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Chapter 253: Fight on the Warship

Chapter 253: Fight on the Warship

There was an anxious look on Xiao Chen’s face. He operated the formation markings in the warship at full force, not caring about the expenditure of Essence as he headed to the palace at full speed.

Xiao Chen was consoling himself, Elder Sister Ruyue should not know the Blood Demon Self-Disintegration Technique. Otherwise, Liu Tianyu would not have let her enter this sub-space.

After all, she is Liu Tianyu’s daughter. No matter how much of a bastard he is, he will not joke around with his daughter’s life.

However, another thought appeared in Xiao Chen’s mind, Maybe that old man predicted I would be worried about Elder Sister Ruyue. So he purposely used such a method to make me remain in this sub-space and kill the Blood Demon General as he planned.

Given the character of that sly old fox, he might have done this. When Xiao Chen thought of this, he could not help but increase the speed of the silver warship again.

The speed of the silver warship was already approaching the speed of sound. The sharp wind blew on his face, cutting his skin like knives. Xiao Chen felt some pain, and had no choice but to use some Essence to block the wind.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Just at that moment, there was a series of sonic booms from behind Xiao Chen. A figure caught up quickly and landed firmly on the stern.

Xiao Chen took a look and clearly saw who it was. He exclaimed in some surprise, “Murong Chong!”

Murong Chong was holding a saber in his left hand as he said mockingly, “Are you in such a rush to die?”

When Xiao Chen heard this, his expression sank. He said in a cold voice, “I have no time to argue with you. This is my warship, please get off.”

Murong Chong looked like he had heard a joke, it was reflected in the expression on his face. He said, “‘Please get off?’ What if I don’t want to?”

“Then I can only chase you off.”

Murong Chong laughed coldly, “I want to see how powerful you are, to dare challenge me, who could once be considered your senior brother.”

“Roaming Dragon’s Nine Transformations! Clear Wind Chop!”

Xiao Chen did not continue the conversation. He simply shouted and executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art and Clear Wind Chop. Suddenly, there were nine streams of cool breezes in the air, Xiao Chen had divided into nine illusions.

“Hu chi!”

Within the cool breezes, the snow-white Lunar Shadow Saber in Xiao Chen’s hand disappeared. His killing intent was hidden. Combined with the illusions, it was difficult to differentiate the real from the fakes.

Just as the saber light was about to strike Murong Chong, something strange happened. There was a cool breeze, and Murong Chong vanished right in front of Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen was not startled; he simply extended out his Spiritual Sense and he was able to see the situation two hundred meters around him clearly.

In the midst of the haziness, Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense picked up a black shadow on his lower right about a hundred meters away.

“I found you! Combine!”

The nine illusions in the air combined together and Xiao Chen’s speed doubled, creating a sonic boom as he moved.

The Lunar Shadow Saber was glowing with a purple electric light, illuminating the dark red sky. The saber broke through the air and hacked at the black dot at lightning speed.


The saber’s blade gave off a thunderous sound when it struck his target. However, aside from the cool breeze, there were no signs of Murong Chong.

Xiao Chen frowned and thought doubtfully to himself, “What’s going on? Even if he could hide himself in the cool breeze, he cannot really turn into the wind. If his location was found, he should be able to be attacked.”

“Hu! Hu!” A cool breeze blew behind Xiao Chen and Murong Chong’s unhurried voice could be heard, “Little Junior Brother, stop looking in the wrong place. I am here.”

The voice moved together with the cool breeze. It circled around Xiao Chen then echoed in the surroundings. It was impossible to judge where the voice was coming from.

Xiao Chen revealed a cautious expression on his face. He slowly closed his eyes and returned the snow-white Lunar Shadow Saber to its scabbard.

Murong Chong has already practiced the Clear Wind Chop to Great Perfection. He had also comprehended the Clear Wind Chop’s state of wind to Great Perfection. When the two fought using the Clear Wind Chop, Xiao Chen’s usage of it could not be compared his.

It will be difficult to find him. Trying to find a weak point while he has not made a move yet is not the right way.

Only when he makes a move then would I have a chance to find him. At that time, I will use my strong physical body to force out a weak point.

After that, I will use the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique’s relentless attacks to completely defeat him. As long as he retreats, he will not be able to dodge the successively faster moves of the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique.

A somewhat weak breeze blew across Xiao Chen’s face. He could not help it, the gentle force caused his anxious expression to soften.

He is coming! Xiao Chen suddenly opened his eyes. A sharp light appeared in his eyes and there were crackling sounds coming from his bones.

“Fierce Tiger Leaving the Mountains, Dominating a Hundred Beasts!

Six thousand kilograms of force struck the empty air, hitting the cool breeze. There was an explosive sound coming from the formless wind; his fist had exploded it.

Murong Chong, who was hidden in the cool breeze, had a stunned expression and was mildly startled.

Murong Chong decisively revealed himself, giving up on his earlier method of attack. He released his hand from his saber and struck out with his palm. The wind from his palm roared like thunder, making the air tremble.


The fist and palm gave off a loud explosive sound when they met, it was like the crackle of thunder. It shook their eardrums, reverberating in their eyes.

A surging shockwave spread out to the surroundings like a wave.

The two of them took five steps back at the same time. One stood on the bow and the other the stern. In this exchange of a fist and palm, they had struck to a draw.

The Qi and blood in Xiao Chen’s body were surging, his internal organs were jolted. He could felt blood coming up his throat, He did not suppress it and vomited it out.

Xiao Chen had not expected such a result. His physical body had already reached a horrifying level. A full power punch from him carried six thousand kilograms of force.

A sudden attack with his fist could kill a Superior Grade Martial Saint. However, not only Murong Chong was fine, he struck a draw with him.

The silver warship flew continuously in the sky, beneath the red full moon.

A violent wind was blowing past the both of them; their long black hair danced in the wind and their clothes fluttered noisily

Blood leaked out from the corner of Murong Chong’s mouth, his complexion was somewhat pale. That palm of his had been reinforced by Essence.

Actually, Murong Chong’s physical body was significantly weaker than Xiao Chen’s. Thus, the internal injuries he received were more severe than Xiao Chen’s.

Murong Chong slowly wiped off the blood on the corner of his lips and revealed a faint smile, “To be able to force me to withdraw my saber…you are qualified to challenge me. However, if that is all you have, it is far from enough to chase me away.”


Just as Murong Chong was about to continue making his move, a green leaf appeared above the silver warship.

The falling green leaf looked very insignificant, but it strangely maintained an incredulous movement speed in the wind. It was neither fast nor slow, giving one a comfortable feeling. However, it drifted more than a hundred meters in an instant.

Its speed was actually faster than Xiao Chen’s silver warship.

Xiao Chen’s gaze focused on the leaf, extremely suspicious of it.

Who is this? Their Martial Spirit was actually released out? Going by the strangeness of this Martial Spirit, it might be an inherited Martial Spirit.

The green leaf slowly landed in between the two of them. Then, it glowed with a white light. A person in white clothes with a calm expression appeared before them; Yun Kexin, holding the Roaming Dragon Saber.

“The both of you! At such a time you are still in the mood to compete?” Yun Kexin said indifferently without any expression on her delicate face.

It was actually Yun Kexin, Xiao Chen was mildly surprised. However, when he thought about it, he realized Yun Kexin was strong for a peak Inferior Grade Martial Saint.

If she had an inherited Martial Spirit, that would explain it. In addition, she had an indifferent attitude toward the Demonic Cores. Only a person from a clan with inherited Martial Spirits would not care about Inferior Grade Spirit Stones.

Xiao Chen said, “This is my warship. I do not welcome people who are here to pick an argument with me.”

Murong Chong ignored him and placed his saber at his side. Then he sat down at the stern and closed his eyes, recovering his energies.

Xiao Chen was very anxious about Liu Ruyue; he did not want to continue fighting with Murong Chong. He turned around and said, “Senior Sister Yun, why are here?”

Yun Kexin looked at the red light in the distance, the origin of the extending killing Qi, and the palace that loud sounds were coming from. She said, “Same as you.”

Xiao Chen found it funny. He said, “What is my purpose? You don’t even know? How can you say it is the same as mine?”

Yun Kexin glanced at Murong Chong, then at Xiao Chen. She said, “Actually, the three of us have the same purpose.”

Xiao Chen nodded slightly and did not continue to pursue the matter. He piloted the silver warship at full power and flew quickly toward the palace.


“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Within the palace, there were seven Divine Saber Camp bladesmen who had their strength raised by the Blood Demon Self-Disintegration Technique. They were covered with a surging killing Qi. Boundless scarlet saber Qi were flying everywhere in the palace.

Every saber Qi was at least a hundred meters long, they were incredibly frightening. They contained a horrifying energy. When they struck the Blood Demon General, they would cause him to retreat. His body was covered in bleeding wounds.

After the seven of them executed the Blood Demon Self-Disintegration Technique, their combat prowess surpassed that of a Medial Grade Martial King. Adding in the other three, they had beaten the Blood Demon General to a point of helplessness.

After that, they had kept the Blood Demon General in a suppressed state, not giving him a chance to retaliate.

“Angry Azure River!” the seven people shouted, and a scarlet light covered their bodies. Seven red saber Qi merged together in the air and turned into a scarlet river, surging toward the Blood Demon General.

The Blood Demon General revealed a grave expression as he placed his palms in front of him. A round ball of blood appeared and enveloped him.

Only seeing the cool breeze, but not the saber!

A cool breeze blew in the great hall. Liu Ruyue moved very fast in the cool breeze. The saber light flashed and the blood ball condensed by the Blood Demon General cracked.


The surging scarlet river entered through the crack.

A miserable shriek came from the blood ball, and it exploded in the next instant. The Blood Demon General turned into countless tiny droplets of blood and disappeared.

“Is it over?” Lu Chen asked, looking t where the Blood Demon General had vanished, an expression of uncertainty on his face.

The other people did not let down their guards. It had been hard for them to get to this point; if they were careless, they could lose everything. They could not afford to lose!

After waiting a long time, the majestic palace still did not have any activity. The great hall was completely silent. There was only the sound of people breathing.