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Chapter 61: One Move Destroying a Thousand Techniques

Chapter 61: One Move Destroying a Thousand Techniques

There was a loud explosive sound, and the corner of the arena that Xiao Chen stood on was blasted to smithereens. Rocks flew everywhere and dust filled the air. The arena that was forged from Heavenly Mountain Stones had a two-meter deep pit in it, causing people to exclaim in astonishment.

“This Moon Bright Like Fire is very terrifying. It could actually blast a pit into this arena that is forged from Heavenly Mountain Stones.”

“The future of this fellow is limitless. Back then, that Sword Sage from White Cliff School managed to kill a Martial Emperor with one stroke of his sword.”

“Indeed, the Zhang Clan’s rise to power can clearly be seen now. After this battle, the rankings of the powers in Mohe City will thoroughly change.”

“Do you think that this Xiao Chen is able to withstand this move?”

“What nonsense! Do we still need to say this? There is a large pit in the Heavenly Mountain Stone. I’m guessing it is very possible that his corpse was blasted into oblivion. How unfortunate for that exceptional Demonic Weapon.”

When Zhang He used the Flight On Wings, Moon Bright Like Fire, the crowd in the distance thought that the battle had ended. Although it felt like they had not fully expressed themselves yet, this battle had been a big eye opener for them. It was sufficient for them to brag about in the future.

The radiance dispersed and the moonlight shone down. Zhang He was flying amongst the wind, and his eyes were as calm as still water. That move had exhausted a great amount of his Essence, and the Clear Sky Sword’s source of power. If he still had not destroyed that Heavenly Lightning Shield, then he would have no other methods left.

However, was that even a possibility?

It was obvious that there was none. The corners or Zhang He’s mouth curled up in a cold smile. He held the Shadow Bearing Sword and headed over to the pit. His footsteps were light and his expression was relaxed. However, he did not let down his guard even by a little bit.

With Xiao Chen’s insignificant Medial Grade Martial Disciple cultivation, he had managed to give him too many surprises. This made it difficult for his heart to remain calm. He absolutely could not relax... not until the final moment.

At the bottom of that huge pit, Xiao Chen’s clothes were already torn to shreds. He looked like a dead man lying on the floor.

Both his eyes were closed; there were bloodstains at the corners of his eyes, and there was blood flowing from his nose and mouth. He seemed to be tightly grasping on to something in his left hand. The Lunar Shadow Saber was stuck into the ground near his right hand.

Zhang He breathed out in relief. Regardless of how he looked, Xiao Chen was covered in severe injuries everywhere. He definitely would not be able to continue to battle.

Smiling gently, Zhang He jumped down and walked to the Lunar Shadow Saber. He said indifferently, “I, Zhang He, shall be receiving this Demonic Weapon.”

Just as his hand was about to come in contact with the saber handle, Xiao Chen’s right hand suddenly moved and pointed at Zhang He. His tightly closed eyes suddenly opened.

There was a scarlet glow coming from his eyes and a strange smile on his face. It seemed to complement his bloodstained face, making him looked very terrifying.

Zhang He paid attention and he felt a dangerous aura. He immediately used the Flight On Wings. At this moment, he executed the Flight On Wings to its extremes. A man flying like a large bird instantly returned to the top of the arena.

Behind him, there was a strand of purple flames; it was moving like a python, sticking very close to him. If he was just slightly slower, he would be caught by these purple flames. The consequences would be unimaginable.

The purple flame brushed by his side from behind, and a shower of sparks fell onto his hair. In an instant, there was a burning smell. Half his elegant long hair was actually burnt off.

Zhang He circulated his Essence and his hair immediately stood erect. The purple flames on the erect hair slowly moved downwards. It would arrive at his head in the next instant.


Zhang He decisively used his sword to cut off his burning hair. It was completely cut off. The erect hair all fell downwards.

The originally elegant hair all disappeared, leaving behind some partially dried up stray hair and a burnt smell.

At this moment, Zhang He’s expression looked extremely unsightly. He was the expression of one who had just drunk urine. This was probably how Zhang He felt at the moment.

The crowd in the distance had seen Zhang He jump down in a magnificent manner. They all thought that he would be coming out with the Lunar Shadow Saber in hand, ending this duel.

After a moment, they were astonished to discover that Zhang He was fleeing in a sorry manner, and his hair seemed to be set ablaze. After that, his expression was very unsightly, akin to one that had drunk urine. No one could figure out what had happened in there.

“Did you guys feel that? The Qi and blood of the person below seemed to be flourishing.”

“Yes! I felt it too. This seems to be the usual scenario of what happens before a breakthrough.”

“Impossible! Could it be that after surviving a great ordeal, his cultivation realm is actually going to be raised to Superior Grade Martial Disciple?”

Within the pit, Xiao Chen completely absorbed the inferior grade Spirit Stone in his left hand. He then casually tossed it aside; that Spirit Stone had already lost all its glow, and it now seemed like any ordinary rock, no longer of any value.

He felt that the effects of the Blood Replenishing Pill he had eaten earlier had already dispersed. Xiao Chen heaved a sigh of relief.

Moon Bright Like Fire was too scary. Even his Heavenly Lightning Shield, that was comparable to an Earth Ranked Martial Technique, was useless and had been torn like paper in front of it.

That figure in the sky was like a deity descending to earth. With the might of one sword, he broke through the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation that was protecting his body, causing him to bleed from his seven orifices.

If he had not placed a Blood Replenishing Pill in his mouth earlier, even with the Heavenly Lightning Shield and Purple Thunder Divine Incantation protecting his body, he would no longer have the strength to stand up.

He spread his Spiritual Sense out and saw Zhang He standing on top of the arena. The corner of Xiao Chen’s lips curled up in a cold smile. He took out another pill from his Universe Ring.

This was the Cloud Swallowing Pill; after consuming it, within a short period of time, it would raise the strength of the user by multiple folds. It was extremely terrifying.

After he absorbed the Inferior Grade Spirit Stone, Xiao Chen easily reached the peak Great Perfection of Superior Grade Martial Disciple. He immediately swallowed the Cloud Swallowing Pill and his strength immediately soared to that of a Medial Grade Martial Master.

At this moment, Xiao Chen’s absolute strength was comparable to that of Zhang He’s. With the assistance of the Azure Dragon, he was not inferior in any aspects.

The crowd in the distance could only feel that Xiao Chen’s strength was continually rising up. Zhang He, who was on the stage, could feel the aura that was pressing on him ruthlessly, and each wave that surged up was stronger than the one before.


Xiao Chen stomped on the ground and leaped up fiercely, standing in the arena once again. The electrical glow of the Lunar Shadow Saber was very bright, and a boundless, vicious Qi filled the entire area. He felt like the devil of hell.

This was the first time a grave expression appeared on Zhang He’s face. It was possible for him to be defeated by the blade of this saber, he could not help thinking in his heart.

“Flight On Wings, One Line Chop!”

Zhang He could no longer tolerate the pressure of the vicious Qi. He took the initiative to attack. His move was very simple and his sword light reserved. His sword, that had a boundless might, worked together with his movement technique Flight On Wings and chopped ruthlessly at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen smiled coldly; earlier he had been observing Zhang He’s movements.

Now that his strength had risen, the movement technique that Zhang He was so proud of could easily be traced in Xiao Chen’s eyes, instantly seeing through his movements.

“Flight On Wings, One Line Chop!”

Zhang He was astonished... Xiao Chen was actually using the same sword technique as him. It was the same sword that was very simple and also had a reserved sword light.

Xiao Chen initiated the move later than Zhang He, but arrived earlier. He avoided Zhang He’s attack, and instead, struck towards his heart.

“How… How could this be? How does he know Flight On Wings? He only took a look,” Zhang He said, extremely astonished, and with his mental state in disarray.

He was very clear on the might of the One Line Chop; he quickly pulled his sword back and tried to defend, intending to block it with his sword.

He had studied the sword techniques of Flight On Wings, and was very familiar with it. After that instant of panic, he quickly thought of a way to block it.

His feet moved slightly and he held his sword horizontally in front of his chest, protecting his heart. He had accurately calculated Xiao Chen’s angle of attack.


When the sword and saber clashed, there was a clear, metallic ringing sound. The huge force that came from Lunar Shadow exceeded Zhang He’s expectations.

The swift and fierce attacking Qi instantly caused his perfect footwork to be broken. The Lunar Shadow Saber, which had a Rank 6 Demonic Core in it, had a torrential and unceasing electrical glow coming from it.

It went through his Shadow Bearing Sword and entered into his body. The electrical glow, which was filled with a ruthless energy, entered into Zhang He’s body. It charged around violently, blocking up all his Essence and instantly causing all it to crumble apart.


There was a sweetness in his mouth as Zhang He vomited out blood. His body flew backward by five steps.

His gaze was full of astonishment as he looked at Xiao Chen. He said in disbelief, “You actually merged the Flight On Wings and One Line Chop into your own saber technique! How is this possible?!”

“Flight On Wings, Disordered Dance of a Thousand Years.”

Xiao Chen did not reply Zhang He’s words, and used the second move of Flight On Wings. His body rapidly switched position in the air as streams of saber light were fired at Zhang He.

“Criss-crossed Sword Qi!”

Zhang He shouted loudly and used the technique that had dissolved the Divine Thunder Break earlier. This move could be used for attacking or defending. It was a Martial Technique that he was very proud of.

Countless sword Qi protected Zhang He’s surroundings. They were flying around randomly, dense enough to not let wind through, blocking all attacks outside.

Xiao Chen did not have a Holy Sword Martial Spirit, so naturally, he could not use sword Qi as a Martial master.

Thus, he used the Changing Character Formula of the Battle Sage Origins to imitate the Disordered Dance of a Thousand Years. However, he was still not able to fire any sword Qi, and he could only fire saber lights made from Essence.

Even so, with the unrivaled attacking Qi of the Battle Sage Origins, any defensive Martial Techniques would reveal openings. Furthermore, Xiao Chen had the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit, and the might of his saber light was not inferior to Zhang He’s sword Qi by much.

After Zhang He’s Criss-crossed Sword Qi blocked a thousand saber lights, it was completely defeated. The remaining 200 odd saber lights struck Zhang he’s body without restraint.

Zhang He cried out painfully, groaning non-stop. The fine clothes that he was wearing were shredded under the saber lights, turning them into rags. There were hundreds of bleeding wounds on his body.


After the Disordered Dance of a Thousand Years was finished, Xiao Chen, who was about to descend, kicked out while he was high in the sky. Zhang He was kicked to the ground. After performing a somersault, Xiao Chen landed firmly on the ground.

“Don’t think that by using a secret technique and raising your cultivation realm to the same as mine, then learning my Flight on Wings, I would not be able to do anything to you,” Zhang He, who was on the ground, said to Xiao Chen ruthlessly.

“Holy Sword, Clear Sky Sword!”

He used his finger as a sword and pointed at Xiao Chen. A resplendent Holy Sword appeared in front, glowing with a golden light. It caused the sky to light up, filling everywhere with a warm yellow glow.

“This is the Holy Sword Origin. He actually used the origin of the Clear Sky Sword Martial Spirit!”

“Indeed, how risky! If the Holy Sword broke, then his cultivation would be crippled forever, turning him into trash.”

The astonishment of the crowd rang out again. Zhang He was actually betting his cultivation against Xiao Chen.

“Flight On Wings, Moon Bright Like Fire.”

Xiao Chen gazed at Zhang He with serenity, the Battle Sage Origins slowly imitating the third move of Flight On Wings. The mysterious phenomena appeared again.

The sky turned pitch dark and a full moon rose up again, however, this full moon did not have the same figure. Only a full moon hung in the sky, spreading its radiance everywhere.

As to why the “deity” did not appear, Xiao Chen understood in his heart. It was because his comprehension of the way of the sword was insufficient. He was only able to imitate the form of this Moon Bright Like Fire, not its essence.

However, Xiao Chen had his methods. Battle Sage Origins was the strongest attacking Qi under the heavens, and no one could defend against it. Since he was not able to use the intricacies of the sword, then he would replace it with absolute might and use one saber move to decided everything.

The Saber slashed down and the full moon in the sky slowly descended, falling ruthlessly towards the Clear Sky Holy Sword in Zhang He’s hand!