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Chapter 164: Fighting to the Gate

Chapter 164: Fighting to the Gate

“This is a Superior Grade Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon!” Liu Suifeng exclaimed in incomparable astonishment. It was a true Superior Grade Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon, and it was just short of becoming a Sub-Divine Weapon.

For the past hundreds of years, there had not been the appearance of a Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon. To think he was able to see a Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon appear here. Furthermore, it was a Superior Grade Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon.

Xiao Chen’s heart was filled with shock as well. He could not figure out how Liu Ruyue restored the Lunar Shadow Saber back to Heaven Ranked.

Liu Ruyue grasped the Lunar Shadow Saber and stood proudly. Her clothes and hair fluttered in the wind as she gazed down the mountain and said indifferently, “Let’s go, they are here!”

The Lunar Shadow Saber returned to the scabbard, and its aura immediately vanished. Liu Ruyue quickly led Xiao Chen and Liu Suifeng down the mountain. None of them spoke; there were grave expressions on their faces.

When they reached the foot of the mountain, they saw a group of cultivators who were all rushing aggressively towards Qingyun Peak, emitting a strong murderous intent. They kicked up clouds of dust and startled numerous birds.

When the group drew near, they could clearly see the appearance of the people arriving. The person leading them was the disciple of Biyun Peak’s Peak Master, Zhao Gongming.

Behind Zhao Gongming were the numerous elders of Biyun Peak; they were all Martial Saints. Amidst the crowd was a person whose head was wrapped up like a mummy, Song Qianhe.

Xiao Chen carefully counted them. Including Zhao Gongming, there were seven Martial Saints. Aside from them, there were ten Martial Grand Masters.

Out of the whole group, Zhao Gongming was the strongest. He was a Medial Grade Martial Saint; the others were only Inferior Grade Martial Saints. It was not strange for there to be so many Inferior Grade Martial Saints. After one reaches the Martial Saint realm, each improvement in grade was extremely difficult.

For many people, it was possible for them to be stuck on the Inferior Grade Martial Saint cultivation realm. Thus, someone like Liu Ruyue, a peak Martial Saint at the age of 24, was very frightening.

However, even with her cultivation, Xiao Chen was worried about Liu Ruyue. With so many Martial Saints, although their cultivation was lower than hers, they could overpower her with numbers.

Song Que hid within the clouds in the sky. He was looking at Liu Ruyue and the others with a sinister gaze.

Song Qianhe was not in any danger of dying. Furthermore, there was no concrete evidence that the dead Biyun Peak disciples had been killed by Xiao Chen and Liu Suifeng.

As a Peak Master, it was not appropriate for him to make an appearance. Thus, he let the younger generation go and cause some trouble. The ideal scenario would be to able to force a certain person to show himself.

Song Que looked at the towering peak and muttered, “Old Man Liu… You have been hiding in the peak for tens of years. Whether you are dead or alive, it’s time to confirm that.

“As it is now, the Heavenly Saber Pavilion is in a temporary state of weakness. I’m pretty sure that you would not be willing to see a young girl become the Pavilion Master!” Song Que’s gaze pierced through the boundless space, as though he was looking directly into the mountain peak.

Ever since the previous Pavilion Master died in the calamity twenty years ago, there had not been a Pavilion Master. The previous Pavilion Master’s daughter was named as the successor while the Elders’ Assembly managed the Heavenly Saber Pavilion together.

As the saying goes, a family cannot go without a head of house; a nation cannot do without its king. Such a situation was very precarious. It naturally speaks a lot about Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s growth and reputation.

However, before the previous Pavilion Master died, he did not leave behind a clear will. Furthermore, there were many people in Heavenly Saber Pavilion who were qualified to become the Pavilion Master; they all fought openly and secretly plotted for the position.

Today’s scenario was the result of everyone’s compromise; to allow the previous Pavilion Master’s daughter to take over the position.

The most dissatisfied with such an outcome was Song Que. Although his strength was significantly lower than those old monsters, he was still amongst the people who were qualified to take over the position.

In terms of age, he was the youngest. Amongst the people who were peak Martial Kings, he was the youngest; he was only 50 years-old.

If nothing unexpected happened, after reaching Martial King, there would be no problem living to 200. His desire for the Pavilion Master position was the strongest amongst all the Peak Masters.

All along, he had been looking for an opportunity to swallow up Qingyun Peak. If one arose, he would have the power of two Peaks and would have more influence in the Elder’s Assembly.

Song Qianhe’s actions, including chasing after Liu Ruyue, were mostly directed by Song Que. Song Que had even overlooked the despicable means that he had employed and allowed them to happen.

Actually, he had already been waiting a long time for this opportunity. If it were not for the apprehensions in his heart, he would have already strong-armed his way into getting what he wanted. Song Que looked at the mountain peak, seemingly deep in thought.

At the foot of the mountain, Liu Ruyue tried to gain the upper hand by speaking first, “Zhao Gongming, what do you plan on doing by bringing a bunch of trash and old codgers!”

Before Zhao Gongming could say anything, Song Qianhe, who was covered in bandages, shouted lividly, “Liu Ruyue, your disciple killed eight of my Biyun Peak’s disciples. According to the sect rules, you have to hand him over. Otherwise, you will be charged with the same crime.”

Liu Ruyue frowned deeply; her black eyes fired out a ray of killing intent as she glared at Song Qianhe. With just that glance, Song Qianhe was startled into retreating several steps.

Liu Ruyue mocked him, “To think trash like you are not embarrassed to hold the position of Biyun Peak’s true inheritor. Given that you are already in such a state, one can only imagine the strength of a regular disciple of Biyun Peak. Who knows, maybe they were killed by some random people.”

Despite seeing Liu Ruyue being so stubborn, Zhao Gongming was not angry. In fact, he was happy. He said, “Senior Sister Liu, please don’t change the topic. It is a fact that eight Biyun Peak disciples died.

“Furthermore, Junior Brother Song personally saw them being killed by Ye Chen. Whether or not he was truly responsible, that will be decided by the Law Enforcement Hall.”

Liu Ruyue removed her golden identity token and held it up. She said in a grave voice, “Look carefully at the identity token in my hand. I am the Peak Master of Qingyun Peak, not your Senior Sister. Whether your Biyun Peak’s disciples died or not, even if the Law Enforcement Hall’s people came, they cannot capture my people without evidence.”

Zhao Gongming laughed coldly, “Qingyun Peak only has one disciple, and you still have the cheek to use your status to pressure me?”

Liu Ruyue smiled. She looked extremely beautiful, causing everyone who looked at her to be dazzled. “Even if there is only one person in Qingyun Peak, Qingyun Peak is not something that a piece of trash like you can mock.”

Immediately after she spoke, Liu Ruyue flew forward, leaving behind an afterimage. She instantly appeared before Zhao Gongming. Zhao Gongming did not panic. Instead, he felt joy.

Even if there were no evidence, as long as Liu Ruyue made the first move and injured someone, it would justify their current actions.

However, he was soon placed in a state where he could no longer smile. There was a resplendent light as the Lunar Shadow Saber was drawn with a ‘huang dang’ sound. The aura of the Rank 6 Demonic Core, equivalent to a peak Martial King, engulfed him.

With his strength as a Medial Grade Martial Saint, his breathing became rapid and shallow before the surging aura. His originally smooth movements became jerky.

Zhao Gongming gave up on drawing his saber as he quickly forced his body to retreat rapidly. However, this saber strike was too fast. Furthermore, this move had utilized the might of the Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon. The saber created a long wound down the front of Zhao Gongming.

His wound was not deep, but blood spurted out, dyeing the front of his shirt red. Once the fight started, the remaining seven Martial Saints recovered their wits and quickly attacked Liu Ruyue.

This was a fight between Martial Saint; Martial Grand Masters were not able to interfere. Saber Qi flew everywhere; figures flashed around. Xiao Chen and the rest were only able to see a few blurry figures.

The area of the fight grew larger. Occasionally, there would be loud shouting. A Biyun Peak Inferior Grade Martial Saint screamed miserably as his arm was torn off.

Everyone was truly angered, Liu Ruyue was merciless with her attacks. She risked her life to take theirs. When they left a wound on her, she would immediately retaliate with ten. She only pressed forward, never retreating.

Borrowing the might of the Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon, Liu Ruyue did not suffer any disadvantages. Instead, the eight Martial Saints of Biyun Peak were getting more flustered the longer they fought. Occasionally, someone’s arm would be chopped off, or someone would lose a large chunk of flesh.

There were a few streams of saber Qi that indiscriminately flew at Xiao Chen and Liu Suifeng. Xiao Chen used his palm as a saber and executed Drawing the Saber. There was a loud sound and the saber Qi disappeared into nothingness.

Liu Suifeng said anxiously, “Ye Chen, what should we do? Even if Sis were victorious, she would be severely injured. The other side still has ten Martial Grand Masters who have not made a move yet. We are no match for them.”

“Don’t rush me. I’m trying to think.” Naturally, Xiao Chen was thinking about the same problem that Liu Suifeng mentioned. He cast his gaze on Song Qianhe, who was in the middle of the crowd, as he thought as fast as he could.

Song Qianhe was looking coldly at Liu Ruyue. He was not bothered by the casualties of the fight. Aside from Zhao Gongming, the other Inferior Grade Martial Saints had already been stuck at their cultivation realm for many years.

His purpose in sending them was actually to send them to die. The true elites of Biyun Peak had not come. Even if they all died, he would not feel the pinch.

Biyun Peak could afford the loss; unlike Qingyun Peak, which only had Liu Ruyue. Once she fell, the others would be easy to handle.

“Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon? It looks like this operation will fail. Should I make a move?” Song Que watched the fight below from within the clouds. He frowned slightly and could not make up his mind.

Down below, Liu Ruyue took advantage of a gap in the defense of one of the Inferior Grade Martial Saint. She used the Lunar Shadow Saber to directly pierce that person's heart. Her right hand trembled as a surging Essence traveled via her arm into the saber.


There was a loud explosion, and the person’s body was blasted to bits. Blood spurted toward the sky, then fell slowly like rain.

Liu Ruyue's decisiveness and cold-bloodedness made all the surrounding cultivators tremble. Although they were not afraid of death, when they saw such a horrible way of dying, they could not help but feel a deep fear.

She is too ruthless; she does not have the slightest consideration, killing on her own whim. Is she really unafraid of the rules of Heavenly Saber Pavilion? Everyone could not help but wonder.

Taking advantage of the moment everyone was distracted, Liu Ruyue did not stop, and she swept the saber across, chopping an Inferior Grade Martial Saint in half.

“You! Liu Ruyue! Don’t go overboard!” Zhao Gongming shouted as two Inferior Grade Martial Saint instantly died miserably at Liu Ruyue’s hands.

Liu Ruyue replied by becoming more ferocious in her attacks. She grasped the saber with both hands, her entire body was covered in blood. She looked like a mad demon — like an evil spirit that came out from the depths of hell — completely ignoring all her wounds.

“Ka Ca! Ka Ca!”