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Chapter 96: Chasing to Kill

Chapter 96: Chasing to Kill

Outside White Water City, Xiao Chen ran frantically towards the Savage Forest. He felt heartbroken as he looked at the incredibly weak Xiao Bai, who had fainted in his embrace.

The attack Xiao Bai executed was the most powerful attack in the Mysterious Nine Heavenly Revolution Transformation. It compressed the essence of the body nine times before releasing it out in an explosive manner. It caused a lot of damage to the body.

Once, when Xiao Chen wax training in Savage Forest, he ran into a Rank 4 Spirit Beast. At a very critical moment, Xiao Bai used this move.

It was then Xiao Chen realized the might of this technique, as well as the harm it does to the body. Thus, he scolded Xiao Bai severely, telling it to never use it. Who knew… it would actually use it today?

Raising his head, he saw Duanmu Qing, who turned into the Ice Phoenix, chasing tightly after him. From another two directions, a figure riding a sword and a blood cloud caught his attention.

Remembering the fatty’s introduction, Xiao Chen could guess the identity of these two people. He smiled faintly and said to himself, “The three geniuses of Dongming Province are chasing after me; they think too highly of me.”

Xiao Chen executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art to its extreme and leaped around in a zigzag fashion. From afar, it looked like the shadow of an azure dragon, soaring into the sky.

As long as he entered Savage Forest, Xiao Chen had the confidence to throw off his pursuers. He had trained within Savage Forest for more than a month and was extremely familiar with it.


Just as Xiao Chen was about the enter the outer periphery of Savage Forest, Duanmu Qing suddenly transformed into a stream of flowing ice and landed in front of Xiao Chen.

The flowing ice moved as though it was water, changing its shape continuously. After a short period of time, it took human form. Duanmu Qing’s beauty appeared in front of Xiao Chen.

Her white hair fluttered all over the place and there was a fire lit in her eyes; she looked like a transcendental goddess. She spoke slowly in a frigid voice, “Hand over the map and I will not make things difficult for you.”

Xiao Chen did not reply and quickly used Lightning Evasion to run. If he had wanted to give it to her, he would have already done so at Liushang Pavilion.

Now that he was at the edge of Savage Forest, he had to make an attempt. Although Xiao Chen did not know what map this was, seeing how anxious she appeared, it was clear that it was not some ordinary map.

“Hau! Hua!”

The blood river in the sky descended to the ground. Hua Yunfei appeared behind Duanmu Qing.


Chu Chaoyun, who was riding on the sword, landed rapidly and firmly on the ground. The sword underneath his feet morphed into a beam of light and flew into his forehead.

The three of them were in no rush to chase after Xiao Chen. Hua Yunfei looked at the two of them, revealing a trace of a demonic smile as he said, “My friends, since Miss Duanmu still has not caught this fellow yet, let’s do this.

“The three of us will work together to chase after him. Who ever who obtains the map will have to share it with the others. What do you think?”

There were no changes in Chu Chaoyun’s expression; his current emotions could not be seen through. He said, “I agree. Our three clans have turned up without invitation. Jiang Mingxun has been resisting the pressure we place on him, refusing to lead the way. He must be waiting for help.”

“I hear that the Ji Clan from Nanling Province is arriving soon. When they arrive, there will be another strong opponent. If we can snatch the map and rush ahead of the Jiang Clan, our three clans can disregard the Jiang Clan and work together to search.”

Duanmu Qing’s white hair slowly turned black again; the fiery look in her eyes seemed to have calmed down and became more welcoming. She pursed her red lips and responded, “Sure.”

After the three of them spoke, they immediately entered Savage Forest. Each of them using their own methods to chase in the direction Xiao Chen fled.

After the three of them left, Su Xiaoxiao appeared, carrying her zither. She said softly, “It really is the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art. I did not see incorrectly the last time. The head of the four Holy Beast, the Azure Dragon, has reappeared in this world.”

After she said this, she did not enter Savage Forest. She looked to be deep in thought. After a long time, she quickly rushed towards White Water City.

Not long after Su Xiaoxiao left, the Jiang Clan’s first elder, Jiang Yunze, rushed over, leading a group of cultivators. This group of cultivators were all Martial Masters; there were 200 of them.

Jiang Yunze looked at Savage Forest in front of him and said, “Split yourselves into 20 groups, each group consisting of ten people. After you discover the target, take action immediately. Ten Martial Masters going against a single Inferior Grade Martial Disciple... there should be no danger of anything going wrong.”

After he said this, he took out a few portraits and handed them out, “Savage Forest is very large. It is possible that we might not find him by simply relying on our numbers. If you meet any cultivators that are training in the forest, hand this portrait to them and ask for their assistance in capturing him.”

In the outer perimeters of Savage Forest, Xiao Chen was rapidly dashing through the woods. His Spiritual Sense was extended out. The situation within 800 meters of himself was reflected in his mind.

The entire Savage Forest extended out for thousands of kilometers. Just the outer perimeter itself was more than a thousand hectares. Aside from Spirit Beasts, there were many hunters and cultivators who came to train. By hiding in Savage Forest, his pursuers would be searching for a needle in a haystack.

“Hu Chi!”

A group of gray wolves appeared in Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense. The gray wolves were Rank 3 Spirit Beasts that moved in a group. There would be at least 20 of them every time they appeared. Xiao Chen knew they were not easy to deal with and he prepared to go around them.

Xiao Chen withdrew his Spiritual Sense and used it to sweep through the area to either side. Just at that moment, there was the sound of footsteps. Xiao Chen trembled in his heart; he did not know who they were. He quickly hid in a bush to the side.

“This fellow really knows how to hide. After searching for so long, there is still no trace of him.”

“I wonder how this fellow offended the Jiang Clan… to think that he was actually able to cause the Jiang Clan to set a bounty of 1000 gold taels on him, announcing it to the entire city.”

“I heard this fellow had stolen a treasure map from the Jiang Clan. It is the map of the ancient remains according to recent rumors. If we get it, do you think we can go try our luck?”

“Haha! Just based on your cultivation as a Medial Grade Martial Master? I would advise you not to dream too big. That map is just a copy, the original is still in the hands of the Jiang Clan. The three great powers of Dongming Province are here already. I’m afraid, even before you come close, you would be killed. We are better off not playing any tricks and behaving, handing the map over to the Jiang Clan and earning some hush money.”

“You're right. This treasure is very enticing. Without our lives, we would not be able to enjoy it. Let’s keep searching; I'm very sure I saw that fellow running in this direction.”

Xiao Chen, who had hidden in the bush, was startled. To think the Jiang Clan’s influence is so strong. They are able to pull all the cultivators in Savage Forest over to their side. Seems like I’m in trouble; I have to quickly rush over to that place.

One of the cultivators held a steel knife in his hand and walked over to the bush where Xiao Chen hid. He used the steel knife to clear the thorny undergrowth that was in his path unceasingly.

I’m about to be discovered; I can’t go on like this, seeing that person get nearer, Xiao Chen thought in his heart, I have to take the initiative and make my move.


Xiao Chen launched out of the bush and, taking advantage of the moment the person was startled, he used his saber to slice him into two halves. After that, he quickly rushed towards the remaining five cultivators.

“He killed Lao Jiu! Quickly! Kill him!” When the crowd saw that Lao Jiu was cut into two halves with a single move, they were shocked. Lao Jiu was a Medial Grade Martial Master... to think that he could be killed in one move by this person.

“Drawing the Saber!”

Xiao Chen executed the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique, the electrical light of the Lunar Shadow Saber shined in all directions. The energy of the Rank 6 Demonic Core was displayed fully. The saber light flashed in the sky and a cultivator in the front was chopped into two halves as well.

“Arclight Chop!”

“I’ll kill you!” When a cultivator to the side saw that another of his companions was killed by Xiao Chen, his eyes became bloodshot and he ignored his own well being. He Brandished his sword with the intent to kill Xiao Chen, facing the Arclight Chop head on.

“Pu Chi!”

Once the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique was initiated, the user could not retreat, or else his aura would drop to a very low point. He would not be able to raise his aura back and use the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique for a short period of time.

Xiao Chen did not evade his strike. The sword slashed across Xiao Chen’s chest leaving a wound, dripping with blood. However, before this person could feel pleased about it, he was cut into two halves by the Arclight Chop.

“Rushing Heaven Chop!”

Xiao Chen held the Lunar Shadow Saber and soared into the air. He pierced through the chest of a person in front of him. The huge force instantly exploded that person’s body into tiny pieces.

“Rushing Thunder Chop!”

Thunder crackled in the sky; Xiao Chen used the might of the heavenly lightning and came crashing downward. One of the people below used his saber to block. The blade of the saber snapped with a loud bang; the Lunar Shadow Saber easily sliced his body in two halves, from head to legs.

“Rushing Thunder Second Chain Chop!”

Xiao Chen spun around and gathered all the energy of the previous four strikes, releasing it explosively in the Rushing Thunder Second Chain Chop. The person who was getting ready to sneak attack Xiao Chen from behind was shattered to powder by the tremendous force behind the saber.

Seeing the six corpses on the ground, Xiao Chen did not feel any unease in his heart. Since these people wanted to kill him to get the map, they should be prepared to get killed, themselves.

He took out a Qi Returning Pill and placed it in his mouth. Xiao Chen looked at the scar on his chest and frowned slightly. If Tang Feng did not destroy his Battle Armor when he shot him, this saber would never be able to injure him.

After leaving Mohe City, Xiao Chen discovered the Profound Rank Battle Armor, which Xiao Xiong gave him, had lost its spirituality, becoming an ordinary soft armor. In order to not hamper his movements, Xiao Chen threw away the Battle Armor.

With Xiao Chen’s strength, he could have taken his time and killed this group of people without wasting much of his Essence.

Xiao Chen was worried that it would drag on for too long and attract more trouble. Thus, he used his more Essence demanding Rushing Thunder Saber Technique, so he could deal with the problem as fast as possible.

He took out a Blood Replenishing Pill, crushed it and scattered it on his wounds. Then, Xiao Chen opened the bags of the six cultivators.

These were cultivators that had trained in Savage Forest for a long time. There was a large amount of Spirit Cores and herbs. Xiao Chen counted them; there was a total of four Rank 3 Spirit Cores and five Rank 4 herbs. The others were just some items of low value. Xiao Chen casually threw them away.

These are worth some money. Xiao Chen revealed a smile on his face as he put the Rank 3 Spirit Cores and Rank 4 herbs into the Universe Ring.

On the following journey, Xiao Chen decided that even if his Essence was exhausted rapidly, he would keep his Spiritual Sense extended out. As long as he detected someone, he would avoid them. Does not matter whether they have any malicious intent or not; he would go around them.

When it was near dusk, Xiao Chen arrived at a desolate place in the outer periphery of Savage Forest. Upon arriving there, Xiao Chen’s tense mood finally relaxed. He also withdrew his Spiritual Sense.

He took large steps as he walked into the forest before him. As his figure moved into the forest, it had a very odd pace to it. After an extended time, Xiao Chen’s figure suddenly and mysteriously disappeared into the forest.