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Chapter 119: Soloing Four Big Clans

Chapter 119: Soloing Four Big Clans

The Guiyi Marquis’ eyes lit up. He looked coldly at Hua Yunfei, who had turned into a blood river. He swept the long spear towards the blood river. It contained at least a thousand kilograms of force as it swept across like a dragon’s tail; it was unblockable.

The blood river instantly stopped. Hua Yunfei suddenly reappeared and blocked the spear with his two hands. However, the force contained in the spear was too great. Hua Yunfei was immediately knocked back. He skidded on the ground for several steps before he managed to stand stably again.

The Guiyi Marquis said coldly, “I, the Guiyi Marquis, want to kill him. It is not your turn to take action."

Hua Yunfei was humiliated under everyone’s gaze. He blushed and the image of a red human figure appeared behind him. Hua Yunfei replied in a cold voice, “Guiyi Marquis, what do you mean by this? Are you trying to start a fight?”

The Guiyi Marquis smiled coldly and ignored him. He fixed his gaze back on Xiao Chen. The 200 Golden Guards behind him all instantly drew their swords in an orderly fashion.

Along with the sound of swords being drawn, a horrifying killing intent was extended out instantly. The 200 Golden Guards who had experience countless wars merged their killing intent and directed it at the Hua Clan.

Hua Yunfei and his group all felt their hearts go cold; it was as though they were transported to a bloody battlefield. There were countless of cries of pain as well as the mourning of soldiers before their deaths. These sounds resounded in their ears, and it was extremely terrifying.

Hua Yunfei was very angry but he knew the strength of the group he brought was insufficient. Before the killing intent of these 200 Martial Grand Masters, he would suffer a huge disadvantage.

He only snorted coldly and keep silent. He fixed a cold gaze on Xiao Chen; he would settle all these grievances with him. His hatred for him deepened in his heart.

Xiao Chen got up and took two steps back. He was astonished at how the Guiyi Marquis handle this. He did not expect him to be so conceited. He was exactly how the rumors depicted him.

Ji Changkong suddenly laughed coldly, “What big words; I want to see how are you going to stop me from killing this person.”

Ji Changkong had challenged every youth in the Imperial Capital in the past. According to the rumors, he had a secret battle with the Guiyi Marquis and they fought to a draw.

Because the Guiyi Marquis had a higher cultivation realm than Ji Changkong at that time, Ji Changkong did not feel convinced in his heart. From the look of the situation now, it seemed that the rumored duel did occur.

A black sword appeared in Ji Changkong’s hands. A resplendent starry sky appeared in his eye. It looked vast and mighty; its depths were unfathomable. His body turned into a beam of light and he flew straight at Xiao Chen. The sword in his hand danced around and starlight permeated the surroundings; it was very dazzling.

Duanmu Qing’s slender sword trembled and countless glittering snowflakes appeared, they flew at Xiao Chen with a cold wind.

Hua Yunfei snorted coldly and took advantage of the opportunity. He turned into a blood river again and gushed towards Xiao Chen. The three of them executed their own killing moves and rushed at Xiao Chen from different directions.

The Guiyi Marquis’s heart trembled. He was not confident in blocking all three of them at the same time. Even if he could block them, he would not do so. He had not intended to let Xiao Chen off in the first place. With his character, he did not wish to be assisted by anyone else.

The Guiyi Marquis picked up the scarlet short spear behind him in his left hand. He said indifferently, “The people that I, the Guiyi Marquis, want to kill will not be snatched away from under my nose.”

He shouted lightly and stomped on the ground violently. Numerous cracks appeared on the ground before it crumbled loudly. He leaped forward explosively. He actually managed to overtake the three of them in an instant.

Xiao Chen was currently in desperate straits. He was not confident of receiving the killing move of either of them. Now that all of them were attacking together, his odds were looking bad.

Xiao Chen leaned on the wall with the Sage Dao Comprehension Picture. When he saw the four of them suddenly rushing at him, he smiled coldly in his heart. He did not show any fear.

“Life Bestowal Spell!”

He shouted lightly and quickly took out a sculpture from his Universe Ring. A mountain-sized Golden Lion King suddenly appeared before Xiao Chen.


The Guiyi Marquis, who arrived first, smashed into the Golden Lion King’s body. He was rapidly knocked back. Xiao Chen leaped up and stood on the back of the Golden Lion King. He commanded the Golden Lion King to give a violent stomp.

An intense shockwave extended through the surroundings, kicking all the dust up. The huge force behind the shock wave instantly knocked Duanmu Qing, Hua Yunfei, and Ji Changkong flying.

When the Guiyi Marquis saw the Golden Lion King, his brain felt as though it had short-circuited. He did not understand what was happening. How was the Golden Lion King subdued by Xiao Chen?


The huge feet of the Golden Lion King were like humongous stone pillars. A foot stomped down towards the Guiyi marquis. The Guiyi Marquis immediately performed a somersault backward and evaded.

“Bang!” Countless stone shards were sent flying. A large pit appeared before him. The paw of the Golden Lion King was like a celestial object descending from the sky. It continued to stomp at the Guiyi Marquis with a strangely fast speed.

The Guiyi Marquis was astonished. How is the Golden Lion King’s speed so fast? When I was fighting with it, it was clearly past its prime. Its movements were very slow. What is going on?

The Guiyi Marquis continued to evade in a sorry state. This continued until he finally stepped in a crack. Xiao Chen remained expressionless as he controlled the Golden Lion King to continued to stomp on the ground.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A deep pit appeared on the ground. It was unknown if the Guiyi Marquis was alive or dead at the bottom of the pit. His 200 Golden Guards immediately surrounded Xiao Chen to attack.

Xiao Chen controlled the Golden Lion King to advance suddenly, trampling everything in its way. There was no one could block it. The speed and strength of the late Golden Lion King could not be compared to this Golden Lion King that Xiao Chen had made from the Life Bestowal Spell.

The Golden Lion King charged angrily, killing everything in its path. Its mountain-sized body continued to trample the ground. The ground slowly started to shake.

There were cries of misery; the Golden Guards were trampled into mush. When the Duanmu Clan’s six Martial Saints saw the situation, they worked together to fire a stream of extremely cold wind at Xiao Chen.

When the cold wind passed, even the air froze. Tiny beads of ice fell out of the air unceasingly like hail

“Pu Ci!”

The Golden Lion King spat a dazzling golden flame from its mouth. This cold wind immediately became steam and disappeared. However, the flames continued to fly towards the six Martial Saints.

Like the autumn wind blowing the leaves around, the six Duanmu Clan Martial Saints were blown away. They vomited mouthfuls of blood as they stared at Xiao Chen in horror.


The six Hua Clan Martial Saints all moved on their own, each transforming into a gushing sacred river. Dragon Turtles and all sorts of immortal beasts could be seen indistinctly in the sacred river. It had a boundlessly vast holy might, as though it was able to wash away the sins of people.

Xiao Chen looked coldly at the gushing sacred river. The Golden Lion King pushed its feet off the ground and dashed over like lightning. The ground trembled constantly. The stone walls and stone pillars in its way all crumbled when it smashed into them.


When it was in front of the sacred river, the Golden Lion King suddenly and loudly roared. Soundwaves shook the surroundings; countless stone walls turned into powder. The vast and mightily gushing sacred river was sent up to the sky before it started flowing backward.

“That’s impossible…” the six Huan Clan Martial Saint exclaimed. Their faces were filled with fear. The sacred river gushed over the bodies of the six of them, giving off a continuous ‘zizi’ sound.

When the sacred river vanished, the six Martial Saints were extremely pale. All the clothes on their body vanished. They seemed to have slimmed down. A clean pure white space appeared on the ground; there was not even a speck of dust remaining.

“I’ll kill you!” Hua Yunfei’s eyes turned bloodshot. A scarlet sword appeared in his hand. A male wearing scarlet clothes stood behind him.

A boundless evil aura was emitted from the scarlet clothed man. Occasionally, faintly discernible corpses of all sorts of strong beasts would appear before him; it was very horrifying.


A sword light which was 33 meters long appeared on the sword. It reached all the way to the roof of the underground palace and pierce a hole through it.Countless pieces of stone fell heavily from the sky.

“Bloody Death Below Heaven, Die!” Hua Yunfei shouted loudly. The sword light hacked down towards Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen had a calm expression as he shouted lightly. The golden horn of the Golden Lion King let out a resplendent light.

The golden light clashed with the scarlet light, resulting in a resounding sound. In the end, the scarlet light vanished and the golden light shot into the sky. It created a small hole in the ceiling and a beam of sunlight shined through.

This golden light could actually pierce through the entire mountain above the underground palace. Everyone took a deep breath. How powerful does it have to be for it to do that!

A huge ice bird appeared and cried out in the sky. It flew towards Xiao Chen carrying a boundless cold wind. A limitless flame started burning in Xiao Chen’s right eye. Finally, the limitless flame turned into a purple glow and fired out a purple light.

The ice bird was struck by the purple light and immediately started to burn. A painful moan came from the ice bird, and the ice bird flew at Xiao Chen while burning. The ice that made up its body melted continuously. By the time it reached Xiao Chen, it had completely disappeared.

“Astral Swordplay, third style — Eternal Light.” Ji Changkong felt the terrifying aura of the Golden Lion King and did not dare be careless. He immediately executed his strongest offensive technique.

A resplendent starry sky appeared behind him. Amidst the starry sky, there was a star that represented him. It suddenly rose up and turned into a dazzling light pillar. It rushed towards the heavens and pierced through a thousand meters of the mountain above the underground palace.

It flew towards the boundless universe and arrived on the other side. The dark underground palace was brightly lighted up by the eternal light of the resplendent starry sky.

“Pu Ci!”

The light suddenly disappeared and the underground palace returned to darkness. In the next moment, a boundless brilliant light appeared on his black sword. Countless people lost their vision temporarily.

The eternal light which came from the starry sky rushed at Xiao Chen. A bright light slice through the darkness; it seemed as though it sliced the night into two halves.

The Golden Lion King opened its huge mouth and there was a strong attractive force coming from it. It swallowed the starry sky behind Ji Changkong. Ji Changkong vomited a mouthful of blood and the eternal light was extinguished.

“That is Xiao Chen, why is he fighting with the people from the four big clans? Furthermore, he is not losing.”