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Chapter 87: The Winner is King?

Chapter 87: The Winner is King?

Xiao Chen grasped the Lunar Shadow Saber tightly. His face was a little weak. The Meteor Burst exhausted a large portion of his Essence. In addition, he was injured previously. Thus, he was currently on the verge of collapsing. He was only holding on by sheer willpower and would faint in the next moment.


Suddenly, Tang Feng shouted out loudly. His right hand did everything possible to pull himself forward, and he flew up high in the air. When he landed, his body swayed unsteadily; it was obvious he had suffered severe injuries.

Xiao Chen pushed off the ground with his feet fiercely, and his body flew forward. The electrical light of the Lunar Shadow Saber radiated in all directions; the full might of the Rank 6 Demonic Core was released, ruthlessly hacking at Tang Feng.


The Ice Fire Bow in Tang Feng’s hand moved forward slightly and blocked Xiao Chen’s saber. Withdrawing his bow and moving around slightly, the Ice Fire Bow attacked Xiao Chen from an odd angle.

The two of them exchanged moves once again. Tang Feng used his bow as a weapon and, coupled with his excellent Movement Technique, he was able to keep things on even footing in close combat with Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen was secretly fearful in his heart; he did not expect Tang Feng to have a Martial Technique that would allow him to use the Ice Fire Bow as a close combat weapon.

After Xiao Chen retreated backward by two steps, his right foot took a step forward, and his stance changed slightly. Suddenly, his aura rose. Tang Feng was slightly afraid and wanted to dodge to the side.

“Draw the Saber!”

Electricity crackled on the blade of the saber, and a streak of light flashed across.

“Arclight Chop!”

The tip of the saber was raised slightly, and an electrical light condensed on the saber blade. It drew out a lingering arclight in the air; the electricity on the arclight jumped around continuously.

Tang Feng wanted to make a move to block it, but he discovered there was no weak point in this technique. The angle that the arclight came from had sealed off all possible angles of attack for him.

When he finally decided to retreat, it was too late for him to completely evade. The arclight created a long wound on his chest. The leaping electricity surged into the wound and entered Tang Feng’s body.

The electricity easily circulated within Tang Feng, and his footsteps temporarily became disarrayed. He was extremely alarmed. He held the Ice Fire Bow in front of his chest and plucked the bowstring fiercely.


A great wave of flames, which brought along a boundless heat wave, swelled towards Xiao Chen.

“Rushing Heaven Chop!”

Xiao Chen leaped up high into the air, soaring towards the skies and directly breaking apart the wave of flames, finally piercing towards Tang Feng. The Lunar Shadow Saber had a reserved brilliance to it; it was not remotely fancy.

Tang Feng’s complexion was ashen as he decisively rolled backward. He did not have Feng Feixue’s ingenuous Movement Techniques and could only choose to roll backward in a sorry state.

“Rushing Thunder Chop!”

There was an explosion behind Xiao Chen; it was shockingly loud, causing everyone’s eardrums to tremble and making them dizzy. At this moment, Xiao Chen’s aura rose to the extreme, bringing along the boundless atmosphere and might of thunder from the nine heavens as he rushed forward.

[TL note: The nine heavens is a chinese way of saying the sky; it refers to the central sky and its eight directions.]

Tang Feng had just risen when he saw Xiao Chen descending as though he were a thunder god. He hurriedly grasped the Ice Fire Bow and raised it above his head, intending to block Xiao Chen’s strike.

He was very confident in the workmanship and the materials of the Ice Fire Bow. It was an Inferior Grade Profound Ranked Spirit Weapon, and furthermore, it was forged using Superior Grade Frost Iron.

“Ka! Ka!”

The huge force behind the Lunar Shadow Saber hacked down on the Ice Fire Bow. After a few crunching sounds, a crack appeared on the Ice Fire Box despite Tang Feng’s confidence in the bow’s durability. It was actually going to break!

“Rushing Thunder Second Chain Chop!”

Adding a chain after the boundless might of the Rushing Thunder Chop, Xiao Chen subsequently landed on the ground and seized the opportunity to execute a Rushing Thunder Second Chain Chop. Tang Feng was surprised and quickly used his bow to defend.


The Ice Fire Bow broke on the spot. The Rushing Thunder Saber Technique executed five saber strikes in a go, and at this moment the violent energy that had accumulated thus far exploded out, blasting Tang Feng away.

Tang Tian, who was in the pavilion, quickly jumped out and caught Tang Feng. His fingers moved as fast as lightning and poked a few spots on his chest. Then, he hurriedly took out a Medicinal Pill and fed it into his mouth.

Only after Tang Tian inspected Tang Feng’s wounds did his expression turn warmer. Looking at Xiao Chen, who was still in the arena, he said in an indifferent manner to the people who rushed over, “Let’s Go!”

Dugu Feng slowly walked to the arena and announced, “In this year’s Promise of Ten Years, the Xiao Clan is victorious once again. The rights to Seven Horn Mountain belong to the Xiao Clan. I hope the other clans will honor this result.”

“Cousin Xiao Chen, are you all right?” Just as Dugu Feng finished his announcements, Xiao Yulan and the others rushed onto the arena.

Xiao Ling`er’s eyes were full of sparkles as she said, “Elder Brother Xiao Chen, now you are the hero of the Xiao Clan.”

Ye Lan, Xiao Jian, and the other Xiao Clan disciples all surrounded him as well, congratulating him. The people below the arena felt that this result was too surprising; Xiao Chen’s comeback was too sudden.

Xiao Chen looked at the crowd while feeling joy in his heart. With the effects of the Blood Replenishing Pill, his internal injuries were already half healed. However, due to the fact that he had overdrawn on his Essence, his body was finding it difficult to manage.

Xiao Qiang parted the crowd and brought a few elders over. His expression was not that of joy obtained after victory. He first inspected Xiao Chen’s injuries and then said, “Hurry back, the Clan Head has something to say to you.”

When they arrived, the Xiao Clan’s people came with an extremely unsightly expression. Now that they had won the Promise of Ten Years, their expressions were much more relaxed.

Mohe City, Tang Clan, Within A Secret Room:

Tang Tian looked ashamed as he said to Leng Zhengyun, “My son is too useless and has wasted three of brother Leng’s Essence Light Arrows.”

The news of the two clans’ defeats had already reached Leng Zhengyun’s ears. When he heard Tang Tian’s words, Leng Zhengyun said indifferently, “It does not matter. Man proposes but God disposes. It is enough that we did our best.”

[TL note: Man proposes but God disposes, this means that we as human can do everything we can but when fate/God intervenes, we become helpless.]

Leng Yunze, who was standing at the side said, “Clan Head, please make the decision. The sixth elder already brought fifty Martial Grand Masters and hid them around the Xiao Clan grounds. We are just waiting for your command.”

Tang Tian stood at the side and said, “Our Tang Clan can provide fifty Martial Grand Masters for Brother Leng to command.”

The Zhang Clan Head followed up by saying, “Our Zhang Clan can provide twelve Martial Grand Masters for Brother Leng to command at any time.”

“I await the Clan Head’s order to destroy Xiao Chen. I will not hesitate,” the four Martial Saints behind Leng Zhengyun said in a loud voice.

Leng Zhengyun closed his eyes and thought about it for a long time before suddenly opening his eyes. His eyes were stern as he said in a heavy tone, “Brother Zhang, how long would it take for your clan’s Martial Grand Masters to gather?”

The Zhang Clan Head smiled, “I have already made arrangements. The twelve Martial Grand Masters of the Zhang Clan are already waiting outside the Tang Clan residence.”

Leng Zhengyun nodded his head and continued to make arrangements, “Brother Zhang. Brother Tang. Aside from the Martial Grand Masters, how many cultivators are your two clans able to provide?”

“The Zhang Clan has a total of seventy Martial Masters and a hundred Martial Disciples.”

“The Tang Clan has a total of eighty Martial Masters and two hundred Martial Disciples.”

There was a radiant look in Leng Zhengyun eyes as he said, “Good! The two of you, send one person to lead these cultivators and stand guard on the road to the City Lord’s residence. They must block the City Lord’s people for two hours. Two hours later, after we have succeeded, they won’t be able to salvage the situation.”

The Zhang Clan Head and the Tang Clan Head had unsightly expressions on their faces as they said, “Going against the City Lord’s people… Are you not afraid of his retaliation?”

Leng Zhengyun looked at the two of them and said in a grave tone, “Do you think that us going to the Xiao Clan Residence is not already going against the City Lord? Do you think that the City Lord is unaware that we went to the Xiao Clan to injure their participants the last time?”

“If my Leng Clan did not have a strong backer, do you think that Dugu Feng would compromise?”

When the Tang Clan Head and Zhang Clan Head heard this, they breathed out in relief before saying, “We will do as Brother Leng says.”

“Depart after half an hour. Exterminate the Xiao Clan; leave none alive,” a look of determination and ruthlessness appeared on Leng Zhengyun’s face.

Mohe City, Xiao Clan, Within the Great Hall:

Xiao Chen followed Xiao Qiang and the others to the great hall. Within the great hall, Xiao Xiong had a sullen expression as he sat upright on the wooden chair.

Xiao Xiong smiled at Xiao Chen, “Xiao Chen, you have succeeded and won the duel for the Xiao Clan.”

However, after Xiao Xiong finished saying this, Xiao Chen felt that something was wrong. The surrounding Xiao Clan elders all had a complex expression on their faces. They did not have the expression of joyful people who had just won a competition.

Xiao Xiong muttered to himself irresolutely for a long time before suddenly saying, “Xiao Chen, is your Martial Spirit the Azure Dragon Holy Beast? Tell me the truth.”

How did he know? Xiao Chen’s heart sank. His thoughts were in a whirl. After a long time, he finally made a decision. This was something that would happen eventually; he could no longer hide from this.

Xiao Chen looked at Xiao Xiong calmly and fearlessly, “In reply to father, my Martial Spirit is indeed the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit. Is there something wrong with that?”

[TL note: In reply to father: I believe this is a very formal way of replying to one’s senior, in this case father.]

“Azure Dragon…” an elder who was beside them was about to explain, when suddenly there was the sound of killing coming from the front yard of the Xiao Residence. There were miserable cries; everyone’s expressions changed.

Xiao Chen trembled with fear in his heart as he quickly sent out his Spiritual Sense. Suddenly, his eyes turned red as he said fiercely, “Bastards! To think you actually dare to come. I shall make sure none of you will return.”

Xiao Chen left the great hall and quickly executed the Gravity Spell, flying into the sky. He rushed ahead of Xiao Xiong and the others to the front yard.

In the front yard, there was a group of cultivators from the Leng Clan maniacally slaughtering people. The weakest of this group were at least Martial Grand Masters; aside from them, there were six Martial Saints. The people from the Xiao Clan had no means of retaliating.


A Xiao Clan disciple in the Inferior Grade Martial Disciple realm was struck by Tang Tian’s palm and vomited a large mouthful of blood. His heart was shattered by the force of that palm strike; he was stone-dead.

“Don’t kill me! Wuwu…” a Xiao Clan girl was dashing towards the back, chasing after her was Leng Yunze. His face had a taunting expression on it, as though he were playing a game of cat and mouse; he chased after her slowly and was not in a rush to make any moves.


Just as the girl thought she could escape, Leng Yunze suddenly made his move. The gleam of a sword flashed by, and the head of the girl flew into the air.

The perfect body, which was missing its head, still continued running forward for a few steps before stopping. The eyes on the head were opened wide, clearly full of shock.

Leng Yunze looked indifferently at the body on the ground as he continued to send out sword Qi, slaughtering the other Xiao Clan disciples. With his cultivation level, there was practically no one who could defend against any of his moves.

“Kill them all; leave none alive. Break through the front yard quickly,” the Leng Clan Head said coldly, as he casually broke the neck of a Xiao Clan disciple.

Countless cries of misery came from the ground and crept into Xiao Chen’s ears. The entire Xiao Clan front yard was like hell. His eyes were red as he executed the Gravity Spell to its fullest, rapidly landing on a big door separating the front yard and the courtyard.

[TL note: I am honestly not too sure about this, but the impression I got was front yard → courtyard → backyard → inner hall (where the great hall and ancestral hall are).]

“Ling`er quickly leave. You arrived at the gate already. After you enter the backyard you should be safe,” Ye Lan shouted to Xiao Ling`er as he did his best to hold back the attacks of a Martial Grand Master.

Xiao Ling`er’s eyes were full of tears as she cried out, “Ye Lan…”