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Chapter 41: Where Two Are Fighting, The Third Wins

Chapter 41: Where Two Are Fighting, The Third Wins

“Hu Chi!”

Just when the blue-clothed person was about to take action, a flying dagger suddenly pierced through the air and flew ruthlessly towards him. The Essence contained within the flying dagger created a wave in the air. Its intense friction with the air caused sparks to fly.

The blue-clothed person’s expression did not change as he stared at the glowing flying dagger. He circulated his Essence and a string of stones gathered on his right hand, pouring onto his right palm and rotating incessantly.

From that whirlpool of stones, a stone shoot out and accurately struck the flying dagger. With a loud ‘boom’, the flying dagger and the stone were both shattered into pieces. Qi waves were then scattered in all directions.

When he saw Liu Fenglin walk out from the darkness, there were great ripples in the blue-clothed man’s heart. Since when did Mohe City have another Martial Saint? Could the reports of the clan have been mistaken?

Nonetheless, it only took a few brief moments for his heart to calm down. He had discovered that the old man in front of him was only an Inferior Grade Martial Saint. In contrast, the blue-clothed man had already been a Medial Grade Martial Saint for a long time.

At the Martial Saint cultivation realm, even the difference between a grade would result in a huge disparity in strength. Unless the lower grade had better Spirit Weapons or Martial Techniques, his defeat would be just a matter of time.

“Might I ask who are you? Do you have designs on this Six-Tailed Spirit Fox too? Are you not aware of the concept of first come first served?” after determining Liu Fenglin’s cultivation realm, the blue-clothed man tone became rather blunt.

Liu Fenglin smiled coldly as he said indifferently: “First come first served? I am only aware of the concept winner takes all. I have never heard of any concept regarding the order of arrival.”

This Liu Fenglin had only managed to reach the Martial Saint realm when he was over sixty years old. His talent could only be called average. He had already known long ago that he would not be able to progress his cultivation realm any further.

If he wanted to raise his strength further, he could only try to dabble with other methods. This Six-Tailed Spirit Fox was a good opportunity for him. If he managed to subdue and tame it, it would immediately turn into a strong support for himself.

Furthermore, based on his status in the Xiao Clan, they would definitely force Xiao Chen to hand over the Spirit Blood Jade after weighing the pros and cons. Regardless whether he was willing or not, the Xiao Clan would not offend a Martial Saint for an insignificant Inferior Grade Martial Disciple.

The blue-clothed person’s expression turned cold and his eyes gleamed as he smiled coldly, “For an insignificant Inferior Grade Martial Saint, you have quite a big appetite.”

Liu Fenglin smiled indifferently and casually pointed, “Look there…”

The blue-clothed person looked in the direction that Liu Fenglin had pointed in and his expression changed. Tang Feng, who was originally supposed to be dealing with Xiao Chen, was currently dealing with the attacks of three of the Xiao Clan’s Martial GrandMaster. As for Xiao Chen, he had been standing at the side, calmly watching the battle taking place.

With three Martial Grand Masters, there was absolutely no chance of any mishaps happening. Tang Feng’s defeat was only a matter of time. After the three of them finished off Tang Feng and joined forces with Liu Fenglin, the blue-clothed man would not be at an advantage even with his cultivation as a Medial Grade Martial Saint.

The blue-clothed person analyzed his situation quickly. After a short moment, he made a decision in his heart. He shouted explosively and stomped his foot on the ground. Streams of rocks appeared beneath his foot.

The rocks under his foot began to spin rapidly, moving like a living creature as it wrapped itself around both of his feet. The blue-clothed person’s speed suddenly experienced an explosive increase. In an instant, he arrived in front of Liu Fenglin and ruthlessly kicked at him.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

At this moment, there were three exploding sounds coming from behind the blue-clothed man. Three earth dragons erupted from the ground and roared furiously. They headed toward Liu Fenglin, blocking off all his paths of escape.

Liu Fenglin’s expressions did not seem panicked. He had already expected this person to not give up easily. He immediately guarded himself against this sudden attack.

Extending out a palm, Liu Fenglin blocked the kick of the blue-clothed man. Utilizing the force of that kick, he quickly leaped back and countless flying daggers appeared around his body, rapidly spinning around him.

“Dance of a thousand daggers!”

The spinning flying daggers carried a huge force behind them and they created whistling sounds as they rotated. This force formed a tornado tens of meters tall and it clashed with the three earth dragons. The flying daggers spinning in the air caused numerous wounds on the body of the earth dragon’s gray bodies.

At this moment, the two of them were in a deadlock. The three earth dragon relentlessly attempted to circle around the tornado, occasionally smashing intensely against it. However, the countless flying daggers would continuously drain the energy of the earth dragons.

The tornado that had suddenly appeared circled the earth dragons and caused an intense wind current. Streams of wind were blown in all directions. In the surroundings of the two Martial Saints, there was a strong gale that caused sand and stone to fly around.

The First Elder led the two other Martial Grand Masters to deal with Tang Feng. This battle was extremely relaxing for them. However, for them to thoroughly defeat Tang Feng would still take some time. After all, they were all Martial Grand Masters. If they risked everything to battle, it would not be easy to deal with them.

They cast a glance towards Liu Fenglin’s and the blue-clothed man’s battle, they could not help but feel worried. The two of them seemed evenly matched, it was difficult to tell who would emerge victorious.

However, a perceptive person would be able to tell that Liu Fenglin was slightly inferior. Once Liu Fenglin was defeated, the three of them would not be a match for the blue-clothed person.

Tang Feng obviously understood this, which was why he did everything he could and expanded his Essence, executing all sorts of Martial Techniques. All his efforts were to delay the three of them. When the blue-clothed man emerged victorious, then he would have the opportunity to survive.

The current battle had entered into a strange situation. Whichever side could finish their battle first, the other side would end up losing.

Under the situation of this precarious balance, everyone forgot about Xiao Chen, who was quietly standing at the side. The reason was simple, no one believed that an insignificant Inferior Grade Martial Disciple had the ability to enter a battle between Martial Grand Masters and Martial Saints.

However, was the situation truly so?

Looking at Tang Feng enduring bitterly, the corners of Xiao Chen’s mouth curled up into a cold smile. His Spiritual Sense locked onto Tang Feng’s body as the Essence in his body continually circulated as he prepared to execute Lightning Descend.


A lightning that had exhausted 5% of Xiao Chen’s Essence dropped from the sky. The terrifying thunderbolt caused the dark night sky to be lit up as though it was day.

In that instant the lightning struck, everyone’s expression was dumbstruck. Tang Feng, who was in a bitter battle, did not notice this lightning that had suddenly appeared.

That intense light faded away and the dark night sky returned to normal. That bolt of lightning which had appeared then disappeared in an instant gave everyone an ethereal feeling. However, Tang Feng’s charred and smoked body , proved that the bolt of lightning was real.

“Do it!” The First Elder, Xiao Qiang, took the initiative and reacted to this unexpected change in situation. He smashed a palm towards Tang Feng’s body as the two other men quickly made a move. They both struck another two strong blows onto Tang Feng’s body.

Xiao Qiang turned his head to look at the calm Xiao Chen. There was a puzzled looked in his eyes but he soon retracted his gaze, “Go help!”

The situation of the battle had quickly changed in their favor with Xiao Chen’s help. Liu Fenglin led the three Martial Grand Masters in surrounding and attacking the blue-clothed man. The blue-clothed man looked hatefully at Tang Feng’s corpse, feeling dissatisfaction in his heart.

At this moment, there was no longer any hope for him to win. The blue-clothed man was a decisive person. After blocking the attacks of the four people, he immediately turned around and fled.

Liu Fenglin looked at the unconscious Six-Tailed Spirit Fox on the ground, then looked at Xiao Chen, who was not far away. He faced the First Elder and said: “We should chase after him, he is currently not injured and could sneak attack us at any time.”

Liu Fenglin’s concerns were valid. The sneak attack of a Medial Grade Martial Saint could instantly cause the three Martial Grand Masters to lose their battle capabilities. Now that they have gotten to this point, Liu Fenglin did not dare to be careless.

After all, the body of the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox was very humongous. There was no possibility of Xiao Chen moving it away. Killing it would be even more impossible for him. Furthermore, he was the only person here. Even if the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox did die by some miracle, it would be obviously be by Xiao Chen’s hands because he was the only possible person who could do it.

Liu Fenglin was not worried about this as he unhesitatingly led the three men to chase after the blue-clothed person. They did not expect to be able to kill him but he wanted to ensure that the blue-clothed man did not have the opportunity to attack them again.

As Xiao Chen watched the four men leave, he slowly made his way to the Six-Tailed Fox that lay on the ground. Before Liu Fenglin left, his gaze was obviously full of menace and threat.

Thinking of Liu Fenglin’s earlier attitude, Xiao Chen felt indignant in his heart. Raising gently, he snorted: “Just an Inferior Grade Martial Saint that can’t progress any further. He is just a Special Consecrate of my Xiao Clan yet he does not even put me in his eyes. The moment he opened his mouth, he immediately demanded for the Spirit Blood Jade. Since you threatened me like that, I shall play along with you.”

Casting his gaze onto the body of the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox, Xiao Chen saw a gaping wound. There was some horrifying wound on it, even to the point where its bones could be seen in some places. This should be the moment where it is the weakest. When it fought with the blue-clothed man, it must have gotten injured. After it went berserk, it overdrafted its life force, causing its injuries to worsen.

A Rank 6 Spirit Beast, equivalent to an Inferior Grade Martial King, was actually in such a state. Xiao Chen felt that it was pitiful. Even if it was an animal, the feelings a mother had for their child was really sincere and pure.

Thinking of the lovely little fellow in the Spirit Blood Jade… If it were not for this little thing, this absolute king of Seven Horn Mountain would not have rampaged like that.

Xiao Chen made an estimate of the size of the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox. After making the measurements, he aimed his Universe Ring at the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox on the ground and with a ‘sou’ sound, the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox was stored in the Universe Ring.

The Spatial Rings of this world were not able to contain any living things. However, the Universe Ring was different. If a Spirit Beast was willing or unconscious, as long as it would be able to fit into it, there would be no problems.

Liu Fenglin, who had left, did not expect that Xiao Chen would be capable of bringing the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox away using the otherworldly Universe Ring. Or else, even if he was beaten to death, he would not have allowed Xiao Chen to stay there while he left.

Xiao Chen used his Spiritual Sense to investigate his surroundings. He quickly discovered that the berserk Spirit Beasts had already dispersed. This should be related to the fact that the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox had fainted.

After he determined the direction where Liu Fenglin and the others had gone, Xiao Chen withdrew his Spiritual Sense. He swallowed a Qi Returning Pill and headed in the opposite direction, continuously executing the Lightning Evasion. After about ten thunderclaps, Xiao Chen was already a thousand meters away.

Seven Horn Mountain was only about 3000 meters tall. Xiao Chen had stopped in the middle section of the mountain. After resting for awhile and letting his Essence recover, Xiao Chen searched for a hidden cave before he stopped moving further.

He released the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox from the Universe Ring and muttered to himself, “Consider this as compensation. After snatching you kid away, I can’t watch you die like this.”

“Nor would I let Liu Fenglin take you away. If that happens, your fate would be even more miserable.”