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Chapter 133: Meeting Feng Feixue Again

Chapter 133: Meeting Feng Feixue Again

If Xiao Chen just flew by following a map, he might end up never leaving Dongming Province. The sky was too different from the land; it was impossible to navigate the sky using a map designed for ground usage.

Dongming Province’s flight relay station was a huge plaza. There were all sorts of huge flying Spirit Beasts resting in the plaza. Xiao Chen went straight to the ticketing counter and spent a thousand gold taels to purchase the most expensive ticket.

Such a ticket would allow him to ride a Spirit Beast alone; he would not have to squeeze with other people. It was not only comfortable but also significantly faster.

Xiao Chen held his ticket and walked directly to a stone platform in the plaza. There were three huge Golden Eagles resting on the stone platform.

The Golden Eagle was a Rank 5 flying Spirit Beast. Amongst the Rank 5 Spirit Beasts, it was the one with the fastest speed. It was the limit of what humans were able to tame.

Rumors were the Great Tang Nation’s Beast Taming Abode was able to tame Rank 7 flying Spirit Beasts. However, no one knew how much of this rumor was true.

Xiao Chen handed over his ticket and headed up the stone platform. There was a tamer sitting on one of the Golden Eagles. Xiao Chen did not think too much of it and walked over immediately.

The tamer was wearing a set of long gray robes with a hood covering his head, resulting in one not being able to see his figure or facial appearance. After Xiao Chen took a seat, the Golden Eagle cried out loudly and spread its wings. There was a strong gust of wind, and it rose from the ground.

Soon, the Golden Eagle reached an altitude of a thousand meters. Suddenly, the tamer removed the hood and turned around to look at Xiao Chen. That person smiled faintly and said, “Brother Xiao, it’s been a long time.”

When Xiao Chen saw who it was, he was extremely startled; he almost fell off the Golden Eagle. There was no way he would have expected to meet this person here. He also could not imagine this person would be able to recognize him.

“Feng Feixue! Why are you here? How did you recognize me?” Xiao Chen exclaimed out with incomparable shock. He had not expected to such a scenario to happen.

Feng Feixue tossed away the hood in her hand. She smiled faintly, and her elegant face seemed to blossom like a flower. She said, “I came to send you off. No matter what appearance you change into, I will be able to recognize you.”

After Xiao Chen’s shock wore off, he slowly recovered his calm. He revealed a relaxed smile and could not help but feel joy in his heart. He asked, “Did Cousin Yulan and the others go to Heavenly Qin School?”

Feng Feixue changed her posture, she was now completely facing Xiao Chen and slightly nearer. She revealed a mischievous smile and said, “They arrived already. Everything should be going smoothly for them. She asked me to tell you to take care. She will come look for you in four years.”

When Xiao Chen heard this, he was stunned. Cousin Yunlan will find me in four years. He could not help but ask himself in his heart, Was I being too heartless by leaving like that?

Although Xiao Chen was quite slow when it came to matters involving romantic relationships, he could clearly feel Cousin Yulan’s feelings for him surpassed that of a regular romantic relationship.

However, in his heart, he had never considered the Xiao Clan as his final destination. Since he had already made up his mind long ago to leave the Xiao Clan, he did not want to leave behind any concerns or connections.

Thinking of this, Xiao Chen could not help but smile bitterly. Back then, when he left, he seemed very confident and at ease. However, how could he easily forget the people he met and the things that happened?

Humans were not plants; no one could be completely emotionless. Was there really anyone who did not understand emotions? Was there really anyone who truly enjoyed being alone, to be enemies of the world, killing everything in his path?

Feng Feixue held out her lily-white hands; there was a recommendation letter in them. She said, “The once a year exam for the Heavenly Saber Pavilion should be over already. If you wish to become an inner disciple, you will have to start from being an outer disciple and climb the ranks step by step.

“It is a very time-consuming process. This recommendation letter should be able to help you.”

Xiao Chen did not take it. Instead, he looked straight into Feng Feixue’s eyes, as though he was able to see through her thoughts. After a while, he muttered, “Feng Feixue, I believe it is time you gave me an explanation. How are you related to my Xiao Clan? Why do you care so much for me?”

The first time Xiao Chen met Feng Feixue in Regretful Iron, she sold him the Azure Dragon Medicine Cauldron at a very low price. The few times they met after that, Feng Feixue had always expressed goodwill.

Xiao Chen did not believe there was someone who would be nice to one for no reason at all unless that person was a relative. Even amongst relatives, only one’s parents would be unconditionally nice to their children.

When Feng Feixue heard this, she was stunned. Then she smiled and said, “Is this important? If you really want to know, you can always go to the Imperial Capital; you will find your answer there.”

Xiao Chen felt suspicious, “Why must I go to the Imperial Capital? Can you not tell me now?”

Feng Feixue smiled tactfully, “It is said oral expressions cannot be taken as proof. Since there is no proof, if I casually made up a reason, you would not be able to find the flaw in it.”

“There are some things I am not able to explain to you if you don’t go to the Imperial Capital. It will be more appropriate for the person involved to explain it to you themselves.”

Xiao Chen frowned and carefully considered what Feng Feixue meant by what she said. They were all linked in countless ways, like a spider’s web; there was no way for him to obtain any clues.

Xiao Chen was unable to make sense of Feng Feixue’s words. Why must I go to the Imperial Capital? Is there someone I must meet there?

Feng Feixue shoved the recommendation letter in her hands onto Xiao Chen’s. She said, “Regardless of what you think, consider it as if I’m paying back gratitude or paying a debt. The Feng Clan will never force you into anything. Even if there is no place for you in this world, the doors of the Feng Clan will always be open to you.

“This is as far as I will send you. Although I really want to come with you, I really can’t go to Xihe Province. Goodbye! There is no need to worry; the Golden Eagle will automatically bring you there.”

Feng Feixue smiled and left behind a melodious laughter. She jumped off the Golden Eagle, and fiery-red lotus flowers appeared below her feet, carrying her as she glided into the distance.

Xiao Chen looked at the recommendation letter in his hand; then he looked at the distant Feng Feixue. He shook his head and smiled bitterly, “She is still a mystery. However, it is good to hear news of Cousin Yulan.”

As the Golden Eagle continued to fly, Xiao Chen felt bored. He took out the small, exquisite copper bell he purchased previously. He had been busy practicing the Shapeshifting Spell and had forgotten about it.

Holding the bell in his hand, Xiao Chen knocked on it gently. The copper bell gave off a melodious ring. It made one comfortable when they heard it, but there was nothing strange about it.

Xiao Chen was sure this was a Secret Treasure. Unfortunately, the formations and Daos contain in it were all damaged. The space within the Secret Treasure was completely chaotic; Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense had no way of entering. The last time he only casually inspected it, he was injured, resulting in Xiao Chen not daring to try again.

Since there was no way for his Spiritual Sense to enter, he could not ascertain the extent of the damages to the formation. Thus, he did not know how to repair it. This copper bell should be a very powerful Secret Treasure. It was unfortunate he ran into such a situation.

Suddenly, there was a fierce gust of cold wind. The cold wind instantly transformed into a horrifying hurricane. One could indistinctly see the figure of a white dragon within it. The sounds coming from it was like like countless people screaming out.

“Pu Ci!”

Xiao Chen, who was thinking about the copper bell, did not notice it. By the time he reacted, the fierce wind had already curled around him and pulled him away from the Golden Eagle.

“What’s going on!” Xiao Chen was astonished. This wind was very strong. Xiao Chen was unable to circulate his Essence while he was in the wind. He struggled to no avail in the air, wobbling left and right.

Sometimes his body would be thrown high in the air; at other times, it would be flung downwards at high speed. It was like he was riding a rollercoaster; changing directions suddenly without any means to resist.

The piercing cold wind cut his body like knives; it was incredibly painful. Xiao Chen cried out loudly, but under the force of nature, there was no way to resist.

Amidst the cold wind, Xiao Chen’s constantly moving body saw a pair of cold eyes. A boundless resentment filled the eyes; it became a cold wind and drilled into his mind.

When the Golden Eagle saw what was going on, it cried out and circled. He headed for the gust of wind, wanting to catch Xiao Chen.

However, the Golden Eagle was not very familiar with Xiao Chen yet. The Golden Eagle’s huge body broke through the wind and crashed into Xiao Chen with great force.

The dizzy Xiao Chen’s situation was made worse by this collision. He was knocked out of the wind and fell, like a kite with a broken string, as he was unable to circulate his Essence.

“Damn it! I actually ran into a White Dragon Storm. Will I end up dying from the fall?” Xiao Chen panicked and wanted to release the silver warship using his Spiritual Sense. However, the strange cold wind had penetrated Xiao Chen’s mind.

When Xiao Chen tried to use his Spiritual Sense, he could feel pain in his mind. It was like a needle jabbing his brain; it was incredibly painful, resulting in his being unable to concentrate.

The so-called White Dragon Storm was a storm that occurred high in the sky, in the airspace between Dongming Province and Xihe Province. It was still a mystery how the storm formed.

According to legends, a white dragon died in battle during the Ancient Era here. After it died, its spirit lingered and wandered around the sky in this area.

The storm was also said to be formed by the white dragon. Because people had seen a huge white dragon in the storm, they called this storm White Dragon Storm.

Along the way, Xiao Chen had heard of the legend of White Dragon Storm. However, he did not pay it too much mind. Although the White Dragon Storm had a horrifying might, it had not appeared for decades. He did not expect his luck to be so bad.

Xiao Chen then noticed a clear river flowing on the ground. This resulted in his originally despaired face to turn to one of joy.

However, the pain in his head became stronger and stronger. A boundless and limitless Essence was stuck in his chest. This resentment seemed like it came from tens of thousands of years ago. It was like a huge stone weight, thousands of kilograms, pressing on him, making him feel like he was unable to breathe.

There was a loud ‘pu tong.’ Xiao Chen fell from thousands of meters high into the river. Even though he fell into the soft water, he had fallen from a very great height, resulting in Xiao Chen suffering damage.

Even though Xiao Chen’s body was tempered to the extreme, his internal organs churned. He vomited a mouthful of blood and fainted.