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Chapter 256: Ying Yue’s Arrival

Chapter 256: Ying Yue’s Arrival

When the crowd heard this, they looked at each other in dismay. They did not expect this Blood Demon General to be so difficult to deal with. They did not understand the scarlet moon, either.

When they peered through the Reincarnation Well, the Elders Assembly knew there was a scarlet moon in the space. However, they paid no attention to it. They did not expect their defeat to result from that.

The Second Elder muttered, “That scarlet moon should be the energy core of the entire sub-space. I believe the Blood Demon General is intending to use that to break the seal. Now that the scarlet moon has been used so many times, it will definitely delay the breaking of the seal for at least a fortnight.

The Third Elder continued, “Half a month…The elites of the Imperial Dragon Legion should arrive by then. When combined with the strength of our Heavenly Saber Pavilion, we should be able to resolve this situation.”

The Imperial Dragon Legion was the strongest army of the Great Qin Nation’s Royal Clan. Their commander was Nangong Lie, the strongest of the ten Martial Monarchs. The lowest cultivation realm found in the legion was peak Superior Grade Martial Saint.

There was more than two thousand peak Martial Kings in the legion. Combined with their ten ancient warships, they could kill a regular Martial Sage easily.

Furthermore, they were frequently in the north, fighting the barbarians who were indirectly ruled by the Demonic World Abyss. They battled frequently and their combat prowess was always maintained at a peak state.

The words ‘Imperial Dragon’ also had another meaning: to protect the emperor. This legion consisted of many peak experts of the Great Qing Nation; they could be said to be the force supporting the Great Qing Nation.

[TL notes: Chinese words tend to have many meanings. To figure out which meaning it is, the context has to be taken into consideration. Just like the word for ‘imperial’ here also means ‘protect’, the ‘dragon’ can also refer to the ‘emperor’. The symbol of the emperor is traditionally a dragon.]

The First Elder shook his head and smiled bitterly, “This bunch of people has a really big appetite. They wanted a tenth of our Spirit Mine’s profit every year before they were willing to help.”

Lu Chen’s face sank. He said in astonishment, “That is simply daylight robbery. If the spatial crack in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion opens, half of Xihe Province will be affected. Are they not afraid of that?”

The Second Elder advised him, “They initially asked for twenty percent. It is because of that reason that they lowered it to a tenth. Furthermore, they still have the option of making a move after the Heavenly Saber Pavilion gets destroyed.”

Jiang Chi muttered, “The weak are not qualified to speak conditions. The Royal Clan is just waiting for the Heavenly Saber Pavilion to be destroyed. If it was not for the fact they were afraid of perishing together with us, they would not even agree to help.”

At this moment, everyone noticed the silhouette of a completely golden warship appearing in the distance. The warship soon stopped outside the Heavenly Saber Pavilion.

When Jiang Chi raised his head and took a look, he saw a fluttering black flag on the warship. The word ‘Ying’ (赢) was written on the flag.

“Take my command token and open the barrier, let them fly in.” Jiang Chi passed his command token to an elder behind him.

That elder nodded and leaped into the air. Then, he flew silently into the distance. This was the ability of a Martial King; they could fly in the air unaided and without causing any sonic booms.

After a while, the golden warship flew quickly over to them.

It was only when the golden warship arrived above their heads that everyone could see how huge it was. It covered the sky and cast a huge shadow; it was like it was a huge moving fortress.


A petite golden figure jumped down from the bow of the ship. She was dressed in golden Battle Armor. Under the light of the sun, it gave off off a golden glow.

The sunlight casted a layer of golden light on her face. Combined with her aura, she was like a female war god, valiant and formidable.

Everyone present managed to guess who she was. There were looks of astonishment on their faces, as they had not expected this person to come.

A person from the royal clan that could cause the Elders’ Assembly to feel astonished…aside from the Great Qin Nation’s Princess Ying Yue, there was no other.

“Keng qiang!”

Ying Yue landed firmly on the ground. When she landed, the Battle Armor she was wearing gave off a melodious metallic sound.

Amidst this pleasing sound, a killing Qi extended out. This was not done on purpose.

Instead, this aura had already merged with the person who gave off this sound. There was no need to release it just for people to feel it.

“Greetings to Princess Ying Yue!”

Although the Heavenly Saber Pavilion elders were very strong, in front of the princess with the highest prestige in the Royal Clan, they had to put on a respectful appearance.

A faint smile was revealed on Ying Yue’s exceptionally gorgeous face as she said, “Seniors, there is no need to stand on ceremony.”

Jiang Chi asked puzzledly, “It is not the appointed time yet. How come the Imperial Dragon Legion is here so early?”

Ying Yue smiled, “I have some personal matters in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. So I borrowed the warship to come here in advance. This will not affect your deal with the Imperial Dragon Legion. Of course, if needed to, they can enter into battle at any time.”

Princess Ying Yue had some personal matters in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion?

Jiang Chi and the other elders exchanged looks. They were puzzled; they could not remember a time when they had dealings with Princess Ying Yue.

However, Jing Chi was a sly old fox, after all, and did not inquire about it. He said, “Never mind, since they are here, they can start making their preparations. Our people have failed,; it seems like we will require the Imperial Dragon Legion to make a move this time.”

There was a slight change to Ying Yue’s expression. She said, “That’s fine as well; we can deal with both matters together.”

Just at this moment, there was a formless fluctuation in the air. Aside from Jiang Chi, no one else felt it. The fluctuation was headed for Jiang Chi.

Jiang Chi’s expression changed and he quickly closed his eyes, as though he was pondering something. It seemed like someone was communicating with him.

When Ying Yue saw the situation, she stopped signaling for the troops to disembark from the warship. Then, she unconsciously glanced in the direction of Qingyun Peak.

After a long time, Jiang Chi opened his eyes. There was now a smile that was not present on his face earlier. He said, “Your Highness, there has been a change in the situation. How about touring around the Heavenly Saber Pavilion first? Taking a look at the Lingyun Mountain Range’s scenery?”

Everyone looked at each other; they did not know what happened for Jiang Chi to suddenly change his words.

Ying Yue was slightly surprised. She answered, “Anything is fine!”

“That is good. Lu Chen, you are in charge of taking care of Her Highness,” Jiang Chi said lightheartedly; it was clear that he was in a good mood.


Within the Sub-Space, on top of the Rubble of the Palace on the Overhanging Cliff:

Xiao Chen, Yun Kexin, Murong Chong, and Liu Ruyue were all standing in different corners. None of them had any intention of leaving.

Liu Ruyue looked at the Divine Flame Talisman in her hand. Then, she threw it at Murong Chong.

“Pu ci!”

A saber light flashed, Murong Chong had hacked the Divine Flame Talisman into two halves. Liu Ruyue was so furious that she could not speak properly, “You…!”

Murong Chong withdrew his saber. There was no expression on his handsome face as he said indifferently, “Is this the first day you met me? I never leave a path of escape for myself.”

Liu Ruyue calmed down and a peaceful expression returned to her face. She turned to Xiao Chen and asked, “Are you not leaving?”

Xiao Chen replied, “I promised your father that the Blood Demon General must die.”

Yun Kexin, who had been silent all the while, suddenly spoke, “Did you all realize that every time the Blood Demon General revives, it takes longer than before?”

When they heard Yun Kexin, it was like a light went off in their heads. This seemed to be true!. The first time they killed the Blood Demon General, he only took five minutes to revive.

The second time, he had taken ten minutes. This was now the third time. Twenty minutes had passed, and the Blood Demon General had not revived yet.

If it were not for the experience of the first two times, they would have thought the Blood Demon General was thoroughly killed and left.

Murong Chong said, “I told you earlier, it is impossible for the Blood Demon General to revive without limit. It does not conform to the rules of the world. Every form of energy will eventually be exhausted.”

Yun Kexin nodded and continued, “Furthermore, every time he revived, there was a period of time when he was weak. Only after the red light from the moon shone on him could he recover his peak strength.

“If we attack at that time, we will be able to kill him easily.”

That was indeed so. When everyone thought about it carefully, the scarlet moon would always shine a red light down after the Blood Demon General revived.

Liu Ruyue shook her head and said, “That’s not possible, the time period is too short. If we were to attack quickly, the might of our attacks would decrease. It would not be a threat to him.”

Yun Kexin eyed Xiao Chen and said, “Ye Chen, there’s a way.”

A strange look appeared in Murong Chong’s eyes; he did not believe it. It was not possible for him to strike out with Martial Techniques using that much strength on such short notice.

He did not believe that Xiao Chen, who was weaker than him, could do it, either.

“He can do it? Stop joking!” Murong Chong snorted coldly.

“Hu chi! Hu Chi!”

Countless blood droplets started appeared above the rubble and gathered towards a single point rapidly.

Everyone’s expression changed; they knew this was the prelude to the Blood Demon General’s revival. Hence, they quickly stopped talking.

Xiao Chen remained silent. A fierce flame was burning incessantly in his right eye, turning into an ocean of fire.

The Blood Demon General’s weak form appeared again. The red light from the moon descended down like a lightning-quick silk belt.

The Blood Demon General revealed a sinister expression on his pale face. He laughed as he said, “Just the four of you left? How unfortunate, that brat has escaped. As long as I’m under this moon, I am an immortal existence. Sorry to disappoint you again...ah!”

Before he finished speaking, just as the red light was about to land on his head, Xiao Chen already prepared Purple Thunder True Fire and turned it into a purple arrow, stabbing it into the Blood Demon General’s heart.


The electric light radiated out. The body the Blood Demon General had just condensed exploded into countless blood droplets before the red light could land.

“Zi zi!”

The tiny droplets raining all over the air and ground exploded into nothingness. The just-revived Blood Demon General was killed again.

Liu Ruyue and Murong Chong revealed shocked gazes, especially the latter. There was a flame in his eyes, a gaze of complete disbelief.

Although Liu Ruyue was astonished, she was happy for Xiao Chen when she saw his strength. She joyfully said, “Ye Chen, this must be a Martial Technique you grasped after becoming a Martial Saint. If I did not know about it beforehand, I would not be able to dodge such a move, either.”

Xiao Chen’s move used the Origin Flames of the Purple Thunder True Fire. Its full-powered strike was several times faster than the speed of sound.