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Chapter 125: Fighting for Treasure: Fierce Battle Between Giants

Chapter 125: Fighting for Treasure: Fierce Battle Between Giants

Chu Chaoyun knew what he was thinking; he said, “I arrived not much earlier than you. If I moved the coffin lid, you would have heard something.”

Suddenly, Duanmu Qing walked to the coffin lid, which had landed on the ground. The golden coffin lid was densely covered with words from the Ancient Era.

She quickly took out paper and brush, recording every bit of it. This was the Martial Technique of a Sage. Although she did not know what it was, it was likely to be extraordinary.


Under everyone’s shocked gazes, Xiao Chen and his group jumped onto the stone platform from the final stone step. When they arrived on the stone platform, the barrier that had been protecting them broke apart, disappearing into nothing.

The fatty was the first to feel that something was wrong, “Damn it, we cannot circulate our energies or use our Martial Spirit here.”

Xiao Chen gave it a try, and it was indeed as the fatty said. The Martial Spirit in the Dantian region seemed to be restricted. Regardless of what he did, he was unable to elicit a response. It was also impossible for him to circulate his Essence.

Ji Changkong looked at Xiao Chen with a cold glare. He leaped into the air and sent a punch at Xiao Chen without saying anything.

Xiao Chen was stunned at first, but the corners of his mouth curled up in a cold smile after that. It was obvious that the people here were unable to use Essence. With Xiao Chen’s physical strength, he was unrivaled on this stone platform.


Xiao Chen quickly welcomed him with a punch. When the two fists clashed, there was a crunching sound. Ji Changkong’s five fingers of his right hand were broken.

Ji Changkong took five steps back. He looked at the wound on his hand with disbelief. The fingers were linked to the heart; he felt an intense pain, and his face spasmed.

[TL note: The fingers were linked to the heart; this is a Traditional Chinese Medicine concept. Each of the fingers are linked to our internal organs and can affect them.]

The Guiyi Marquis grabbed hold of his golden long spear when he saw Xiao Chen come up. He swept the Hua Clan’s people aside with his spear and rushed at Xiao Chen. In the blink of an eye he arrived before Xiao Chen.

“Hu! Hu! Hu!”

A series of spear stabs burst out before Xiao Chen’s eyes, like a flower. The Guiyi Marquis was very good with the spear, even without the support of Essence, so the spear stabs were still as tightly packed together as they were before.

Xiao Chen took two steps back and the Guiyi Marquis followed. The long spear stuck to Xiao Chen closely, like gum. No matter how much he evaded, he was unable to completely avoid the attacks.

“Pu!” Xiao Chen’s feet landed on empty air; he had already retreated to the edge of the stone platform. If he took another step back he would be forced off the stone platform.

Considering the special characteristics of the stone platform, if Xiao Chen fell off, he would definitely die. The Guiyi Marquis increased his efforts to do so. He pushed his right hand forward and sent the long spear at Xiao Chen’s chest violently.

“Pu Ci!”

Suddenly the Lunar Shadow Saber appeared in Xiao Chen’s hands. Xiao Chen deflected the spear with a gentle move. Because the Guiyi Marquis had used all his strength in this strike, he ended up taking a step forward. The saber blade slid down the handle of the spear.

Soon, the saber blade reached the Guiyi Marquis’ right hand. He quickly let go, and the golden long spear dropped to the ground.

Inclined Body Strike!

Xiao Chen inclined his body and charged forward. The strength of his physical body all gathered in his right shoulder. His body, tempered by the heavenly Thunder and Seven Leaf Flower petals, immediately exploded forth with a horrifying strength.

The Guiyi Marquis was knocked flying with a bang. He vomited a mouthful of blood while in midair. When he fell to the ground, he kept rolling, and he almost fell off the stone platform.

“Attack together; this fellow’s physical body is too horrifying!” Hua Yunfei shouted loudly when he saw the Guiyi Marquis being defeated in an instant. He could not help but feel some fear.

These cultivators relied too much on Essence; although their physical bodies were tempered and were far stronger than regular people, it was incomparable to Xiao Chen’s.


Xiao Chen put away his saber and used his fist, as he rushed at the Ji Clan cultivators in front of him. Once they were knocked to the ground, they could no longer get up, and some of their ribs were even broken.

Xiao Chen shouted out loudly; he was like a wolf amongst sheep. He used a simple fist technique he had learned in the past, its movements very simple and plain, but it was quite fierce and intense. When matched with the horrifying strength of his physical body, there were none who could defend against him.

Xiao Chen looked at Hua Yunfei. Amidst the crowd, Hua Yunfei was startled, and he quickly retreated backward. Xiao Chen smiled coldly, “Let’s see where you can run!”

Xiao Chen pushed his feet on the ground and leaped into the air. He swept his right leg across horizontally and kicked Hua Yunfei’s head.

“Pu Ci!” Hua Yunfei spat out bloody spit and some teeth. When he landed on the ground, he immediately fainted.

Xiao Chen landed lightly on the ground. Before he landed, he had sent out a few kicks with shockingly fast speed. There were many miserable cries, and those who were stuck fell to the ground.

After some time, aside from Xiao Chen’s group of three and Chu Chaoyun, everyone laid on the ground, moaning in pain as they looked at Xiao Chen in horror.

The fatty exclaimed in shock, “What a strong physical body! How did this fellow train to this extent?”

Su Xiaoxiao was not too surprised, she said indifferently, “If you used 15 years of time to temper the body, you would be able to reach such a standard as well.”

Xiao Chen glared at Chu Chaoyun as he walked over, step by step . He was like a knife pressed to the face, killing intent radiating off him, showing off his abilities.

When Chu Chaoyun saw Xiao Chen coming over, he did not panic. He took out the basketball-sized golden Spirit Core and threw it over to Xiao Chen. He smiled faintly, “Looks like I made a bad decision; I should not have released you into this place.”

Xiao Chen received the Golden Lion King Spirit Core and placed it into the Universe Ring. Xiao Chen gave Chu Chaoyun a deep look, but in the end, he did not make any moves against him.

Even though Xiao Chen held the absolute advantage, he was still unable to see through this person. The feeling that Chu Chaoyun gave off to Xiao Chen still felt just as dangerous as before.

Xiao Chen turned around and looked at the noble clan disciples lying on the ground. He walked to Hua Yunfei and removed his Spatial Ring. Then he put Hua Yunfei’s scarlet sword into his Universe Ring.

The Spatial Ring of the Tianwu Continent was different from the Magic Treasures Xiao Chen refined. As long as those Spatial Rings were removed, anyone could access the things in it.

Xiao Chen then walked slowly over to Ji Changkong. Ji Changkong turned ashen, as he said agitatedly, “Xiao Chen, if you dare touch me, I will make sure you live a life worse than death after you leave this place.”

Xiao Chen stomped on Ji Changkong’s face mercilessly, “You think I will let you off? After three years, I will make you admit defeat willingly.”

After Xiao Chen took Ji Changkong’s Spatial Ring, he ruthlessly kicked him again. A Martial Saint behind them could not bare to continue watching, roaring loudly, he charged at Xiao Chen.


Xiao Chen kicked him directly off of the stone platform. The instant the Martial Saint left the stone platform, he exploded and turned into countless chunks of meat. Everyone on the stone platform who saw it felt fear.

Xiao Chen picked up the Guiyi Marquis’ long spear and placed it in his Universe Ring before stripping the Guiyi Marquis of his Spatial Ring. Xiao Chen then shifted his gaze to Duanmu Qing.

Duanmu Qing’s expression turned cold. There seemed to be no emotions in her eyes. “Kuang Dang!” She threw her Spatial Ring onto the stone platform and said coldly, “Some things are not meant to be yours. Even if you take them, you will end up losing them.”

“Xiao Chen smiled coldly, “Are you talking about yourself? After seeing my Spirit Fox, you kept coming to me, demanding it. When I refused, you sent someone to kill me. How can there be such a shameless person in this world?”

Duanmu Qing’s expression seemed agitated, as though she wanted to say something. However, in the end, she said nothing.

Xiao Chen could not be bothered with her. He turned around and saw the fatty trying to put the coffin lid into his Spatial Ring. A black line appeared on his face, This fatty is too ridiculous; he even wants the coffin lid.

When the fatty saw Xiao Chen looking at him disdainfully, he chuckled, “Don’t look at me like that. This coffin lid is forged from Flaming Blood Black Gold. Just a tiny piece would be worth millions of gold taels.

“Furthermore, a Sage had carved a portion of Ancient Martial Scriptures on it. It contains a Heavenly Dao and can be used as a weapon directly; it is on par with a Holy Weapon. Of course, I will give you a copy of the ancient scripture.”

Xiao Chen felt ashamed for him in his heart, Only the fatty would dare use the coffin lid as a weapon. He called the fatty over, and they went to the middle area, where the Sage Coffin resided.

The fatty looked at the purple-robed emperor lying peacefully in the coffin. His face was filled with doubts as he said, “The Sage Coffin clearly had ancient scripture carved on it. Why is there a Tianwu Emperor lying in there? Where is the Sage that originally laid in there?”

Xiao Chen had some doubts too. They had run into countless Martial Sage corpses; they were all beheaded. It was clear that it was done by the same person. Had the same person done this too?

However, the gap in time was too far apart. The Tianwu Dynasty had already been destroyed for more than five thousands years, but the people on the stone steps were all people from a thousand years ago. Furthermore, they were from the same time period.


Just as Xiao Chen and the fatty were pondering on that, the small realm suddenly shook. After that, there was a loud rumble. Suddenly, the mountain above the underground palace shattered.

A thousand meter tall mountain peak crumbled. Countless stones shot out at Savage Forest; rocks rained down.

Large rocks fell unceasingly from the sky. Some flying Spirit Beasts were not able to dodge in time and were smashed; they were badly mangled by the huge force the rocks carried. They all fell with miserable shrieks.

Xiao Chen and the rest only felt dazzled. The scene in front of them disappeared, and the bright sun and white clouds appeared above them. A glaring sunlight shined on the stone platform.

Xiao Chen was startled. He looked at the surroundings and said, “Why is the stone platform above ground now? Crap! Essence can be used now.”

His expression suddenly changed. The noble clans’ people on the stone platform were all at least Martial Saints. Now that they had recovered their Essence, any one of them would be able to defeat him, easily.

Xiao Chen executed his Gravity Spell and flew into the sky, quickly rushing away into the distance. “Chi!” there was a phoenix cry; Duanmu Qing turned into an Ice Phoenix. She spread her wings and chased after Xiao Chen.

Ji Changkong cursed and turned into a comet. He left behind a trail of flames as he quickly chased after him.

When the various noble clans’ people saw that they could use their Essence, they all jumped off the stone platform and chased in the direction Xiao Chen had left. The small realm around the stone platform had broken, and when everyone jumped off, they did not explode, like those did earlier.

Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Dabao were worried about Xiao Chen, and they chased after him as well. In the blink of an eye, only Chu Chaoyun was left standing on the stone platform.

Chu Chaoyun had a calm expression on his face. When everyone left, he looked at the unconscious Hua Yunfei and kicked him off the thousand meter high stone platform.