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Chapter 162: The Shy Chu Xinyun

Chapter 162: The Shy Chu Xinyun

Xiao Chen paused after he said this. Then he took out the dagger and continued, “The surface of the dagger would not be so clean if I did not do so. It would tear out a large chunk of flesh otherwise. I was afraid she would even bite through the piece of wood.”

Liu Suifeng thought for a while and felt that what Xiao Chen said made sense. His expression turned warm, and he said, “Ye Chen, thank you. You not only helped me to get the Ice Crystal Flower back, you even rescued Chu Xinyun. Xinyun probably misunderstood you, but I will help you explain it to her later.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and patted Liu Suifeng on the back, “Don't say that. I have received plenty of care from Elder Sister Ruyue in Qingyun Peak. Doing all this is expected of me.

“As for any misunderstanding she has, there is no need to worry about it. After all, she is currently almost recovered. I am not on familiar terms with her, so there is no problem bearing such a blemish.”

After Xiao Chen spoke, he took out the Blood Replenishing Pill and a roll of bandage. After the Ice Ape injured him, he had bought this in case he needed it.

The bandage was coated with good quality medicine; it was much more effective than regular bandages. Xiao Chen handed the bandage and Medicinal Pill to Liu Suifeng, saying, “Go help bandage her wounds up!”

In the end, Liu Suifeng took the bandage and pill and walked around Chu Xinyun several times. He did not know what to do.

After a while, he blushed and said, “Brother Ye Chen, it’s better you do it. I have no experience.”

What the hell! This brat just told me to be more decisive earlier. When it is his turn, he turns tail and ran, Xiao Chen thought helplessly. “Aren’t you pursuing her? This is a good chance for you to perform. You want me to do it? Are you sure?”

Liu Suifeng hummed and hawed, “It is improper for men and women to come into contact with each other. I am afraid after Xinyun wakes up, she would blame me.”

Normally, Liu Suifeng seemed very carefree and casual, yet now he was so reserved. Xiao Chen completely lost his patience and took back the pill and bandages.

“Si la!”

This was not the first time Xiao Chen did this; he was already very familiar with this. In a short while, he tore off the clothes around Chu Xinyun’s wound.

This revealed a large patch of creamy white skin. Xiao Chen had already steeled his determination earlier. He took out the Blood Replenishing Pill and applied it to the wound after crushing it. Then he lifted up Chu Xinyun’s waist and bandaged the wound, layer after layer.

“All done!” Xiao Chen said after he finished tying the final knot and got up.

After doing all these, Xiao Chen started to organize the spoils of war. He actually managed to find another 50 Inferior Grade Spirit Stones on Yan Tianzheng.

Adding the Inferior Grade Spirit Stones obtained from the seven Biyun Peak disciples, there was a total of more than 200 Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. Aside from Medicinal Pills and Spirit Stones, Xiao Chen also found the manual for the Three Flowing Cloud Images.

Xiao Chen put aside half of the Spirit Stones for Liu Suifeng. However, Liu Suifeng insisted on not taking them. He said it was sufficient for him to obtain the Ice Crystal Flower. Furthermore, these people were killed by Xiao Chen himself; it was not reasonable for him to take the Spirit Stones.

Xiao Chen felt helpless. It was only when he reduced the amount to ten Spirit Stones as a token of his goodwill did Liu Suifeng accept them. Following that, Xiao Chen started to sweep through the battlefield, using the Purple Thunder True Fire to burn away all the bodies on the ground cleanly.

Then Xiao Chen looked at the nearby Flame Cloud Colts; these Spirit Beasts did not wander off. Xiao Chen was afraid of leaving behind any evidence and could only kill all the Flame Cloud Colts worth thousands of gold taels.

When he finished doing all of this, he looked at the unconscious Song Qianhe and revealed a looked of disgust. He kicked him hard, sending him flying, resulting in him landing and being hung on a tree.

When he completed all of this, Xiao Chen walked over to Liu Suifeng and said, “What are the herbs Chu Xinyun is looking for? There is no time to waste; I’ll help her gather them. When she wakes up, we will leave immediately.

Liu Suifeng thought for a while and said, “I can’t recall very clearly, she only told me once. There is Ice Heart Grass, Frost Concealing Flower, Cold Ice Fruit, as well as the Purple Snow Lotus, I think.”

These are all Rank 5 herbs; they should not be difficult to find, Xiao Chen thought. “Look after her, when I come back we will leave immediately.”

After Xiao Chen spoke, he quickly left, vanishing from Liu Suifeng’s vision. After a while, he stopped on top of a large tree.

The Spiritual Core in his consciousness came out together with his Spiritual Sense. Immediately, all the surrounding herbs appeared within Xiao Chen’s consciousness.

There were way too many herbs, Xiao Chen issued some directives, eliminating all Herbs that were not Rank 5. Soon only a hundred-odd Rank 5 Herbs were left in his sea of consciousness.

This makes it way more convenient to search. Xiao Chen opened his eyes and revealed a smile. He had already found the area where the Ice Heart Grass grew.

That place had many Rank 4 Cold Ice Snakes. Xiao Chen thought for a while and came up with a countermeasure for it. They were just Rank 4 Spirit Beasts; there was no need to spend too much effort on them.

While Xiao Chen was figuring out how to get the herbs, Chu Xinyun woke up earlier than expected. The most important thing was Xiao Chen had underestimated Chu Xinyun’s strength. Furthermore, because she was in a weakened state, he did not hit her too heavily either.

As Chu Xinyun slowly woke up, her head felt giddy. After a long time, she slowly came to her senses and saw the bandages on her chest.

Her pretty face immediately turned red and said to the beside Liu Suifeng, “Suifeng, who tore my clothes?”

Liu Suifeng was startled and was afraid Chu Xinyun would misunderstand. He quickly pushed away the responsibility, “Ye Chen bandaged you up. I’m not too good at these things.”

Chu Xinyun revealed an indignant expression as she struggled to sit up. She leaned on a tree and said, “This Ye Chen… I originally thought he was simply slick and sly, that he was all talk and nothing else. I did not expect him to be a complete wastrel with no sense of propriety.

“No wonder Senior Sister Leng would call him a lascivious bastard.”

Liu Suifeng felt embarrassed in his heart. He saw that the situation was turning grave and he quickly told her what Xiao Chen explained to him.

After Chu Xinyun heard it, she thought about it for a long time. She knew what Xiao Chen said made sense and that she had misunderstood Xiao Chen. She felt embarrassed, but she did not want to admit to her mistakes, “Even so… he cannot just casually rip apart a lady’s clothes; even more so, speak of such despicable things.”


Suddenly, Xiao Chen landed on the ground and kicked up a cloud of dust. He was surprised to see Chu Xinyun awake, and he said in astonishment, “When did you wake up? You need to sleep for at least ten hours. Otherwise, it will take a long time for your body to heal.”

Seeing Xiao Chen return so suddenly, Chu Xinyun blushed even deeper. Xiao Chen looked at Liu Suifeng, and the two of them exchanged a glance.

Xiao Chen understood what was going on and could not help but sigh. If it were his previous world, this would be considered nothing. Now that he was in this world, things became so problematic.

Xiao Chen tossed a bottle of Blood Replenishing Pill to Chu Xinyun and said, “If you insist on not sleeping, then take this medicine for three days. Oral consumption and topical application. Once a day should be sufficient.”

After Xiao Chen spoke, he waved his hands and tossed out the herbs he just picked to Chu Xinyun. A silver warship flew out of his right eye, and he leaped up onto it.

Liu Suifeng helped Chu Xinyun up it as well. When Xiao Chen saw that the two of them had boarded, he immediately controlled the warship to head to the entrance of the Evil Wind Valley.

After a while, Chu Xinyun had organized the herbs properly. She discovered that these were all the herbs that she needed, not a single one was missing. She walked to the back of Xiao Chen and said “Thank you” softly.

Xiao Chen felt a little embarrassed as he smiled, “There is no need to thank me. We should be considered even now.”

Then Xiao Chen thought about what he had done, and he also felt that there were many areas where he was in the wrong.

Although everything he did was with good intentions, it was wrong of him to speak of such things to a girl. This was probably the reason why Xiao Chen helped her to gather the herbs; it was a means to compensate her for that.

“Oh yeah, Suifeng, will our three horses be fine?” Xiao Chen said in an attempt to change the topic.

Liu Suifeng replied, “There should not be any problem. Even if we left, the people there would continue to take care of them. We just have to come back later to retrieve them.”

The journey continued in silence; Xiao Chen did not continue to speak as he piloted the silver warship to move at its fastest speed. The silver warship turned into a flash of silver light, wildly rushing forward high in the sky.

When they were able to see the Lingyun Mountain Range, Xiao Chen slowly reduced the speed. The airspace of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion had multiple restrictions of varying strengths.

If the warships or people were not from the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, they would not survive an attempt to barge into it, not even if they had nine lives. Naturally, Xiao Chen would not make this mistake.

When they got near to the foot of the mountain, Xiao Chen controlled the silver warship to land slowly. Then the three of them started to walk towards the Lingyun Mountain Range. Once they reached the entrance, they parted ways. Liu Suifeng had to send Chu Xinyun back, leaving Xiao Chen to go back to Qingyun Peak on his own.

At this moment, it was almost dusk. By the time Xiao Chen rushed to Qingyun Peak, night had already completely fallen.

He had experienced many more things today than he would ordinarily. Xiao Chen felt extremely tired, and after he entered the room, he fell on the bed and immediately went to sleep.

In the middle of the night, he heard, while in a daze, a series of violent knocks on the door. This startled Xiao Chen out of his sleep.

Xiao Chen unwillingly opened his eyes and opened the door moodily. He called out, “Who is it, interrupting my sleep.”

“Pu Ci!”

An earth-shattering biting cold killing intent engulfed Xiao Chen, causing Xiao Chen to wake up completely. Then, he alertly retreated backward.

A small saber flashed by, narrowly missing his nose, “Are you awake yet? Or do you still wish to sleep?”

Naturally, only Liu Ruyue could use such a violent method to help someone get rid of their sleepiness; there would be no others who would do so.

Xiao Chen saw that Liu Ruyue had an incredibly grave and cold expression on her face. He carefully asked, “Elder Sister Ruyue, what happened? Why did you wake me up in the middle of the night?”

Liu Ruyue’s eyes were red as she said angrily, “You still dare to ask? After such a big thing happened, you did not even bother to tell me and went straight to bed. Do you still respect this master of yours!?”

Xiao Chen had never seen Liu Ruyue this angry before. Although her temper had been very bad in the past, it was completely different from the situation he saw today.

Aside from being angry, she seemed a little hurt. There was a clear tone of disappointment in her voice.

Xiao Chen quickly thought of why Liu Ruyue was angry. He quickly explained, “Elder Sister Ruyue, I believe I managed the situation at Evil Wind Valley very cleanly. There should not be any problems.”