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Chapter 58: Wager

Chapter 58: Wager

The purple lightning’s might did not diminish much after breaking the three streams of sword Qi. Given Zhang He’s strength as a Medial Grade Martial Master, it would be easy for him to avoid it. However, when he saw who fired it, he immediately changed his mind.

“Pu Ci!”

The boundless dancing sword Qi crossed everywhere; the resplendent lightning was swallowed up by the sword Qi and vanished.

“Xiao Chen, are you intending to help this trash? This is against the rules of the arena,” Zhang He smiled coldly as he looked at Xiao Chen, who was below the arena.

Xiao Jian, who was currently covered in injuries, was already finding it hard to stand up. He attempted to stand up with his back arched forward, his eyes full of a painful expression as he smiled with difficulty, “You are only a piece of trash, I don’t need you to help me.”

Seeing how untactful Xiao Jian was, Xiao Chen could not be bothered with him. Xiao Chen faced Zhang He and said, “Whether I broke the rules or not is not determined by you. Earlier, when you made your move, it was clear you were attempting to kill him or cripple him. I do not recall that this arena handles life-or-death battles.”

“Arena Master, what do you think? If the eldest son of the Xiao Clan clan head died in your arena, even you would not be able to shrug off responsibility,” Xiao Chen turned around and said to a middle-aged man.

That arena master smiled awkwardly. It was true that his arena did not have the rights to organize life-or-death battles. In order to organize this type of battle there was a requirement of applying to a higher leveled arena.

Even so, it was rare that people would make a fuss about this kind of matter. Even if the arena had organized a life-or-death battle, there would not be anyone coming to kick up a fuss.

This arena master actually had a deep background. He was not actually afraid of Xiao Chen, but at this moment, Xiao Chen attacked his weak point in front of the crowd. This had made things difficult for him.

He waved his hands casually, “Two of you! Go carry Young Master Xiao down. Take that Spirit Weapon in his hands and give it to Young Master Zhang. Young Master Zhang won this duel.”

Xiao Jian felt unsatisfied but at this moment, he did not have any capabilities to resist. He was carried down easily by the two cultivators.

Zhang He picked up that Spirit Weapon, threw it to someone below the arena, and smiled, “Superior Grade Yellow Ranked Spirit Weapon, this is not bad. Zhang Wu, this is for you.”

That person was also only of the cultivators of the Zhang Clan. When he suddenly obtained a Superior Grade Yellow Ranked Spirit, he excitedly smiled and said, “Many thanks, Young Master!”

“Let’s go. Now I think about it, the Xiao Clan does not have any experts. They are all just a bunch of trash,” Zhang He turned around and wanted to leave.

The person called Zhang Wu followed and said, “Indeed, So much for the strongest person of Mohe city’s youngest generation. He was not even able to touch the corner of Young Master’s shirt. What a bunch of nonsense!”

“I hear that Zhang He was studying at the White Cliff School in the Prefecture City. The one who is teaching him was a supreme elder of the Misty Sword Sect.”

“Misty Sword Sect, with regards to their understanding to the way of the sword, it could be said that they are without rival in the Great Qin Nation. Since he is learning from their supreme elder, no wonder he is so powerful.”

“Indeed. Actually, Xiao Jian is not weak. He already became a Martial Master at such a young age. However, he was still not able to touch even the corner of Zhang He’s shirt.”

“You guys are not aware of this, but what Zhang He released was authentic sword Qi and it was not the release of Essence. He was born with the Clear Sky Sword Martial Spirit. Due to this reason, he is able to release the sword Qi that only Martial Saints and above can release.

“With the Clear Sky Sword Martial Spirit, and a master of the way of the sword, it seems like no one in Mohe City would be able to compete with him. Looks like in this Promise of Ten Years, Seven Horn Mountain would be changing owners.

Everyone below the arena was discussing the duel that just took place. Seeing that Zhang He was about to leave, they all expressed their own thoughts. It had to be said that amongst them, some of these people had quite unique opinions.

When Zhang He heard these discussions, there was only a slight change in his expressions but he felt smug and conceited in his heart. When he was in the prefecture city, his talent could only be considered as above average, and he was not at the peak. However, in this tiny Mohe City, he could be said to be unrivaled amongst his own generation.

“Leaving so fast after bullying someone?” Xiao Chen looked at the two men leaving and suddenly called out indifferently.

Zhang He was stunned. Then he turned around and smiled, “Xiao Chen, you aren’t so naive to challenge me right?”

“Why not?!” Xiao Chen gazed fearlessly at Zhang He; there was no trace of cowardice in his gaze.

Zhang He acted as though he had heard the funniest joke in the world. He pointed to his own nose and said, “Are you thinking that after I praised you for a bit, you now think that it is true and consider yourself as somebody to be taken seriously?”

Zhang Wu had just obtained a Spirit Weapon, thus, he was eager to show off, “First Young Master, this fellow is too reckless. With a Medial Grade Martial Disciple cultivation, he dares to challenge you. Let me go and test him out.”

Zhang He considered it in his heart. Zhang Wu was at the peak of Superior Grade Martial Disciple realm. Furthermore, he now has a Spirit Weapon. Xiao Chen was only a Medial Grade Martial Disciple, but he had a bizarre flame.

However, he did not have a Spirit Weapon, so he should not be Zhang Wu’s match. Thus, he said, “Sure, but be careful of his Martial Spirit. It was a flame that is very persistent.”

When Zhang He heard this, he jumped onto the arena and shouted loudly to Xiao Chen, “Trash of the Xiao Clan, you are not worthy of making the Young Master of my clan act. I, Zhang Wu, am sufficient to defeat you with ease.”

“This Zhang He… He must be thinking of showing off now that he obtained a Spirit Weapon.”

“Although he is not comparable to Xiao Jian, he is a peak Superior Grade Martial Disciple. Amongst the younger generation of Mohe City, he can still be considered an expert.”

“This Xiao Chen is truly reckless. When he was still trash, anyone would be able to bully him. Now that he condensed his Martial Spirit, he became so arrogant. How reckless!”

“You know what? This Xiao Chen had managed to raise to Medial Grade Martial Disciple within a month. His talent is not bad.”

“Even if his talent is not bad, he is still only a Medial Grade Martial Disciple. Furthermore, he does not have a Spirit Weapon. It would be impossible for him to defeat Zhang Wu.

Xiao Chen’s gaze was as calm as water. When he heard the discussion coming from below, it did not disrupt his state of mind. He just looked at Zhang Wu indifferently and said, “You are not my opponent. However, if you wish to battle, then put that Spirit Weapon in your hand up for wager.

Zhang Wu smiled, “What an arrogant fellow you are. Fine, I agree. However, what are you going to do if you lose?”

“Naturally I will give you a treasure of equivalent value.”

The two of them stood in front of the arena master and signed the agreement for the duel. This was not a life-or-death duel. Thus, in this battle if it became obvious that the other person was no longer able to battle, they were not allowed to kill him.

If one gave up, the other was not allowed to make any further moves. Or else, it would be considered as going against the rules and they would lose the item they wagered.

The two of them stood in their respective corners of the arena and bowed to each other. With this, the duel was considered to have started.

Xiao Chen did not wish to waste too much time on this duel; he still had to duel with Zhang He later, and that was the important one. This duel had to end fast. Thus, he decided to make the first move.


Before entering the arena, Xiao Chen had already started rapidly circulating his Purple Thunder Divine Incantation, and he was already in his peak condition long ago.

The moment they finished bowing, Xiao Chen stomped on the ground abruptly, moving forward. He leaped forward, and before the sound of wind could be heard he had already arrived.

What a fast speed! Zhang Wu was astonished. He had not expected that, despite his lower cultivation realm, Xiao Chen would make the first move. He was too daring.

He quickly retreated backward by two steps and his right hand grasped onto his sword. While he was retreating, he sent out a sword light, trying to make Xiao Chen retreat temporarily.

“Pu Ci!”

An electrical glow appeared on Xiao Chen’s arm. Xiao Chen looked at the concentrated sword light, and there was a gleam in his eyes; he did not have any intention of evading.

Using his finger as a sword, he looked very imposing. He moved as fast as lightning and jabbed his finger into that sword light.

“What is he doing? If he goes in directly like this, he is going to lose one of his arms,” someone in the crowd below exclaimed.

The corner of Zhang Wu’s mouth curled up in a cold smile. Your speed may be fast, but my sword light has already completely enveloped me. If you dare to charge in, you will lose your arm.

When Zhang He saw this, he could not understand what was going on. Only a person who had tempered their body to the point where their tendons were like bronze and bone like iron would dare to use their body to go against a Spirit Weapon.

This Xiao Chen had clearly not trained to such a level yet. Why was he so daring to jab his hand into Zhang Wu’s sword light?

Xiao Chen’s right arm had already come in contact with the borders of the sword light. If he went forward just a little more, his palm would be cut off, turning into a true piece of trash in the future.

However, at this moment, Xiao Chen’s right hand suddenly stopped. His hands stopped stably right in front of that sword light.

His right hand continuously kept making hand seals. Within one breath of time, there was an inexhaustible number of changes.

When Zhang He saw Xiao Chen stopped, he felt that this was an obvious opening. He wanted to move the sword light forward and attack him.


A bolt of lightning appeared from nowhere, causing a clap of thunder and striking towards Zhang Wu’s head.

This was Xiao Chen’s modified Lightning Descend. Its might was significantly smaller than the original, but it was far more efficient. After he got close, he was able to instantly execute it.

Zhang He was puzzled by the feint that Xiao Chen pulled. When he discovered the danger, it was already too late for him to avoid it. He could only release all the Essence in his body to defend against this bolt of lightning that appeared from nowhere.


The lightning traveled from his head to his foot. Due to the fact that its might had been significantly decreased, he did not suffer any serious damage. However, he was now paralyzed and could not move temporarily.

While you are affected, I shall make a move! This was Xiao Chen’s plan. He immediately went forward and jabbed Zhang Qu’s chest six times.

Six streams of purple fire pierced through Zhang Wu’s chest. They then fell onto the floor of the arena and burned through for about half a meter before being extinguished.

Due to the fact that killing was not allowed in the arena, Xiao Chen did not cause the purple fire to remain in his body. Or else, Zhang Wu would have immediately turned into ashes.

“How is this possible? He was actually able to defeat Zhang Wu in an instant.”

“Indeed, that flame at the end was very tyrannical. Zhang Wu had already used all his Essence to cover his entire body, yet he was able to bore through six holes.”

“However, Xiao Chen was very shrewd. If Zhang Wu had not been surprised by him, then that bolt of lightning would not have struck Zhang Wu in the first place.” The people below the arena started to cry out in surprise, they had not expected Xiao Chen to be able to defeat Zhang Wu in two moves.

Zhang He jumped onto the arena and pressed on a few of Zhang Wu’s acupoints, stopping the bleeding. Then he took out some Golden Salve and scattered them on the wounds.

“After not meeting for a while, your flames have turned even more tyrannical. However, if you want to duel with me, then you need to take something out to wager.”

Xiao Chen did not say anything and received the Spirit Weapon from the arena master. He then threw it to the front of Xiao Jian. As most of Xiao Jian’s injuries were external, he had already recovered. He looked at Xiao Chen with a complicated expression; his gaze had many expressions intermingled in it.


Xiao Chen suddenly took out the Lunar Shadow Saber in his Universe Ring and slowly threw it into the middle of the two of them. The Lunar Shadow Saber was stuck in the rock that made up the floor of the arena.

Without making a single sound, the saber easily slid into it, leaving only a handle. Proving the sharpness of Lunar Shadow.

“Superior Grade Profound Ranked Spirit Weapon!” Excitement flashed in Zhang He’s eyes as he stared at the Lunar Shadow Saber, which was in the middle of the arena.