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Chapter 172: Requirements of Ancestral Martial Aunt

Chapter 172: Requirements of Ancestral Martial Aunt

However, Xiao Chen did not dare to be careless this time. He greeted her respectfully, “Ye Chen greets Ancestral Martial Aunt. I offended you yesterday, I hope Ancestral Martial Aunt does not take it to heart.”

The woman smiled and took out a bottle of Medicinal Pills which she then handed to Xiao Chen. She said, “It does not matter. I was not expecting you to arrive today. I have a question for you. Did you refine this pill yourself?”

Xiao Chen received it and took a look; it was the Blood Replenishing Pill he had refined. He started thinking, Back then, when Nangong Yan saw the pills I refined, he was extremely amazed as well.

Did the Medicinal Pills that I made reveal some of my secrets?

However, this was not the time to think about this problem. Right now, he should be thinking of how to answer this question. After hesitating for a while, Xiao Chen decided to answer with the truth, “In reply to Ancestral Martial Aunt, this Medicinal Pill was indeed refined by myself. Is there something wrong?”

A strange look flashed deep within the eyes of this fairy-like woman. She smiled, “There is nothing wrong. I would like to invite you to help me refine a Medicinal Pill. Will you assist me with this?”

At the foot of Qingyun Peak of Lingyun Mountain Range, Leng Liusu stood there with a complicated expression on her face. After hesitating for a while, she finally made up her mind. She then turned into a pretty red figure that dashed into the peak.

After a while, she arrived at Liu Ruyue’s courtyard which was in the middle of the peak. She took out a bottle of Medicinal Pills and knocked violently before simply walking into her courtyard.

“Young Pavilion Master, why are you here?” Xiao Meng came out of Liu Ruyue’s room. When she saw Leng Liusu, she seemed shocked.

Leng Liusu said indifferently, “Where is Liu Ruyue? Is she in the room?”

Xiao Meng was very aware of the grudge between Liu Ruyue and Leng Liusu. Thus, she did not like Leng Liusu very much. She said in a soft voice, “Elder Sister Ruyue just fell asleep. It is best not to disturb her now.”

“She is asleep? It’s better this way.” Leng Liusu took out the bottle of pills and handed it to Xiao Meng, “Although I do not know the name of this pill, it can treat external and internal injuries. It is pretty effective for both.”

Xiao Meng took it suspiciously. She opened the bottle and took out a pill. Doubt could be seen in her eyes as she said, “Why is it exactly the same as one of Brother Ye Chen’s pills.”

When Leng Liusu, who had already walked to the entrance of the courtyard, heard this, she turned around excitedly and said to Xiao Meng, “Have you seen this pill before? Who gave it to you?”

Xiao Meng nodded and took out a bottle of pills as well. She said, “This contains the pills that Brother Ye Chen gave to Shao Yang in the past. It is exactly the same as your bottle.”

Ye Chen… It was indeed him. It was like thunder crackled in Liu Liusu’s mind; she stood there stunned. Why did I not think of Ye Chen? Could he have been the one who accompanied me the whole night?

Leng Liusu recovered her wits and said, “Where is he? Where did he go? Is he still in Qingyun Peak?”

I have to find him and clarify this, Leng Liusu felt a sudden urge to look for Xiao Chen. The truth was too hard to swallow. The person she had been searching for was actually the lascivious bastard.

“Ye Chen went to Jade Maiden Peak with Suifeng early in the morning!”

Within Jade Maiden Peak, Xiao Chen thought he had misheard. The Ancestral Martial Aunt actually wanted his help in refining a Medicinal Pill. Although he could not sense how strong she was, he guessed that she was at least a Martial Monarch.

With such strength and frequent stays at Jade Maiden Peak, how could her refining abilities be so poor? “Ancestral Martial Aunt, are you joking? I’m just a young man without any capabilities. How could I be of any help to Ancestral Martial Aunt in refining pills.”

“My name is Shen Manjun. You can address me as Senior Shen. Ancestral Martial Aunt makes me sound very old, I have never really liked the sound of it,” Shen Manjun smiled as she said.

“I can feel your Spiritual Core and hence know your level of alchemy. For the pill I want to refine, there isn’t an issue with the Rank but rather with the refinement method. Here is the recipe, take a look first.”

Xiao Chen suddenly felt afraid. His Spiritual Core had been seen through in an instant. However, he had not felt anything at all. Exactly how strong was this person?

“Immortal Cloud Life Extending Pill!”

Xiao Chen took the recipe and glanced at it. This glance caused his mind to become chaotic. He then continued reading carefully without changing his facial expressions.

After he read it, Xiao Chen understood what Shen Manjun meant. It turns out that the refinement method for this Medicinal Pill was exactly the same as the method found in the Compendium of Cultivation. It was possible that Shen Manjun was not able to figure it out by herself.

After she saw Xiao Chen’s Blood Replenishing Pill, she could immediately sense the refining methods of this Blood Replenishing Pill; they were very different from the mainstream methods used today.

“The refining method needed for this Immortal Cloud Life Extending Pill is the ancient refining method. This is something I am not capable of doing. Your Blood Replenishing Pill should have been refined by the ancient refining methods. As long as you know the method, there is no need to fear that you are not able to refine this Immortal Cloud Life Extending Pill,” Shen Manjun said gently.

Xiao Chen thoughts raced, and he remembered the attitude of Nangong Yan from before. He felt that this was something he could not admit to. After all, one may know a person for a long time without knowing his true nature. He had only seen Shen Manjun once or twice. If he admitted to it, who knew what kind of consequences there would be.

With his current strength, if something really did happen, he would not be able to resist Shen Manjun’s might.

After Xiao Chen made up his mind, he said sullenly, “Senior Shen, my alchemy skills were passed down to me by a mysterious alchemist. I am not really able to understand the refinement methods of this Immortal Cloud Life Extending Pill.”

Disappointment appeared in Shen Manjun’s eyes. She said, “I need to refine this pill to save the life of a friend. If you are able to refine it, I can make you advance to Martial Saint within a month.”

So, it was not for her own use. Xiao Chen felt slightly surprised. However, looking at Shen Manjun’s lifeforce, it felt as if she could still live for a long time. There should be no problem in living for another hundred years—unlike a person who was heavily lethargic.

Xiao Chen was not interested in raising his cultivation to Martial Saint within a month. He knew that there were Medicinal Pills that would allow one’s cultivation to be raised significantly, or that a person could pass on their cultivation to someone else, hence raising one’s cultivation.

Xiao Chen did not know which method she would use. However, regardless of the method, they all had the same problem. The cultivation was not his own. If he could not completely refine all of it, it might turn into a barrier for him in the future.

Shen Manjun saw that Xiao Chen did not seem very interested in her suggestion. She followed up by saying, “If you are worried about not being able to completely refine all of it, you can opt to choose an item of equivalent value. Be it a Spirit Stone, Secret Treasure, Martial Technique, Medicinal Pill, Spirit Weapon, or Battle Armor; they are all fine.”

Xiao Chen hurriedly said, “Senior Shen misunderstands me. I am truly unable to refine this Immortal Cloud Life Extending Pill. No matter how big the promise you make, it would be useless.

“Although I am unable to refine this Immortal Cloud Life Extending Pill, I do have an Immortal Cloud Life Extending Pill. It was passed down in my clan and was never used. If Senior Shen requires it, Senior Shen may have it.”

After Xiao Chen spoke, he stepped forward and took out the Immortal Cloud Life Extending Pill from the Universe Ring. Then, he handed it to Shen Manjun. This trinket might be worth a lot to the senior generation but it was completely useless to Xiao Chen.

He might as well use it to gain a favor here. Coincidently, he needed to ask Shen Manjun for help as well. Killing two birds with one stone, why not.

Shen Manjun, who fell into despair, suddenly cheered up. She took the Immortal Cloud Life Extending Pill and inspected it carefully. It was indeed a complete Immortal Cloud Life Extending Pill. However, it seemed a little different.

“This is a Superior Grade Immortal Cloud Life Extending Pill. It is significantly better than the regular Immortal Cloud Life Extending Pill. It can extend a person’s life by 40 years,” Shen Manjun said hoarsely when she finally saw what was different about it.

She initially did not dare to harbor any hope. Therefore, she did not expect to experience such a pleasant surprise. Shen Manjun revealed an extremely happy expression on her face, “Ye Chen, whatever you need, you can tell me. I will make sure you get it immediately. If I am not able to do it, I will get someone else to help you.”

Xiao Chen did not have a pressing need for anything. While the materials of the Beauty Nourishing Pill were urgently needed, it was not worth exchanging the Immortal Cloud Life Extending Pill for them.

“Can I have Spirit Stones? It would be best if I can get Medial Grade Spirit Stones.”

Shen Manjun eyes opened wide. She did not expect that Xiao Chen would make such a simple request. She smiled, “That’s a good idea. I can give you 500 Inferior Grade Spirit Stones and 20 Medial Grade Spirit Stones. What do you think?”

Xiao Chen was astonished at being able to exchange it for so many Spirit Stones. After a while, Xiao Chen said, “Actually, I came to Jade Maiden Peak today to ask for help. I was hoping to be able to purchase some Spiritual Herbs.”

Shen Manjun took the note that Xiao Chen handed to her. After she finished looking at it, she said, “You probably do not have any contribution points. So you came to me seeking to pull some strings.

“Unfortunately, the herb fields on Jade Maiden peak are not under my control. Furthermore, Spiritual herbs requires contribution points; you can’t use Spirit Stones.”

Xiao Chen said, “In that case, may I ask how many contribution points would be required in exchange for these Spiritual Herbs. Is Senior willing to be my guarantor? I will owe contribution points which I will definitely repay within a month.”

Shen Manjun muttered to herself for a while before saying, “You will probably require about 500 contribution points. Getting someone to be a guarantor does not conform to the sect’s rules. However, If you urgently need these Spiritual Herbs, I can make an exception for you.”

Xiao Chen felt joy and he immediately made a promissory note. After Shen Manjun received it, she immediately called someone over. Soon, someone brought over all the herbs Xiao Chen needed.

“Take these Spirit Stones first. I only have ten Medial Grade Spirit Stones on me. I will get someone to send you the remainder the day after.” Before Xiao Chen left, Shen Manjun handed the Spirit Stones over to Xiao Chen.

After Xiao Chen left Shen Manjun’s pavilion, he looked up at the splendid sun in the sky. He was in a very good mood. Not only had he managed to deal with the matter for which he came to Jade Maiden Peak, he even managed to obtain many Spirit Stones for nothing in return. It was easy money landing in his lap.

It looked like it had been a wise decision to steal Ge Yunbin’s Medicinal Pill back then. Xiao Chen had a huge smile plastered on his face when he arrived at the herb field where Liu Suifeng was.

Along the way, he met many Jade Maiden Peak disciples. They were all as pretty as flowers; they were all beautiful youths who were pleasing to the eye. No wonder there were so many people at the foot of the mountain, fighting for a chance to go in. Even if they were here to clear the rubbish, it would still be a kind of fortune to be able to see so many beautiful ladies.

Xiao Chen was not stopped by anyone for questioning along the way; it was as though someone had informed everyone in advance. He managed to make his way directly to the herb field where Liu Suifeng was at.

Liu Suifeng was sitting dispiritedly on the ground beside the herb field. There was a piece of straw in his mouth and there was a conical bamboo hat on his head. He had an extremely unsightly expression on his face.