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Chapter 55: A Refreshing Wind Moving the Youth’s Heart

Chapter 55: A Refreshing Wind Moving the Youth’s Heart

Xiao Chen and Mo Fan both tidied up the secret room that had not been used for a long time, and spent half an hour doing it.

After that, Mo Fan inspected the furnace once again. He then said solemnly, “I am about to start the fire. When you hear my command, operate the bellows.”

Xiao Chen nodded his head and slowly walked toward the bellows. He grasped the handles, made of exquisite wood, with both hands. There was a cooling feeling coming from the wooden handle.


The flames in the furnace suddenly roared, and it instantly caused heatwaves in the entire underground room. However, what was strange was that it had an ingenious design. After the heatwave circulated once in the air, it slowly dissipated, scattering everywhere in the secret room in a well-distributed manner.

Furthermore, there was fresh air coming from the air vents. Although the underground room was still incredibly hot, it was not at an unbearable level. Xiao Chen abandoned the distracting thoughts in his head, tightening his grip on the handles and abruptly pulled backward.

“Chi! Chi!”

A strange thing happened… Xiao Chen was astonished to find that he was only able to pull it back by a few centimeters before not being able to pull it back any further. He felt alarmed in his heart. What was going on? No matter how useless I am, I still have the strength of a Medial Grade Martial Disciple.

Could it be that I am not able to move this tiny bellows?

The flames in the furnace slowly started to die down. Mo Fan hurriedly looked towards Xiao Chen’s side. He could not help but anxiously say, “Young Master Xiao, why are you not doing anything? The flames in the furnace are about to be extinguished. This furnace of mine is no ordinary furnace. Every time the fire is started, a large amount of Spirit Stones are exhausted. I can’t wantonly waste them.”

Xiao Chen felt very anxious; no matter how much strength he used, the bellows refused to move. The sweat on his forehead dripped down incessantly. What was going on? What exactly is the reason for this?

Mo Fan seemed to understand something and quickly came over to tell Xiao Chen that there was a trick to it.

Ao Jiao suddenly called out to stop him, “Now is not the time for you to be distracted. Continue to watch the furnace carefully and prepare to put the moonstones in. I will teach him.”


Xiao Chen suddenly felt as though something soft touched the back of his head. It felt incomparably comfortable. He actually felt a cooling sensation in this hot underground room. This caused him to calm down.

“You dumbo! This bellows cannot be operated just by using brute force. You have to follow the flow of the air when you use your strength. Or else, no matter how much strength you use, you won’t be able to pull it. If you used too much strength, you might even break the bellows.”

A fragrance entered Xiao Chen’s nose. Ao Jiao, who was floating in the air, was leaning closely on him. Ao Jiao’s firm and perky breasts were stuck to the back of his head. Her two slender arms were placed on his arms.

She slowly guided his arms, controlling the handle, pulling the bellows back. With a load roar, the flames in the furnace immediately soared. The temperature of the underground room suddenly increased by two folds.

However, Xiao Chen actually felt refreshed in his heart. At this moment, Ao Jiao’s voice was much more gentle than usual. It was like the most refreshing summer wind, and it slowly moved the restless heart of the youth.

Slowly, he forgot about the soft things at the back of his head. Under Ao Jiao’s guidance, Xiao Chen was operating the wooden handle that controlled the bellows at a pace that was not hurried or slow.

It was unclear when it happened, but Ao Jiao had already left Xiao Chen’s back. She was now entranced by Mo Fan, who was in front of the furnace.

Mo Fan took out a piece of Moonstone from behind him and muttered to himself, “How wasteful! When most people forged Spirit Weapons, they would only require some Moonstone powder. To think that he was actually throwing Moonstones in, piece after piece.”

“If I was not lacking in the other precious materials, with so much Moonstone there would be more than enough to forge a Sub-Divine Weapon.”

Ao Jiao stared at the Moonstones that were being continually dropped into the furnace. The image in front of her slowly started to turn blurred...

It was the same scene as a thousand year ago; a peerless youth bringing a large amount of Moonstones, heading to the Clear Sky Sect.

Because of his strong charisma, the Sect Master of Clear Sky Sect personally went down the mountain and forged the Sub-Divine Weapon, Thunder Wood Sword, himself.

When a five-colored, multicolored light rose into the air, strong Spiritual Energy enveloped the entire Clear Sky Sect. Everyone within 100 li could feel that overflowing sword intent.

Everyone knew that the sixth Sub-Divine Weapon that was created in the past thousand years was born. She was born of the red light of the rainbow. She seemed as pure at the fairies from heaven. That fully occupied face seemed to have a trace of immaturity, and was at a loss.

The newly born girl stood there quietly. With that somewhat immature face, she looked like a child.

However, all this did not cover up her pride. She just looked at the world without saying anything. Within a thousand li, tens of thousands of Spirit Weapons trembled because of her.

For she was the king of swords. She was the king of these tens of thousands of swords. Although she was just born, she had an unconcealable pride. Since I have been born, then I am King. All weapons will have to kneel to me in greeting. For I am the King of swords.

I am the Sub-Divine Weapon, the sword of Thunder Emperor Sang Mu!

No one will interfere with my pace. She used the sword and caused a light to streak across the sky, flying towards the clouds.

“The Sub-divine Weapon is flying!”

“She is going to choose a master!”

The astonished voices below sprang up repeatedly. However, they were full of joy. No one expected that this newly born Thunder Wood Sword would be so proud, that it wanted to choose its master.

However, this meant that they had a chance. If they could get it to yield to them, then they would be the master of this Sub-Divine Weapon. Sub-Divine Weapon—an object that all cultivators dreamed of.

However, that peerless man did not give them any chance. He only gave them three seconds to dream. They saw him fly into the sky in a similar manner. Just like a large roc spreading its wings, he was as fast as lightning. In an instant, he grasped the Thunder Wood Sword in his hands.

Sang Mu laughed loudly after he descended, his eyes was full of unconcealed joy as he said, “What a proud sword! From today on, you shall be called Ao Jiao. I, Sang Mu, will make you feel I am someone to be proud of.


The temperature of the underground room was growing higher and higher. Despite the ingenious design, when the furnace was burning at its max it was not possible to completely dissipate close to a thousand degrees of heat.

Xiao Chen’s clothes were all completely wet. In contrast, Mo Fan had already removed clothes from his upper half, revealing firm muscles.

Xiao Chen wiped the sweat off his forehead, he felt that his whole body was parched and hot. The entire underground room was like an oven. He felt that if he stayed here, he would be baked to well-done.

However, the critical moment had already arrived. Mo Fan was using his secret technique and mixing the boiling molten iron in the furnace. The previously large pile of Moonstones was already reduced to a few pieces.

At this time, they absolutely could not stop. Once they stopped, then all the work they had done would be for naught. The ‘Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon’ would be completely wasted.

However, it was now really hot and Xiao Chen seemed like he was about to faint. He dispiritedly operated the bellows; the moment he let go, he would collapse.

Just at this moment, a gust of refreshing air blew on Xiao Chen. This gust of air reached all the way to Xiao Chen’s heart, causing his parched body to cool down, making him feel very comfortable.

Although he could not turn his head, Xiao Chen could guess that this refreshing air came from Ao Jiao. Xiao Chen felt a warmth in his heart. To think that this girl could be this kind despite her foul mouth.

Right, aside from being kind, this girl was really ‘big’. When he thought of the scene earlier, Xiao Chen’s body actually reacted.

[TL notes: The big is referring to Ao Jiao’s breasts.]

Damn it! What was I thinking of? Xiao Chen furiously hit his own head before he finally calmed down. He then continued to operate the bellows.

The seconds ticked by, and everytime Xiao Chen was no longer able to stand it there would be a refreshing breeze coming from behind him. It would sweep away all the fatigue of his body, filling him with energy again.

The large pile of Moonstones were finally all thrown into the furnace, boiling within. All the Moonstones had turned into liquified metal. There were drops of Moonstone continually jumping up from the surface of the molten liquid.

Mo Fan carefully observed the molten liquid in the furnace, the heatwaves that kept coming from it not seeming to cause him any harm. Within the furnace, there was the yellow glow that was unique to the Moonstone.

Mo Fan’s expression turned grave as he took out the Peak Grade Frost Iron. His left hand moved in a circular motion, causing the molten liquid in the furnace to spin rapidly. An even more terrifying heatwave was sent everywhere.

“Pu Tong!”

Just as the liquified metal was turned into a perfect whirlpool, Mo Fan quickly placed the Peak Grade Frost Iron into the eye of the whirlpool, causing some to splash up.

The Peak Grade Frost Iron slowly melted, the yellow glow merging with the black glow, slowly intertwining and fusing. When the Frost Iron was completely melted, the yellow glow had already dissipated, and the molten liquid now had a pure black glow.

Mo Fan saw that the moment was right. He shouted loudly and slapped the furnace with his left hands. A huge suction force came from his palm. The molten liquid in the furnace started to roll around continuously, gathering in the air.

The sweat of Mo Fan’s forehead dripped continuously, falling down like rain. However, at this moment, he was not bothered about it. He was currently anxiously watching the liquid metal that was gathering in his palm.

Finally, all the molten metal in the furnace was sucked into the air, forming a metal ball that was about the size of a soccer ball. It was giving off a terrifying heatwave as it spun continuously.


Just at this moment, a resplendent light came suddenly from Ao Jiao’s hand. In the next moment, a stream of light shot out from her hands and flew into the metal ball.

Mo Fan said in astonishment, “This is...Battle Sage Origins!

Battle Sage Origins was the strongest attacking origin energy. With it, Spirit weapons could develop the most powerful Battle Sage Attack in this world.

According to the legends, the Battle Sage Origins were separated into six portions. Each portion represented a different understanding of an attacking technique. The six portions of Battle Sage Origins were inlaid into six different Sub-Divine Weapons.

According to the rumors, if these six Sub-Divine Weapons were gathered together and the Battle Sage Origins were all collected, it could form a new Divine Weapon. However, from ancient times to now, in the tens of thousands of years of the history of the Tianwu Continent, there only existed ten Divine Weapons.

As for the validity of this legend, no one knows. No one had ever managed to gather these six Sub-Divine Weapons together.