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Chapter 52: Who Killed Who?

Chapter 52: Who Killed Who?

After Xiao Chen put everything into the Universe Ring, he tightened the black cloak that he was wearing and left the booth. He ignored the two Tang Clan disciples that were following him and headed to the back door of Linlang Pavilion.

One of the two people following him said, “Go and report to the Second Young Master, I will keep following him first.”

“Alright, you follow him first. Be careful not to lose him. Or else, when the Second Young Master blames someone, both you and I will be in trouble.”

Tang Feng was anxiously waiting in his booth for news from his subordinates. This Inferior Grade Spirit Stone was something that his father had instructed him to obtain at all cost.

At this moment, his plans were disrupted by someone else. If he did not accomplish his mission and returned empty handed, he would not be able to avoid punishment.


The door to the booth was opened. Tang Feng saw that it was one of his escorts. He felt joyful and quickly said, “Is there any news yet? Who is this brazen person who dares to snatch away the things that I fancy?”

The escort had run all the way there, and was currently panting. He wanted to say something but could not do so.

Tang Feng scolded him, “You trash, quickly say what you have to say. If that person gets away, consider your wretched life forfeit.”

The escort panicked and said while gasping for breath, “Reporting... to Second... Young Master, the person was hidden in a big black cloak, and we were not able to see his appearance.”

“However, his cultivation was only in the Medial Grade Martial Disciple realm. Tang San is currently following him, he will not lose him.”

Just a Medial Grade Martial Disciple... Tang Feng’s eyes gleamed, “Did you see the auctioneer deliver the three items to his booth?”

“Yes, I saw him.”

“Good!” Tang Feng smiled coldly, “Just an insignificant Medial Grade Martial Disciple. To think that you actually dared to disrupt my plans twice. I want to see what remarkable abilities you have.”

“All four of you, go take care of this. Just a Medial Grade Martial Disciple... Don’t tell me you can’t handle this. I will go back first and report this situation to my father.”

“Second Young Master, rest assured. Not to mention a Medial Grade Martial Disciple, even a Superior Grade Martial Disciple would not be able to escape from us,” the Martial Master escort said to Tang Feng.

At this moment, in the backyard of Linlang Pavilion, Nangong Yan had arranged for people to tidy up the collapsed secret room. He was hoping that he would be able to recover some medicinal pills that were not damaged. After all, those were the result of ten years of effort. If it was gone just like that, it would cause his heart to ache.

Right at this moment, the steward of Linlang Pavilion auction came over. There was an extremely unsightly expression on his face as he stood behind Nangong Yan. He wanted to say something but he did not know how to phrase it.

When Nangong Yan saw the situation, he frowned and said unhappily, “Old Li, just speak your mind.”

When Old Li heard it, sweat continued to pour out of his forehead as he said carefully, “Pavilion Master, the matter that you entrusted to us has been dealt with already. That alchemist already bid on three items.”

When Nangong Yan heard this, he smiled, “I thought it was something bad. There is no need to be so anxious about such a small matter! Right, which were the items he bid on?”

When Old Li saw that the Pavilion Master’s mood did not seem bad, he relaxed slightly and said, “Rainbow Flame Python inner core, an Inferior Grade Spirit Stone, and a piece of Superior Grade Frost Iron.”

Nangong Yan laughed out loud, “His eyes are quite good. These are pretty good items. Even in Luojie Prefecture, these are still regarded as treasures.”

Old Li hesitated for a long time before finally making a decision. He slowly said, “However, the bids that he called out were quite high.”

Nangong Yan said somewhat unhappily, ”Why? Worried that I would not be able to afford it? That you would not be able to account to your superiors for this? What was the bid he called.”

“10 million… gold taels.”

“10 million…” Nangong Yan echoed halfway before his complexion changed, “How much did you say again? Repeat it to me.”

“Three items, the bid for each item was 10 million gold taels. That is a total of 30 million gold taels.” Old Li had already expected that the situation would not be good, but he still said it.”

“Fuck your grandmother!” When Nangong Yan heard that, he forgot about his status and scolded a vulgarity. The escorts around him and Old Li were all startled.

With regards to Nangong Yan’s identity, even if others were not aware of it, it was impossible that the people around him did not recognize him. He was the blood brother of the current Nangong Clan Head, Nangong Lie. He was also the Chief Imperial Alchemist of the Great Qin Nation.

He was someone who even the emperor had to fawn on. Nangong Yan’s anger was very clear, given that he forgot about his status and used a vulgarity.

This caused them to feel terrified. If Nangong Yan really wanted to blame someone, they might not be able to keep their heads.

Old Li knelt on the ground terrified, “Pavilion Master, should we send someone to capture him? He should not have gone far yet.”

When Nangong Yan heard this, he felt very angered. Even he was not his opponent. If these people went, they would not be able to return alive. He scolded them, “How reckless! Did I say that I want to pursue this matter?”

Old Li did not know what he said wrong, “Pavilion Master, weren’t you very angry earlier? Could it be that you are intending to let him off?”

Nangong Yan recovered his calm... The emotional strength of a Rank 7 alchemist was not that weak after all. He said indifferently, “You don’t have to bother about this matter. Remember to never cause trouble for that person.”

“If that person comes again in the future, treat him with due respect and without slighting him. As for the matter of the 30 million gold taels, I will deal with it.”

Looks like he had to leave later than he expected, Nangong Yan smiled bitterly. Looks like he could only rely on refining some Grade 7 pills to resolve this issue.

However, he still felt indignant. 30 million gold taels, what a bastard he was to call out such a bid.


Outside Linlang Pavilion, Xiao Chen was wearing his black cloak. As he slowly walked, he was monitoring the four people following him with his Spiritual Sense.

There is an Inferior Grade Martial Master and three Superior Grade Martial Disciples. This is a little tricky. I have to deal with that Martial Master as soon as possible, Xiao Chen thought, and he made plans in his heart.

Without realizing it, Xiao Chen had already walked to a desolate alley. The alley was very narrow, and could only allow two people to stand shoulder to shoulder. This was already quite a distance away from the bustling streets. There were no signs of anyone around.

This is where they would take action, Xiao Chen thought in his heart.

As Xiao Chen expected, when he raised his head, there was a cultivator dressed in blue in front of him. When Xiao Chen turned around, he saw three cultivators blocking the way behind him.

The Inferior Grade Martial Master was in front and the three Superior Grade Martial Disciples were behind. It was a pincer attack. It seems that Xiao Chen did not have an escape route.

“Following me all the way from Linlang Pavilion here. What business do you have with me?” While Xiao Chen was speaking, the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation was quickly circulating. All he needed was to kill the Martial Master in one strike.

“I can’t be bothered with your nonsense. If you know what is good for you then quickly hand over the things you obtained from the auction. Or else you will die a horrible death.”

Xiao Chen, under the cloak, revealed a faint smile. His Qi and blood were all surging, and he was now in his peak state. He was just waiting for the opponent to show an opening.

Xiao Chen pretended to be thinking; he turned and faced the Inferior Grade Martial Master, “You want the Inferior Grade Spirit Stone? I can give it to you…”

Just as he said that, he waved his hands and the Inferior Grade Spirit Stone flew out into the air. Under the sunlight, the Spirit Stone gave off a bright glitter. It moved in a high arch and slowly made its way to the Inferior Grade Martial Master.

Although the Inferior Grade Martial Master was suspicious that Xiao Chen handed over the Spirit Stone so obediently, he looked down on Xiao Chen for being a Medial Grade Martial Disciple that would not be any danger to him.

Just as the Spirit Stone was about to land, the Inferior Grade Martial Master who was staring at Xiao Chen shifted his gaze to the Spirit Stone in the air. He jumped and stretched out his right hand, intending to catch the falling Spirit Stone.

“Hu Chi!”

Xiao Chen smiled coldly in his heart as he shouted lightly. He stomped his foot on the ground, leaving a two-inch deep footprint. His figure was now moving towards the front like an arrow.

When the Inferior Grade Martial Master saw Xiao Chen make his move, he stopped trying to catch the Spirit stone and confidently sent out a palm strike, trying to stop Xiao Chen from attacking.

However, he had missed the key moment since he was not prepared for it. He could not stop Xiao Chen, who was in his peak state, from attacking with all his strength.

There was wind coming from his palm, whistling, and a purple light flickering. The Inferior Grade Martial Master felt electricity coming from that palm. He now felt a numb feeling spreading through his whole body. He found that his hands and legs were instantly stiff.


When Xiao Chen had the advantage, he did not show any mercy and kicked the person in front of him. Without fooling around, he kicked him into midair.


A stream of purple flames quickly spun around Xiao Chen’s finger. After an unknown amount of revolutions, it shot towards the person in the air. There was a melodious sound, and a hole the size of a finger appeared in his forehead.

When he was kicked into the air, the electricity that Xiao Chen attacked him with was already cleared out. When the flames shot towards him, his entire body was immediately engulfed.

However, this Purple Thunder True Fire of Xiao Chen was no longer the Purple Thunder True Fire of before. Its penetrating ability was now on another level. It instantly penetrated his Essence shield.

The flames that entered his brain started to burn within his body. The hole that was created by the flames grew larger and larger.

Under the sun, his body was now like a burning log. After he was burned, he turned to ashes that slowly fell from the sky. When the wind blew, they were scattered and turned into dust forever.

While it took a long time to describe everything that happened, all this actually took only an instant to occur. From the time he caused his opponent to go numb, to kicking him into mid-air and firing the Purple Thunder True Fire, only three breaths of time had passed.

When the three people behind saw their companion turned to ashes, there was a boundless fear that appeared in their eyes. In the blink of an eye, the strongest person was eliminated by Xiao Chen.

Was this person really a Medial Grade Martial Disciple? They cast their gazes on Xiao Chen, who was clad in that black cloak, once again. This time, Xiao Chen looked like the grim reaper that came from hell.

“Damn! No matter how strong he is, he is still just a Medial Grade Martial Disciple. Furthermore, he did not have a Spirit Weapon. I do not believe that he can kill all three of us,” one of the three men said bravely.

When the other two men heard that, they hurriedly drew their weapons. The mission that the Second Young Master had given them could not fail or else the punishment they would suffer would be very severe.

Although the person in front of them was terrifying, they still had a chance of winning. However, after they drew their weapons they realized they would not be useful in this narrow alley. They could not help but feel vexed.

Xiao Chen smiled as he ridiculed them slightly, “Did you think that I randomly walked into this alley? Since you so foolishly followed me, none of you will escape today.”