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Chapter 105: Chaotic Gathering

Chapter 105: Chaotic Gathering

“This Jiang Yunze is too conceited. To think that he forcibly endured and suppressed the force of the saber and assumed the youth did the same.”

“Indeed… What an unjust defeat. If he was not that anxious, his chances of victory would have been much better after exchanging 500 moves.”

“The youth’s final move was too terrifying. To think he had such persistence and endurance, saving his strength to unleash it at the end, clinching victory in one move.”

The cultivators who were spectating shook their heads and sighed as they saw Jiang Yunze defeated in an instant. They felt it was underserved; they also felt that Xiao Chen’s terrifying attack was very shocking.

Seeing Xiao Chen come closer, Jiang Yunze felt a shadow of death appear in his heart. He rushed off in the direction of the City Gate and shouted to his subordinates to the side, “Hold him back for me!”

The remaining ten people were the deathsworn of the Jiang Clan. Although they despised Jiang Yunze’s action, they did not hesitate to stay behind.

Because their families were in Jiang Clan, if they disobeyed orders or even fled, not only would they be punished, they would implicate their families as well. Thus, they did not have much of a choice. Furthermore, if they were to die as a result of the battle, their families would receive a large sum in compensation.

Xiao Chen had a calm expression as he continued to walk forward, as though there were no obstructions in front of him. The crowd’s gaze was filled with shock when Xiao Chen directly walked past them.

“Chi! Chi!”

Xiao Chen did not appear to have made a move, but the bodies of ten of the Jiang Clan cultivators suddenly burst into purple flames. They were instantly burned till they became piles of ash.

Jiang Yunze turned his head around to check what Xiao Chen was doing. When he did that, he was frightened and he immediately increased his speed, rushing towards the city gate.


Amidst the piles of ash, a bow that flashed with a cold gleam and a quiver of arrows fell. This was the Spirit Weapon that Jiang Yunze had used previously to shoot Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen picked up the bow and nocked an arrow. He then circulated Essence to his right hand. When he tried to draw back the bowstring, he discovered that it would not move at all.

There was more to the bow than meets the eye; this bow was actually about to dissipate Essence automatically, Xiao Chen thought to himself. He then dissipated his Essence and relied on the strength of his physical body to draw the bow to the shape of a full moon.

He used his Spiritual Sense to lock onto Jiang Yunze’s chest. He was able to clearly sense his position; regardless of how he moved, there would be no way to shake Xiao Chen off.

“Hu Chi!

The arrow buzzed through the air, looking like a bolt of lightning, looking like the Martial Technique, Chasing Stars Catching Moon. In one instant the arrow was nocked on the bow, and in the next instant, it had pierced through Jiang Yunze’s chest.

The strength of the arrow did not weaken and it actually carried Jiang Yunze as it headed towards the city gates. The arrow violently struck the city wall with a loud bang, pinning Jiang Yunze to the wall.

The First Elder of the Jiang Clan, the number one power of White Water City, was actually pinned to the wall of White Water City by a youth. The surroundings were silent; everyone’s jaw was open wide in disbelief.

“That youth actually managed to draw the Soul Slayer Bow to the shape of a full moon; how incredulous!”

“Indeed, the Jiang Clan had to spent a large amount of Spirit Stones before they were able to purchase it from Heavenly Craft Manor. One cannot use Essence to draw the bow, they could only rely on their physical strength. In the Jiang Clan, only Jiang Yunze is able to draw it slightly. Even so, countless people have died to this bow.”

“Haha, Jiang Yunze would never imagine that he would be killed by this bow.”

“He had used this bow to slay countless people who had gone against the Jiang Clan. Now, he is pinned to the wall by it; it could be said that he has received his karma.”

After a short moment, those cultivators recovered their wits. They looked at Jiang Yunze’s dissatisfied face and they took pleasure in his misfortune. It was evident these cultivators were frequently oppressed by the Jiang Clan.

Xiao Chen looked at the Soul Slayer Bow in his hand; he felt surprised, he did not expect this ordinary looking bow to have such extraordinary origins.

Xiao Chen put the Soul Slayer Bow into the Universe Ring and raised his head to look at the pinned Jiang Yunze. He did not hesitate and walked directly into White Water City.

After a long time, three Martial Grand Masters of the Jiang Clan led 200 Martial Masters out of Savage Forest in a majestic manner. When they saw the pinned Jiang Yunze, they turned pale with fright and shock filled their faces.


It was now late at night, the skies were clouded, but there were no stars. Only a waning moon hung high in the sky, shining its gentle moonlight over the ground.

Within the Jiang Clan in White Water City, all the elder-leveled people were all summoned to the great hall. Jiang Mingxun sat in the middle of the hall with an expressionless look.

By his two sides sat six consecrates of the Jiang Clan; they were all Martial Saints. Behind them, there were tens of Martial Grand Masters. The great hall seemed to be somewhat crowded.

This was the true elite force of the Jiang Clan; these were who the Jiang Clan relied on for the past hundred years. They were the thing that allowed the Jiang Clan to strut around unrivaled in White Water City.

At this moment, these people, who were powerful men in White Water City and were normally well respected, had incredibly solemn looks on their faces. The atmosphere in the great hall was very dull and lonely.

Jiang Mingxun started to speak slowly, “I believe everyone knows about what happened during the day. The First Elder Jiang Yunze was pinned on the city wall and died.”

A Martial Saint consecrate to his right side said, “Brother Jiang, there is no need to pay too much heed to it; it is just a Medial Grade Martial Master. I am able to casually pinch him to death with just one hand. I feel it is better to let this matter go. We should focus on the ancient remnants; that would be where the Jiang Clan would be able to obtain a foundation for expansion.”

Right after he said that a middle aged man at the back spoke up, he had an extremely agitated expression on his face as he said, “Elder Bai! What do you mean by this!? My Eldest Brother was pinned to death at the city gates. Could it be that we are going to just let him die for nothing?”

That consecrate with the surname Bai frowned and said unhappily, “What do you count for? How dare you speak with me in such a tone. Did I say we are not going to bother about it? I am willing to personally go and take revenge for your eldest brother, but there are matters that are more urgent. Even the Clan Head did not say anything; who are you to speak?”

That middle aged man’s face was bloated red; with his status, he was indeed not suppose to speak to the consecrate elder like this. However, his brother had died, and he did not feel satisfied.

Jiang Mingxun said, “Yunfeng, you don’t have to be too worried. In all these years, have you seen anyone who offended the Jiang Clan have a good ending??

“This time, the reason I have called everybody over is not for everyone to focus on this matter. I have similar opinions as Elder Bai. We have to prioritize what is important. There is no need to concern ourselves with a Medial Grade Martial Master.”

“My only concern now is that this person might leak the map out. Thus, I called everyone over to prepare to enter into the ancient remnants.”

Jiang Mingxun said that in an uncritical manner; after he finished, everyone’s expression changed. Were they able to enter the mighty ancient remnants just relying on themselves?

“Boom! Boom!”

Just as the crowd was pondering on Jiang Mingxun’s words, there were screaming sounds coming from outside. “Bang! Bang!” A few Jiang Clan disciples were thrown in from outside by someone.

The Jiang Clan’s disciples were thrown with a great force and the few Martial Grand Masters in the outer circle were not able to withstand the force and were knocked flying back.

A passageway was instantly created in the crowded great hall. Jiang Mingxun and the few consecrates made a move and caught the Jiang Clan disciples who were thrown in.

After these people caught them, a surging shockwave came from the bodies of these people, swelling out in all directions. It caused all the wooden tables and chairs to be knocked over.

The cups and vases on them all fell to the floor, shattering. It was clear the person who attacked had an unfathomable strength.

Jiang Mingxun put down the person he caught and looked at Hua Yunfei and Duanmu Qing standing outside the great hall. Behind them, there was a group of servants of unknown strength. He said sullenly, “What is the meaning of this? Why did you injure the disciples of our Jiang Clan?”

He then looked at the not far away and lonely Chu Chaoyun. He said in a pleading tone, “Nephew Chaoyun, your father and I can be considered to be best friends. Are you going to oppose us?”

Chu Chaoyun smiled faintly and said somewhat gently, “Uncle Jiang, when I came, my father already told me. Don’t worry, I did not injure any of the Jiang Clan’s people earlier.”

Hua Yunfei smile coldly, “Jiang Mingxun, you don’t have to ask further. I was the one who injured your man. All I have is one question for you, for how long are you going to delay us? Don’t treat us like fools.”

Hua Yunfei’s attitude was extremely arrogant. He completely belittled him, calling him by his name in front of everyone; there was not a trace of the propriety that should exist between a senior and a junior.

Jiang Mingxun burned with anger in his heart, but he did not dare to express it on his face. After all, his Jiang Clan was just a wealthy clan of a place. Whereas, the Hua Clan is a noble clan that existed for a thousand years. When comparing to a clan with an innate bloodline, his clan was not even worth mentioning.

Furthermore, the seniors of the Hua Clan behind Hua Yunfei did not say anything; it was clear they permitted Hua Yunfei’s current attitude. With them backing him, Jiang Mingxun could not do anything about Hua Yunfei.

Jiang Mingxun muttered, “I have already promised you all that once I ascertained the location of the ancient remnants, I will proceed with each and every one of you. As of now, the location is not confirmed yet, so how would I be able to bring you there?”

Hua Yunfei revealed a sinister smile and coldly snorted, “You truly think we are fools. Did you think we did not hear what you said earlier? Don’t think that if you have the Ji Clan to back you up, you would be able to leave us behind?”

He paused for a moment, then his tone turned grave as he pointed at Jiang Mingxun and enunciated every word, one by one, “For you information, this is Dongming Province, not Nanling Province. Even if the Ji Clan came, it would not be up to them to call the shots.”

After Jiang Mingxun was pointed at by Hua Yunfei and lectured, his complexion became ashen. The anger in his heart grew fierier as he clenched his fist so tight, there were cracking sounds; he felt incredibly sullen.

“What big words you speak,” suddenly a faintly discernible voice could be heard coming from within the great hall. It echoed throughout the surroundings, causing one to be unable to distinguish where the sound came from.

A black figure came in from the outside and appeared in front of Hua Yunfei. He suddenly sent out a palm strike at Hua Yunfei; his actions were all done in one breath, and his speed was as fast as lightning. Most of the people in the great hall did not know how this black figure entered the Jiang Clan.


Hua Yunfei quickly made his move and exchanged a palm strike with the black figure. There was an explosive sound when the palms met; the black figure immediately exploded.

“That is the Ji Clan’s secret technique, Astral Incarnation. Young Master Ji is here,” the Jiang Clan crowd exclaimed joyfully when there saw what happened. Jiang Mingxun’s expression became significantly more relaxed.

Hua Yunfei, who was nearest, was immediately forced back by the shockwave of the explosion. A strange energy flowed into his body via his palm, circulating in his meridians and sweeping away everything in its path.

Hua Yunfei became sullen and anxiously used the energy of his Martial Spirit; the Blood River instantly poured in. He only managed to dissipate this strange energy after a long moment.

“The Hua Clan’s mutated Martial Spirit is only just so. No wonder he was severely injured by a Superior Grade Martial Disciple not too long ago.”

A male dressed in black walked in slowly from outside the great hall. He had elegant long hair and had outstanding charms. His eyes were a bright as stars. Although he was dressed in black, he still seemed to give off a strange radiance in the night.

When he walked into the great hall, the entire great hall seemed to have brightened. He immediately became the focal point of everyone. The world existed for him; he was the main character.

Chu Chaoyun’s calm face reveal a trace of a ripple in his heart. Ji Changkong, is that him?

There were many rumors about Nanling Province’s Ji Clan’s Ji Changkong. They said that he had practiced the Ji Clan’s secret technique, Astral Incarnation to the medial success realm at seven, then he practiced another Ji Clan’s secret technique, Astral Swordplay to the medial success realm at ten.

Since then, he had never met anyone who was a match for him. He is the current top expert of the Nanling Province’s youth. At the age of 16, he was already a Superior Grade Martial Grand Master.

The prideful Ji Changkong then prepared to go to the imperial capital immediately to challenge the legendary Princess Ying Yue, who was said be the reincarnation of the great emperor. He defeated all the youths in the imperial capital and finally he was summoned by Princess Ying Yue.