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Chapter 80: Face Stomping

Chapter 80: Face Stomping


Just an instant ago, Xiao Xiong was still flying through the air. In the next instant, he landed behind the black clothed man. When the black clothed man heard the sound, he immediately turned around and slashed out with his sword.

With a ‘hu’ sound, Xiao Xiong immediately moved to the back of the black clothed man again and struck out with his palm, attacking his back.

“Ka ka!” this was the sound of his bones breaking.

The black clothed man took a deep breath in pain, and when he turned around again, all he saw was a shadow flashing by; Xiao Xiong had moved to his back once again and struck him with his palm once more.

“Pu Ci!”

The black clothed man spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Xiao Xiong’s body position kept constantly changing as he continued sending out palm strikes against the black clothed man’s body. As for the black clothed man, he was not even able to touch the corner of Xiao Xiong’s clothes. Blood kept flowing out of his mouth; he was completely helpless, and was not able to retaliate at all.

“Hu! Hu!”

Suddenly, the strong Martial Saint in the distance who was obstructing Xiao Qiang and the others, flew over, sending a palm strike at Xiao Xiong.

Xiao Xiong gave up on the black clothed man and exchanged blows with that person. “Boom!” There was a muffled sound as small ripples appeared in the surrounding air.

The two of them retreated backward a few steps before they began exchanging blows with each other again in the next instant. Their hands and feet were moving everywhere, the wind from their palms was like thunder; their speed was incredibly fast.

Xiao Chen, who was standing at the side, could not even see the shadow of the two of them; he could only hear the unending explosive sounds, and the ripples through the air. Xiao Chen was secretly shocked in his heart; even if it were a Martial Grand Master coming in contact with the ripples in the air, they would immediately be shattered into dust.

Xiao Chen turned his gaze to the now incredibly weak black clothed man. His face revealed a dark smile as he walk towards him, slowly.

“What are you thinking of doing…?” That black clothed man said anxiously when he saw Xiao Chen walking over with an equally dark expression on his face.

He was severely injured by Xiao Xiong earlier, but with his battle prowess now, even an Inferior Grade Martial Disciple would be able to kill him easily.

Xiao Chen could not be bothered to talk crap with him. He kicked him flying toward the ground. The black clothed man grunted in pain. Just as he was about to speak, Xiao Chen stomped down on him ruthlessly. The black clothed man shouted out in pain as he swallowed back everything he wanted to say.

The strong and mighty Martial Saint was stomped on by an Inferior Grade Martial Master like Xiao Chen. The black clothed man felt incredibly sullen in his heart.

“Xiao Chen, let go of my hand now! Or else, I will kill you in the future!” the black clothed man shouted out loudly.

Xiao Chen ruthlessly stomped on his face with his feet as he smiled coldly, “Do you think that you still have the opportunity to do so? I told you before, do not force me. Did you not hear me earlier?”

After he said that, Xiao Chen stomped ruthlessly on his face a few more times. The cloth covering over his face fell off, revealing the face of an old man.

Even though his face was covered in Xiao Chen’s footprints, Xiao Chen did not have the intention of killing him so simply; that was letting him off too easily.

When he thought of the dead disciples of the Xiao Clan, and Xiao Yulan whose status was currently unknown, Xiao Chen’s heart raged in anger. A cold gleam filled his black pupils as he picked up the black clothed man.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

Slaps after slaps were delivered to his face. The originally extremely pale face of the black clothed man was slapped until became red and swollen.

After Xiao Chen was done slapping him, Xiao Chen raised his foot and kicked him flying again. Wielding the Lunar Shadow Saber in his hand, Xiao Chen dashed rapidly to the front. With a flash of the saber, it pierced towards the heart of the black clothed man.


The two men battling with Xiao Xiong suddenly scattered. In a flash, a palm strike was sent at Xiao Chen. When Xiao Chen heard the rustling of the wind, we quickly evaded. That person did not continue to pursue him; instead, he picked up the black clothed man and dashed forward quickly.

Just one more strike and I could have killed him! Xiao Chen felt dissatisfaction as he watched the two men leave the place.

Xiao Xiong did not chase after the two men. While looking at Xiao Chen, he said, “Come with me!”

This was the first time Xiao Chen saw his father from this world with his own eyes. He was not used to this, but he dared not disobey his words, so he obediently followed him.

“Second Young Master, are you alright?” Bao`er asked worriedly when she came out from the rubble of the house and saw the wound on Xiao Chen’s shoulder.

Xiao Chen said indifferently, “It’s fine. Follow me for now. It’s not safe here.”

The two of them followed Xiao Xiong, and before long, they saw Xiao Qiang leading a big group of cultivators who were rushing over. When Xiao Qiang saw Xiao Xiong, he immediately knelt down and said, “This old man is incompetent, causing our Xiao Clan disciples to be gravely injured. Clan head, please punish me!”

“Would Clan Head please punish us!” The large group of people behind all knelt down and said.

Xiao Xiong frowned. He stomped heavily on the group with his right foot. The crowd only felt a gentle breeze pulling their bodies up.

“First Elder, go count how many deaths there are and save all those who are still alive without sparing any effort. Regardless of the grade of herbs, as long as they are in the dispensary, you may use them.”

Xiao Xiong faced Xiao Qiang and carried on saying, “This matter cannot be blamed on you. I am at fault too. I will wait for you in the great hall.”

Xiao Residence Great hall:

Xiao Xiong sat on the chair in the middle of the great hall and looked at Xiao Chen, “I hear that you have obtained the inheritance of the Thunder Emperor?”

Xiao Chen nodded his head in acknowledgement and handed the Lunar Shadow Saber over to Xiao Xiong.

Xiao Xiong took the Lunar Shadow Saber and examined it carefully. After a long while, he smiled warmly, “To think that your cultivation talent was so mediocre when you were young. Now that you have obtained the inheritance of the Thunder Emperor, your accomplishments might possibly become the highest in the Xiao Clan.”

Xiao Chen took back the Lunar Shadow Saber and then muttered to himself irresolutely for a while before finally speaking out the doubt that he had in his heart, “Father, since you have already become a Martial King, why did you not chase after those two persons?”

Xiao Xiong sighed, “You probably saw that I was flying in the air and thought that I was already at the Martial King realm. Actually, my current realm has only reached peak Martial Saint.”

“The Leng Clan head, who fought with me at the end, also knew that. I am only able to fly because of my wind attributed Martial Spirit, despite my cultivation only being at peak Martial Saint. However, my speed is much slower than that of a true Martial King.”

Xiao Chen suddenly understood, So there was actually such a reason; this all makes sense now.

Just at this moment, Xiao Qiang brought a few people over and greeted Xiao Xiong respectfully, “I have already tallied up the numbers of the dead and injured. There were a total of 150 people injured, of which 90 had died. Out of the 90 dead, there were three Martial Grand Masters.”

Everyone present took a deep breath of cold air when Xiao Qiang said this. There were actually that many casualties. A big portion of these people were the elite disciples of the Xiao Clan, many of whom were of the Xiao Clan’s descent.

Furthermore, there were Martial Grand Masters amongst the dead. As Martial Grand Masters, they could be considered as the finest fighting force in Mohe City. Even the Xiao Clan did not have many Martial Grand Masters.

“Clan Head, should we inform City Lord Dugu? By doing this, they are going overboard! This is war!?” One of the Xiao Clan elders said angrily.

Xiao Qiang said helplessly, “The people who made a move were the Leng Clan. With Misty Sword Sect backing them, City Lord Dugu cannot do anything against them. Furthermore, they all masked themselves, and they left behind no evidence at all.”

Xiao Xiong said, “What about Yulan and Xiao Jian? Are their lives in danger?”

Xiao Xiong’s expression turned sullen, “Their Martial Spirits were severely injured. They will not be able to fight for at least half a month.”

Hearing this news, the everyone’s complexions in the great hall changed. The Promise of Ten Years was going to start in a week, but these two people who were confirmed for the competition were not able to fight.

This move of the Leng Clan was too vicious... To directly injure the participants of the Xiao Clan. Furthermore, according to the rules, once they confirmed their participants, they could not change them. This meant that the Xiao Clan could only send out Xiao Chen to fight.

When Xiao Chen heard this news, he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, At least their lives are not in danger. “Father, I wish to take my leave for a while to go see Cousin Yulan.”

Xiao Xiong nodded his head, then he seemed to suddenly remember something and said, “Wait for a moment.”

Xiao Chen stopped walking and asked with some doubts, “Is there anything else?” He was unsure why, but he felt some fear towards this man, who was his father in name only.

Xiao Xiong walked to Xiao Chen’s front and said, “Don't move, let me see your Martial Spirit.”

Martial Spirit again, Xiao Chen was surprised. The First elder had also checked his Martial Spirit multiple times. Now Xiao Xiong wanted to check his Martial Spirit too?! What was going on?

After a while, Xiao Chen felt a stream of gentle Essence, along with a consciousness, entering his body. Xiao Chen sank his consciousness down and used it to hide his original Martial Spirit, then he used his consciousness to imitate a purple flame.

After Xiao Xiong saw that, the expression on his face turned much warmer, “A Martial Spirit made out of pure purple flames. I will give you a few fire attributed Martial Techniques another day.”

Cold sweat covered his back as Xiao Chen nodded his head in thanks. The doubts in his heart grew greater, he must know something, Is he afraid of the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit in my body?

Xiao Residence, Within the Dispensary:

After Xiao Chen asked around and obtained the location of Xiao Yulan’s room, he rushed over in a hurry.

“Cousin Yulan, are you asleep? I am Xiao Chen,” Xiao Chen said from outside the doors.

“Cousin Xiao Chen, come in. I’m not asleep yet,” a weak voice came from inside the room, but the voice sounded happy.

Xiao Chen pushed open the door and entered. He saw Xiao Yulan, dressed in a white nightgown, struggling to sit up. There was a faint smile on her pale face, but her knitted eyebrows revealed that the action was painful for her.

Xiao Chen quickly rushed over, took out a Blood Replenishing Pill and gave it to her, “Cousin Yulan, don’t move yet. Take this Blood Replenishing Pill first. Although it will not heal the injuries of your Martial Spirit, it should heal your internal injuries very quickly.”

She blushed slightly as she received the Blood Replenishing Pill, and swallowed it unhesitatingly. She immediately felt a cooling sensation, and the pain from her internal injuries was immediately reduced significantly.

“Thank You, Cousin Xiao Chen.”

Xiao Chen smiled gently, “There is no need to be so courteous. Back then, you saved me once. Giving you a Blood Replenishing Pill is nothing compared to the fact that you saved my life. This is truly nothing.”

“If there is nothing else, then I shall be leaving first. Cousin Yulan, have a good rest.”

Hearing these words, Xiao Yulan felt a pang in her heart, Was it only just to repay that gratitude?

Seeing that Xiao Chen was about to leave, Xiao Yulan suddenly said, “Cousin Xiao Chen, wait for a bit.”

Xiao Chen stopped. Feeling something was off, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Xiao Yulan wanted to say something, but after thinking for a long time she did not know how to start the conversation. Her pretty face blushed before finally saying, “Cousin Xiao Chen, I can’t sleep. Can you stay here and chat with me?”

Xiao Chen was mildly surprised, but he smiled and said, “Sure, of course I can.”