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Chapter 247: Big Snake

Chapter 247: Big Snake

Everyone was sweating inside. These Cores were worth a few thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. Yet, Yun Kexin did not care about them at all. How strange!

After they cleared up the battlefield, Xiao Chen continued to scout out their path. By now, everyone knew Xiao Chen had a kind of sensory Martial Technique. So, they felt assured letting Xiao Chen scout ahead.

After a while, Xiao Chen suddenly stopped. His originally calm face had an extremely grave expression on it.

When Yun Kexin saw that there was something wrong with Xiao Chen’s expression, she asked, “What’s wrong? Is there a Demonic Beast blocking the way?”

Xiao Chen nodded silently. He smiled bitterly and said, “Those foul words came true. There is a Demonic Beast in front and based on its aura, it is at least a Peak Rank 5 Demonic Beast. It might even be an early Rank 6 Demonic Beast.”

When everyone heard that, their complexions drained. They all looked at Gao Xiang with a murderous look. Zhang Lie said in a bad mood, “Here is your chance to perform. Go kill it. We will be waiting here for you good news.”

Gao Xiang said embarrassedly, “I was really just saying it casually, you can’t blame me for this.”

Yun Kexin’s expressions did not change, she simply asked calmly, “Can you tell what Demonic Beast it is? Are we able to go around it?”

Xiao Chen shook his head, “I can’t make out what Demonic Beast it is, I can only tell you that it is a huge snake. The area which its aura covers is very vast. If we want to move around it without startling it, it would take at least a day.”

Because some Demonic Beasts had very strong auras, it would result in blurry images when using Spiritual Sense. Hence, Xiao Chen was not able to make out what Demonic Beast it was.

Yun Kexin thought for about ten seconds before making a quick decision. “Since we can’t go around it, then we will fight it. Mu Heng, Zhang Lie, Gao Xiang, and Ye Chen come with me. The rest will wait here for further orders.”

Of the remaining eight people, these five people were the strongest. The other three people were slightly weaker, they would not be able to deal with a peak Rank 5 or Rank 6 Demonic Beast. Sometimes, if there were too many people, they would not be able to gain a huge advantage. They might even drag the rest down.

The three of them also understood Yun Kexin’s intentions. They did not express any dissatisfaction and conscientiously remained at their original spot.

Under the lead of Yun Kexin, the five of them carefully walked towards the unknown Demonic Beast. As they closed in, the aura and pressure of a peak Rank 5 Demonic Beast grew more and more obvious.

It was even starting to be difficult to breathe. Gao Xiang had an unsightly expression as he said, “This might not be a peak Rank 5 Demonic Beast. We might be dealing with a Rank 6 Demonic Beast here.

“It is impossible for the aura of a Rank 5 Demonic Beast to reach such a horrifying level. It is already at the point where we feel suffocated.”

Zhang Lie smiled faintly, “In that case, what do you suggest? If you are afraid, no one will care about you.”

Gao Xiang rebutted, “When did I say I was afraid? I was simply stating a fact.”

Before the fight started, the two of them already started arguing. Yun Kexin frowned heavily and said in a cold voice, “All of you, shut up. We haven’t even started fighting yet and you are already arguing. You are throwing yourselves off, are you tired of living?”

Yun Kexin’s words were very effective. After she spoke, Zhang Lie and Gao Xiang immediately shut up; they only glared at each other.

“Ye Chen, what do you think are our odds of victory?” Yun Kexin turned around and asked Xiao Chen, who was leading the way.

Xiao Chen thought for a while and said, “If it was a peak Rank 5 Demonic Beast, we have a fifty percent chance. If it is an early Rank 6 Demonic Beast, we would likely only have a forty percent chance of victory.”

Actually, there was one more thing Xiao Chen had not said yet. If he included the dark figure hiding in the darkness sneak-attacking them, their odds of victory would become even lower.

An expression of worry flashed on Yun Kexin’s delicate face. She muttered, “I hope it is only a peak Rank 5 Demonic Beast then.”


Just at this moment, the ground suddenly started to tremble. They all circulated their energies to stabilize themselves, as well as becoming more alert.

“Ka ca! Ka ca!”

The sound of trees breaking echoed in everyone’s ears. Unfortunately, they could clearly feel a large creature getting close to them at a high speed.

Yun Kexin calmly said, “Danger, retreat!”

They all executed their Movement Techniques, retreating into the forest. “Hu chi!” A black shadow headed for the slowest person, Mu Heng.

Mu Heng’s body lit up with purple light and he shouted, “Seven Stars Transposition!” He instantly vanished and appeared on the top of a tree.

“Bang!” There was a very loud sound.

A huge deep pit appeared on the flat ground in the next instant. It was about ten meters wide and several hundred meters long. As for its depth, it could not be estimated with the eyes.

Mu Heng took in a breath of cold air. If this had struck him, no matter how strong his body was, he would have suffered significant internal injuries. Simply thinking about it made him shiver.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, everyone took a clear look at the Demonic Beast. It was black snake about two hundred meters long. Its scales were flashing with a cold black light.

Half its body was upright, its scarlet eyes were like two bright lanterns in the dark night sky. Its huge mouth opened as its forked tongue stuck out repeatedly.

When half its body was upright, it was more than a hundred meters tall, taller than the trees in the forest. Everyone was like an ant in front of it.

Xiao Chen was startled. He muttered, “This is the Scarlet Crown Snake. No that’s not right, a crown has not grown yet. It is still immature. Even so, after it became a Demonic Beast, it has the strength of an early Rank 6 Demonic Beast.”

When the Scarlet Demonic Snake saw Mu Heng suddenly disappearing, it seemed very angry. Its scarlet eyes swept through the land in front of it. Then, it saw Gao Xiang, who was holding a huge eye-catching saber.

“Damn it, stop staring at me!” When Gao Xiang said depressedly when he felt the gaze of the Scarlet Demonic Snake. He quickly retreated.


The Scarlet Demonic Snake’s huge body sprang up from the ground. It was not in the least bit slow. Its huge jaw was open, it was intending to swallow Gao Xiang.

Gao Xiang was startled, he did not expect the Scarlet Demonic Snake to be so fast. When the mouth was near, he rolled to the side, dodging it.

However, before he could catch a breather, the red tongue in the Scarlet Demonic Snake’s mouth shot out, heading toward Gao Xiang.

“Lonely Peak's Fatal Blow!”

At a crucial moment, Zhang Lie executed the fifteenth move of the Lingyun Saber Technique. The saber light that filled the sky turned into a huge peak descending from the sky and pressed down on the body of the Scarlet Demonic Snake.

“Chi chi!”

The Scarlet Demonic Snake felt pain and withdrew its tongue. Then, it turned around and spat out a black fireball at Zhang Lie.

The black fireball had a long comet tail trailing behind it as it flew in the air. Everywhere it passed, even the air was burnt to nothing. The mountain peak immediately disappeared.

His mysterious phenomenon forcibly broken, Zhang Lie vomited a large mouthful of blood. His face was very pale as he fell from the sky.

Gao Xiang stopped running. He did not expect Zhang Lie, who had been bickering with him, to save him at a crucial moment.

When Gao Xiang saw Zhang Lie was injured, he shouted, “You damn beast! I will put everything on the line and kill you!”

Three thousand clouds of fire, covering the sun, infusing into the saber—Heavenly Fire Clouds!

Three thousand clouds of flames started burning in the dark red sky. Suddenly, it seemed limitless, covering the sun and clouds. The fierce flames lit up the entire forest.

The unending chain of clouds of fire formed into a huge tornado of flames. Then, it flew into Gao Xiang’s huge saber.


Instantly, Gao Xiang burst into red flames. He now looked like a flame giant. The large flaming saber swung forward fiercely.

The red flames howled like a flood dragon. The horrifying temperature caused all the trees within a hundred meters to melt. It rushed toward the Scarlet Demonic Snake’s head at a fast speed.

The Scarlet Demonic Snake’s red eyes were flicking repeatedly. It spat out a black fireball from its mouth. It headed for the flames sent out by Gao Xiang.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The red flames and black flames met in the middle. The huge energy instantly exploded in the air, causing surging shockwaves to spread everywhere. Everywhere it passed, the ground would be scorched to ash.

The two flames starting burning in the air. However, the black flame soon enlarged explosively. Then, it defeated the red flame and rushed at Gao Xiang.

Gao Xiang did not dare to be careless, but he did not retreat either. He sent out flames after flames from his huge saber incessantly. After a few breaths’ time, he finally managed to block the flames from the Scarlet Demonic Snake.

“Swift Horizontal Saber Strike!”

Just as the Scarlet Demonic Snake wanted to spit out another mouthful of black fire, Mu Heng, who was on top of another tree, suddenly made a move.

Mu Heng’s body lit up with a purple light, then he quickly moved across the air. His entire being turned into an unparalleled treasured saber, a sharp gleam was radiating off it, it was very dazzling.


Mu Heng used his palm as a saber and hacked on the Scarlet Demonic Snake’s head. This was a saber strike that could split mountains, used without holding back.

There was a depressed sound and the upright body of the Scarlet Demonic Snake was hacked by this saber strike and knocked to the ground.

However, even with all this, this saber strike did not even break the Scarlet Demonic Snake’s skin. The instant the Scarlet Demonic Snake landed, its huge tail gave off a thunderous sound as it tore through the air, smashing at Mu Heng.

Mu Heng, who was in the air, had no support to move around. Yet when he saw the Scarlet Demonic Snake’s tail swinging at him, he strangely disappeared again.

“Pu ci!”

The Scarlet Demonic Snake quickly sensed Mu Heng’s location and swung its tail at him again, creating another thunderous sound.

The Scarlet Demonic Snake’s speed was now faster than before. Mu Heng had a grave expression. He used the Seven Stars Transposition and flickered around in the air seven times.

Every time he appeared, the tail would be following closely. Each time it happened, it was faster and more dangerous.

“Spinning Mountain Destroys Clouds!”

Zhang Lie had eaten a Blood Replenishing Pill and Qi Returning Pill. His eyes were filled with an intent to battle as he stood up again.

He infused his Small Perfection saber intent into the Lingyun Saber Technique. Then, he turned into a lonely mountain peak, creating boundless strong winds. He smashed down on the Scarlet Demonic Snake violently.

Mu Heng got a chance to take a breather. He disappeared into the air again, finally managing to shake off the tail following him.

When the Spinning Mountain Destroys Clouds infused with the Small Perfection saber intent struck the Scarlet Demonic Snake, the scales which were as hard as iron, were finally broken.

The wind was like sabers, causing black blood to spurt out in the air and spraying it all over the forest.

“Heavenly Fire Clouds!” The huge flaming tornado starting forming in the sky once again.