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Chapter 56: Initial Appearance of the Sub-Divine Weapon

Chapter 56: Initial Appearance of the Sub-Divine Weapon

Mo Fan withdrew his thoughts and extended his left hand, and the extremely hot metal ball gave off a resplendent light. Mo Fan squinted when that happened as he took out a golden silk glove and slowly put it on his left hand.

It was unknown what material the golden silk glove was made from, but Mo Fan actually touched the hot metal ball that was giving off terrifying heatwaves while wearing it.

“Chi Chi!”

The metal ball gave off an intense rubbing sound while it was held in the golden silk glove. A column of green smoke wafted from its surface. The terrifying temperature of the metal ball was very apparent.

However, the golden silk glove did not melt. Mo Fan frowned as he held the metal ball. He then quickly went to the metal table that was beside him and placed the metal ball on it.


Suddenly, a golden hammer appeared in his right hand. With a flash of light, the golden hammer struck the metal ball firmly.

Forging had to take place while the metal was hot; this was very logical. Mo Fan held the golden hammer and continuously struck the metal ball. A golden glow, that could be seen with the naked eye, enveloped the golden hammer. Each time the hammer crashed down, there was a flash of resplendent golden light.

This piercing golden light almost caused one to be unable to open one’s eyes. Slowly, Mo Fan’s entire body had a layer of golden light enveloping him.

“Clear Sky Hammer! It is truly the Clear Sky Hammer.”

At this moment, there was no longer anything for Xiao Chen to do. He just stood by the wall, watching incredulously at the golden hammer in Mo Fan’s hand.

Clear Sky Hammer... According to the legends, it had the ability to turn something of poor quality into something mystical. It was the equipment of dreams for all forgers. Unfortunately, it could only be obtained as the result of one’s bloodline. Only after awakening the Clear Sky Hammer Martial Spirit, could one use it. It was impossible for an outsider to obtain.

This was completely out of Xiao Chen’s expectations. He had never expected that the descendants of the Clear Sky Sect still existed. No wonder he could just casually say that he would forge a Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon.

For those who had awakened the Clear Sky Hammer, as long as they had the necessary materials, it would be an easy thing to forge a Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon.

Thinking of this, Xiao Chen’s emotions surged. After putting in so much effort, he would be able to obtain an authentic Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon. It had been worth it!.

Due to the fact that Ao Jiao inserted the Battle Sage Origins into it, its toughness was much better than ordinary metals by many folds. After more than a few thousand hammer strikes, it slowly started to change its shape.

The left hand that was wearing the golden silk glove was continually changing the position of the piece of metal. The right hand was hammering away incessantly, like rain falling from the sky in a storm. Due to this, his left hand needed to control the piece of metal in a very accurate and precise manner.

This kind of technique that involves multitasking was very difficult for an ordinary person to accomplish. Normally, two people would be cooperating together in such scenarios.

However, Mo Fan was able to accomplish this with just himself. This could only be attributed to the fact that the inheritors of the Clear Sky Hammer were that talented, and even the flattery of others could not measure up to their true abilities.

After the golden light flashed for a few thousand times, the resplendent metal piece started to have a rudimentary shape of a saber. Mo Fan flicked his finger and shot a Rank 6 lightning attributed Demonic Core into it.


There was a loud crash! The Clear Sky Hammer hammered firmly on the spot where the Demonic Core entered the metal. An incomparably brilliant light was released, the entire underground room was filled with golden light.

Xiao Chen was no longer able to keep his eyes open. When the golden light disappeared, crackling arcs of electricity jumped around on the rudimentary saber.

“What a strong lightning attributed Demonic Core,” Xiao Chen was astonished in his heart.

Ao Jiao, who had shot out the Battle Sage Origins, actually started to turn illusionary. She seemed extremely weak as her gaze was tightly fixed on that lump of metal that was about to be turned into a Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon. Her vision seemed to turn blurry again.

It was a scorching day in a desolate desert. There was a man dressed in black clothing that was riddled with scars. In his hand was a broken sword. As he slowly walked in the desert, he left behind many deep footprints.

“Blockhead Master, am I dying soon?” Suddenly, a girl's voice came out from the broken sword.

The body of the man was covered in horrifying sword scars, and each step he took, blood would drip onto the yellow sand. Despite the terrifying temperature, his blood actually did not evaporate immediately.

Aside from the continuous footprints, there was a trail of blood left behind in this barren desert. The scorching sun that hung high in the air made him look utterly miserable.

Hearing the voice coming from the sword, he revealed an expression of unswerving determination. There was a smile on his face as he said, “You won’t die. There are another three li before we arrive at Phoenix’s Passion Palace. Their Palace Master owes me a favor. I will borrow their Divine Stone to seal you up.”

There were indistinct sounds of sobbing coming from the sword, as though the girl within it was crying. The sound was filled with an incomparable grief.

The man suddenly stopped walking; his face revealed an anguished expression before he slowly said, “Are you crying? Having made you cry... I’m too useless…”

Above the ninth heavens, within Phoenix's Passion Palace.

“Sang Mu, my father is in secluded trained. It is inconvenient for him to see you. Please leave.”

“Does he not wish to see me, or is it that he does not dare to see me?” The man in black clothing asked indifferently.

“I gave you face, yet you rejected it. You are a dying person; to think you actually want our Divine Stone. What a joke! Scram quickly! If you still don’t leave, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

“To think that the Phoenix’s Passion Palace, that was passed down for tens of thousands of years, is not even able to do something as simple as keeping a promise. How unexpected! However, I’m definitely getting that Divine Stone.”

“You are seeking death… To think that you dare to kill me.”

Before the Young Palace Master of the Phoenix’s Passion Palace finished his words, a bloody hole appeared in his forehead. He died with a remaining grievance, looking at Sang Mu. He had not expected that a dying man would actually take such actions against him.

Sang Mu looked indifferently at the collapsed Phoenix’s Passion Palace Young Palace Master

Within Seven Horn Mountain, Sang Mu, who had snatched the Divine Stone, only had one last remaining breath left when he returned to his cave.

He had a look of despair as he looked at the broken sword in his hand. Bright lights were flashing from it, and as he inserted the sword into the Divine Stone, he said, “I hope you will find a master that will not cause you to cry a thousand years later.”

Just as he finished saying that, the holy imprint of the Vermilion Bird that the Palace Master of Phoenix’s Passion Palace planted in him exploded. After an intense explosion, a fiery-red Vermilion Bird flew out from his body. Thunder Emperor Sang Mu turned into dust like this.


“Pu Chi!”

Mo Fan’s hand had slapped the huge vat, the water of the Underworld’s Yellow Springs sprayed upwards and landed on the Spirit Weapon. After the hot metal was quenched, the final step of creating this Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon was completed.

After the water of the Underworld’s Yellow Springs evaporated and dispersed, a completely pitch black saber appeared on the table. Countless arcs of electricity blossomed from the body of the saber.

Everyone in the underground room could feel the terrifying might that was contained in the arcs of electricity. Xiao Chen’s body even trembled when he felt it.

At the same time, in the skies above the smithy, the sky was full of dark clouds, and thunder kept crackling.

Feeling the strange changes happening, Mo Fan quickly said, “Young Master Xiao, quickly come and claim the weapon. Or else this Spirit Weapon will end up being an ownerless weapon.”

Xiao Chen recovered his wits and hurried. He took a few steps over to the Spirit Weapon on the Metal Table. The appearance had completely met all of Xiao Chen’s expectations. The streamlined sword body was comparable to the scythe blade of the mystical Grim Reapers.

Looking at this newly born Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon, Xiao Chen suppressed his excitement as he held it in his hands. Instantly, the arcs of electricity disappeared. There was only a reserved glow on the black saber body.

In the instant Xiao Chen grasped the saber, the strange phenomena outside vanished. The dark clouds scattered and the sunlight shone on the earth again.

“What a good saber! I shall still call you Lunar Shadow. From now on, you are my Lunar Shadow Saber. I will not let you be destroyed again,” Xiao Chen sighed in praise.

Just at this moment, Xiao Chen suddenly discovered that the space around him was distorting. After 15 minutes, he found himself on a platform on the top of an isolated mountain peak.

He felt a pair of eyes on him, staring at him from behind. Xiao Chen quickly turned his head, and he saw a pale man in black clothing staring at him.

Xiao Chen was startled. He was not able to feel this man appear behind him. Furthermore, he just stood there quietly, causing Xiao Chen to feel extremely pressured.

He quickly tried to send out his Spiritual Sense. However, he was astonished to find that he was not able to send out his Spiritual Sense in this place.

Even so, he remained calm. This was because he did not feel any killing intent coming from the man in front of him.

“Who are you? Where are we?” Xiao Chen said to the man, feeling suspicious.

The man looked at the Lunar Shadow Saber in Xiao Chen’s hands and slowly opened his mouth to say, “Lunar Shadow… Good name!”

In the next moment, the saber in Xiao Chen’s hands suddenly appeared in the hands of the man. Xiao Chen was startled. He was about to make a move but he discovered that his body seemed to be shackled, he was not able to move at all. He was not even able to open his mouth slightly.

The person held the Lunar Shadow Saber and took a strange stance. hen he just stood still without making any movements. Standing on the mountain peak, the chilly winds were continually blowing his hair around and causing his pale countenance to be revealed.

Even though Xiao Chen was a man, he could not help but feel in his heart that this man had peerless looks. If he were on Earth, he definitely would be able to put those male idols to shame.

Slowly, Xiao Chen understood the meaning of the stance the man in front of him took. This was one of the stances of the Battle Sage Origins. It was an ever-changing attacking technique.

This man seemed to be wanting to pass on his understanding of this Battle Sage Origins for Xiao Chen to be able to be enlightened a little. The strength of the man in front of him was definitely not ordinary. This was a chance he could not miss.

Xiao Chen quickly quieted himself and carefully observed. When he was completely focused, Xiao Chen strangely discovered that the man seemed like he was moving. However, he was clearly just standing in his original spot without moving.

An incomparably profound saber technique appeared in his mind, however, in the next moment the shockingly mighty saber technique actually turned into a heaven-splitting, earth-shattering sword technique. Then, in the next moment, it turned into a world-shaking spear technique that was like a violent storm.

When his state of mind turned clear, the image he saw turned back to the man holding the saber and standing still without moving.

Xiao Chen tried imitating the killing move he saw in his mind to attack the man in front of him. However, every time he got near, his move would be defeated with one move. Regardless of the method he used, or the techniques, it would be broken.

The man’s attack was thousands of times more ferocious. He defeated each move with one strike, and with every strike the heavens shook.

Xiao Chen moved his finger, before suddenly realizing that he could move. The Lunar Shadow Saber had also returned to his hands. Xiao Chen hurriedly said, “Many thanks to Senior for the lesson. Might I ask what your great name is?”

The man did not answer Xiao Chen’s question and just said what he wanted, “Battle Sage Origins, Qi of the attack, they do not need to be confined to the weapon type, or limited to the number of attacks. One move destroys tens of thousands of techniques. One Qi shakes the heavens.”

“Remember to not let her cry.”

When he finished, a huge Thunder Roc flew over from below the mountain. The man jumped on the Thunder Roc and flew away.

The strange space then disappeared. The scene within the underground room returned back to Xiao Chen’s regular sight.