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Chapter 214: Comprehending A State

Chapter 214: Comprehending A State

Xiao Chen nodded and pulled the unconscious Xiao Bai into his embrace. He asked, “What’s wrong with Xiao Bai?”

Liu Suifeng replied, “It wanted to enter a berserk state to save you earlier. So my Sis knocked it unconscious.”

Regardless of cultivator or Spirit Beast, if they entered a berserk state, it would leave behind significant repercussions. This was especially so for Xiao Bai.

“That’s right, Brother Ye, it’s best to let Xiao Bai drink less in the future,” Liu Suifeng said solemnly. He remembered being chased around by Xiao Bai earlier.

Xiao Chen felt suspicious as he asked, “Why?”

“It’s a little hard to explain. It’s somewhat complicated. Actually, this…” Liu Suifeng spoke incoherently for a long time. Eventually, he was still too embarrassed to speak about the matter of Xiao Bai chasing him around.

Late in the night, the waning moon hung high in the starry sky.

Xiao Chen stood in his personal courtyard. He was holding Lunar Shadow Saber in his right hand, and sliding the fingers of his left hand back and forth along the blade.

The glow on the snow-white blade turned even more resplendent. As Xiao Chen rubbed it more intensely, his Essence circulated and poured continuously into the saber.

In the next moment.

Sharp saber Qi fired out continuously from the saber blade, flying around chaotically in the air. These saber Qi were different from the saber Qi of a regular cultivator.

The sharp saber Qi contained electrical energy. Traces of electricity moved together with the saber Qi, filling the entire sky that could be seen in the courtyard.

Xiao Chen pulled back his fingers and the saber Qi in the air disappeared instantly. The electricity flickered for a bit before disappearing without a trace, as well.

Although Xiao Chen did not comprehend the state of Listening To the Sword and Communicating With It after coming out from that dark space, he seemed to have comprehended a different state he could not name.

This state allowed him to launch saber Qi containing electricity while he was a Martial Grand Master. The might of this saber Qi was even stronger than the saber Qi that some of the Inferior Grade Martial Saints were capable of. Furthermore, its potential had not yet been completely unleashed.

Xiao Chen recollected his thoughts and looked at the snow-white Lunar Shadow Saber. He hesitated heavily; this was the first time he realized that he did not understand this saber at all.

The dark space was extremely strange. Xiao Chen had heard from Liu Ruyue later that this was a mental space formed by the ancient saber intent.

It was able to pull out the saber intent hidden in the depths of his heart. After Xiao Chen heard that, he became even more confused.

The Lunar Shadow Saber’s saber intent was a strange girl. Although he did not see her appearance clearly, he was sure it was not Ao Jiao.

Early the next morning, the sunlight peeked through the window and shone on Xiao Chen’s face. Xiao Chen woke up from his cultivation and opened his eyes. When he walked out of the courtyard, he saw Liu Suifeng.

“Suifeng, sorry to keep you waiting,” Xiao Chen greeted him.

Liu Suifeng smiled gently, “It’s fine, I just got here myself. I did not wait very long. Let’s go, I’ll bring you to the library.”

The two of them chatted as they made their way to the top of the peak. Along the way, Xiao Bai appeared from an unknown place. It jumped onto Xiao Chen’s shoulder with a ‘shua’ sound, startling Liu Suifeng.

“What’s wrong?” Xiao Chen asked when he saw Liu Suifeng’s horrified expression.

Liu Suifeng smiled awkwardly, “Nothing. Let’s keep moving. That’s right, how many contribution points do you have? What kind of Martial Technique do you intend to exchange for?”

Xiao Chen had already decided on what kind of Martial Techniques to exchange for long ago. He temporarily did not need Cultivation Techniques. Although he did not know what grade the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation was, given Xiao Chen’s pace of cultivation, he knew it was sufficient for him to cultivate for a long time.

Xiao Chen did not need Fist Techniques or Movement Techniques, either. It was unlikely that Qingyun Peak would have any techniques better than the Great Dragon Tiger Fist or Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art, so there was no need to consider those.

The only thing Xiao Chen was lacking was a good Saber Technique. The Rushing Thunder Saber Technique had been modified by Xiao Chen, turning it into an Inferior Grade Earth Ranked Martial Technique. However, it was too aggressive, leaving no leeway for retreating.

If he was against one or two enemies, it was fine. However, if he was fighting against a group of enemies of similar strength to him, it would be difficult to deal with them. He could only use the Changing Character Formula, and adapt to the situation.

However, unless the Battle Sage Origins could make a breakthrough, the Martial Techniques (which the Changing Character Formula imitated) had great differences from the Martial Techniques Xiao Chen practiced.

Hence, Xiao Chen urgently required a Saber Technique. Ideally it should be Earth Ranked or above. Profound Ranked and Yellow Ranked were useless, just a waste of his time, and so would not be considered.

However, Xiao Chen did not know if there were any Earth Ranked or better Saber Techniques. Thinking of this, Xiao Chen asked, “Are there any Earth Ranked, or higher, Saber Techniques in the Qingyun Peak Library? I have a thousand contribution points, would that be enough?”

A proud smile appeared on Liu Suifeng’s handsome face, “If you were in another peak, it would be complicated to obtain Earth Ranked Martial Techniques. Furthermore, it would cost a lot and there would not be many choices.

“However, this is not a problem in Qingyun Peak. The Qingyun Peak used to be the top peak of Heavenly Saber Pavilion. It has the most comprehensive collection of Martial Techniques amongst the seven peaks. There are more than 15 Earth Ranked Martial Techniques, second only to the library of the Main Hall.”

Under the condition a Heaven Ranked Martial Technique did not appear, an Earth Ranked Martial Technique was the best Martial Technique one could ask for in the Tianwu Continent. If a clan had an Earth Ranked Martial Technique, it was sufficient for them to flourish for several hundreds of years.

The Heavenly Saber Pavilion deserved to have endured for ten thousand years. Just a single Peak there had 15 Earth Ranked Martial Techniques, that was very shocking news.

“I only have a thousand contribution points, would that be enough?” Xiao Chen asked worriedly. After all, this was his first time exchanging for Martial Techniques using contribution points; he did not know the value of the contribution points.

Liu Suifeng felt ashamed as he said, “Please don’t use such a tone when you say that. What do you mean ‘I only have a thousand contribution points?’ You say it as if a thousand contribution points have the same value as air. I can’t even earn 500 contribution points in half a year; these words make people like me feel very frustrated.”

Xiao Chen smiled, “I did not know that. Just tell me if it is enough.”

“I can tell you with full confidence, yes! It’s not as though you are really purchasing it. You are simply borrowing a hand-copied version. It will be more than enough; there is no need to worry,” Liu Suifeng said seriously.

When Xiao Chen heard this, he relaxed. It seemed like he had underestimated the purchasing power of contribution points. Who knew? He might even be able to borrow a Superior Grade Earth Ranked Martial Technique.

The two of them continued to make their way up the peak. Although the mountain road was rugged, with their cultivation, it was like walking on flat land. Their pace was very fast, and soon, they saw a group of towering pavilions.

However, although it appeared near, it still required some time before they arrived. When they were not far off, Liu Suifeng, who was in front, suddenly stopped. He asked Xiao Chen, “Brother Ye, what do you think of my sis?”

This question packed a big punch. When Xiao Chen heard it, he was stunned, causing him to suddenly stop walking. Xiao Bai, who was on his shoulder, nearly fell off. It glared ferociously at Liu Suifeng.

Liu Suifeng ignored the Xiao Bai, who was making threatening gestures. He smiled and continued to ask, “What do you think? How do you feel about by sis?”

Xiao Chen said carefully, “That depends on what aspect you are asking about. Your question is too vague.”

Liu Suifeng smiled gently as he continued, “Then I will make my question more specific. Do you think my sis is pretty?”

“Graceful and exceptionally gorgeous,” Xiao Chen thought for a while before answering honestly.

Liu Suifeng laughed loudly and continued, “What do you think of my sister’s martial abilities?”

“Outstanding and with great talent!”

“Then is my sis nice to you? She spent a lot of effort to set up the Ancient Absolute Saber Formation for you yesterday. Furthermore, that’s not the only thing she has done for you in the past.”

“Yeah… I have nothing else to say in that respect.”

Liu Suifeng’s grin became even broader at this point. He said, “So a girl like that would be chased after by many men. She can be considered a peak rare resource. Do you agree?”

Xiao Chen continued to nod, “En, that is indeed so!”

“Then how about I matchmake you with my sis?”

Xiao Chen’s mind went blank for a while; he thought he heard wrongly. He felt suspicious as he asked, “What did you say? Can you repeat it?”

Liu Suifeng laughed loudly, “Not clear enough? Then I will say it slowly. How about you become my brother-in-law? You see…”

“Hu Chi!”

Xiao Bai, who was sitting on Xiao Chen’s shoulder, leaped over to Liu Suifeng’s head in an instant. It kept scratching at Liu Suifeng’s head with its snow-white claws.

Liu Suifeng was caught off guard at the sudden change in the situation. He kept swatting his hand above his head as he said anxiously, “Stop moving. I just did up my hair this morning… Ouch, it hurts… ouch…”

In the end, the more Liu Suifeng tried to get Xiao Bai off of himself, the faster it moved. It was impossible to keep up with it. Amidst the chaos, he suddenly lost his balance and tumbled downwards.

Xiao Chen was distracted by Liu Suifeng’s question. When he heard Liu Suifeng’s miserable cries, he recovered his wits. However, it was too late to help; Liu Suifeng had already tumbled down to a distant place.

Although the mountain road was rugged, it was not very precipitous. With Liu Suifeng’s strong body, he would only receive some superficial wounds. Xiao Chen laughed somewhat helplessly as he turned around and continued heading up.

Xiao Chen did not get far when a fast gust of wind blew past him; Liu Suifeng had rushed up in front of Xiao Chen. He was incredibly pale as Xiao Bai pulled on his hair.

“Big Brother Ye, please call back this little ancestor. I’m about to get tortured to death.”

Xiao Bai was sitting on Liu Suifeng’s head. There was a gentle smile on its face as it occasionally smacked his head with its snow-white paws. Its intelligent eyes looked at Xiao Chen innocently.

This little fellow was doing something bad, yet it still put on an cute and innocent look. This resulted in no one being able to get angry at it. Xiao Chen could only take it down and place it on the road.

Liu Suifeng finally felt some relief. He combed his long, mutilated hair back and continued saying to Xiao Chen, “Brother Ye. What do you think of what I said earlier? You answered my earlier questions rather quickly.

“Stop hesitating. Didn’t you say my sis is pretty good in every aspect? Why are you still hesitating? Do you not like her? Just say the word and I will help you. Damn!”

A white shadow flew at Liu Suifeng again. This time, Liu Suifeng was prepared and dodged to the side.

Xiao Chen saw that Xiao Bai was still messing around. So he placed it in the Spirit Blood Jade temporarily. Then he said to Liu Suifeng, “I do like her, but not in the romantic way. Furthermore, I am still weak. Even if there is someone I liked, I would be unable to protect her. I can only focus on cultivating for now. Brother Liu, don’t mention this matter again.”