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Chapter 49: The Terrifying Ao Jiao

Chapter 49: The Terrifying Ao Jiao

“4.5 million! VIP booth 13 calls out 4.5 million. Is there a higher bid?”

No matter how much Xiao Jian prayed, the auctioneer still said the words he did not want to hear with a smile of exultation.

“4.5 million! Are there any higher bids?” The auctioneer's voice was full of excitement, tempting the crowd below.

The people in the great hall were all chattering with each other. No one expected the first item for auction would actually sell an astronomical price of 4.5 million.

Within one of the booths, Tang Feng’s face had a mocking smile on it, “How boring! I thought he would be able to go on longer. Who knew he would surrender before it hit 5 million?”

“How could the Xiao Clan be able to compete with our Tang Clan financially? Furthermore, our clan head trusts Second Young Master so much, and gave you 10 million silver taels. How could Xiao Jian compete with Young Master?”

One of the escorts by Tang Feng flattered him.

Tang Feng’s face revealed a satisfied smile as he thought about how much his strength would be raised when he obtained this Rainbow Flame Python inner core.

“4.5 million! Going Thrice! Gon…” The auctioneer was about to finish his call when he suddenly stopped. He revealed an astonished smile, “Look! VIP Booth 1 called out a bid!”

At the auctioneer’s words, everyone’s gazes quickly focused on VIP booth 1 on the fourth floor. Tang Feng frowned deeply.

Why was there still someone bidding? Despite his casual attitude when bidding, his highest bid would only be 5 million. If it went any higher, he would not be able to bid further. This is because he had to keep that remaining 5 million to bid on another item.

Bidding for that item was something that his father entrusted him to do. Thus, he did not dare to be careless. He had to maintain a reserve of 5 million. At this moment, he could not help but feel nervous.

He instructed one of his escorts, “Go take a look and see what is the bid.”

Not only was Tang Feng concerned with the bid from VIP Booth 1, the auctioneer was very concerned about it too. After all, the higher the bid, the more commission he would be able to obtain from it.

“How come VIP Booth 1 only called out a bid of 1 million taels?” Tang Feng found it strange as he said.

Tang Feng felt happy. Looks like this fellow was here to cause trouble. He could not exceed the bid of 4.5 million. Looks like he could relax.

The auctioneer below suddenly revealed an astonished expression. His mouth was open wide for a long time before he could say anything, “My god…how could this be?”

“The bid of VIP booth 1 is 10 million gold taels!”

Tang Feng spat out the wine in his mouth. He said in disbelief, “Damn! How could this be? 10 million gold taels! Even if the three great clans of Mohe City pooled their resources together, they would still not have enough money!”

Not just Tang Feng was in disbelief, everyone in Linlang Pavilion was in disbelief. What was going on?

One gold tael was ten times the value of silver taels. These 10 million gold taels were equal to 100 million silver taels. Not to mention Mohe City, there would not be anyone who could afford that even in the whole Qizi County.

Even in the Imperial Capital, there would not be anyone who would casually make a bid of 10 million gold tael. This was a huge sum of money. Regular people would not be able to earn that kind of money even if they worked for several hundred lifetimes.

“How is it possible for someone to spend so much money to purchase a Rank 4 inner core?”

“It is definitely a liar. To think that there would be such liars entering Linlang Pavilion.”

“Get that person to take the money out! If he is just bragging, we will not let him off!”

The situation below turned chaotic. No one would believe that such a thing could happen in this insignificant Mohe City. Everyone believed the person was just spouting a nonsensical bid.

Tang Feng, in the booth, calmed down after his moment of anger. After thinking carefully, he realized that this was impossible. He had been too anxious earlier and should not have lost his calm.

“Second Young Master, I’m sure that person was just spouting nonsense. I don’t believe he is able to take out 10 million gold taels.”

The person who spoke was the one who reported the bid wrong. Due to a bad angle, he did not see one of the zeros. At the moment, he was feeling very afraid... afraid that Tang Feng would blame him.

The auctioneer did not expect such a situation to happen. With regards to VIP booth 1, Nangong Yan had left instructions for him. Regardless of the price called out, there would not be any problems.

Seeing the situation turn chaotic, the auctioneer quickly shouted out, “Everyone, please calm down. Our Linlang Pavilion will never let in a cheat. What I want to say is that the guest in VIP booth 1 is absolutely able to afford this price.”

“The auction will continue. As for the person who auctioned this, rest assured, Linlang Pavilion will ensure that these 10 million gold taels will be given to you.”

Xiao Chen, who was in that booth smiled gently, “10 million gold taels... I do not actually have that much money. However, the old man from the Nangong Clan should have it.”

Even if Nangong Yan did not have 10 million gold taels, it was none of Xiao Chen’s business how to solve the problem.


Tang Feng, on the other side, clenched his fist tightly, shattering the wine cup into powder. His expression was very sullen and terrifying. “Two of you! Go stand guard outside that booth. I want to know who is this rich fellow.”

Similarly, Xiao Jian, who was in booth 11, was feeling depressed as well. Even if Xiao Chen did not do anything, this Rainbow Flame Python inner core would not have belonged to him anyway.

Pushing open the door, Xiao Jian walked out dejectedly. He did not manage to buy what he wanted. He no longer wished to remain in this bustling auction.


In a secret room below Linlang Pavilion, there were all sorts of medicinal herbs and many types of equipment for refining medicine. There were many cauldrons as well.

Nangong Yan took out all the pills he obtained from Xiao Chen and laid them out. There was a maniacal expression on his face. This was his opportunity to break through into a Rank 8 Alchemist.

However, this was not the best time. The equipment here was limited. To truly investigate the secret of these pills, he needed the equipment in the Nangong Clan that was in the Imperial Capital.

However, when he thought of returning to the Imperial Capital Nangong Yan had a livid expression in his eyes. Following that, he sighed, “It has already been ten years, I might as well return to take a look.”

The doors of the secret room opened. Two men dressed in black appeared behind Nangong Yan. Nangong Yan turned around and said to them, “After I leave, start monitoring that mysterious man in black clothes. Do everything you can to find out the identity of the mysterious alchemist behind him.”

The two black-clothed men were death-sworn Martial Grand Masters groomed by Linlang Pavilion. They specialized in missions that had to be done in secret. As for Nangong Yan’s instructions, they could only object, and were not allowed to object.

Nangong Yan muttered to himself, “The ancient refining methods have already been lost for thousands of years. I absolutely cannot let go of this opportunity.”

Just as he muttered that, a dangerous aura suddenly came. Nangong Yan’s eyes gleamed as he fully utilized his perception.

“Danger! Be careful!”

The two Martial Grand Master cultivators did not sense that anything was wrong. When they heard these words, they quickly tensed up and stared at the door of the secret room.

Suddenly a small figure dropped down from the top. There were gleaming short swords in both her hands. She appeared right above the heads of the two man. The petite figure suddenly moved in the air, and a resplendent glow appeared on the short swords.

“Pu Ci!”

A stream of blood came from the necks of the two man. They cried out in pain and fell to the ground. In the blink of an eye, that mysterious girl killed two Martial Grand Masters.

Nangong Yan looked at the girl who appeared. After he ascertained her identify, he was shocked, “How could this be? A Sword Spirit who is actually able to leave their body and kill?!”

Ao Jiao did not answer Nangong Yan’s question. She let go of the two swords in her hands and they turned into light that flew towards the walls on both sides of the room.


The swords were sunk in the wall easily. Web-like cracks appeared in the wall... slowly spreading out until the entire room was covered in cracks.

Nangong Yan did not even have time to feel surprised, for Ao Jiao had already flown to his front. She was actually flying, and did not land on the ground at all. She released an incredible, tyrannical aura as she struck towards him.


In his hurry, Nangong Yan quickly struck out as well and received Ao Jiao’s unparalleled strike as both their palms met. Nangong Yan’s body flew uncontrollably backward. The tables behind him, as well at the cabinets containing herbs, were all smashed to smithereens.

“Pu Ci!”

A huge force came from Ao Jiao’s palm, blasting apart the Essence that Nangong Yan had gathered. His body smashed against the wall, and he vomited out a mouthful of blood.

Nangong Yan had a painful expression. Before he had time to say anything, he could feel the force in that palm increase again. With another loud ‘boom’, his entire body was blasted further into the wall.

Under the heavy palm, Nangong Yan could feel his internal organs had shifted position. There was a sense of helplessness in his heart. Despite his cultivation as a Martial King, he was not actually able to resist.

This Sword Spirit had at least the strength of a Medial Grade Martial Monarch. I wonder how strong is her master? Nangong Yan felt an indescribable shock.

However, he could not think of which expert he offended. Although his position was very respected in the Great Qin Nation, he was extremely low-profile. This was especially so in the last ten years. He had essentially entered a hidden state, and had never even appeared publicly in Mohe City.

“Might I ask who is your master? What grievance does he have with me?” Nangong Yan said in a hoarse voice. Even if he died, he wanted to know why.

Ao Jiao replied with an even fiercer palm strike. Nangong Yan vomited another mouthful of blood. His body was now buried even deeper into the wall.

There was now a human shaped hole in the wall that was tens of meters deep. It was formed by Nangong Yan when he was blasted into the wall by that irresistible force.

Ao Jiao suddenly withdrew her palm and Nangong Yan felt his body move. Before he could even breathe, Ao Jiao had already fiercely grabbed his collar and pulled, bringing him back into the secret room.

Within the secret room, the cracks in the wall created by the short swords earlier continued to extend further. Rocks continued to fall from the roof. This underground secret room was actually about to collapse.

“Do not ever think of doing what you were thinking of earlier again, ever!” Ao Jiao said this before rapidly disappearing.

The indescribably shocked Nangong Yan finally knew who he offended. Looking at the secret room that was about to collapse, he felt some heartache. The pills that he refined for the past ten years were stored in this secret room.

Although some of the peak level pills were stored in his Spatial Ring, all the pills below Rank 7, his efforts of ten years, could not be completely saved.

After finding the pills he obtained from Xiao Chen, Nangong Yan did not feel any more regrets, and quickly fled from the secret room. Two seconds after he left, the secret room collapsed with a loud ‘boom’.

Nangong Yan, who was on the floor, looked at the large hole in the ground with lingering fears. He still felt quite dazed. It was just five minutes, but his efforts for the past ten years completely disappeared just like that.