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Chapter 163: The Heart Must be Ruthless, The Move Must be Heavy-handed

Chapter 163: The Heart Must be Ruthless, The Move Must be Heavy-handed

Suddenly, a pig's head appeared beside Xiao Chen and spoke in a trembling voice, “Ye Chen, you best apologize to my sis. She already knows everything.”

[TL note: Pig’s head: In Chinese it's a way of calling someone stupid, but in this case, I believe the author means he was beaten up to the point where his head is red and swollen, thus resembling a pig’s head.]

The pig’s head, that suddenly appeared in the night, startled Xiao Chen. After he looked carefully, he realized it was a human face that was beaten till it swelled up.

Xiao Chen stared at it for a long time, but he was unable to recognize the person. “Who are you?!”

“Ouch… I am… Liu… Suifeng.” Liu Suifeng stammered slightly as his lips were swollen as well. He was crying in his heart; even Xiao Chen could not recognize him. When he goes out tomorrow, he will be finished.

Xiao Chen felt embarrassed in his heart, so he tried to explain on behalf of Liu Suifeng, “Elder Sister Ruyue, it was actually for the sake of obtaining the Ice Crystal Flower. They were all my ideas; they had nothing to do with Brother Suifeng.”

Liu Ruyue shook her head, “You are not in the wrong, the one in the wrong is Suifeng. It is due to his carelessness in the past; revealing his whereabouts. Furthermore, he even brought along an unrelated person.

“Obtaining the Ice Crystal Flower is a must, even if we have to offend Biyun Peak. By recovering the lost Ice Crystal Flower, you did not do anything wrong. In fact, you made a great contribution.

“The thing I don’t understand is that after such a big thing happened, why did you not tell me instantly? Do you know how serious this matter is?”

Xiao Chen felt guilty and said in a soft voice, “I thought that by feeding Song Qianhe the pill and destroying all the evidence, there would not be any problems.”

Liu Ruyue laughed coldly, “Your way of thinking is too naive. The little witch’s as well. Let’s not even mention whether or not there is an antidote to a pill that can cause one to lose their memory for a day.

“Even if there is no antidote, he would only forget what happened today. If today’s matter had been something that was previously planned, even if he forgot about the day’s event, based on where he was, he would be able to deduce who snatched away the Ice Crystal Flower.”

Cold sweat formed on Xiao Chen’s back. Why did he only think to such a degree? He originally thought that by making him forget the day’s events, there would not be any trouble. Seems like he was too simplistic in his thinking.

At the top of Lingyun Mountain Range, on Biyun Peak, there was an area with especially dense Spiritual Energy. This area was at the very top of the Biyun Peak, and was where the Spiritual Energy gathered. It was one of the seven branches of the underground Spirit Vein of Lingyun Mountain Range and could be said to be one of the places with the most abundant Spiritual Energy in the Great Qin Nation.

When cultivating up there, one would absorb Spiritual Energy four or five times faster than a regular person. However, the number of people who could benefit from this was limited.

An old man sat on a stone on the top of the Peak. The surrounding Spiritual Energy poured continuously into his body. There was a pillar of green smoke rising from his forehead.

This person was Biyun Peak’s Peak Master, Song Que. He was already a peak Martial King, and all he needed was a final push to become a Martial Monarch.

After the various elders of Heavenly Saber Pavilion died twenty years ago, an expert like Song Que became amongst the top ten strongest in heavenly Saber Pavilion.

“Pu! Pu! Pu!”

There were the sounds of urgent footsteps. A figure came rushing up from the bottom of the mountain. He was carrying a thick saber on his back. When he was about ten meters away from the old man, he slowed down to a halt. The expression on his face was clearly one of extreme nervousness.

Song Que felt the presence of this person and slowly opened his eyes. His eyes gave off a radiant look as he looked at the person and frowned. He said in an unhappy tone, “Gongming, I believe I told you not to disturb me for half a month?”

The person called Gongming was one of Song Que’s final disciples. Although he was not the true inheritor of Biyun Peak, his status and position were similar to one.

In the entire Biyun Peak, aside from the elders, only he would dare to come and interrupt Song Que’s cultivation.

Zhao Gongming felt very nervous in his heart as he said softly, “In reply to Master. There was news from the Main Hall earlier. They said the Life Tablet Junior Brother deposited in the Main Hall has an extremely weak aura. It seems that… that…”

Song Que’s expression turned grave as he said in a sullen voice, “Seems that what?!”

Zhao Gongming steeled himself and said, “It seems that he in danger and may die at any moment!”


Song Que suddenly stood up and the stone he was sitting on shattered, turning into countless broken shards of stone. The wind blew on them, and they turned into dust, flying off with the wind.

An earth-shattering murderous intent flashed in his eyes. So Song Que calmed himself down and said, “When did this happen? Where did Qianhe go? Who did he go with? Tell me everything in detail.”

Before he came, Zhao Gongming had already gathered all the information. He immediately began to narrate in a systematic manner, giving all the details, “Yesterday, Junior Brother led six Biyun Peak disciples to Evil Wind Pavilion; they were all Medial Grade Martial Grand Masters and above.

“The news I obtained was that Liu Ruyue needed the Ice Crystal Flower from Evil Wind Pavilion to make medicine to save someone. I do not know how Junior Brother heard this news, but he led a group of people to rush to Evil Wind Pavilion ahead of them. Since then, there was no news of his group.”

A cold light flashed in Song Que’s eyes. He said in a cold voice, “Liu Ruyue? She better pray nothing happened to him. Otherwise, I will kill everyone on Qingyun Peak, sparing no one.

“Come, let’s go to Saber City.”

Within the City Lord Residence in Saber city, Ge Yunbin listened carefully to Zhao Gongming’s story before telling Song Que, “Brother Song, don’t worry. I will immediately send someone to go search for your son.”

Song Que cupped his hands and said, “City Lord, thank you for your effort.”

There were spies everywhere within several hundred kilometers of Saber City. Going to Evil Wind Valley to find a single person was not difficult for Ge Yunbin.

After two hours, there was news. An outer disciple quickly came in and reported, “Reporting to City Lord. We have found Senior Brother Song in Evil Wind Valley. Should we send someone to bring him back?”

Song Que said, “There is no need for that. Bring me there immediately. I want to see who was daring enough to have done such a thing.”

Within Evil Wind Valley, Song Que watched as someone carried Song Qianhe down from the tree. His eyes were full of anger; Song Qianhe’s face was full of footprints, he had been beaten till he no longer resembled a human.

The few Biyun Peak disciples who followed along quickly wiped off all the blood on Song Qianhe, fed him Medicinal Pills, bandaged him, and used their Essence to heal his internal injuries.

After a long time, Song Qianhe slowly woke up. Seeing the people in front of him, he did not understand what was going on. He asked in a strange manner, “Father, Senior Brother, why are you here? Where am I?

“Damn, why is it so painful!” After he spoke, Song Qianhe discovered that his lips felt very painful. That was when he discovered he was severely injured and totally covered in bandages.

“What is going on? Where are Xiao Jiu and the rest? Why have I become like this? Who did this?!” Song Qianhe did his best to remember, but he could not recall anything. How did I end up in such a state?

Forget Worry Pill!

Ge Yunbin exchanged a glance with Song Que; they both had an answer in their heart. The two of them walked behind Song Qianhe and extended out their right hands. A pure but surging Essence was sent into Song Qianhe’s body.


The Essence swam along quickly in Song Qianhe’s body. Soon, it found the Medicinal Energy settled in his Dantian. The two of them suddenly exerted some force simultaneously. Song Qianhe opened his mouth and vomited a pale green fluid onto the ground.

Ge Yunbin withdrew his hand and said, “If another day had passed, the medicinal energy of the Forget Worry Pill would have completely permeated. By then, even if a Martial Sage came, it would be useless.”

“Since your son is now safe, I shall take my leave first.”

There was only one person in Heavenly Saber Pavilion who possessed the Forget Worry Pill. The matter of Song Qianhe being attacked was extremely complicated; it involved the internal politics of Heavenly Saber Pavilion.

Ge Yunbin did not wish to involve himself in such matters and immediately took his leave. Song Que did not stop him, he said, “I owe City Lord a favor. I will repay this in the future.”

After Ge Yunbin led the people from Saber City away, Song Qianhe remembered everything that had happened yesterday. His eyes were burning with hate as he said, “Ye Chen, I will make sure you live a life worse than death.”

Within Qingyun Peak, ever since Xiao Chen was woken up during the night, he had not slept at all. Beside him was Liu Suifeng with a pig’s head on his shoulders, “Sis, it’s not as serious as you think!”

Liu Ruyue laughed coldly, “I think you have been completely bewitched by that woman and lost all your intelligence. Just you wait. Before the day ends, the people of Biyun Peak will surely come here.”

Xiao Chen felt slightly worried, after all, most of this was his idea. He said, “Elder Sister Ruyue, if those people really do come, just place all the blame on me. If worst comes to worst, I will leave Heavenly Saber Pavilion and flee.”

Liu Ruyue smiled when she heard this. Her charming face revealed a warm expression, “Don’t you want to learn Listening To the Sword and Communicating With It?”

Xiao Chen was stunned when he heard this. During these days, when he was free, he asked around Heavenly Saber Pavilion and got a better understanding of Listening To the Sword and Communicating With It. He discovered that if he wanted to learn Listening To the Sword and Communicating With It without possessing it innately, it would be almost impossible.

Liu Ruyue took the Lunar Shadow Saber from Xiao Chen’s hands and drew it with a ‘huang dang’ sound. There was a cold gleam on the saber blade, and arcs of electricity were leaping about on it.

She pointed the saber toward the sky and the sunlight shined on the blade. The faint flowing light and the streamlined body of the blade were currently filled with a boundless beauty.

Liu Ruyue looked at it seriously, muttering to herself, “It must be because of this saber! Are you going to leave and give up on unsealing this saber?”

Xiao Chen thought of Ao Jiao sealed in the saber. He felt a little dispirited. If he did not learn Listening To the Sword and Communicating With It, it was possible that he would never be able to release Ao Jiao from the seal.

“You don't have to worry about the matters of Biyun Peak. I have said this before, the one in the wrong is Suifeng, not you. You have rendered a great service. I am only angry that you did not even bother to discuss matters with me after such a major thing happened.”

“Elder Sister Ruyue, I…” Xiao Chen felt like the words were stuck in his throat; he was unable to say what he wanted to say.

Liu Ruyue smiled brightly; her pretty face was like a flower. She was like the fairies in the mountain, filled with a certain charm, “Stop speaking. I already forgave you. Remember not to do this again. I shall borrow your Lunar Shadow for today.”


Liu Ruyue swung the Lunar Shadow Saber in the air, and the saber started to buzz non-stop. Suddenly, it released an intense electric light; it was as bright as the sun and very dazzling.

The Rank 6 Thunder Roc Demonic Core in the saber immediately broke through its restrictions. An aura equivalent to a peak Martial King immediately extended out without restraint.

A piercing roll of thunder came from the saber, as though there was a Thunder Roc coming out from the saber, crying out angrily. A visible ripple extended out into the air.

Xiao Chen and Liu Suifeng, who were behind Liu Ruyue, could feel a huge pressure. It felt like there was a weight of ten thousand tons on their shoulder — it was incredibly painful.