen, you… be careful,” Xiao Yulan said out of worry when she saw Xiao Chen holding the sword and facing the man in black clothing.

Xiao Chen waved his hands gently but did not turn his head back. Following that, he brandished the sword and a pure string of energy rushed into the Spirit Weapon. Very soon, the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit in his body established a mysterious connection.

The Broken Moon Sword lived up to its rank as an Inferior Grade Profound Ranked Spirit Weapon. Xiao Chen could clearly feel that the power transmitted from the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit was significantly stronger than when using the Lunar Shadow Saber.

Looking at Xiao Chen brandishing the Spirit Weapon, the man felt a different aura coming from Xiao Chen. This aura contained layers of might. It actually caused him to feel a faint pressure.

Was this person truly just an Inferior Grade Martial Disciple? Some doubt flashed in the eyes of the man in black clothing. However, after a moment, the stern look in his eyes returned as he said in a cold voice: “I’ll still say the same thing, hand over the Spirit Blood Jade and I’ll leave immediately. You and the girl behind you both have great potential, there is no need to waste your lives here.”

Grasping firmly onto the Broken Moon Sword, Xiao Chen’s expression turned calm as he smiled, “Don’t bother trying to persuade us anymore, I will never hand over this Spirit Blood Jade to you.”

“Not to even mention whether you will keep your words or not, I had risked my life to obtain this Spirit Blood Jade and even destroyed a Spirit Weapon in the process. Why would I simply just hand this Spirit Blood Jade over to you?”

As the man’s face was covered, his expressions could not be seen. The man said in a deep voice: “As long as you are willing to hand it over, I can immediately compensate you with a Profound Ranked Spirit Weapon not inferior to the one in your hands now.”

Was this Spirit Blood Jade truly that useful? Was it actually worth it for him to exchange it with a Profound Ranked Spirit Weapon? Could it be that the Spirit Beast they wanted to seal was not just a Rank 5 Spirit Beast?

Having some suspicion in his heart, Xiao Chen’s expression did not change and he said indifferently: “Allow me to analyze the situation. Under a scenario where you hold the absolute advantage, why would you offer me such a generous exchange?”

“You are afraid of engaging in battle with me and expending too much of your Essence. If you are to be discovered by the guards of the Xiao Clan after that, it would be difficult for even you to escape. Am I right?”

After the man in black clothing’s intention was revealed, there was a gleam in his eyes and he said in a stern voice: “You refused to take the easy way and insist on threading on this difficult path. So don’t blame me for this.”

With a ‘ceng’ sound, the man in black drew out a two meters long sword from an unknown place. This sword could be the Profound Ranked Weapon that he intended to give Xiao Chen.

[TL notes: I believe the ‘ceng’ sound is the sound of a sword being drawn from a sheath]

Xiao Chen had not seen such a long sword before and for a while, felt some surprise. With a flash of the sword, the man in black clothing took that advantage and rushed towards him.

The originally graceful sword was used by the man in a very tyrannical manner, as though it was a broadsword. His techniques consisted of hacks, chops, pares, and minces. Though, it was a suitable usage of that two-meter long sword as its might was unfathomable.

Xiao Chen was not familiar with the usage of long weapons, but he was even more unfamiliar with the usage of swords. He could only rely on the strong power of the Azure Dragon and the electrical glow on the sword to barely deal with the situation, but suddenly, he encountered peril.


As the two swords clashed against one another, a huge repelling force came from the sword, causing Xiao Chen to be knocked backward by several meters. The Essence in his body fluctuated, indicating that he was probably severely injured, as the power contained in the long sword had devastated his body internally.

The man in black clothing was not in an any better situation either. With the strong power of the Azure Dragon and the strange electrical light, when they clashed, he could feel his hands going numb.

If it was not for the fact that his cultivation realm exceeded Xiao Chen’s significantly, the long sword in his hands might have been knocked flying long ago.

Doing his best the suppress the injuries in his body, Xiao Chen extended out a finger. A purple flame gathered on his finger and after spinning a few revolutions, it fired towards the man in black clothing.

The man brandished his sword and a glow appeared. With a loud boom, the sword clashed with the flames and there was an explosion. After the explosion, the purple flames had actually not extinguished.

Instead, it had spread to the body of the sword, continuing to burn. Very soon, it arrived at the handle. There was a look of shock in the man’s eyes. Before the flames reached the handle of the sword, he quickly threw the sword onto the ground.

Now was the time! Divine Thunder Break!

Xiao Chen quickly switched the Broken Moon Sword to his left hand as the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation rapidly circulated in his body. A pure lightning attributed energy came out from his right hand.

It formed a bright electrical light in the air as it shot towards the man in black clothing. Although this Divine Thunder Break was only a Superior Grade Yellow Ranked Martial Technique, its speed was significantly faster than the regular Profound Grade Martial Techniques. After letting go of the long sword, the man would not have the opportunity to evade it.


The resplendent electrical light struck the body of the man, and in an instant, that body of that man lit up, crackling with electricity. He was flashing continuously, looking like a man made from electricity.

Xiao Chen was very surprised, this man had used an unknown Martial Technique and turned his Essence into an armor that covered his entire body, causing the might of the Divine Thunder Break to be blocked.


The man in black shouted loudly as he picked up the still burning sword. His body exploded forward, and before Xiao Chen could react, a fiery light appeared before him.

Heavenly Lightning Shield!

The sword shrouded in Purple Thunder True Fire mercilessly struck onto the Heavenly Lightning Shield. Due to the blocking of the Heavenly Lightning Shield, the force of that strike was severely weakened. However, Xiao Chen still ended up vomiting out some blood, showing how strong the force behind the sword was.

“I have never been forced to such a point before in my life by just an Inferior Grade Martial Disciple. Xiao Chen, you are the first to do so.” The man in black clothing almost seemed to go berserk as he wielded the flaming sword and continuously hammered on the Heavenly Lightning Shield.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang…”

Every time the sword hacked down, the Essence and blood in Xiao Chen’s body turned even more turbulent and Xiao Chen’s complexion slowly turned paler and paler.

Xiao Yulan, who had already recovered some Essence, saw the dangerous situation that Xiao Chen was in. Ignoring her injuries, she leaped forward and struck a palm strike on the body of that man.

However, the man’s entire body was already covered in his armor made of Essence that could even block the Divine Thunder Break. Thus, what could this palm strike do? The man in black turned around and hacked at Xiao Yulan with his sword, sending her flying.

“Bastard!” Xiao Chen shouted in pain as he threw out the Heavenly Lightning Shield, causing it to fly towards Xiao Yulan, catching her.

“Cousin Xiao Chen, my earlier palm strike had already infused the poison of the Poinsettia into his body. All you have to do is create an open wound,” Xiao Yulan weakly said as she collapsed in Xiao Chen’s embrace.

The man in black clothing laughed loudly, “How naive, did you think you can kill me by inflicting the Poinsettia’s poison into me? Don’t forget what my Martial Spirit is, there is no poison in this world that can kill me.

Hearing those words, Xiao Yulan’s already pale face fell even more into despair.

Xiao Chen firmly grasped the sword as his heart continued to quiver. If only I was stronger, then this situation wouldn’t have happened. To think that I actually let a woman put in so much effort, even to the point of injuring herself, for me.

“Today, regardless of whether the Xiao Clan comes or not, both of you have to die. This is the result of your choice to make things difficult,” the man in black said maniacally.

“Is that so?”

Suddenly a cold snort came from within the forest. Xiao Chen extended his Spiritual Sense but could not discover anyone. The true origin of this voice was actually more than 800 meters away.