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Chapter 173: Contribution Points

Chapter 173: Contribution Points

Xiao Chen smiled as he walked over, “Why do you have such an unsightly expression? Have you been dumped?”

Liu Suifeng smiled bitterly, “More or less… That Xiao brat pulled off my hood earlier. She immediately started laughing at my pig’s head and laughed for a long time. That was not even the worst. She even called Miss Xinyun over.”

“My image has been thoroughly destroyed. Do you think Miss Xinyun will still care about me in the future?”

This fellow wants to chase after a girl, yet he is not willing to put aside his pride... Xiao Chen had an incomparable disdain for him in his heart. He did not wish to continue discussing this topic. He said, “I have acquired the herbs I need. I will go down and refine the medicine for your sister first.”

When Liu Suifeng heard this, his expression turned serious, “To think Ancestral Martial Aunt is really willing to do this for you. How did you do it?”

“I have a debt of 500 contribution points with Ancestral Martial Aunt as the guarantor. I said that I would repay it within a month,” Xiao Chen answered with the truth.

When Liu Suifeng heard this, he exclaimed in astonishment, “You are done for… I’m not even able to accumulate 50 contribution points in a month. To think you actually want to amass 500 contribution points within a month.”

When Xiao Chen heard this, the color drained from his face. Could it be that 500 contribution points is a lot? Then why did Senior Shen not remind me of it?

Actually, Xiao Chen had really misunderstood Shen Manjun. Shen Manjun had not done any sect missions for more than a hundred years. Her impression of the value of contribution points was still stuck in that previous period.

Thus, she did not feel that it was difficult to amass 500 contribution points in a month. If she had known about it, she would have extended the time needed to pay the loan back.

“What will happen if I cannot meet the deadline?” Xiao Chen asked.

Liu Suifeng scratched his head, “It’s hard to say; there has never been such a precedent. However, the rules regarding sect contribution points are the most important in Heaven Saber Pavilion. You will understand this better in the future.

“If you are the precedent and cannot accomplish it, the people from the Hall of Contributions will definitely not let you off easily. This is because they cannot casually allow such precedents to happen.”

Xiao Chen thought about it for a while and felt that Liu Suifeng made sense. Being the precedent already went against the rules. If he failed to fulfill the agreement, then the impact would be great.

If we were to consider this from another perspective, then if Xiao Chen was part of the higher-ups, in order to uphold the prestige of the Hall of Contributions, he would be willing to kill the chicken to scare the monkey; to prevent people from speaking ill of them.

[TL note: Kill the chicken to scare the monkey: This means to make an example out of someone, to keep everyone else in line.]

Liu Suifeng said, “Ye Chen, why don’t you go ask Ancestral Martial Aunt to extend the deadline?”

While the two of them spoke, a large flock of birds came swooping down from the sky. These birds chose a very good time—the instant Liu Suifeng was distracted.

Liu Suifeng was already in a bad mood. When he saw the situation, he cursed, “Bunch of bastards! Are you done yet?!”

“Shua! Shua!”

Liu Suifeng flicked his finger and several rocks shot out. Immediately, a few birds fell from the sky. There were a few more ‘shua’ sounds and the flock of birds was completely scared off.

“Great finger techniques, Senior Brother! We have bird meat for dinner again tonight! Teehee!” A cheerful and lighthearted voice could be heard. This was Xiao Yuhuan speaking happily as she picked up the birds on the ground.

Seeing that Xiao Yuhuan still dared to come over, Liu Suifeng quickly chased her away and cursed, “You brat! Still dare to show yourself? See if I beat you to death.”

“Senior Brother, there is no need to worry. Your pig’s head is actually full of character. Who knows, maybe Senior Sister Xinyun might find it unique and fall in love with you.”

Seeing the two of them running around, Xiao Chen smiled. Then, he turned around and headed back to Shen Manjun’s pavilion. He also felt it was best to look for Shen Manjun again to ask her to extend the deadline.

“What?! Ancestral Martial Aunt already left? When will she be back?” When Xiao Chen had rushed back to the pavilion, the maid at the gates told him that Shen Manjun had left shortly after him.

“I do not know. Maybe a day or two, or maybe three to five months. Ancestral Martial Aunt does not seem to follow any routines when she goes out.”

Xiao Chen could only descend Jade Maiden Peak helplessly. The huge crowd of disciples from other peaks were still waiting at the bottom of the peak. Xiao Chen ignored them and headed straight to Qingyun Peak.

The most important thing to do now was to quickly refine the Beauty Nourishing Pill. Then, he had to think of a way to obtain 500 contribution points within a month; before he got into trouble.

Halfway there, Xiao Chen suddenly stopped. He turned around but saw no one. Suddenly he said, “Friend, it is time to show yourself after following me for so long!”

There’s no response, Xiao Chen thought suspicious in his heart. Could I have sensed wrongly? Ever since I left Jade Maiden Peak, I kept getting the feeling that someone was following me.

Xiao Chen used his Spiritual Sense to scan the area a few times, but could not detect anything. However, he no longer dared to place complete faith in his Spiritual Sense anymore. When he was in Evil Wind Valley, he could not sense the Martial Saint following him.

Even after he repeated himself, no one showed themselves. Xiao Chen could no longer be bothered. Now, everyone knew the Old Peak Master was still in Qingyun Peak. There should not be anyone seeking trouble with him at this time.

Just as Xiao Chen turned away, a figured landed firmly on the ground. Xiao Chen prepared himself and quickly turned around. When he clearly saw who it was, he felt a headache coming on.

If this person really wanted to seek trouble with him, there was no need for this person to fear the Old Peak Master of Qingyun Peak. That person simply stood there looking at Xiao Chen, and Xiao Chen was not able to tell what that person was thinking.

The atmosphere seemed odd. Xiao Chen saw that Leng Liusu did not seem like she was going to make a move against him. This was quite out of character for her.

The two of them looked at each other for a long time. Finally, Leng Liusu could no longer resist asking, “Ye Chen, let me ask you… Did you save me from Leng Tianyue the other day?”

Although he was quite suspicious about how she found out, this was a good thing. Maybe they could resolve the misunderstanding between them. Xiao Chen said indifferently, “You could say so.”

“Why did you save me?”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, “Back then, you saved me from Berserking Qi Deviation in the pool of water. You accidentally saved me once and I saved you once. We are even now.”

When Leng Liusu heard this, she smiled, “Even if you saved me, why did you take advantage of the situation and kiss me. Seems like I have not misunderstood you by calling you a lascivious bastard.”

Crap! I’ve been discovered. Xiao Chen said somewhat awkwardly, “Did I? I don’t seem to remember. Maybe you are mistaken.”

“Am I that ugly? To think you don't even have the courage to admit to kissing me.” Leng Liusu’s expression changed as she spoke in a sullen voice.

Xiao Chen could only retract his words, “You are not ugly, I did indeed kiss you.”


Suddenly, Leng Liusu rushed over to Xiao Chen and drew her saber from its scabbard with a ‘huang dang’ sound. The saber light was very dazzling, it brought a strong wind as it hacked toward Xiao Chen violently.

She seemed fine earlier, yet she attacked on a whim, Xiao Chen truly could not understand. He executed the Three Flowing Cloud Images and turned into an ocean. The saber moved gently, like a spray of water.

Perfection like Water, it is beneficial for many things and does not compete with them. Although it seemed like it did not compete, it competed by not competing. No matter how strong a force was, it cannot cause a great ripple. Perfection like Water, it is beneficial to many things but does not disrupt them. It may seem like it does not disrupt and yet, it does so by not disrupting. No matter the strength of a force, it will not be able to create ripples.

Even if it did cause a ripple, it would quickly calm down. You may use magnificent armies with thousands of men and horses to split the mountain and seas, but I remain unmoving, disrupting by not disrupting.

This was the truth of the Three Flowing Cloud Images. To counterattack while defending; to deal with ten thousand changes by not changing.


Leng Liusu took a step back; there was astonishment on her face. Three months ago, she could still easily send Xiao Chen flying. Even though she was now an Inferior Grade Martial Saint, she was unable to make him retreat.

Leng Liusu pushed her feet off the ground and hacked her saber toward Xiao Chen again. Xiao Chen frowned slightly and drew his saber with a ‘huang dang’ sound. This time, he did not avoid her saber.

Leng Liusu’s attack did not contain any killing intent. If they fought, it would take a long time to end. Xiao Chen truly did not have any time to waste and could only try taking a risk.

Indeed, Leng Liusu’s saber blade stopped half an inch away from Xiao Chen’s forehead. The instant the saber stopped, a violent wind blew at Xiao Chen, causing his hair to blow backward.

“Are you not afraid of me killing you?” Leng Liu said coldly, “Of all the Masters to choose, you chose Liu Ruyue.”

Xiao Chen’s expression turned cold; this was something that he did not like hearing. He said indifferently, “It is my freedom to choose any master I want. I believe the grievances have been sorted out. I gave you an opportunity to kill me earlier, but you did not take it. In that case, I will take my leave first.”

After taking a few steps back, Xiao Chen turned around and executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art. He then soared along the ground and soon disappeared from Leng Liusu’s sight.

As Leng Liusu watched Xiao Chen leave, she smiled gently, “Leaving after doing the deed. There is no such thing as a free meal. Liu Ruyue, let’s see how you are going to compete with me this time.”

After Xiao Chen returned to Qingyun Peak, he did not want to think about Leng Liusu. He carefully started preparing to refine the Beauty Nourishing Pill. Although the rank of this pill was not high, the ingredients it required were rare, and it was tricky to refine.

Amongst the ingredients, the herbs had to be of certain ages. In order to prevent failure, he had prepared a total of five sets of ingredients. This was the reason why the herbs were so expensive.

When Xiao Chen took out the Azure Dragon Medicine Cauldron, Feng Feixue’s figure appeared in his mind. He revealed a gentle smile as he recollected his thoughts, “Seems like I have not refined new pills for a long time. I wonder what the success rates will be like.”

Xiao Chen took out the herbs in the Universe Ring set by set and arranged them on the table. Then, he closed his eyes and carefully recalled the steps for refining the Beauty Nourishing Pill.

Not long after, Xiao Chen slowly opened his eyes; his face was filled with confidence. He flicked his finger and six strands of purple flames, separated by about half a meter, turned into balls which floated around Xiao Chen.

Now, Xiao Chen’s cultivation was much higher than when he was in Mohe City. Naturally, he did not have to worry about running out of Essence. Nor did he have to worry about having a lack of control, and only being able to control one flame.

The instant he shot out the flames, his left hand smacked the table, skillfully causing six types of herbs to fly up; each of them entering a flame and getting refined.

“Hu Hu!”

With only a thought from Xiao Chen, his Spiritual Core entered the flames. It instantly entered the insides of the six herbs, and rapidly found their cores.

Then Xiao Chen manipulated the flames to burn in a spiraling fashion. The six flames spun around Xiao Chen rapidly. The herbs started to melt within the flames.

Xiao Chen moved with good coordination; he quickly placed six bottles on the table, and caught all the medicinal liquid without missing a drop.

Then, he immediately sent a new batch of herbs into the flames. The herbs on the table slowly disappear in this manner and the number of bottles increased. Soon, the refinement of all the medicinal liquid was completed.

The first step of refinement was complete. Xiao Chen exhaled in relief. He stretched out his right index finger and the fires gathered together. With a ‘sou’ sound, they entered into the Azure Dragon Medicine Cauldron.