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Chapter 167: The Strong Eastern Emperor Bell

Chapter 167: The Strong Eastern Emperor Bell

The Eastern Emperor Bell suddenly rose into the air. Xiao Chen held the bottom of the Eastern Emperor Bell and shouted, throwing it at the approaching Song Que.

Song Que felt shock in his heart. He had been attacking the Eastern Emperor Bell. He saw that Xiao Chen did not react and gained some momentum. He thought to himself, I just have to attack one more time and I can get Xiao Chen out of there.

However, he had not expected Xiao Chen to pick up the bell and rush at him. Before his rapidly descending body could react, he was smashed by Xiao Chen with a loud bang.

The huge reflective ability caused Song Que to be smacked like a housefly. He vomited out a mouthful of blood and landed on the ground.

The inner disciples who heard the ringing rushed over saw an incredulous scene when they arrived.

An Inferior Grade Martial Grand Master was able to force a peak Martial King to be blasted backward and vomit blood. This was completely unimaginable. What exactly is going on here.

This mouthful of blood was actually the Qi and blood Song Que had been suppressing. Since the first strike, Song Que had not dissipated the force from the rebound of the Eastern Emperor Bell.

Song Que had relied on his cultivation to forcefully suppress it. He had struck the Eastern Emperor Bell close to a thousand times; the force he was suppressing in his body already reached a horrifying level.

If he kept suppressing it for a long time, it would cause some hidden damage in his body. Thus, he vomited out the mouthful of blood. Actually, Song Que now felt very good and comfortable.

However, even though his body was now at ease, his heart was full of frustrations. Song Que saw the crowd that was rushing over non-stop and it felt like a piece of his heart was cut off. He said to himself, It seems like I have completely lost my reputation this time.

A Peak Master like myself was actually forced into such a miserable state by a junior. What a big joke!

As the saying goes, he decided to break the crutch over a fall. Song Que finally completely calmed himself down. Since he was already in such a state, as long as he can kill this person, there is no need to speak of any principle.

[TL note: Break the crutch over a fall: When I was search this up, I could not find anything. However, I managed to find a similar saying. Smashing a pot to pieces because it’s cracked. This means to write one off as hopeless and act recklessly. This is likely what the author meant.]

Song Que saw Xiao Chen rushing over with the bell. He already knew of the peculiarities of the Eastern Emperor Bell. Since he had already thoroughly lost his reputation, he had nothing more to lose. Thus, he did not choose to clash head on.

Song Que relied on his advantage of speed and quickly evaded Xiao Chen’s attacks. Thus, the crowd saw another incredulous scene.

An Inferior Grade Martial Disciple holding a damaged Secret Treasure caused a peak Martial King to flee in every direction. It was an incomparably grand scene.

Despite seeing many people pointing at him, Song Que remained expressionless. He simply looked at Xiao Chen coldly without showing any emotions as he easily evaded Xiao Chen’s attacks.

Xiao Chen also knew what Song Que was thinking. Song Que wanted to wait for his Essence to be exhausted before dealing the final blow.

Since Xiao Chen had already thrown caution to the wind, Xiao Chen knew what kind of ending awaited him. He held the Eastern Emperor Bell as he chased. Xiao Chen laughed, “Song Que, your father really knows how to name someone. He knew that you would be lacking in morals, lacking in mind, and lacking in calcium. So, I’m sending you some.

[TL note: The Que (缺) in Song Que means deficient or lacking.]

“Why are you running? A Peak Master like you is afraid to battle properly with an insignificant Inferior Grade Martial Grand Master like me?

“Weren’t you so awe-inspiring and mighty earlier? Why are you behaving like a cowardly turtle now? How long are you going to run and hide for?”

I’ll endure… Let’s see how long you can mock me, Song Que thought sullenly. However, he did not fall for Xiao Chen’s tricks. It was time for him to make a move for real.

When Song Que saw Xiao Chen had raised the Eastern Emperor Bell above his head, he tried to think of another idea. If the Eastern Emperor Bell breaks, not only would the gains not make up for the loses, it would waste even more time.

I might as well let him have his moment. When his Essence is exhausted, I can torture him, force him to kneel before me to plead for mercy, and make sure he lives a life that is worse than death.

“Who is this brat!? How is he so savage? To actually dare to say such words to Song Que.”

“This kid seems to be Liu Ruyue’s new disciple. He is called Ye Chen or something—just an Inferior Grade Martial Grand Master.”

“Liu Ruyue is already savage enough, to think this fellow is even more savage than her. It is indeed like master, like disciple.”

These Heavenly Saber Pavilion inner disciples all had good insights. They would naturally not be foolish enough to think Xiao Chen would be able to force Song Que to keep running with his strength.

There had to be some reason they did not know about. Furthermore, Song Que was evading very easily, he was not flustered at all. Even so, the crowd all respected Xiao Chen’s courage.

“If this fellow can survive today, his name will definitely spread throughout the entire Heavenly Saber Pavilion. It seems that the Heavenly Saber Pavilion had not been so lively for quite a long time already.”

“Indeed, a disciple that had only just entered for a few months actually dares to scold a Peak Master. In the entire history of the Heaven Saber Pavilion, there has been nobody that has done so before and it is not likely to happen again.”

Although the Eastern Emperor Bell was damaged, it was still one of the top Secret Treasures of the human race. Xiao Chen exhausted his Essence very quickly when he was controlling the Eastern Emperor Bell.

The river in Xiao Chen’s Dantian was already starting to dry up. Xiao Chen thought to himself, I can’t continue to play around like this anymore. It is time to run. Although with the strength of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion it would be difficult to run, Xiao Chen wanted to give it a try. He could not just sit there and wait for his death.

Just as Xiao Chen was preparing to use the Eastern Emperor Bell to pave the way for him to make his escape, the Eastern Emperor Bell in his hand trembled and turned back into a small copper bell before falling into Xiao Chen’s hand.

It failed at such a critical moment again. Xiao Chen felt like simply trampling on this Eastern Emperor Bell.

This was not the first time it had done this. Every time it happened, it happened at a critical moment. Every time it was at a moment of life and death.

Seeing the Eastern Emperor Bell suddenly vanish, Song Que was initially stunned. He thought Xiao Chen was up to his tricks again. When he saw Xiao Chen fleeing backward, his wits returned.

He finally can’t endure it any longer! Song Que could not help but laugh loudly toward the sky, “Little bastard! Let’s see where you can run to!”

Xiao Chen executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art to the extreme. His figure seemed to have turned into a soaring flood dragon, flying along the ground. Unfortunately, the difference in cultivation realm was too vast. Even though he had a Heaven Ranked Movement Technique, his speed was not comparable to that of a peak Martial King.

There was a flash of white light and Song Qianhe appeared behind Xiao Chen, raising his leg for a kick. It pierced through the air, giving off an intense explosive sound, landing on Xiao Chen’s back heavily.

Xiao Chen vomited a mouthful of blood and fell toward the ground headfirst. His body skidded forward continuously.

Song Que had actually controlled the strength of this kick to a suitable level; he did not wish for Xiao Chen to die too soon. Otherwise, this kick of his could immediately shatter Xiao Chen’s internal organs.

“Run! Keeping running! Run for me!” The anger Song Que had kept suppressed all the while was now unleashed in a burst. He had a sinister expression on his face as he walked unhurriedly over to Xiao Chen.

In his eyes, Xiao Chen, who had lost the Eastern Emperor Bell, was like an ant. He could play around with him however he wished. However, he could not go overboard. Otherwise, this ant would be squished to death by him.

Feeling very good, Song Qiu could not help but laugh loudly. He was laughing maniacally like he was possessed.

However, at this moment Liu Ruyue, in the distance, grasped onto the Lunar Shadow Saber. It seemed that she had completed some sort of ritual. Her originally extremely weak body became even weaker.

After this ritual was completed, the Lunar Shadow Saber in her hand gave off a bright light, as though it were a miniature sun. After it struggled for a little, it flew rapidly towards Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen on the ground stretched his hands out naturally and grab ahold of the handle.

The glow on the saber vanished and became ordinary once again. When Song Que saw the situation, he was initially startled before returning to a calm state.

“Trashy Master! ‘Tis been a long time! You are still as trashy as ever!”

A familiar voice suddenly appeared in Xiao Chen’s mind. Xiao Chen immediately became excited and he forgot about his pain. He exclaimed in astonishment, “Ao Jiao, is that you? It that you? Are you there? Is that really you?”

Xiao Chen asked her the same question three times, it was clear how excited he was. The familiar voice rang out once again, “It’s just been a short time and you can’t recognize my voice anymore? I feel very hurt.

“Furthermore, the one who awakened me was actually a little lady. To think I thought that I would be able to see you the instant I awoke.”

Once it was verified without a doubt, Xiao Chen was incredibly joyfully. However, when he heard Ao Jiao’s voice, questions immediately popped up. “Why did you seal yourself back then? Did you know I…”

Before Xiao Chen finished, he was interrupted by Ao Jiao, “Don’t you wish to have a Sub-Divine Weapon? I’ll not waste my time explaining it to you. I do not have long. Let’s settle this old man first.

“Let me borrow your body, don’t resist.”

Right after she spoke, Xiao Chen felt that there was a strong mental energy appearing in his sea of consciousness. Knowing that this was Ao Jiao, Xiao Chen did not resist and handed over control of his body.

Soon, Xiao Chen slowly entered into a strange state. His thoughts was incredibly clear, and he could also see the scene outside very clearly. However, he was not able to move.

Song Que saw Xiao Chen slowly climb up, and he laughed coldly and delivered a kick at Xiao Chen. There was another intense explosive sound in the air.

Xiao Chen revealed a feminine smile, no, to be more accurate, it should be Ao Jiao now. When this smile appeared on a man, it looked extremely strange.

Ao Jiao stretched Xiao Chen’s body and then used his left hand to block, grabbing Song Que’s kick that was faster than the speed of sound. Then she casually raised his body and Song Que was raised into the air.

What’s going on? Song Que felt fear in his heart. Xiao Chen actually blocked his attack. Not only had Xiao Chen blocked it, he even raised him up. How unbelieveable.

Song Que calmed down and took a deep breath. His upper body did a highly difficult maneuver in mid air, resembling a sit-up. The thick saber in his hand hacked viciously at Xiao Chen’s head.

Ao Jiao launched a palm strike at Song Que’s wrist. Song Que felt his hand go numb and the thick saber fell to the floor.


Ao Jiao used her right hand to slap Song Que, who was doing a sit-up in mid air. This slap carried an incredible force. Song Que’s body was immediately knocked back and there was five clear fingerprints on his right cheek.

This slap was incredibly resounding, not only had the surrounding Heavenly Saber Pavilion inner disciples heard it, it even completely dazed Song Que.

What is going on? I have endured for so long so that after this fellow’s Essence is exhausted, I can enjoy torturing him.

Why is it that when I just started to enjoy myself after kicking him then the situation has turned around again. He is simply an insignificant Martial Grand Master, yet he is able to lift me up and give me a slap.

I am a full-fledged peak Martial King! This is impossible!