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Chapter: Flights On Wings, Moon Bright Like Fire

Chapter: Flights On Wings, Moon Bright Like Fire

“Zhang He is actually going to use the Shadow Bearing Sword. The history of this Shadow Bearing Sword was not simple, it was not an ordinary Profound Ranked Spirit Weapon.”

“It is not just rumors, it is true that it has an extraordinary origin. This Shadow Bearing Sword has a hidden Righteous Qi. According to the rumors, the ancestors of the Zhang Clan obtained it from a Sword Sage.”

“The Shadow Bearing Sword against the Lunar Shadow Saber. They are both not ordinary weapons. Who knows which one will be victorious.”

“Is there even any need to ask this? It would definitely be Zhang He. His strength is greater than Xiao Chen’s. Now that he has a good weapon helping him, how could he lose?”

There had never been such a marvelous battle in Mohe City before. The crowd in the distance all saw Zhang He taking out the Shadow Bearing Sword. The sounds of discussion became even more lively.

Xiao Chen wielded his saber and stood straight, his body as tall and straight as a pillar. The electrical light on the saber flashed continuously. There was a burning battle intent in his eyes. Even after Zhang He took out the Shadow Bearing Sword, there was not a shred of fear in him.

Zhang He gently caressed the Shadow Bearing Sword as he said indifferently, “There is a Righteous Qi in the Shadow Bearing Sword. It was left behind by a Sword Sage that the Zhang Clan Ancestor had saved.”

“Back then, the Sword Sage just comprehended the Righteous Qi. It was undefeatable in the four seas. Although there was only one strand of it in the sword, it could last for thousands of years. It will never dissipate. Dying by the blade of this sword today is your fortune.

Righteous Qi?

Xiao Chen smiled coldly in his heart. Although this Righteous Qi was very formidable, it was just an object from a holy land. The Battle Sage Origins that Ao Jiao left behind in the Lunar Shadow Saber was an object from the Thunder Emperor.

The Thunder Emperor used this one-sixth portion of Battle Sage Origins to forge the Thunder Wood Sword. It was unclear how many holy men it had killed. If Zhang He wanted to think of that as his foundation, Xiao Chen would not mind giving him a surprise.

Zhang He saw that there was no change to Xiao Chen’s aura. He could not help but feel a little disappointed. This Xiao Chen had a strong heart; no words were able to break his heart.

His heart was not disturbed and his aura had not decreased. There was no clear weak point, making it difficult for him to make a move.

Since there was no opening, then I will make an opening. Zhang He thought, he was filled with a grand spirit. If he could not deal with a Medial Grade Martial Disciple today, there would be problems in future.

He would definitely become the joke of the prefecture city’s White Cliff School. It would become impossible for him to enter into a Holy Land. Thus he had to win this battle. Furthermore, it had to be a great triumph.

A victory that could not be criticized, to make people feel convinced. To leave behind a stain on Xiao Chen that would be difficult for him to ever remove.

Zhang He shouted explosively, and the Righteous Qi in the Shadow Bearing Sword completely came out. A heaven-shaking, earth-splitting, killing Qi spread all over the place. Before the sword made a move, the momentum of the sword was already established.

Righteous Qi:

It exists in the heaven and earth,

it attacks as intended,

punishing deities,

and exterminating devils!

Clear Sky Sword Qi:

It follows my desires,

its sword tip points at whatever I want,

its Qi spread in all directions!

Heavenly Roc Spreading Wings:

It comes and leaves without a trace,

as swift as the wind,

as powerful as lightning!

Kill! Kill! Kill!

[TL notes: This bit is kind of like a poem; each bit is four Chinese characters, except for the kill part.]

In this instant, Zhang He actually merged three kinds of supreme attacks together. The Clear Sky Sword with a Righteous Qi, adding a supreme movement technique. Who would be able to defend against such a move!

In that instant, like a squall rushing forth, a boundless killing intent rushed towards Xiao Chen. The sword in Zhang He’s hand glowed with a resplendent sword light. A two-meter sword light took in and sent out a frantic sword Qi.

“Pu Ci!”

Xiao Chen had never seen such a fast sword, and in the previous instant Zhang He was still forming the sword light. Xiao Chen had not seen him raise his sword up, but in the next instant, the sword light had already arrived in front of his eyes.

Xiao Chen was incomparably surprised in his heart. In this instant, he actually felt an aura of death. Since a long time ago, the biggest thing that he relied on was the Heaven Ranked Martial Technique—Dragon Subduing Slash.

Even if the situation was at its worst, as long as he used the Return of the Azure Dragon, even if there were ten Zhang He, they would all turn to ash.

However, the situation in front of him was not good. Zhang He’s speed was very fast, he probably did not have any chance to use the Return of the Azure Dragon before he was killed.

At this moment, he did not have the time to think too much. The sword light had already come in contact with the hair on his head. If he still could not think of a solution, he would suffer a very serious injury.

Since he did not have any opportunity to evade, then he could only clash head on.

Heavenly Lightning Shield!

It was a critical moment, during a time of life and death, so Xiao Chen used the Heavenly Lightning Shield.

This Heavenly Lightning Shield was able to defend the attack of a Profound Ranked Martial Technique when he was an Inferior Grade Martial Disciple.

At this moment, he had already become a Medial Grade Martial Disciple. His Essence became stronger by more than a fold. Thinking of the defense of the Heavenly Lightning Shield, it should have increased by more than a fold as well.


The Sword Light clashed on the defensive shield of flickering electric light and gave off a loud resounding sound. A huge wave of energy came from it. Xiao Chen, who was hiding behind the shield, was jolted, his internal organs all shifted position. He once again vomited out a mouthful of blood.

For a regular Martial Disciple, if his internal organs shifted, he probably would have lost his battle capabilities. However, Xiao Chen’s body was tempered by a large amount of Spiritual Energy. In addition to the strength of the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation, he did not have to think too much about it. He was able to continue battling.

Zhang He looked at the Heavenly Lightning Shield and frowned slightly. He did not know what kind of strong defensive technique this was. The slight crack on the shield was actually starting to slowly mend.

To hell with whatever strong defensive technique that was. In front of the Righteous Qi, you shall all break!

“Flights On Wings, One Line Chop.”

Zhang He shouted lightly, his whole body seemed to have merged with the sword to become one. The glow of this sword was reserved. There did not seem to be any color, sword Qi, or wind.

This understated sword chopped onto Xiao Chen’s Heavenly Lightning Shield. It did not make any sound but the electrical light of the shield was diminishing rapidly. Xiao Chen suffered a heavy blow and vomited another mouthful of blood.

His hands rapidly formed hand seals. Two of the five clouds beside the Azure Dragon dissipated, turning into countless strands of Essence, and entering the Heavenly Lightning Shield. The glow on the shield turned bright once again.

“Flights On Wings, Disordered Dance of a Thousand Years.”

Zhang He did not feel discouraged and used another strong sword technique. Comparing it to the previous move, this move was far more gorgeous and powerful.

The boundless sword Qi was like the squalls amidst the autumn wind. They attacked the Heavenly Lightning Shield. Zhang He’s figure rapidly changed positions. Each time he changed position, there would be twenty strands of sword Qi attacking the Heavenly Lightning Shield.

He had changed positions many times in the air, as he sent out a total of 1620 strands of sword Qi. Each strand of sword Qi had half the might of the One Line Chop.

Xiao Chen persistently maintained the Heavenly Lightning Shield, but blood kept pouring out from his mouth. However, he did not have any intention of giving up. He released his Spiritual Sense to figure out where Zhang He’s position was and watched the gracefulness of his move.

Even though he was severely injured, and with a huge disadvantage, his heart was not in disorder. His aura had not decreased, and he still did not show any openings.

“Flights On Wings: I recall that this was a martial technique that was created by a Sword Sage that had left the White Cliff School. To think that Zhang He actually learned it. Although it is only the first two moves, it was enough for him to show disdain for those of the same generation as him.”

“That Xiao Chen is not simple either, under the combined power of the Righteous Qi and Clear Sky Sword Qi, he is able to persist until now.

“Zhang He actually had not truly merged the Heavenly Roc Spreading Wings, Righteous Qi, and Clear Sky Sword Qi. It is just form without essence. Or else, that sword would be able to easily kill a peak Martial Grand Master.

“Look at Zhang He; it looks like he is about to use the third move of the Flights On Wings. Is that even possible, that he comprehended three moves of the Flights On Wings at such a young age?”

The crowd in the distance cried out in surprise. This duel today had opened their eyes. Not only Zhang He, but Xiao Chen had also given everyone an unexpected surprise.

“Flights On Wings, Moon Bright Like Fire.”

Regardless of the astonishment of the crowd, this third move of the Flights On Wings, Moon Bright Like Fire, was still executed by Zhang He.

On the Arena, Zhang He stood 20 meters away from Xiao Chen. His sword was pointing toward the heavens. The evening sky suddenly turned incomparably pitch black. A full moon slowly rose, the luminous moon brightly illuminated the sky.

“To think mysterious phenomena appeared. What rank of Martial Technique is this Flights On Wings? Why is it so terrifying?” No one had expected that the third move of the Flights On Wings could cause mysterious phenomena to appear.

Above the full moon, a faintly discernable figure appeared holding a Spirit Sword in his hands. It looked as though he came from the heavens. With the full moon enhancing his looks, that faintly discernable figure felt like a deity descending to the earth.

Zhang He, who was in the arena, brandished his sword gently. The figure in the sky followed his movements. Suddenly, he pointed his sword at Xiao Chen, who was behind the Heavenly Lightning Shield.

Xiao Chen felt as though his heart stopped beating. The space surrounding him turned dark. Everyone seemed to have disappeared. There was no Zhang He, no arena master, no crowd. There was only a boundless darkness and a loneliness that spread everywhere.

This was a terrifying feeling. Those who were not in it would not understand how it felt. Xiao Chen’s heart was frantic and was about to make a move.

Just at this moment, the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit in his body roared gently. The pitch dark space immediately shattered and space returned to how it was before. Xiao Chen finally calmed down.

Zhang He raised his eyebrows. He had obviously felt that Xiao Chen’s heart was wavering. Yet, he suddenly calmed down. However, he could not afford to think too much at this moment. The moon had already risen high in the sky, he could no longer stop.

“Break for me!”

Zhang He shouted loudly, his sword was pointing furiously at Xiao Chen. The figure in the sky seemed to have felt Zhang He’s anger and shouted at the same time, “Break for me!”




In that instant, the surroundings were full of Zhang He’s angry shouts. A powerful pressure was spread everywhere. There seemed to be a might contained in that voice, causing people to feel terrified.

“This is a deity’s voice... this Moon Bright Like Fire can actually give off a deity's voice.”

A cultivator with low strength amongst the crowd in the distance was directly knocked unconsciousness by this deity’s voice. Even the cultivators there who were slightly stronger felt uneasy.

“The deity’s voice is already so terrifying, how powerful would the following sword move be?” Someone amongst the crowd in the distance said with a trembling voice.

Xiao Chen’s heart was as calm as still water. The supreme cultivation method in the Compendium of Cultivation, Purple Thunder Divine Incantation, was circulating frantically. His Essence was being used unsparingly. A faint purple glow was actually given off by his body.

Zhang He stood at his original spot; he did not move at all and just pointed his sword at Xiao Chen. Then he chopped downwards from 20 meters away.

What is he doing? Even if he is a Martial Saint, after the sword Qi flew out for 20 meters its might would be greatly diminished. This will not help him to break my Heavenly Lightning Shield.

Xiao Chen was very puzzled as he thought about this. He raised his head before revealing an expression of overwhelming shock. He finally understood what Zhang He was doing.

The figure in the moon actually imitated Zhang He’s move, and ruthlessly chopped at him.

Moon Bright Like Fire:

Bright light in the sky,

man from the heavens,

sword of the deities,

the mortals are like ants,

who can defend against it?

[TL notes: This bit is kind of like a poem, each bit is four Chinese characters]