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Chapter 59: Demonic Weapon Lunar Shadow

Chapter 59: Demonic Weapon Lunar Shadow

“Since you wish to offer me this Profound Ranked Spirit Weapon, I shall reluctantly accept it,” Zhang He said arrogantly as he gazed excitedly at the Lunar Shadow that was inserted into the rock.

Xiao Chen waved his hands vigorously and caused the Lunar Shadow Saber in the rock to fly into his hands. He said, “I want your Shadow Bearing Sword.”

Zhang He’s complexion changed; this Shadow Bearing Sword was also a Profound Ranked Spirit Weapon. When he became a Martial Master, his clan had bestowed the Shadow Bearing Sword unto him. He had never expected that Xiao Chen actually wanted to take it away.

It was only wishful thinking. This inheritance of his Zhang Clan was not an ordinary Spirit Weapon. In the past hundred years, many people attempted to obtain it, but they had all failed.

Zhang He smiled coldly, “What bold words! To think you actually want my Shadow Bearing Sword. Do you think that you will still be alive to take it?”

“This fellow must be crazy. After defeating Zhang Wu, he had already regained the prestige of the Xiao Chen. To think that he would continue to challenge Zhang He.”

“The cultivation of these two differed by an entire realm. This kind of difference cannot be made up for with external objects. Unless he has a Heaven Ranked Martial Technique or a Divine Weapon.”

“Heaven Ranked Martial Technique? Is that even possible? The Misty Sword Sect only has an Inferior Grade Heaven Ranked Martial Technique for their inheritance. How could the Xiao Clan have one?”

“Even if there is one, with his cultivation realm, if he used it, it would be a suicidal move ending in mutual destruction.”

The two people in the arena ignored all the sounds of discussions below. They went to the arena master and signed the agreement before starting the duel.

The identity of the two were quite special. Furthermore, they had a grudge with each other. The arena master was afraid of an unsavory incident happening, thus, he went up and said, “I shall say this just once: when one side has given up, the other side is absolutely not allowed to make a move. Or else, I shall take action personally.”

This arena master may look ordinary but in actual fact, in Mohe City, anyone who dared to open an arena was at least a Martial Grand Master. Or else, it would be easy to find a person who could defeat the arena master, and then there would not be any need for that arena to exist anymore.

The two of them did not pay too much attention to the arena master’s words. They were not stupid; they would definitely not kill each other. Or else, this might cause a war between their two clans. The most each would do would be to cripple the other’s cultivation.

In the arena, the two of them went to their allotted corners, gazing at each other and releasing their killing intent. They were waiting for a good opportunity before making a move.

Their auras were clashing with each other in the air. Although their bodies were not moving, an invisible battle had been taking place long before. The thing that led Zhang He to be astonished was that Xiao Chen’s aura was not weaker than his. He was actually not able to suppress Xiao Chen with his aura.

The crowd below also felt that it was strange. With Xiao Chen’s cultivation, he actually was able to resist Zhang He. Perhaps this duel would not be one-sided after all.

“Earlier, Xiao Jian, an Inferior Grade Martial Master, was not even able to touch the corner of my shirt. Do you think that you, a Medial Grade Martial Disciple, have a chance?” Seeing that he was not able to use his aura to suppress Xiao Chen, he attempted to use words to demoralize him, hoping to cause him to show an opening.

Xiao Chen was not a rash person like Xiao Jian; he knew what Zhang He was attempting to do. He replied in ridicule, “When I was an Inferior Grade Martial Disciple, I was able to cause you to vomit blood. Now that I am a Medial Grade Martial Disciple, it would not be impossible for me to kill you.”

Zhang He smiled indifferently, “Who do you think you are? One of the descendants of the Holy Lands? Be able to defy the natural order and transcend cultivation realm? My Clear Sky Sword has yet to come out. To think you believe that you have such substance.”

“Whether or not I possess such substance, you will know after we fight,” Xiao Chen said coldly, deciding to make the first move.

In the end, His cultivation differed from Zhang He’s by an entire realm. If they kept confronting each other like this, it was likely that he would be the first to show an opening. When that happened, he might end up being killed in one move.

Lightning Evasion!

There was a clap of thunder as Xiao Chen abruptly appeared behind Zhang He. The Lunar Shadow Saber slashed across the air, leaving behind a black saber shadow, and rapidly hacked at Zhang He.

In the instant Xiao Chen disappeared from his original spot, Zhang He already felt that something was wrong. After he heard the clap of thunder, he immediately knew Xiao Chen’s location.

He opened both his hands, bent his knees, and leaped up. He had already left the ground but there was actually the image of a huge roc behind him.

“This is the technique that made the supreme elder of the Misty Sword Sect famous: Heavenly Roc Spreading Wings. According to the rumors, once it is practiced to the large success stage, it can allow the user to wander the four seas freely and fly for a thousand li in the time required to take a breath,” a knowledgeable person below said.

“Because of this movement technique, Xiao Jian was not able to touch even the corner of his shirt. I originally thought that the secret technique that Xiao Chen executed would be able to resolve this problem. Looks like it was not able to though,” someone sighed.

Zhang He, who leaped up, did not land on the ground again. He actually turned in a strange manner, as though he was a huge bird, flying towards Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen frowned slightly. He was feeling astonished in his heart. This Heavenly Roc Spreading Wings was indeed powerful. It was able to allow the user temporary flight. Looks like the rumors about it were true.


Before he could think too much, as Zhang He’s speed was extremely fast, the two of them clashed together.

Xiao Chen’s cultivation realm was lower than Zhang He’s. Although he could rely on the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit for exceptionally majestic strength, and exhibit a strength that exceeds his body, he did not have a higher ranked Spirit Weapon. He was not able to completely exhibit the full extent of the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit. Thus, in a competition of strength, he was still slightly inferior to Zhang He.

In addition to Zhang He, with the momentum of the Heavenly Roc Spreading Wings, was this sword of his, which contained a strength that bordered on the strength of a Martial Grand Master.

When the sword and saber clashed, a huge force came from the sword. This caused Xiao Chen to not be able to withstand it and fly backward.

The more problematic thing was the Qi of the Clear Sky Sword went into his body via the sword. The holy sword that existed in the ancient times turned into sword Qi and attacked his meridians; it was incredibly tyrannical.

As he retreated, Xiao Chen attempted to resolve this terrifying sword Qi. Only when he reached the boundaries of the arena and had one leg in the air over the boundary lines, did he manage to dissipate the sword Qi.

The foot still on the ground pushed off and he somersaulted in the air before landing firmly in the arena.

Everyone cried out in surprise; they originally he would be sent flying out of the arena by Zhang He’s sword. They did not expect him to manage to stay standing in the arena.

However, there were many people who did not understand why Zhang He did not make a further move despite such a good opportunity. This way he could have made Xiao Chen fly out of the arena. Everyone in the crowd was discussing this.

Hearing the discussion of the crowd, Zhang He was not able to explain his difficulties. Although his sword Qi had entered into Xiao Chen’s body earlier, the electricity in Xiao Chen’s saber had also entered into his body.

The electricity generated by the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation was not much weaker than the Qi of his holy sword. If he did not dissipate it, it might result in a hidden damage in the latter part of the duel.


After he completely dissipated the electricity, Zhang He shouted. That huge heavenly roc behind him actually let out a clear cry.

His figure streaked across the air, leaving behind a shadow. A two-meter long sword light appeared on the body of his sword. Using that speed, coupled with a boundless aura, he flew towards Xiao Chen.

“The heavenly roc actually cried out. This is the second layer of the Heavenly Roc Spreading Wings. To think at his young age, he was able to train this supreme secret art to the second layer.”

“Indeed! How terrifying! According to rumors, the Sword Sage of Misty Sword Sect was able to make the heavenly roc give off a divine cry that was able to shatter the hearts and lungs of others without even making a move.”

“Furthermore, this Zhang He activated the boundless might of the Clear Sky Sword. The holy sword combined with the heavenly roc. This time, Xiao Chen will be defeated.”

Towards the valiant Zhang He, the crowd below cried out in surprise again. With such strong might, everyone was sure that Xiao Chen stood no chance of winning.

Even against a Martial Grand Master, Zhang He’s move should be effective. Even the arena master’s expression changed when he saw Zhang He exhibit the second layer of the Heavenly Roc Spreading Wings.

Xiao Chen’s expression was grave when he saw this sword flying towards him. He knew he could no longer hold back. He grasped the Lunar Shadow Saber in his hands and gently flipped it over.

The Lunar Shadow Saber started to rotate rapidly. There was a turbulent surge of Qi engulfing outwards. This caused the surrounding people to feel their entire bodies tremble.

Electrical light like that of a thunderbolt appeared on the body of the saber. Although it was already dusk, the sky actually seemed like it was lit up, as though it was daytime.

However, what led people to be horrified was a tyrannical Qi coming from the saber. It was like the roar of a thunder beast, berserk and ferocious, and it felt like a magnificent army was arriving.

“This is bad; this Spirit Weapon actually has a Demonic Core inlaid into it. It is probably a Martial King leveled Demonic Beast. Everyone Run! If the Demonic Qi was leaked, ordinary cultivators will bleed from their seven orifices and die.”

[TL notes: The seven orifices of the human head: 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, 1 mouth]

“How terrifying! Within this insignificant Mohe city, a Spirit Weapon with a Demonic Core actually appeared.”

The crowd ran in horror and scattered everywhere, but they did not go too far. They had stood far away looking excitedly at the duel taking place.

The crowd had originally thought that with the Clear Sky Sword, it would be a one-sided battle in favor to Zhang He. They did not expect that Xiao Chen had a Demonic Weapon. Mohe City had not had such an exciting battle for a long time already, and naturally they could not miss this battle.

The supreme movement technique, Heavenly Roc Spreading Wings, coupled with the ancient holy sword Clear Sky Sword, fiercely clashed against the Lunar Shadow Saber that had a Demonic Core of the Rank 6 Demonic Beast, Thunder Roc.


The Electrical light clashed with the sword light. A loud sound came from the arena, causing the crowd far away to feel like they went deaf. It was extremely terrifying.

Blood was trickling from the corner of Xiao Chen’s mouth. He took a heavy step backward’ on the stone floor, a one-meter deep indentation of his foot was left. This showed how much pressure Xiao Chen had to withstand.

Zhang He’s body flew backward in the air. Using the Heavenly Roc Spreading Wings movement technique, he canceled out the force that came from the Lunar Shadow Saber.

Zhang He’s body landed gently on the ground. His clothes and hair were flying around in the wind. With his handsome face, Zhang he looked very elegant.

This time, the two of them were on even ground no one held the advantage.

Suppressing his surging Qi and blood, Zhang He’s eyes looked calm. He no longer had the expression of looking down on his opponent. He smiled indifferently, “I truly did not expect that you actually have such a Demonic Weapon. However, rare treasures belong to the elites. If that is all the skills you have, then this Demonic Weapon will be mine!”

“Shadow Bearing Sword!”

Zhang He shouted loudly and threw out the sword in his hands. The shadow of a sword streaked through the sky. The Shadow Bearing Sword, that had been passed down in the Zhang Clan for hundreds of years, appeared in Zhang He’s hands.