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Chapter 287: Tendon Refining Flower

Chapter 287: Tendon Refining Flower

The white-clothed bandit spurred his horse and trotted within ten meters of Xiao Chen. He said in a malicious voice, “Regardless of whether you took my Tendon Refining Flower or not, hand over your Spatial Ring. Otherwise, don’t blame me for killing you.”

Xiao Chen revealed a faint smile and said in a soft voice, “If you have the ability, then come get it yourself!”

“Reckless!” The white-clothed bandit pushed off with both his legs and dismounted. He headed for Xiao Chen in an instant.

The bandit’s killing intent merged together with a baleful aura. It was like a sharp sword piercing toward Xiao Chen’s mind. This white-clothed bandit actually knew some mental attacks.

Unfortunately for him, Xiao Chen’s mental strength was very strong. A mental attack of this degree was useless.

Playing with mental attacks? I shall play with you then. Xiao Chen’s lips curled up in a cold smile, and his huge Spiritual Sense turned into a divine being that wielded a keen sword.

It knocked away the sword flying over and rushed toward the white-clothed bandit. Suddenly, the bandit felt everything in front of him disappear.

The bandit felt like he was in a vast desolate land. There was a divine being up in the sky that looked down at him sternly. It cried out in a heavenly voice, “Still not kneeling down after seeing a deity?!”

The white-clothed bandit panicked and realized that this was a mental illusion. He bit his tongue hard and drew some blood. The pain that he felt woke him up.

This deity was an imitation of the imprint that the Sage left in the silver warship. This was only a casual move from Xiao Chen.There was not much practical use in combat as it could only captivate an enemy of the same cultivation realm for an instant.

However, an instant was already sufficient. By the time the white-clothed bandit woke up, he discovered that Xiao Chen was already in the middle of a kick.


The white-clothed bandit could not react in time, he could only get kicked while the other bandits watched on with stupefied gazes.