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Chapter 68: One Saber Three Arrows

Chapter 68: One Saber Three Arrows

“The Tang Clan’s people! That is Tang Feng,” when the group of people came closer Xiao Chen and the rest were able to quickly identify them.

The Tang Clan’s group also consisted of five people. Tang Feng was holding a longbow made of ice crystals. When they were about 100 meters away, they stopped moving. When he saw Xiao Chen, a shocked expression appeared on his face for awhile.

After a long time, he smiled, “So Brother Xiao is here. What a coincidence. My apologies but this Fire Lizard’s Demonic Core is ours.”

Hearing what he said, the few Xiao Clan disciples behind Xiao Chen felt angry. After fighting for half a day, this fellow comes over and snatches it. How improper!

Xiao Ling`er frowned slightly and said mockingly, “If you have guts, then put aside your bow and come over here.”

The remaining people also roared out. It was obvious to them that the ice crystal bow in Tang Feng’s hands was not ordinary. Seeing him stand so far, it was clear that he was extremely cautious.

Tang Feng played with the ice crystal bow in his hand, revealing an indifferent smile, “Brother Xiao, your Xiao Clan members were being pressured to the point where they could not retaliate. My arrow could be said to be their saviour. Handing a tiny Demonic Core to me would not be too unreasonable.”

“It is very unreasonable,” Xiao Chen could not be bothered to play word games with him and continued saying indifferently, “If they had not severely injured this Fire Lizard in the first place, do you think that you could kill it with just one arrow?”

“I’m already ignoring the issue of your actions disrupting our trial. Yet, now you want to engage in some glib talk in front of me? Scram immediately.”

Tang Feng’s complexion changed. He originally thought that Xiao Chen’s group was already eliminated by the elders of the Zhang Clan and Tang Clan. His intention in coming here was only to meet up with these elders.

He had never expected that Xiao Chen would actually be standing right in front of him, still alive and well. Thinking very hard, Tang Feng said coldly, “Xiao Chen, you look down on my strength too much. Do you dare to receive three of my arrows? If you are able to, then I will leave immediately.

“We will receive it! Why not? Even ten arrows would not be a problem. Do you think Elder Brother Xiao Chen is afraid of you?” Xiao Ling`er’s melodious voice answered Tang Feng before Xiao Chen could say anything.

“Elder Brother Xiao Chen, you must do your best! Don’t let this fellow get too arrogant,” Xiao Ling`er said to Xiao Chen in her usual, bizarre fashion.

Xiao Chen rolled his eyes at her. This girl was obviously just trying to get revenge. She was put into a miserable state by the Fire Lizard earlier, and now that there was a chance for her to obtain revenge, she grabbed onto it immediately.

In order to deal with someone who used long range attacks like Tang Feng, one must rapidly get close and finish it quickly, not giving him any chance to put distance between them. Just like now, standing where they were waiting to shoot him down was undoubtedly the most stupid method.

“Xiao Chen, I will not fire more than what I said; just three arrows. If you can withstand three arrows of mine, I will immediately leave. Do you dare to agree?” seeing Xiao Chen not say anything, Tang Feng used the most vulgar method to agitate him into doing what he wanted.

Ever since Tang Feng appeared, Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense had not left the ice crystal bow in Tang Feng’s hands. Cold Qi was flowing in that bow, and the ice attributed Spiritual Energy was relentlessly gathering in it.

This was obviously a Spirit Weapon with an ice attribute embedded inside. Furthermore, Tang Feng’s Martial Spirit was likely to be an ice attribute, allowing this ice bow to relentlessly absorb the cold energy from its surroundings.

However, Xiao Chen was not afraid. This was because Tang Feng was only a peak Superior Martial Disciple. Although he was already a step into the Martial Master realm, he was, in the end, still a Martial Disciple.

There would be a limit to his strength. He would not have any way to fully display the huge strength contained in this ice bow.

Xiao Chen smiled indifferently, “Why would I not dare to receive three arrows from you? If I can withstand them, do you dare to receive a saber blow from me?”

“Why would I not dare? I am just not sure if you will still be alive after receiving my three arrows,” Tang Feng smiled coldly. It was clear from his words that he was extremely confident in the ice crystal bow in his hands.

Tang Feng’s hand grasped the ice crystal bow and his aura suddenly changed. Drawing the bowstring, turning the bow into a shape similar to that of the full moon, the cold Qi poured into the bow. A cold light radiated out, with bits of ice swimming around it like tadpoles, as though alive.


The bowstring vibrated and the first ice arrow fired out like an icy rainbow. A boundless cold Qi fired towards Xiao Chen’s throat, giving off a ‘wuwu’ sound. It was as though an ice deity leaped across with a matchless momentum.


Xiao Chen’s gaze was as calm as still water, the Lunar Shadow Saber in his hands suddenly radiating with an electrical light. A melodious shattering sound resounded, and the ice arrow was shattered into countless fragments.


The ice fragments in the air did not drop to the ground. Instead, they melted into a pool of water and formed into an ice arrow again. Its speed increased explosively by a fold when it was about a meter in front of Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen took a few steps urgently backward, sending out the energy of the Demonic Core in the Lunar Shadow Saber. The electrical light flickered continuously, creating a countless number of thunderbolts, then he chopped down with the saber again.

“Dang Dang!”

This time, the ice arrow turned into water and fell to the ground; it no longer looked awe inspiring.

When Xiao Ling`er, who was standing at his side, saw the scene in front of her, she immediately regretted her actions. The strength of Tang Feng’s ice bow was incredibly strong.

Tang Feng smiled coldly, “I thought you were very strong; turns out, not so much. This is just the first arrow. There are still two more arrows after this. I want to see how you withstand them.”

Once he said that, Tang Feng immediately drew the bowstring again. Cold Qi rushed into the bow again and an ice arrow was formed again. A chill as cold as the North Pole penetrated through the air as the arrow was released.

This arrow was so fast that it did not even leave behind a shadow in the air. It was impossible to see with the human eye. It was as though it had broken through space and just appeared in front of Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen extended out his right hand and pointed forward. The surging Essence in his body poured out towards his right hand like a river; a small spark was ignited, looking like a weak firefly in the night.


When the ice arrow met with the finger, there was a loud explosion. Xiao Chen frowned but did not move a single jot, colliding with the ice arrow.

Tang Feng’s right hand suddenly fiddled with the bowstring and an invisible ripple caused a boundless cold Qi to pour into the ice arrow. This instantly increased the pressure placed on Xiao Chen, causing his foot to move a little.

“Purple Thunder True Fire, explode!”

Xiao Chen shouted out gently and a fierce, purple fire extended from the soles of his foot to the fingertips of his right hand, making his hand look like that of a fire deity.

That firefly-like glow instantly erupted into a huge, boundless flame, causing the ice arrow to completely evaporate, and turn into steam rising from Xiao Chen’s finger.

Under the heat of this flame, it caused people to feel a warmth despite the cold temperature of Gloomy Forest. This showed how hot it was.

Xiao Ling`er said excitedly, “Elder Brother Xiao Chen, that’s amazing!”

Seeing the ice arrow evaporate into steam, Tang Feng’s complexion changed as he smiled coldly, “Don’t be too pleased yet. I still have one more arrow.”

Tang Feng drew the bowstring again. This time, his right hand was emitted a light, and the entire ice bow also gave off a resplendent glow. A boundless ice attributed Spiritual Energy from the surroundings rapidly gathered at his right hand.

A cold gleam filled the sky behind him like a nova of frost, or a vast sky full of stars; it was gorgeous. The surrounding temperature also lowered significantly.

Xiao Chen extended out his Spiritual Sense and he saw a huge bird behind Tang Feng. The body of this bird was extremely strange; one half was ice and the other half was fire.

Feeling startled, Xiao Chen suddenly remembered the matter of Tang Feng bidding for the Rainbow Flame Python inner core in Linlang Pavilion. It was obvious that he wanted to use it to increase his fire attributed attacks.

However, the two arrows that he shot out, and even the third arrow, were all obviously ice attributed, What was going on?

The most important thing was that he could obviously feel that Tang Feng’s strength was raised to the Martial Master realm, What was going on? Could he have been suppressing his own cultivation all along?

“Go! Ice Fury!”

Via Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense, the half of that huge fire and ice bird that consisted of ice instantly became significantly dimmer.

The cold gleam behind him disappeared, and it turned into an arrow on the bow. That arrow grew larger as the wind blew on it, and soon it became an ice arrow that was tens of meters long.

While the ice arrow existed, a cold wind attacked. Streams of fog covered its surface, billowing around. The terrifying ice arrow was actually still growing larger.

The few people behind Xiao Chen cried out in surprise. Xiao Ling`er was so frightened she closed her eyes and did not dare to watch what happened next.

This ice arrow may be incomparably huge, but its movement was not at all slow In fact, it was not remotely inferior to the first two arrows. However, due to its huge size, the crowd was able to see it with their eyes.

As the ice arrow came piercing across the land, a boundless cold Qi covered the surroundings. Xiao Chen could feel his legs seems becoming stiff. This way, his speed would vastly decrease, and it would be difficult for him to evade the arrow.

Borrowing the might of a Spirit Weapon, do you think I don’t know how to do that too? Xiao Chen smiled coldly as he thought this in his heart.

Putting some strength into his arm as he flung the Lunar Shadow Saber forward, the energy of the Rank 6 lightning attributed Demonic Core was fully unleashed. A boundless electrical light shone in the darkness. It was so bright it was blinding.

The surrounding lightning attributed Spiritual Energy relentlessly rushed towards the Lunar Shadow. The electrifying light formed countless glowing arcs. It looked like a lightning bolt in the dark night sky.


The saber clashed with the ice arrow in midair, and with a ‘shua’ sound the Lunar Shadow Saber sliced into the ice arrow. Countless pieces of ice fell, then were zapped into oblivion by the electrical light.

At this moment, it was no longer a battle between two people, but a battle between two Spirit Weapons. Based on the scene in the air, it was obvious that Xiao Chen’s Lunar Shadow was gaining the upper hand.


The Lunar Shadow pierced through, and the huge ice arrow gave off a resounding clang, shattering into countless pieces. However, the fierce light on the saber was still just as blinding. Before the shattered pieces of ice touched the ground, they were all zapped into oblivion.


Xiao Chen shouted lightly and pushed off the ground with his feet. He leaped into the air and waved his hand, grasping the Lunar Shadow Saber back into his hand firmly.

His figure flashed by in the air; only a black saber light could be seen ruthlessly chopping down at Tang Feng. Tang Feng turned pale and left an afterimage behind as he quickly retreated backwards.

Xiao Chen did not even bother to look at the afterimage. He twisted his saber, shifted his foot and slashed at five meters to the side.

Tang Feng appeared and saw that the black saber edge gently sliced by his throat. He had managed to avoid this danger.

However, the wind from the saber cut through some of his skin and flesh, leaving an indistinct scar.

Tang Feng’s throat unconsciously tensed up and he felt a slight pain coming from the wound. His originally pale face turned even more terrifying. He felt that he had narrowly escaped from the gates of hell.

Xiao Chen stood straight and put away his saber. He looked coldly at him, “Scram, and don’t show your face here again! Don’t feel unresigned. I know that you still have some trump cards you have not revealed yet, but so do I.”

“Furthermore, don’t hold any expectations in your heart. The two elders from your Tang Clan are already dead, and so is the Zhang Clan’s elder.”

When Xiao Chen said his final sentence, Tang Feng’s complexion completely changed, How could it be? There were four Martial Grand Masters? Could he have killed them all?