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Chapter 165: Humiliation, Anger

Chapter 165: Humiliation, Anger

Xiao Chen eyes were bloodshot as he clenched his right fist tightly, his nails dug deeply into his flesh, resulting in blood flowing out. He could not remember the last time he was this angry.

How hateful! To think I actually let a woman protect me so desperately, Xiao Chen’s heart bled. Song Qianhe of Biyun Peak… Even if I was chased to the end of the world by Heavenly Saber Pavilion, I, Xiao Chen, swear to mince your body into ten thousand pieces.

The humiliation of today will be repaid tenfold in future!

After instantly taking down two people, the situation started to tip in favor of Liu Ruyue. Her wounds were still increasing, but she did not collapse.

Her face was completely stained with blood; it looked very frightening. The remaining Martial Saints started to turn cowardly, their moves became very careful and cautious, seeking to protect themselves.

However, this led to them dying faster. Liu Ruyue simply ignored the wounds on her body and attacked recklessly, taking a life for each attack that landed on her.

“Pu Ci!” A person managed to cause a long wound on Liu Ruyue. Blood spurted out as another Martial Saint chased after her from behind.

Liu Ruyue ignored the person behind her. She welcomed the incoming attacked and stabbed an Inferior Grade Martial Saint. Her Essence suddenly surged, causing this person to explode into bits.


The attack of the person behind left another wound on Liu Ruyue’s body. Liu Ruyue seemed like she could not felt it; her left hand grabbed the weapon of that person, and she turned around to deliver a saber strike, creating a violent gust of wind as she did so.

Amidst the horrifying gaze of everyone, she chopped off his head. Soon, only Zhao Gongming was left standing.

The remaining seven Martial Saints were all lying scattered on the ground. They died without complete corpses; not a single one of them was completely intact. Blood flowed everywhere; the bloody stench caused one to feel nauseous.

[TL note: The Chinese believe that if a person dies without a complete corpse, they cannot move on to the next place and reincarnate.]

Seeing the hell-like scene in front of him, Zhao Gongming’s right hand, which was holding onto his saber, trembled slightly. He thought to himself, This Liu Ruyue is too ruthless. Ruthless to herself and even more so to her enemies.

Should I continue to risk my life here with her? I am not like these old men; I still have plenty of untapped potential. I have already attained a cultivation of Medial Grade Martial Saint at the age of 30. My future is bright; there is more I can do.

Zhao Gongming had all these thoughts in his heart. After a while, these thoughts were like spilled water, once poured out it could not be retrieved. Liu Ruyue wants to risk her life, but why do I, Zhao Gongming, have to risk mine? This is silly!

Liu Ruyue smiled coldly; she could tell what Zhao Gongming was thinking with one look. She casually wiped the blood off her face and grasped the saber handle again. The blood on her hand flowed along the saber, dripping to the ground.

The black blade of the Lunar Shadow Saber was dyed scarlet. It looked like a blood saber, looking very demonic.


Liu Ruyue shouted, and an earth-shattering killing intent surged and pressured Zhao Gongming. Her body turned into a streak of blurry white shadow in the air. The Lunar Shadow Saber went wild with electrical activities, crackling continuously; it was boundlessly resplendent, very dazzling.

Zhao Gongming looked at Liu Ruyue rushing towards him. He clenched his teeth as he sent out a streak of saber light with his saber to welcome her.

The figures of the two of them kept changing in mid-air at high speed. At first, the crowd was still able to see two blurry figures. In the end, their speed became faster and faster; they were only able to see two white shadows moving continuously. There was also the occasional light released by electricity.

The resounding sound of metal clanging against each other rang out non-stop. Saber Qi flew around everywhere, chaotically. Some stones which were struck by them immediately shattered into tiny pieces. The area surrounding the fight immediately turned into ruins.


Suddenly, a figure fell from the sky. Xiao Chen’s heart clenched. He quickly took a look and discovered it to be Zhao Gongming before breathing out slightly in relief.

“Boom!” Liu Ruyue descended from the sky and stomped heavily on Zhao Gongming’s chest. Zhao Gongming’s already injured body became even more injured. He tasted something sweet as he vomited a big mouthful of blood.

Zhao Gongming landed violently on the ground with a loud bang. He kept giving Liu Ruyue, who was getting closer to him, a look filled with terror.

“Even trash like you dares to mock my Qingyun Peak for having no one?”

Liu Ruyue stepped up before him, but she did not make a move. A faint killing intent came from the sky and locked onto her. As long as she made a single move, she would receive a devastating attack.

Liu Ruyue looked at the patch of cloud above her; her lips curled up in a mocking smile. The setting sun shone a red light upon her, making her look miserable.

“Old thing! Are you not embarrassed after hiding for so long?” Liu Ruyue shouted and immediately drew the small saber at her waist.

The saber spun rapidly in her hand, causing a violent wind to blow wildly. It kicked up a lot of dust; Xiao Chen could not help but squint.

“Kill!” The spinning saber left Liu Ruyue’s palm and turned into a berserk hurricane in the air. Within the hurricane was an intense cold light. The sound of wind roared loudly as the hurricane headed for the cloud in the sky. It’s aura surged up, sweeping across everything.

The hurricane moved rapidly in the air, growing as wind gathered on it. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a hurricane with a width of 33 meters; it was extremely horrifying!

“Boom!” A loud sound came from high in the sky. The hurricane crashed into the white cloud in the sky. A ball of white mist appeared, attracting everyone’s attention.

They did not understand why Liu Ruyue attacked the cloud up there for no apparent reason. When the white mist scattered and everyone saw the scene in the sky, they were shocked.

Song Que was standing quietly in the sky. His right hand was grabbing Liu Ruyue’s small saber. His face did not look startled at all; it was very calm, like an old man in meditation.

As he stood in the sky, his aura was reserved, calm as flowing water. However, there was a certain might radiating from him, causing them to feel like they were very small.

“Little girl, are you bullying my Biyun Peak while there is no one around?” Song Que snorted coldly. His voice was not loud, but it reverberated in the ears of Liu Ruyue and the rest, causing the Qi and blood in their body to turn chaotic. It was clear there was a powerful Secret Technique contain in the voice.

“Bo!” Right after he spoke, Song Que flicked out his finger, and the small saber in his hand turned into a streak of bright light. As it broke through the air, firing at Liu Ruyue, it created shockwaves.

In the time it took to blink, the small saber arrived before Liu Ruyue from high in the sky. The force carried by the saber created a violent wind.

The blood-stained dirt was immediately kicked up by the wind, scattering in the surroundings. Instantly, dust and dirt filled the entire surrounding space.

This was the strength of a peak Martial King. With a simple flick of his finger, he would able to cause such a perilous situation, being able to cause tremendous damage wherever it passed.


There was a melodious metallic clang coming from the cloud of dust. When the cloud of dust cleared up, everyone could see Liu Ruyue had blocked the small saber that descended from the sky. There was blood leaking out from the corner of her mouth; it was clear she had suffered some internal injuries.

The small saber was still spinning, pushing against the back of the Lunar Shadow Saber’s blade. Liu Ruyue grasped the handle tightly with her right hand while her left was pressed against the side of the blade to hold it steady.

Even so, Liu Ruyue was still being forced back continuously. As her feet dragged against the ground, it made scratching noises non-stop. The situation was very dire; if Liu Ruyue were not able to withstand it, the small saber would slice into her chest. After which, death would remain the only possibility. Xiao Chen was very anxious, but there was nothing he could do except worry for her.

Liu Ruyue’s current situation was a delicate balance. Although it was dangerous, her life was temporarily not in danger. If he interfered and tried to assist, this delicate balance might be broken.

Without the strength of a Martial King, there was no way to grasp such a delicate balance. If he interfered, it would only result in Liu Ruyue dying faster.


Just at this moment, a White Dragon came out of Liu Ruyue’s body. It circled around Liu Ruyue’s body once before it roared angrily at Song Que, who was in the sky.

The dragon’s roar reverberated everywhere; a huge pressure surged towards Song Que. Song Que frowned slightly, he stopped moving in mid-air, and he changed his stance slightly.

The momentum of the small saber immediately weakened, Liu Ruyue took advantage of this opportunity and shouted out. She swept the Lunar Shadow Saber to the side, flinging away the small saber. She then stretched her hand out to grab the falling small saber.

No wonder the small saber was so tyrannical; Song Que had left a connection of Qi in it. Only by breaking this connection could the move be broken.

A peak Martial King, the master of a peak, actually used such a vicious move against a younger generation. How shameless! Xiao Chen cursed ruthlessly in his heart.

The White Dragon which suddenly appeared should be Liu Ruyue’s Martial Spirit. Making the Martial Spirit leave the body is something one would only do if they had no other choice. Xiao Chen watched the White Dragon returning back into Liu Ruyue’s body; he felt it looked familiar, but he could not figure out where he had seen it before.

Seeing his move be broken, a trace of anger flared up on his face. Although he had not put all his effort into this move, it was still quite mighty. To think it was actually broken by someone of a younger generation.

It was a blow to Song Que’s ego. He snorted coldly and descended from the sky, emitting a boundless aura as he did so. When he landed heavily on the ground, it sent an intense shockwave at Liu Ruyue.

Liu Ruyue was already spent; how could she still be able to withstand an attack that a peak Martial King put some effort into? She was immediately blasted backward by the shockwave.

When Xiao Chen saw the situation, he quickly rushed forward and caught her. Then, he took out a Blood Replenishing Pill and fed it to her without letting her reject it.

“A senior like you attacking a junior like this, don’t you feel ashamed?” Xiao Chen helped Liu Ruyue up as he glared angrily at Song Que.

Before Song Que could say anything, Song Qianhe, who was hiding behind the crowd, said, “What kind of status does my dad have? Since when can a person, who is not even equivalent to dog urine, speak to him like that?”

Xiao Chen looked at Song Qianhe and laughed coldly, “After failing in your marriage proposal, you resort to despicable means. Wanting to use medicine needed to save someone to threaten her? One can easily imagine what kind of people nurtured a son like you. As the saying goes, ‘if the upper beam is not straight, the lower beam will be crooked.’ Anyone would be qualified to lecture someone like that.”

[TL note: If the upper beam is not straight, the lower beam will be crooked: This has a similar meaning to like father, like son. However, it does not only apply to parent-child relationship; it can also apply in the situation of a superior and subordinate.]

Song Que turned completely red. Although he knew he was in the wrong for letting Song Qianhe do all this, it was still not the place of a junior generation to scold him like that.

A earth-shattering killing intent and the aura of a peak Martial King surged towards Xiao Cen, pressuring him with hesitation. Song Que’s ice-cold expression clearly revealed his murderous intent, “Does this junior dare continue speaking now?”

The Azure Dragon Martial Spirit in his body spiraled around. Xiao Chen felt the pressure on his body be significantly relieved. He stared at Song Que fearlessly and shouted loudly, “You don’t have the honor of a senior and have no sense of shame. You have no sense of propriety, justice, integrity, or honor. I am calling you an old bastard; so what?! So what?!”