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Chapter 70: The Radiance of Spring Is The Best

Chapter 70: The Radiance of Spring Is The Best

That dark figure circled around Xiao Chen’s head while riding on the huge bird, but he did not leave. Xiao Chen felt like he was being glared at with a pair of gloomy eyes. If he so much as moved an inch, he would be killed immediately.


The earlier white shadow also rushed over. Xiao Chen stared at the white shadow and felt his mind enter into a state of unrest; it was extremely disturbing for him.

The white shadow in the air was a youthful looking girl.She was holding a two-meter long, golden spear in her hands. She had a delicate face that could represent the pinnacle of beauty, her skin was as smooth as jade, her facial appearance was picturesque, and her eyes were like stars.

Xiao Chen had never seen such a exquisite girl before. There were no words in the world that could describe her beauty. She was like a piece of jade that had formed naturally and required no polishing.

“Commander, you have chased me for ten days and ten nights already. From Jiangfeng City on the outskirts of the Great Qin Nation to this tiny Mohe City. Are you truly not willing to let me off?”

The dark figure said in a sullen tone with a hint of dissatisfaction in his voice, “Just because I awaken a Demonic Beast Martial Spirit? Commander, ever since you came to the border station, I have already been through more than a hundred battles of various scales with you. There are more than a hundred scars left on my body, or have you forgotten it?”

The devastating beauty revealed a painful expression on her face, causing one to be unable to bear seeing it. Her red lips gently parted and she said with a delicate voice, “Xiao Hei, I have never thought of killing you before. Even though you cultivated a Demonic Beast Martial Spirit and killed three of your comrades. I only wish to exterminate your Demonic Beast Martial Spirit.”

[TL note: Chinese character for the Xiao in Xiao Hei is not the same as the one for Xiao Chen. It means small and is usually used in the situation of a nickname. So in this case, this name means little black.]

“Hahaha…” The dark figure laughed loudly, “ You do not want to kill me, and yet you used an Earth Rank Martial Technique, Boundless Azure Sea. If I had not been fortunate, I would have died long ago.”

“So be it. Since you want to kill me, then I shall not take into account our old relationship and send you to meet with our three dead comrades.”

A saber appeared in the dark figure’s hand as he rode on the huge bird and rushed at the girl. A black rift actually appeared in the air as the claws of the bird slashed at her.

After the black bird attacked, the dark figure leaped off and sent a black saber light at the girl.

Xiao Chen was surprised; it was clear that this dark figure was not as strong as the girl in white. This could easily be seen from the fact that he needed to ride the bird to fly, while the girl in white could fly without any assistance.

However, with the huge bird below him also attacking, it was a situation of two versus one. It was possible that this girl in white might suffer a disadvantage.

But, things did not go as Xiao Chen expected. The girl in white grasped her golden spear and shook it; nine golden dragons appeared behind her back, hissing incessantly.

The girl's body gave off a supreme imperial might. Under such pressure, Xiao Chen almost knelt and prostrated himself. Suddenly, streams of the ancient Azure Dragon’s aura were emitted by Xiao Chen’s body. That boundless might instantly felt as if it did not exist, and Xiao Chen was able to relax.

With the nine dragons protecting her body, the spatial tears caused by the black bird were instantly soothed. The long spear suddenly turned and attacked the dark figure.

The dark figure somersaulted in the air, resolving the surging dragon Qi. The black bird in front of him seemed to be telepathically connected to him, and appeared precisely at his feet.

The nine dragons circled in the air as the speed of the battle between the two increased. Their bodies rose continuously up, further into the sky, as they released copious amounts of energy. The surrounding trees were broken at their trunks and instantly turned into powder.

There was an endless hissing of the dragons and a boundless black Qi extending out. The golden Qi and black Qi clashed violently in the air.

Xiao Chen’s heart was filled with incessant grievances. These two people were peak experts; the energy that they released would cause him to be severely injured if any of it landed on Xiao Chen’s body.

Xiao Chen could not help but execute the Heavenly Lightning Shield to defend against the energy that would descend from the sky from time to time. Even though, his internal organs were shaken, causing his Qi and blood to be in turmoil.

Very soon, Xiao Chen could no longer clearly see their shadows. Via Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense, it was obvious that the girl’s strength was superior. However, when they were fighting, he realized she was not using it all.

It was obvious that she was under some kind of constraint. The true might of the nine dragons was not able to be fully unleashed.

“Ye Chenzhou, have you descended to such a level? To involve a Martial Disciple in our fight. Where is your pride?” the melodious voice of the girl was filled with a boundless anger as the two of them slowly descended.

Ye Chenzhou smiled sullenly, “Pride? As the commander, of course, you have pride. For me, it would be even difficult for me to stay alive. What is the point of pride? If you want to kill me, then kill this fellow first. Let me see your pride.”

Xiao Chen finally understood why the girl in white was under some kind of constraints; it was actually because of him. However, even if he wanted to leave, he could not; the dark figure had used his Qi to lock him down.

As long as he made any strange movements, he would be killed on the spot.

“How despicable!” the girl in white said through clenched teeth.

She waved the long spear in the air and the nine dragons behind her trembled, circling around the spear. With a shout she thrust it at Ye Chenzhou, creating a shadow of a dragon in the air.


Ye Chenzhou used his saber to block this attack but the dragon shadow circling the spear dived down. Ye Chenzhou was startled and waved the saber nine times.

Nine streams of surging saber Qi collided intensely with dragon shadow. Streams of energy scattered in all directions. Xiao Chen, who was below, was shaken and immediately vomited a mouthful of blood.

“Boundless Azure Sea!”

The girl in white shouted gently and a boundless sea appeared behind her. An Azure Dragon jumped out from the sea and rushed at Ye Chenzhou with a boundless energy.

Ye Chenzhou’s mind worked very quickly, and he stepped on the huge bird with his right foot. They then quickly flew downwards, suddenly hovering just one meter above Xiao Chen’s head.

The girl in white frowned; she never expected that he would be so despicable. Shaking the spear in the air, the Azure Dragon just brushed past him.


The Azure Dragon flew past and landed on the ground. There was a shocking explosion and everything within a hundred meters was blasted into oblivion, turning the area into ruins.

Ye Chenzhou laughed strangely, taking advantage of the girl in white, changing the direction of her move, his body turned into a streak of black lightning as he landed a palm on her right shoulder.

“Pu Ci!”

Another saber light flashed; the girl in white was not able to evade in time, and with struck by numerous black colored saber lights. Her white clothes were instantly covered with bloodstains. Ye Chenzhou kicked her, and the girl in white fell towards the ground.

Ye Chenzhou laughed loudly, “This is your pride, changing your move and showing an opening at the last minute. Your pride will only cause you the die at my hands. However, your life is originally going to be short anyway. Thinking about it, there would not be too much regrets for you to die at my hands today.

Ye Chenzhou kept laughing in midair; he looked maniacal. The black Qi on his body turn even denser. This was the boundless Demonic Qi, which had an endless energy.

“Go die!”

Ye Chenzhou shouted loudly and descended from the sky, a saber light tens of meters long given off by the blade. The black bird under him turned into a shadow and entered his body. At the same time, an ancient Demon Lord appeared behind him holding a saber and hacking downwards.

The girl in white looked at Ye Chenzhou, who was possessed by the Demon Lord, and her face revealed an expression of despair, Am I going to die?

“Flight On Wings, Moon Bright Like Fire.”

It must succeed, it had to succeed! Xiao Chen prayed very hard in his heart. When the girl in white was attacked, Xiao Chen had already decided to take action. Since he was going to die, he might as well try to do something.

What he hated the most was someone who bullied women. Furthermore, he did not wish to owe such a favor to a girl. If the girl in front of him died because of him, it would become his heart demon for the rest of his life.

A full moon rose slowly from the edge of the sky. Xiao Chen was very happy that it managed to succeed at this critical moment.

Ye Chenzhou felt a dangerous aura, and quickly turned his head to look. He noticed that a full moon appeared in the sky without him noticing. It was as calm as still water as it fell rapidly towards him.

A strong aura accompanied the moon as it fell. When the round moon got closer, it had already turned into a huge, glowing ball emitting a boundless radiance.

Ye Chenzhou revealed a startled expression as he quickly changed the direction of his saber. He turned his body and chopped at the round moon falling towards him.

A seven-meter long saber light and the Demonic Weapon in the hands of the Demon Lord struck the round moon. When the two huge forces collided, it instantly let out a loud sound that shook the heavens.

The radiance faded and the heaven shaking Qi wave scattered everywhere. With a ‘shua’ sound, the Qi wave caused all the ancient trees in Gloomy Forest that it passed to break.

Xiao Chen was knocked back by the Qi wave and he landed on the ground. He rolled over for a few meters before he stopped. However, Ye Chenzhou took three urgent steps back. Each step he took left behind a 66-centimeter pit on the ground.

Before Ye Chenzhou established himself, a golden flame flew at him quickly. There seemed to be a tiny flood dragon swimming within that golden flame.

The golden fire pierced Ye Chenzhou’s heart with a ‘bang’. He revealed an extremely painful expression. Holding his chest in disbelief, he said, “He actually gave you a strand of Dragon Fire.”

The Black Qi in his body continually dissipated, and his expression was distorted. The black bird appeared once again, and he rode on it, rapidly fleeing into the distance.

The two people on the ground had no ability to continue fighting. They could only watch as Ye Chenzhou fled in a sorry state.

Xiao Chen swallowed a Blood Replenishing Pill, then slowly walked towards the girl in white. He discovered that she had fainted. Her white clothes were ripped in many places by the saber light, exposing her snow-white skin.

There was even some black Qi eating away at her skin, causing her to reveal a pained expression even though she was unconscious. Her beautiful face was pale, completely devoid of blood; it was sad and beautiful.

Xiao Chen thought for awhile, then took out a few Blood Replenishing Pills and crushed them, spreading them on her wounds. When the green medicine liquid entered her wounds, the black Qi dissipated significantly. Xiao Chen felt joy in his heart.

As he spread the medicine on her, he noticed that the girl's skin was as pure white as snow, and was extremely smooth. Even with Xiao Chen’s shocking determination, he could not help but feel a ripple in his heart.

After he spread the medicine on all the wounds, only a bra was left on the girl's body. It was something that he could not help but do, there were many saber wounds on the girl’s body. If he did not remove her clothes, he would have no way to apply the medicine.

However, the bras of this world were much tighter than that of his previous world, and it would not even seem like anything erotic.

The golden longevity lock in front of her chest attracted Xiao Chen’s attention. Remembering Ye Chenzhou say that she did not have long to live, he was startled, Could it be that such a beautiful women would die soon?

Xiao Chen shook his head and pushed this question to the back of his mind. The main problem now was how to deal with her. He definitely could not leave her here. After causing such a huge commotion in Gloomy Forest, Demonic Beasts would surely be attracted near.

This girl ended up in such a state because of him, so Xiao Chen would definitely not leave her alone.

However, it would not be convenient for him to bring her back to the camp. Suddenly, his gaze fell onto his Universe Ring. Xiao Chen smiled gently; he already had a good idea.