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Chapter 38: Martial Saint—Liu Fengyin

Chapter 38: Martial Saint—Liu Fengyin

“Who… Who is playing these tricks on me! Show yourself!”

The sudden voice caused the black-clothed man to be extremely agitated. He did his best to attempt to locate who had spoken. However, since even Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense could not sense him, naturally this man would not be able to do so with just his perception.

“Is this all the strength you have?” that strange voice once again sounded out right beside that black-clothed man’s ear. However, he still did could not location the origin of the voice.

He’s coming, Xiao Chen quietly thought. Through his Spiritual Sense, Xiao Chen spotted a grayish figure rapidly moving towards them. The figure was so fast that even Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense was not able to clearly make out his appearance.

Xiao Chen hugged Xiao Yulan as he retreated backward by a few steps. He did not dare to let his guard down. It was unknown if this mysterious figure was a friend or foe.


Before that person arrived, a blue flying dagger was shot out. The black-clothed man did his best to evade but his right arm was still wounded. Fresh blood started to flow out after a moment.

The might of this flying dagger is truly great, it can even easily tear apart the Essence armor that he conjured up. Xiao Chen silently thought in his heart.

The black-clothed man shouted out in pain as he glared furiously in the direction where the flying dagger had come from. The massive man-eating flower appeared and started to move in the direction of his attacker.

“Hmph! Such a weak Martial Spirit and yet you still dare to simply release it? How reckless.”

After he said this, that mysterious person finally showed himself. He headed directly to the man-eating flower but it seemed like he did not plan to do anything. Suddenly, when the man-eating flower was about two meters away from him, it exploded and turned into dust.

This was different from when Xiao Chen had caused it to explode earlier. This time, the man-eating flower had truly turned into dust and vanished into the air. It did not turn into specks of lights, nor did it return to the body of the black-clothed man.

The instant the man-eating flower vanished, the black-clothed man immediately vomited a mouthful of blood. His face was filled with terror as he said: “You… actually managed to destroy my Martial Spirit?!”

“Before your Martial Spirit had cultivated to an indestructible realm, you actually dared to show it off in front of your enemies. Serves you right.” The mysterious person said coldly.

The black-clothed man stood weakly on the spot and asked: “Are you from the Xiao Clan?”

The mysterious person said indifferently: “It can be considered so!”

“It’s impossible, how could the Xiao Chen have a Martial Saint level expert?” The black-clothed man exclaimed in disbelief.

It wasn’t only the black-clothed man that was shocked, even Xiao Chen and Xiao Yulan did not dare to believe that there was a Martial Saint level expert in Xiao Clan. They were both disciples of direct descent but they had never heard of this before. Since when did their clan have a Martial Saint level expert?

A Martial Saint cultivator could be considered to be amongst the strongest force in Mohe City. Even within the Great Qin Nation, regardless of city, a Martial Saint cultivator would be of great influence.

If a Martial Saint was willing to settle in the Xiao Chen, then there was only one possibility. This person must have broken through the bottleneck of Martial Grand Master at an advanced age. He likely had no more hope of increasing his cultivation anymore, thus he just wanted to find a quiet place to settle down.

However, even if it was such a situation was like this, the two of them were still thoroughly shocked. This matter had just been concealed too deeply.

“Elder, are you truly from my Xiao Clan?” Xiao Chen asked cautiously.

The mysterious man did not reply but a command medallion shot out from his sleeve and flew towards Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen quickly caught it and took a look. Engraved on that black colored command medallion made of gold were the words ‘Special Consecrate’ on one side and Liu Fengyin on the other.

The Xiao Clan indeed had a mysterious Special Consecrate. However, not to mention his cultivation realm, most people did not even know what he looked liked because he was rarely seen.

Seeing this command medallion, the identity of this person could be verified. Xiao Chen cupped his fist in respect, “Many thanks to Elder Liu for helping us out.”

Liu Fengyin waved his hands dismissively as he maintained a calm expression, “After receiving my pay, this is what I should do. There is no need to thank me.”

“Aside from that, you can hand over that piece of Spirit Blood Jade to me. The First Elder and Third Elder should arrive very soon. You can start making your way down the mountain.” Liu Fengyin said that after he muttered something irresolutely to himself.

Xiao Chen frowned slightly, he could not help but feel some anger well up in his heart. This person knew about the Spirit Blood Jade, which meant that he had already arrived long ago but had not helped them out.

The first thing he asked for was the Spirit Blood Jade, Xiao Chen truly did not feel happy in his heart. Not to mention that he had yet to confirm the identity of this person, even if his identity was confirmed, he was just a Special Consecrate.

This kind of Consecrate was not under the control of the Xiao Clan and had a lot of freedom. They could leave the Xiao Clan anytime he wanted, how could Xiao Chen simply hand over the Spirit Blood Jade to such a person?

The most important thing was that this Spirit Blood Jade was obtained by Xiao Chen after risking his life and spending a tremendous amount of effort. In his eyes, it was something that had already belonged to him and had nothing to do with the Xiao Clan. He would not easily give it to someone else.

“I apologize, I can’t think of any reason for me to hand over this Spirit Blood Jade to you.” Xiao Chen looked at Liu Fengyin with a calm expression.

Liu Fengyin’s expression changed. Apparently, he had not expected Xiao Chen to reject his request. As he locked his gaze on Xiao Chen, the pressure from the aura of a Martial Saint ruthlessly exploded out. He wanted to suppress Xiao Chen using his aura.

If it was a regular Inferior Grade Martial Disciple, they would not be able to endure such a pressure from a Martial Saint. This kind of pressure would force them to submit in their hearts and unwittingly agree to the requests of the person.

However, unfortunately for this Martial Saint, Xiao Chen was not a regular Martial Disciple. The Azure Dragon Martial Spirit in his body was a Holy Beast that had existed since the ancient times. Its might and aura were comparable to a Martial God.

Although Xiao Chen could not control this aura and take initiative in utilizing it, the Azure Dragon would still retaliate with a counterattack when it felt this pressure. It would meet the strong pressure with an even stronger pressure.

Thus, Xiao Chen faced the aura without any fear. When the overflowing aura of this Martial Saint clashed with his aura, Xiao Chen managed to be in the advantage.

“Ai!” Liu Fengyin looked at Xiao Chen in astonishment. He did not expect that an insignificant Inferior Grade Martial Disciple would be able to ward off his aura.

Feeling some frustration in his heart, he planned to increase the intensity of his aura to try and force Xiao Chen into submission. However, at this moment, there was the clatter of footsteps coming from the forest behind him. Liu Fengyin felt it with his perception and immediately stopped releasing his aura.

Xiao Chen instantly felt relieved. When he looked towards the forest behind, he discovered the First Elder and Third Elder who led a large group of Martial Masters.

When Xiao Qiang saw the incredibly pale Xiao Yulan, he immediately rushed over. After injecting strands of Essence into her to clearly inspect her injury, he released his breath in relief.

“Elder Liu, many thanks for your assistance this time.” Xiao Qiang faced Liu Fengyin and said with a respectful expression.

Liu Fengyin indifferently nodded his head and did not reply. His gaze was indistinctly fixed on Xiao Chen. It seemed as though he was looking at a plaything, causing Xiao Chen to feel horror in his heart.

You best not cross me, or else, even if you are a Martial Saint, you will not have a good ending. Xiao Chen thought fiercely in his heart.

Now that the troops of the Xiao Clan had arrived, there was no longer anything for Xiao Chen and Xiao Yulan to do. The two of them could be considered as rescued already. However, looking at the expressions of the First Elder and the Third Elder, Xiao Chen understood that the true danger had only just begun.

The group of black-clothed men were all wiped out but they had all committed suicide by biting their tongue. After some further inspection, it was verified that these were the death sworn soldiers of the Tang Clan.

With such a strong military might, they definitely did not enter Seven Horn Mountain with the intention of having fun. Everyone could feel the seriousness of the matter.

Late at night, the stars filled the sky and the full moon hung high.

Within his room in the encampment of the Xiao Clan at Seven Horn Mountain, Xiao Chen was cultivating unceasingly. He was extremely hardworking and determined, Xiao Chen did not wish to waste any time.

After the First Elder arrived and brought everyone to the encampment, he made arrangements for the Xiao Chen and Xiao Yulan. The First Elder then went to meet with the upper echelons of the Xiao Clan to discuss this matter.

Xiao Chen was not interested in these discussions. He felt apprehensive towards Liu Fengyin. He had a nagging feeling that this person did not have a benevolent nature. Thus, when he arrived at his room, he immediately started to cultivate.

Sounds of light footsteps could be heard and Xiao Chen opened his eyes and stopped cultivating. Using his Spiritual Sense to scan the area, he immediately knew the identity of his visitor. Smiling in his heart, he got up and opened the door.

“Cousin Yulan, you have come.” Xiao Chen smiled gently. He had already expected that Xiao Yulan would come and visit him, thus he was not surprised.

At this moment, Xiao Yulan had already changed her clothes. After spending the day recuperating, her complexation seemed a lot better. When she saw Xiao Chen suddenly opening the door, she was surprised. After that, a smile beamed on her face, “Cousin Xiao Chen, shall we go take a walk?”

Within the large encampment, the Xiao Clan guards could be seen patrolling everywhere. Each and every one of the guards were Martial Masters, they could be said to be the elite troops of the Xiao Clan.

The two of them walked to a remote area. The clear and cold moonlight shone on Xiao Yulan’s face, giving her a faint look of grief. Xiao Chen just silently accompanied her without saying anything.

“They will be sealing the mountains tomorrow, Cousin Xiao Chen, what are your plans?” after a long period of silence, Xiao Yulan revealed a piece of shocking news.

Sealing the mountains, this was the first time this had happened since Xiao Clan had started managing Seven Horn Mountain. Xiao Chen could not understand, wasn't it just the sealing of a Rank 4 and above Spirit Beast? Is there a need to take such drastic measures?

When she saw Xiao Chen’s puzzled look, Xiao Yulan explained: “This matter is related to the Promise of Ten Years. As to how it is related, I am not sure either.”

Every Promise of Ten Years, the Tang Clan would choose to give up. With such a movement before the Promise of Ten Years, it was hard for anyone to not be suspicious.

“Cousin, actually, during the day, I had the opportunity to leave.” Xiao Chen thought for a while before slowly enunciating. It was best for some things to be explained to her.

Xiao Yulan smiled gently, looking like a fairy, “I know, I had already guessed that. You don’t have to explain to me.”

“Just like you said in the past, everyone had their own secrets. Snooping around another person’s secrets is not a wise thing to do.”

Xiao Yulan stopped for a while and looked resolutely at Xiao Chen before continuing: “I only know that you are my Cousin Xiao Chen, the cousin who is willing to give up his chance to flee for me. This is sufficient for me.”

Hearing this, Xiao Chen felt extremely grateful in his heart. If it was another person came to ask him about this, he would just ignore them. However, if it was Cousin Yulan, it would put him in a difficult position.

“Actually, I already guessed that the Tang Clan members intended to seal some Spirit Beast.” After he stopped for awhile, Xiao Chen changed the subject and avoided Xiao Yulan’s warm resolute gaze.